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Customer Comments

At TimeshareRelease we receive cries for help from hundreds of Timeshare owners each week - and we publish a selection of the most interesting, recent reports here.

(Please note, published below are current comments from Timeshare owners who are describing the problems they face. If you would like to read reviews from people who have have asked us to release them from their contracts and/or to pursue no-win-no-fee claims, please see our Testimonials Page or please visit the independent review website:, which we joined on 1st November 2014)

The selection of comments below come from owners across all Timeshare Groups/Resorts, but please use the following links if you would like to read reports from members of these specific Timeshare groups:

Diamond Resorts Club La Costa RCI Silverpoint Petchey Leisure Anfi Group Macdonald Resorts

Tuesday 09th August 2016 11:32 - Mr & Mrs D - Club La Costa Fractional

Club La Costa gave a presentation then gave us a free week’s holiday in Spain where we were persuaded to sign up for “Destinations”. We were led to believe that membership would ensure that we would be able to take holidays in Britain and abroad. We were never given cooling off periods. We also felt very pressured by sales people.
In the event we have found that we almost never get to take holidays we really want, only holidays which we could have obtained elsewhere (probably cheaper). When we were persuaded to switch to fractional ownership this was presented as an investment which would benefit us in the long run, but it has been a burden.
Fees have increased by a lot more than inflation.
We do not want to leave this burden to our children – yet there seems to be no alternative!
When you go on holiday with CLC you usually have to give up a day listening to presentations.
We now have grandchildren who attend school – CLC holidays are particularly difficult to get during school holidays.

Tuesday 09th August 2016 11:22 - Mr N & Ms I - Diversified Points + Silverpoint

Purchased on every occasion we bought on Spanish soil and never visited a public notary at the point of sale as required under Spanish law.
All paperwork not explained. Just told to sign each page without seeing what was written on each page, therefore knew nothing about 14 day cooling off period.
Link finance illegal.
Nothing was notarised.
Points are illegal under Spanish law since January 1999.

Tuesday 09th August 2016 11:18 - Mr R - Club La Costa

I was invited to a timeshare presentation in Brentwood. I attended with my wife and 2 small children. The presentation started quite low key (with hot cross buns as it was Easter time) but soon became quite intense. I was nearly persuaded but refused to purchase – the young salesman was then replaced by an older more experienced man who proceeded to exert pressure for several hours (more than 3 hours) during which the children were getting more and more restless. I eventually succumbed. They offered us a finance deal there and then which we signed but then cancelled – preferring to pay from savings. We understood that the ownership would last until 2065, they made a big thing out of being able to sell it on and even leave it to the children – I have since found out that it will become a liability to my children whether they want it or not and must pay the maintenance fees. We were told that these fees initially only £100 would only go up with inflation – they are currently up to £800. A sum which would buy a very good holiday including flights!! I was told the timeshare was an investment and had a resale value, but I have tried to sell it back to CLC and they don’t want it. It is currently with a resale company but there is no market for it at all. We have used the product several times which of it half in good quality – however every holiday visit we were forced into a sales presentation session where they attempted to get more money from us – this tended to spoil the holiday. When I refused to attend they got quite angry.

Tuesday 09th August 2016 09:53 - Mr & Mrs U - Club la Costa

We were told we were joining an exclusive club where we would enjoy huge discounts for staying in elite resorts anywhere in the world and any time we liked. The reality turned out to be the opposite - it costs more to book CLC resorts and their availability is extremely poor.
We were told that our timeshare would be definitely sold at the expiration of the 19 year period. This does not seem to be the case.
-we were made to believe that we could exit our timeshare at our convenience before the end of the contract period and that CLC would do its best to assist us in that matter. It could not be an further from the truth.

Friday 05th August 2016 12:16 - Ms K - Club La Costa

I feel I was miss- sold the timeshare. We were informed that the management fees would only go up with inflation and that the timeshare would increase in value. We were also told that we would be able to book holidays easily, but as I work in a primary school I can only go out of term time.
I would not like to burden my sons with leaving them the time share, as the costs are forever increasing.
I feel I was pressured into purchasing the fractional, I was informed that doing this would allow me to sell my timeshare.
When they get you into their meeting halls/breakfast rooms the pressure is on.
I wish I had never purchased the timeshare. I have taken approx 5 holidays that were not 5* hotels with them as they said all their hotels were.

Friday 05th August 2016 12:06 - Mr & Mrs H - MGM + RCI Diversified

With our Portugal timeshare, we were lured with a scratch card win & taken to CPO. We were told the purchase would be an investment but which in reality is a liability. We have not been able to sell the timeshare or dispose of the maintenance fee liability. It was inferred that the maintenance fees would increase with the rate of inflation which is not so. I was told that only timeshare owners and their guests would be able to enjoy resort facilities and then discovered that anybody could use the facilities, paying less than the members had to pay for annual maintenance fees. The resort closed in Feb 16 and we were told it was due to maintenance, however this was not the case and was told to bank our week and then when we come to use it we have to pay RCI to go somewhere else.
We have children and we do not want them to have to worry about having to find the finances to pay yearly maintenance. With regard to points we struggle to find suitable holidays for the number of points 60K that we have and we were led to believe we would be able to get a number of holidays each year. That is not the case. We recently received a letter from FNTC asking for an additional £228 re a court ruling in Spain for Sunset Beach Club which we had to pay otherwise our account would be blocked. When questioned, they said it was for Spanish tax assessment 2009 – 13. We had no idea we were connected with this resort. Since MGM have taken over Petchey, we have had 2 years of problems. We are made to attend presentations where they ask us to convert to points for more money, it is very uncomfortable.

Friday 05th August 2016 10:51 - Mr & Mrs P - Club La Costa

First contact via local presentation offering a free holiday. On holiday spent at least one and a half days of high pressure selling. Told would increase in value, maintenance fees would only rise with inflation, that all CLC resorts were exclusive to members – untrue as you can book on for mush less than maintenance fees. When tried to book what we wanted not available for months even more than a year in advance. When did go to a resort more high pressure put on us to upgrade. Tried to bank points due to various health and family problems – not allowed! Don’t use them you lose them. NEVER EXPLAINED about PERPETUITY. Just told you can leave membership to your children NOT that it becomes part of your estate on death. We do not want to leave this to our beneficiaries as it constitutes a liability.

Wednesday 03rd August 2016 10:38 - Mr & Mrs G - Silverpoint/Beverley Hills Heights/Club Paradiso

In February 2009 we were invited to a promotional holiday stay in Beverley Hills Heights Tenerife. The next day we were escorted to a meeting with Matthew Harper. We had no intention of buying anything but were subjected to 8 hours of high pressure sales. My husband suffers from Parkinsons disease and does not understand any of this and has to take medication at regular intervals. He found the whole episode deeply stressful and exhausting. I’m rather gullible and didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
We were persuaded to buy 6 separate weeks at various properties at a total of £25,000. He showed us copies of a lot of properties that a good client of his had just recently bought and was making regular profit from them buying and selling.
I was 63 years old and my husband was 64 and would be retiring in a few years. It was suggested to me that it would be a good investment and would make a very healthy profit for our retirement. It all seemed such a good idea.
There was never at any time a representative from the finance company present when we signed our finance agreements. Mr Harper just pointed out where to sign and so on, they never did any credit checks on us, he just asked us if we could pay and took our word for it.
We were not told of any maintenance agreements as far as I can recall, and definitely were not made aware that they would increase yearly. Furthermore we were never told at any time about a rental agreement for all the weeks that we didn’t use or a contract of promotion and didn’t give it a thought. There was so much to take in and so much to think about that you miss some of the important issues. He kept blinding us with figures on a piece of paper, by that time we had had enough.
We were put on a points system and told we could use them to purchase weeks for holidays anywhere in the world. This sounded good, I had visions of some fantastic holidays I was unaware of what happens to any points that you don’t use and didn’t realise that you would have to pay to keep them when they are due to expire or you would lose them.
In the end we just paid a deposit of £1,000 on our debit card which was returned to us at a later date. Mr Harper said that a finance company would get in touch with us when we got home which they did. HMC funding called to arrange a loan, then Barclays Partner Finance offered us a cheaper loan rate so we took that, £410 per month.
We were invited back the following year to review our investment and saw Matt Harper again. He told us that the market had collapsed and our properties were not worth what we bought them for, (£4,000 each|) were only worth about £500 each now but he offered us £1,000 each for 4 properties if we upgraded to 2 bed properties (6 occupancy) which would be more sellable, so we bought 2 weeks at properties with 6 occupancy (so now instead of having 6 properties of various standards we now have 4 properties all at 6 occupancy).
He returned £2,000 with the promise of another £2,000 when the other properties were sold but of course we never got it back.
AT THE SAME TIME as he was juggling our properties about he talked us into buying CLUB PARADISO for £16,950 and said he guaranteed we would be able to sell this and the other weeks for the other apartments with no problem.
Even though he would not put it in writing I could see no other way of getting any of our £25,000 back that we had paid the previous year and thought it was the only thing I could do to claw back some money, after all he made it sound so simple.
Again at no time during the sale was a financial representative present or a legal person or bank representative, neither was a credit check done on us.
We retuned to England and went about getting a loan. I thought that Barclays Partner Finance would not lend us any more so we went to Lloyds where my husband banks. The bank manager was quite thorough but my husband had a good credit rating with them. The bank loans manager was present while we signed and all was carried out by the bank properly.
I sent over a credit transfer to Resort Properties for the £16,950 and thought no more about it, I was not aware of the 14 day cooling off period and anyway I was convinced this was the only way out, cooling off period didn’t enter my hear but found it all very stressful.
£401 per month was a lot to find on top of the £410 I was already paying and I had to work a lot of extra hours. I was working 72 hours a week and killing myself.
By the end of 2010 my husband had to retire through ill health. I knew I had to do something to reduce these payments, so I went to Citizens advice who advised me to go to a financial advisor, who advised me to re-mortgage our house. I was at my wits end, the stress that I had been under since 2009 has been horrendous, so what else could I do.
I now realise that re-mortgaging the house was an even bigger mistake because I now have £47,000 loan and steadily rising so that by the end of the 8 year loan term if I haven’t paid it up by then (which I can’t) it will amount to £87,000. It is an interest only mortgage.
Even though I am still working quite long hours in a very low paid job, and saving money for the end of term payment as agreed with this mortgage. It will still not be enough to pay the loan in full in 6 years time, by which time I will be 72 years old. How can I carry on working until then? I am now 66 years old and should be enjoying me retirement with my husband, instead I am still working having to leave my husband at home when I should be looking after him.
In 2011 we received a letter from Silverpoint informing us of the take over of Resort Properties. We also received a letter from Resort Properties to tell us of the transfer of their assets. I guessed something was afoot.
I contacted Silverpoint in 2011 to ask about selling or renting and was given a form to fill in to rent my weeks out, needless to say nothing has come of it.
Before taking on this timeshare we had no financial worries, our mortgage was paid up, we had no debts to pay, just looking forward to our retirement in a few short years. the stress that it has caused me is tremendous. My husband has parkinsons and had to retire ear;y due to the stress which aggravated his parkinsons and made his condition worse.
I have spent £2,500 advertising my weeks for sale or rent on various websites but of course none have actually been sold or rented even though there have been a few enquiries.
I am now retired and no longer have any income other than the state pension. I am now 69 years old.

Tuesday 02nd August 2016 12:54 - Ms W - Club La Costa

At first we had a cold call from a call centre telling us that we had won a free holiday in Tenerife. When there we were subjected to a 6 hour high pressure sales push, the outcome was we paid a deposit of £500 on Ulster Bank credit card and got tied into Barclays for £35,500 and maintenance payments £500 per annum and rising. We were also promised an extra week in a 5* star apartment which has not been received.

Tuesday 02nd August 2016 12:35 - Ms K - Club La Costa

We were invited to a meeting and as we were moving to Ireland we thought changing to CLC from RCI would be more convenient. We were shown beautiful condos of which we could avail, and have never seen them since. We felt we had to decide then 2 years later we were invited back and talked into increasing to Diamond membership. We have never been able to get bookings where/when we required. The maintenance fees have risen out of proportion. Last Oct (2015) I stayed in the same units as in 2004 and nothing had been upgraded. When I talked to them about leaving they tried to sell me another €10,000 worth m/ship.

Monday 1st August 2016 12:54 - Ms W - Club La Costa

At first we had a cold call from a call centre telling us that we had won a free holiday in Tenerife. When there we were subjected to a 6 hour high pressure sales push, the outcome was we paid a deposit of £500 on Ulster Bank credit card and got tied into Barclays for £35,500 and maintenance payments £500 per annum and rising. We were also promised an extra week in a 5* star apartment which has not been received.

Monday 1st August 2016 12:35 - Ms K - Club La Costa

We were invited to a meeting and as we were moving to Ireland we thought changing to CLC from RCI would be more convenient. We were shown beautiful condos of which we could avail, and have never seen them since. We felt we had to decide then 2 years later we were invited back and talked into increasing to Diamond membership. We have never been able to get bookings where/when we required. The maintenance fees have risen out of proportion. Last Oct (2015) I stayed in the same units as in 2004 and nothing had been upgraded. When I talked to them about leaving they tried to sell me another €10,000 worth m/ship.

Monday 1st August 2016 11:53 - Mr & Mrs D - Club La Costa Fractional

We were taken to a sales area.
We were surrounded by sales people.
When we were hesitant, they brought managers into the conversation.
We felt pressured and was kept at the office all day.
We were never taken to a Notary Public.
We were not told the truth about the products they were selling us.
We have since discovered that fractional and points are illegal under Spanish law since 1999.
The chances at fractional actually selling are minimal.
We were told that if we changed our points to fractional, we could sell later for a profit which is totally untrue.
We have been put into a linked finance with Shawbrook finance and the interest rate is horrendous.

Monday 1st August 2016 11:48 - Mr S - Anfi Del Mar

We were on holiday with our children and we were offered a “day out” and would receive lunch and 50 euro’s so we went, we quickly realised it was a timeshare. We were taken for lunch but very pressured and felt that we were not getting out without signing, we were told that we had a cooling off period but if we didn’t sign we would have to pay the £240 per night that we stayed there, this was after we had signed the contract. They also told us that they would buy it back if we no longer wanted it, which they are not doing. Our maintenance fees are going up every year and I don’t want my children burdened with this. We also paid £850.00 on the day and then paid the rest over 5 years, which is fully paid now.

Monday 1st August 2016 11:42 - Mr P & Ms R - Diamond Resorts

My experience of the purchase was awful. Maintenance fees were too high. Presentation days were long drawn out. We were wore down, exhausted, always pushed intimidated. Put into pressure – Told lies on every occasion. We were told we can get out but we always had to invest more money to get out. I find this product a burden, mentally draining and physically draining.

Monday 1st August 2016 11:30 - Mr & Mrs A - Club La Costa

We were first communicated by phone & offered a free weeks holiday in Spain.
We decided to take trial offer. We were then given a presentation on another weeks holiday to change to fractional. The meeting was just an inundation of information but we were told it was paying for 10 years holidays up front. We were not taken to a notary public and we found out terms and conditions were totally contradictory. We were given a holiday in Portugal & on arrival it was appalling & we refused to stay & had to find another accommodation at our own expense. CLC only refunded points for that week after many phone calls & sending photos as proof. We are also dissatisfied with the increase each year in annual fees and booking fees. We were also advised to include our children on the contract. When we try to book accommodation it is never available on the dates we ask which are usually out of season. Each meeting took a whole day and we felt pressurised into making a decision

Monday 1st August 2016 11:18 - Mr H - Monte Anfi

Presentation lasted all day and I paid deposit on day. We were given scratch cards and told we won a prize but had to go on presentation.
We were told that annual fees would not increase.
We have had limited options with the exchange company.
It is no longer an exclusive resort as it was sold to us.

Monday 1st August 2016 11:12 - Mr & Mrs W - Club La Costa

We have been sold a product that is illegal by Spanish Law.
We went to Whiteley, Fareham to a talk about Club La Costa. If you attended they gave you a free sun holiday.
Oct 07. We arrived at about 19.30 and got home about 01.30. During that time we joined their 3 year trial and finance was arranged. We then in Dec 2007 went to a Prelude holiday to Santa Cruz and got talked into joining Destinations. The following year 2008 we went to Marina Del Sol and was told in wrong club should be in Vacations so joined that instead (at this point we had not used any of our points). In 2010 we went to Tenerife using the Sun holiday voucher. A woman from CLC tried very hard to sell us points but we refused. In 2012 we went to Duchally Manor and for the first time since joining in 2007 we used some points.
Whilst there we were approached about buying fractional. We were told in 19 years time the property would be sold and money divided by no. of fractional owners.
We went down this path as we could not see an end to any of it and that gave us a light at the end of the tunnel.
Each time for trial, destinations and vacations & fractional we were in a pressured environment, you are made to feel like if you say yes they will go away.

Monday 1st August 2016 10:59 - Mr & Mrs J - Hollywood Mirage

We purchased pure points in Spain in 2002 while on holiday in Benalmedina (Sunset Beach Club). We were approached by timeshare representative who used pressurised sales tactics and we purchased. Every time we holidayed in different resorts the very same sales tactics were used and we bought into them – “conned all the way”. Also maintenance fees became very expensive & when we were in Tenerife in 2012 approached by sales rep who assured us he could take our maintenance fees down if we changed to Silverpoints. This we did and in the transaction we lost 20,000 points. This year in March we were invited to breakfast & a briefing on how to release ourselves from the “Perpetuity contract” which we have since found out is not true.

Monday 1st August 2016 10:52 - Mr D - Club La Costa Fractional

At no time were we taken to a public Notary or a Notary Public as required under Spanish law, as this was a contractual agreement.
1. Sent to Montarey Royale Tenerife as a promotional stay.
2. Collected by sales person at 09.30 hrs on first Sunday. Taken to office given drink at bar then taken into large room. Very noisy and hot.
3. Pressurised sales pitch – non stop for hours. Taken to look at apartment, told this would be quality – apartment top of range. Told fractional purchase would be investment.

Thursday 28th July 2016 04:17 - Ms W - Gran Anfi

We were offered a free day at a beach & when we arrived were told that in order to get this we had to spend time looking at timeshare. Yes we did feel pressured & paid the deposit for the purchase later that day. We were then transferred to the resort for the remainder of our holiday & felt obliged to continue with purchase. We signed for this before returning from our holiday. We were promised access to holidays in similar resorts through RCI & access to weeks in Anfi whenever we wanted, this never happened. The sales process was over 7 hours & we would have paid to leave. We were not informed that the maintenance fees would increase so much. We have tried to sell Anfi both to them & independently & in both cases were offered only a fraction of what we had paid. Additionally perpetuity was not fully explained to us.

Thursday 28th July 2016 03:39 - Mr M - Club La Costa Fractional

When we purchased the fractional ownership in Spain it was not notarised in accordance with Spanish law. We were told it wasn’t timeshare and that we had a stake in a property which would be sold at the end of the agreement and we would receive the value of this share. We were pressured and no cooling off period was intimated. We were not given any choice as to where to obtain a credit agreement. We were told that resorts were available in the UK but this turned out unusable as they were always fully booked.

Thursday 28th July 2016 03:28 - Mr G - Club La Costa

We went to Malaga on a promotional holiday in 2013 and talked into a fractional /points based timeshare purchase. We were told it would be for 19 years then finished with and cash return. We realised the points were not enough for regular holidays so we upgraded to signature in early 2015. We agreed to use in house finance company and advised we could refinance which we could not. No lender was prepared to refinance. we are now paying £415 per month for essentially one week per year and maintenance fees this is too expensive. We paid a deposit at the start, were not advised about 2040 end date for fees or given any idea of the complexities of the eventual sale and the fact the return will be small. Availability of accommodation is poor also, this has been a poor experience, misleading and very costly.

Thursday 28th July 2016 02:27 - Mr C & Ms S - Orange Lake Country Club

Attended the timeshare property on the promise of cheap Disney passes. We initially purchase a week timeshare but were not given any cooling off period or the option to have the legal implication of the perpetuity clause explained in full by a attorney at law in the state of Florida was not offered at any of purchase points were we entered into an agreement. We have not found that the level of quality in RCI holiday options to be anywhere near what was promised for an exchange option in Europe.

Thursday 28th July 2016 02:16 - Mr & Mrs H - Club La Costa Fractional

We bought in 2012 after going on a £99 holiday. We were on a presentation for 8 hours after which we purchased. Every year on our return we were subjected to very high pressure sales presentations. We have been told lots of lies e.g. cheaper than package holidays. Management fees are now nearly £1000 and we are both not working and find it hard to manage. We are now becoming frightened to go back to the resort because of the high pressure selling sales.

Wednesday 27th July 2016 12:53 - Mr & Mrs P - Anfi

While on holiday in Gran Canaria we were approached on the street by an agent and were brought to Anfi for a presentation.
After the presentation we were brought to an office/reception area and decided to pay £500 of the £990 deposit.
We did feel pressurised into paying £500 of the overall deposit before we left the resort and were told that the balance had to be paid within 14 days.
We were told we could sell it back to Anfi which was untrue.
The maintenance fees increased year on year from approx. £500 in 2001 to £890 in 2015.

Monday 25th July 2016 01:37 - Mr & Mrs Dove - Anfi

Went on family holiday to Anfi and was pressured into a meeting by sales staff.
No cooling off period was mentioned and had to pay deposit on day. We were promised 5 star luxury availability with RCI but there was none available for the dates.
We were promised that they would buy it back at any time. Not true.

Monday 04th July 2016 02:18 - Mr P & Ms C - Monte Anfi

Have found it really difficult to get/book a holiday in my resort, and have been put into other Anfi resorts because Monte Anfi was full. The yearly maintenance has risen to an unmanageable sum. Was told it would have future value, this certainly not the case, and the ramifications of the “in perpetuity” clause are unacceptable as I do not wish to burden my children with this responsibility.

Monday 04th July 2016 02:14 - Mr & Mrs B - Hollywood Mirage Club

Contact was made by being stopped when out walking, pressure was applied, we were led to where the complex was being built. We were there approx. 6 hours. When we finally agreed to buy it was then it seemed to be able to leave. Over the years of ownership, pressure was also applied to purchase/upgrade to a one bed from the original studio apartment. Went back the following day to cancel but was told, I could not cancel. In 2007 we were on holiday when asked to go to the silverpoint offices. This took another day, pressure was applied to the point as if we did not upgrade we were not going to be let out of said offices. We were unaware that in the event of our passing the responsibility of the charge would be passed to our children.

Monday 04th July 2016 02:07 - Mr P & Mrs E - RCI Points /Diversified

We were originally contacted by a firm of solicitors in Spain suggesting we could have a free holiday in Spain. We didn’t react for about 1 year as we already had timeshare and at the time were happy and using it. Leisure Marketing then contacted us suggesting they could buy our timeshare if we took the holiday. Upon arrival we quickly realised they were taking our timeshare and in return we were buying points in RCI, but with a rep chasing us almost every day during our stay, we felt we had a reasonable deal.
However due mainly to our ages/airports etc we have never used the points and are not likely to. Mrs E or my daughter would not be interested so I feel it has become a liability.
We are now aged 79 and 74 so cannot really afford many holidays.
Also the fact the agreement lasts for/in perpetuity does not seem logical.
I have always paid all my management fees because I realised if I did not, I would probably see the bailiffs at my door.
We were of course promised holidays anywhere in the world. I cannot remember whether we were given a cooling period.

Thursday 30th June 2016 01:31 - Mr & Mrs F - Anfi

1. We were asked to leave a deposit on the day.
2. We were told the time share would appreciate in value.
3.We were pressurized into signing on the day.
4. We were told they would buy it back.
5.We were told that all the apartments with RCI would be 5 Star

Thursday 30th June 2016 10:21 - Mr P and Ms C - Puerto Anfi

Street tout approached us, we questioned if it was timeshare - he denied this.
On site we were made aware it was a timeshare resort.
We were made to sign on the day, this is not our practice but the salesperson was very convincing.
The contract clause of perpetuity was pushed as a good thing – but we were told if our family did not want it , it would be surrendered if maintenance fee is not paid.
We have not received deeds although full payment has been received by Anfi.
We were told that 10% of the purchase price was a deposit.

Thursday 30th June 2016 09:31 - Mr T - Club Monte Anfi

The resort was sold to us as exclusive 5 Star Timeshare.
No Bookings with travel agents. That I would be in the RCI system and could exchange anytime, anywhere, all being 5 Star accommodations.
I was told that I could sell back to the company - Anfi and would appreciate in value.
Maintenance fees to rise with inflation.
I had to pay a deposit at the time and take out finance with them at the time.
Our initial presentation lasted all day then ended up in a big room with many other people.
When I upgraded into the points system I was not told that I would not be able to sell my 2 floating weeks back to Anfi. I only found this out when I tried to sell it back as I could not afford this maintenance fees. I was told that if I did not pay them after 3 years they would take it back.

Wednesday 29th June 2016 03:45 - Mr & Mrs R - Club Monte Anfi

2005 at the resort where we were on holiday the Oasis green Maspalomas we were invited to attend a day at Anfi. We were then pursued to buy a bi-annual week at the Beach Club. We paid a deposit that day and were not told about a cooling off period. There was a lot of pressure on us to buy and pay.
2010 We decided to sell back the week to Anfi but were told they did not buy back bi-annual weeks and we should upgrade to an annual week. We again were pressured into buying and paying a deposit for a moving week. (ie not a fixed week) which we were told arrangement were underway to facilitate the resale in the near future. We later discovered this never happened. We have been to Anfi 5 or 6 times we found the maintenance fees rose far faster then inflation and the prices in the resort were unacceptably high for mediocre service and in recent years we found the standards throughout Anfi were going down. It may have been 5 Star at one time but not now.

Wednesday 29th June 2016 11:18 - Mr & Mrs W - Club La Costa Fractional

We were contacted by phone and were offered to attend the Lakeside branch. Our time would be compensated with store vouchers, I believe it was £40. We attended a very long presentation. A number of staff came over when we hesitant. We said we wanted to holiday in Jamaica, they showed us the screen & said it was available through partner company. We signed & believe we paid a deposit. After going home we wrote to them saying we wanted to withdraw. They said we had to go back to their office to sign paper. We were put in a room with at least two sales staff and pressured not to withdraw. After two hours we gave in. We felt under so much pressure & made to feel we would be silly to withdraw. We feel we were misold and lied to. We were told we could travel – we always travelled with our children so struggled to book weeks in school holidays. When we were sold additional points we were told we could get better holidays – which didn’t happen. We have to book at least a year in advantage. We cannot always afford to travel so haven’t always use the points. We purchased fraction because we were told we could get out & we told them we were unhappy with the cost. They told us we were getting out of the perpetuity which we wanted. Again another lie. We were sold a product that has no value and we don’t believe it is fair to leave our children with a financial millstone. The mgt fees have increased & we can’t holiday because we have to pay them.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 03:50 - Mr & Mrs N - Club la Costa

1. Club la Costa gave us a cold call inviting us to have a free week's holiday in Portugal.
2. We went to a seminar meeting in Birmingham with probably 100 other people and we were not allowed to leave before we had heard all the presentation - About 3-4 hours. (Jenny Bond was one of the incentive videos)
3. Our first free week was in Portugal. We were pressurized into signing an agreement through the free breakfast, beautiful accommodation, Champagne and very friendly rep.
4.We were not given a cooling off period.
5.We signed up for a trial period and paid approx £3,000.
6.We thought we would be able to sell our points back if we didn't need it anymore.
7.The sales presentation was 3-4 hours also and they just keep us waiting with no one with us, we just wanted to leave.
8.We though the ownership would be easy to sell back.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 03:07 - Mr & Mrs H - Club Puerto Anfi

We came into contact it was through a person on the street inviting us to the to the resort for the day.
When we arrived we were able to use the facilities. We were given lunches, drinks and made to feel "unique". The sales person constantly sold only the benefits of a floating week, Flexible book when we need to meet out lifestyle.
This is not the case. I have not been able to book since when I needed to in my time.
I have only used the free week and not the weeks I paid for from 2013. The fees have increased above inflation and more then expected. I signed the agreement on the day and did not get time for a cooling off.
Perpetuity was not explained to me and i had no full understanding of what it meant.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 12:45 - Mrs C - Club La Costa Fractional

My husband died 4 years ago and when I went back to CLC I was told that the points were useless and I should upgrade to FRACTIONAL as this would give me more flexibility and I would be able to sell the fractional. I was also topped up with another finance company. My maintenance fees are now about £1800 per year.
I feel I have been totally misold.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 12:07 - Ms G - Monte Anfi

Deposit paid on the day.
Finance agreement confirmed and taken on the same day.
All documentation signed and left the holiday having bought a timeshare.
Felt that if we didn’t agree to the timeshare on that day we couldn’t revisit.
Felt pressured to complete on the day.
Not given a cooling off period.
Very difficult to arrange the floating week at a time that is convenient to me, always having to rearrange other areas of life to accommodate the week.
Maintenance charges increasing yearly.
Had to use a different resort (Tauro) which incurred a charge due to no availability on a number of weeks we were available.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 11:04 - Mr & Mrs B - Gran Anfi

In welcome meeting presented by Tui we were offered a day at Anfi resort. A salesman spent day with us in 2003. At the end of the day we signed a contract & had to return to original hotel for cards to pay deposit of £1,300. We purchased one floating week in Monte Anfi.
A year later we upgraded to 2 weeks in Gran Anfi using the one week Monte as deposit for the new purchase. To sweeten the deal we were offered a helicopter flight, free week etc. + free flights.
A year later we were persuaded to move to the points system.
Since then accommodation has been difficult to book i.e. no availability in Gran Anfi & only one week available in other resorts when two required. In one instance we had booked a 3 bed penthouse & a week before the holiday the booking was altered to two rooms.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 03:34 - Mr & Mrs W - Anfi

1- Anfi Fiance interest free.
2- Management fees increased yearly.
3- Contract for life, if you missed a maintenance payment your contract would become void and you would loose your money paid for the purchase.
4- Good investment that they would buy back.
5- Sales presentation all day on day.
6- Solicitor at Anfi site went briefly through the contract with us.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 03:21 - Mr & Mrs G - Westgate Resorts

We were told we could sell our timeshare for double what we paid for it due to the demand for Orlando.
We were told we could see our week to pay for maintenance fees if we were not using it.
We were told our maintenance fees would increase inline with inflation.
They have increased by more then we were told.
They told us that the Town Center Resort was for owners only.
The sales meeting was 5/6 hours long + we felt very pressurized into buying.
We were not given a cooling off period which we could cancel.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 01:42 - Mr & Mrs L - Anfi

Deposit Paid
We were not told maintenance fees would increase.
We were told that if we refuse to sign up on the day that the offer would not be available afterwards.
We were not told that we would be unable to resale.
Looking back now it is clear that we were pressurized into buying on the day.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 01:21 - Mr & Mrs L - RCI

Deposit paid
Told we could have a holiday anywhere we wanted but that never happened.
Not told that maintenance fees would increase yearly.
Unable to re-sale
Not informed of cooling off period

Friday 17th June 2016 12:31 - Mr & Mrs B - Puerto Anfi

We were approached whilst on holiday & convinced to visit Anfi, we were taken to Anfi & shown around & offered the rest of our holiday in Anfi – half board, if we bought Anfi. We had to pay a deposit immediately which they said would cover the cost of the weeks ½ board if we decided not to fulfil our contract with them and pay the finance. The deposit was taken on our c.card straight away. They did not give us a cooling off period, no time to change our mind & really think about everything. When we tried to use the system of exchange we found out that it was going to cost a lot more per holiday than was originally told to us, making it all the more expensive. We tried to speak to Anfi about this, they said we had to not understood & it was in paperwork. At the purchase time we were given so much information & paperwork that we needed more time to digest & completely understand, that time was not available, we were told it all had to be paid there & than, putting pressure on us. The whole system was very confusing to use, we were not able to understand completely. Trying to use the exchange system is not easy, if we had realised how expensive & difficult it all was we would have never have agreed. When we tried to book another holiday we had to take what was left & not want we actually wanted when exchanging. All in all we are very disappointed with Anfi & what we were promised at our presentation

Friday 17th June 2016 12:17 - Mr & Mrs L - Diamond Resorts

Was previously a timeshare owner and was invited to Portugal for a weeks holiday. Whilst at resort was pressured to change to points ownership, this was with Grand Vacation Club. This changed to Sunterra and eventually changed to Diamond Resorts. During the transactions I was not told that this would be for perpetuity, nor that this would impact on my children as and when I die. I would never have entered into this agreement had I known. I have used the timeshare but have found it very difficult to get the resort when we wanted. Had I known about this I would never have purchased the timeshare. I feel that it was not explained to in correct terms and that there was a great deal of pressure to complete the transaction there and then, and I believe that the product was missold to me.

Friday 17th June 2016 12:08 - Mr P - Anfi Beach Club

We were given a scratch card on the beach and when they saw it they whisked us of to Anfi Beach. We were shown around all day and then taken to the office to talk, after being told we be able to book holidays when we want , we told a floating week would be best, after a lot of chat we signed the forms and paid a deposit. We were given SEVEN days cooling period. We used our holiday when we were able to get when we wanted, which was not very often. Ever time you went on holiday you met a representative who tried to sell updates. I feel Anfi are breaking our contract by failing to ensure we get our holidays when we want. When we did get our holiday we never got an apartment with a lovely view as the rep said, we usually got the ground or first floor with limited view. We would not like leave this to our children as it would be a heavy burden on them.

Thursday 16th June 2016 03:23 - Mr & Mrs W - Pueblo Evita Club

We have two timeshare points agreements, one with Pueblo Evita , fairways and the other with Club Infiniti. Our points are linked also to RCI
Pueblo Evita/Fairways 2003-We were approached at the Fairways Resort by a representative offering to buy our Club Atlantis/Atlas points and offering what appeared to be extra benefit to us. We were told that this offer was only available for a limited time and although we were given a cooling off period, we decided it was an opportunity we should not refuse. We were told that our product would increase in value and it would be more flexible. We have since ceded these points to Infiniti when we increased our number of points in 2007 to enable us to have more holidays. We were told that fees would increase with inflation which has not been the case and more recently we have not been able to get exchanges at the places we wanted. We have had good holiday but we realize now that the value of our points, weeks has dramatically decreased and the price we are paying in maintenance fees has increased far more then inflation.

Thursday 16th June 2016 10:27 - Mr & Mrs T - Silverpoint - Hollywood Mirage

Went on a promotional holiday to Tenerife, explained we had no money to buy timeshare, they financed me £2400 to help with finance for the next 2 years and said they would review this to give me more until our mortgage was paid off in Sept 2017. This has not happened so now cannot afford to go on holiday or pay maintenance fees or indeed repayments on loan and want out of the contract and Silverpoint in general.
Was totally missold and mis represented this timeshare.

Thursday 16th June 2016 10:23 - Mr & Mrs P - Diamond Resorts

Original contact via Market research – prize entry – no mention of the true course of action being. Timeshare/Points company changed hands x 3.
Went to meeting – pressure selling and took nearly all day.
Constant harassment by reps wanting you to purchase more points. Always taken away from the resort we are staying at and feeling as if we were being kidnapped.
Lack of availability for chosen resorts as we are not good with long haul flights.
High management fees – rising every year.
Strong arm tactics meetings when we expressed a wish to leave the system Rep took great pleasure in telling us they would take our house. Offered us their own format – with more cost to get out of it.
Major concerns that we cannot get out of it and it would pass on to our children which both we and they don’t want and feel is criminal.
In hindsight we wish we had never gone into this venture and have refused to attend any reps meetings ever since.
My husband is registered disabled now so travel is not as easy for either of us as it once was. Also majority of the resorts are not very user friendly for people with walking difficulties – many stairs and hills.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 03:20 - Mrs O - Anfi

1.I was told that the property would increase in value and would easily able to resell.
2.I had to pay a deposit on every time I upgraded and was not given a cooling off period.
3. I feel I was given incentives to join and was pressurized to join, I had 3 Children with me and they were so happy with the facilities.
4.My maintenance fees have increased by more the inflation rate although I was told they wouldn't increase by more then inflation.
5. They made me stay and if I was undecided they then got another Rep to advise of the benefits and offer a further discount.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 01:54 - Mr S & Mr B - Club la Costa

1. The annual management fees have increased more then we were told to expect.
2.We were told that the ownership would increase of value and then resold at a profit that would be distributed to the fractional owners.
3. We were not told that the contract had perpetuity clause so would continue forever.
4.The length of the sales presentation was all day and felt extremely pressured into sighing the agreement.
5.We were offered finance in purchasing the agreement and were pressured into using Hitachi and were not told that the fiance was secured against assets in the event of none payment and their was no representative of Hitachi at meeting.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 01:05 - Mr & Mrs W - Club Puerto Anfi

Rep approached on passing by with scratch card in which Mr won free 1 week holiday. We was held up in a glass room for over 10 hours, was escorted to our hotel to move over to Anfi.
There was about 3-4 reps.
The cooling off period was on paperwork as 14 days but we were still on holiday by the time we got back to the UK.
We only got to stay at Anfi Puerto once over the three visits, only offered Anfi Beach.
Could not get the weeks asked for.
No information on the value of the yearly increase.
Was told we could sell back if wanted.
No information on maintenance fee passing to children
No receipt on the two thousand paid as deposit.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 01:31 - Mr & Mrs B - Club La Costa Fractional

We came into contact with Club La Costa when we experienced a week in Portugal in 2009 with friends who were members and then were offered a trial when we went to Spain again with our friends in 2010. We tried our trial week in March 2011 when we joined vacation club. In 2012 we joined fractional on the understanding in 19 years we could sell and be able to terminate our contract with Club La Costa. In June 2014 we added a further fractional week still with the understanding we could sell and get out in nineteen years time. Also our booking fees would stop. This nineteen years was critical as far as we were concerned as we could get out and leave our two sons with no come back or financial commitment to Club La Costa.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 01:25 - Mr O & Ms D - Diamond Resorts

We were offered a free holiday and while we were on this holiday we were pressured into purchasing points. We were informed that the management fee would only increase by rate of inflation. This is not the case as it has increased out of all proportion. It is difficult to book a holiday in the time we want to take a holiday as everywhere was full. Every time we did book a holiday we were pressured to buy extra points during our stay.

Monday 13th June 2016 11:44 - Mr & Mrs C - Diamond Resorts Points

1. Had 1 week at Thurnham - happy with that.
2. Sunterra told us we had to convert to points otherwise we would lose everything.
3. Four days later they charged us again for the same action.
4. We enjoy holidays in this country but it is virtually impossible to book less than 12 months ahead and even then not always possible which means we have to travel abroad, which is not what we wish. The system is not as effective as it was sold to us.

Thursday 09th June 2016 02:36 - Mr D & Miss P - Hollywood Mirage Club

Under pressure to sign up
Management fee increased year on year
Transferred to Children
Was not given time to review purchase
Everything was verbal not in writing.

Wednesday 08th June 01:24 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa

1. Annual management have increased significantly a lot more then the rate of inflation as stated.
2. We were led to believe that the length of our contract was 10 years and at the end of the contract we had an option to sell.
3. We were misled in respect the property would be a great investment and would increase in value and that if at any time we decided to sell we could sell back thought the resort.
4. Sales presentation were quite long, and took place all day for 3 days, Where we felt at times quite pressured into sealing a deal.
5. We also led to believe that all the standards of the accommodation would be of similar standards to the one we were staying.

Mondayt 06st June 2016 02:24 - Mr & Mrs C - Anfi

We first came in contact with Anfi via scratch card, we were taken to the resort for 1 hour presentation that lasted 2 ½ hrs. We were told it would be better than conventional holidays.
We were told it could pass it on to our children – perpetuity.
Not told about high increase of maintenance fee.
Could not get in resort with floating, then we were persuaded to have fixed weeks, and to be in with vacation club points system.
We don’t want to leave to our children as it is liability. Told that it has a private beach. We feel that we have been mis sold the property we were also told it could be sold back to Anfi.

Friday 03td June 2016 02:38 - Mr & Mrs P - CLC Fractional

1. The holiday (1 Week) was sold with a condition to attend the PRESENTATION (kept a secret of what kind). at the presentation, which was more then 6 hours, we were pressured to buy the investment = Points to be able to come back and use CLC or other exchange companies products.
2.They have told us that the investment will increase in value and we would be able to sell it after 19 years.
3.The idea that we could sell at any time even within those 19 years (if the circumstance changes) was presented as possible, which is not true.
4.The amount of points we were sold does not give us the time during children holidays in CLC resorts. They knew that it would be not enough especially that we came to the meeting with 2 small children.
5.Second holiday in Ibiza the accommodation was old and no where near the units we were showed at presentation.

Thursday 02nd June 2016 12:00 - Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts

In 2005 we attended a presentation at Wychnor Park and purchased, by credit agreement on the day, points membership of Sunterra, European Collection.
We were advised it was exclusive, 5* worldwide holidays throughout the year. It was described as an asset where we had direct ownership of the 128 property portfolio. The investment would have return throughout membership, with good resale value.
We were advised that maintenance fees would increase at the rate of inflation and we were tied to perpetuity but an investment to my children. A further 2 investments have been taken.
Having thought this to be a great product I now feel duped and knowing what I know now I would never have purchased the contract.

Wednesday 01st June 2016 11:12 - Mr & Mrs M - Club La Costa Fractional

We were first offered a free holiday over the phone, which seemed too good to be true. We had a meeting in Essex and then went off to Spain where we were pressured into buying points in the company. Since then every holiday we have been on, we have waited for the dreaded call to go for a “meeting” to chat about our membership. Two or three hours were spent being talked at, we always hated this. We often can’t get the holiday we want, the flights they book have a big mark up, also any transfers cost a great deal. Maintenance fees have doubled since we signed up. I wish I had never heard of CLC.

Wednesday 01st June 2016 10:48 - Mr & Mrs D - Club La Costa Fractional

I joined CLC on a holiday in Spain. We had a one day meeting where the advisor was very persistent and we agreed to join the trial membership for 5 holiday weeks. I used one of the weeks and then we had another meeting with advisor who told us what we pay for is a waste of money and that if we join fractional ownership we can even get the money we put for our holiday back. So basically they said CLC is an investment. On our next holiday they met us again and told us the points are now not enough so we can upgrade. Meanwhile the management fees were going up massively though we were told they will increase with the inflation.

Wednesday 31st May 2016 04:09 - Mrs. B - Diamond Resorts

I feel I cannot carry on with Diamond shares (points) which I purchased in 2004 in Devon, which I never really fully understood and I am now struggling to carry on with management fees due to retiring early from NHS with ill health. Now under no circumstances do I want my two girls to have to carry on if anything happens to me, and it falls on them to carry on paying.

Monday 30th May 2016 04:03 - Mr & Mrs T - Puerto Anfi

We were approached on the street whilst on holiday in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.
We went to the presentation, our rep was called Mario, He told us:
* It was all private to Anfi club members (we have since found out this is not true).
* He spoke a lot about the beach and told us it was all private to club Anfi members, and even spoke about neighbouring hotels and how much their guests were paying and how their beach was not as superior as the Anfi one as the sand was imported from the caribean. He even said they were getting a security guard to ensure non Anfi guests could not come onto the site.
* He said that famous people had apartments there such as David Silva (football player) Jason Statham, Kelly Brook etc. He said they loved the exclusivity of it.
* That we could sell back at anytime - we have recently asked about this (May 16) and we were told (via email) that they are not buying at the moment.
* Mario told us that he knew of people that had given up their jobs and were now selling weeks at Anfi as a living (we have since found out that this is impossible)
* That we would always get the dates we want as thay are only ever 75% subscribed - (we have tried to book a week in Nov/Dec 16 and have been told there is no availability, not only in our block but anywhere on the site! They could however give us a week on the golf resort for twice the amount of points.
We have since discovered that weeks at Anfi are available to buy on internet sited such as Trivago, Ice Lolly, Trip Adviser etc.
So not only are Anfi not exclusive the holidays are cheaper than we are paying in maintenance fees!
We also don't want to leave our children with what is effectively a debt in the event of our deaths, as the maintenance fees are forever.
In conclusion we now feel we were mis-sold. A lot of what we were told is in fact not true.

Monday 30th May 2016 03:47 - Mr & Mrs B - Diamond Resorts

1. We were approached by two people with scratch cards who said we had won.
2. We were taken by taxi to a resort and a hard sell afternoon was endured.
3. We felt very pressured to sign up and we were not given any cooling off time.
4. We were promised 4 star accommodation but most of the resorts were 2 star.
5. We feel that we were never allowed to get into 4 star resorts unless it was a "special offer" by them just to get people into a resort in order to make it look busy for other prospective buyers.

Monday 30th May 2016 03:00 - Mrs B - CLC Fractional

The initial 'free' weekend turned into a prolonged sales pitch.
The subsequent holiday became even more of a sales pitch and went on all day with me feeling trapped.
We were not 'allowed' to leave the office to have time to think before deciding anything. Our 11 year old daughter had to stay with us all day.
The fractional owners club was sold as an investment to end after 19 years when we would receive a proportion of the sale value of the property.
We were not told it wasnt like a timeshare.
We were only made aware of the lower quality of property in vacation club after joining.

Monday 23rd May 2016 11:52 - Mr & Mrs L - Diamond Resorts

We attend a presentation with Sunterra representative at Tuanton venue with several other couples for all day presentation and being guided by various sunterra representatives during the day.
Informed th maintenance would rise and fall in line with current inflation rates, value of points purchased would be passed from year to year if not used during current year, this accuring multiple points increase over periods could aldo be used by authorised members of close family.
The pressure to sign was placed on us for either deposit of financial agreement which was signed on site with the First National for the full amount this was later agreed by First National after the cooling off period.

Monday 16th May 2016 12:04 - Mr & Mrs W - Sunset Beach Club Diversified RCI Points

First purchase 2004 Club Greece, quite happy.
Converted to RCI points 2008/2009. Quite happy until Diamond Resorts took over.
2013 Invited to Crown Resorts where they convinced us that buying Diversified pure points we could exit Diamond Resorts (20,000 points).
2015 Invited to Sunset Beach Club where we were convinced to buy Fractional and 30,000 RCI points because they had an earlier termination date which we realise now is not the case.
Disillusioned with rising maintenance fees and unavailability of desired accommodation.

Wednesday 11st May 2016 12:23 - Mr & Mrs H - Anfi Beach Club & Anfi Emerald Club

On our first encounter with Anfi sales staff we were taken on a five hour tour and presentation.
We were given on cooling off period to decide to purchase, but pressed to pay deposit then and there.
We were told that maintenance fees would rise with inflation. This has not been the case.
We were told we could book additional weeks on top of our ownership at discounted rates. No weeks were ever available -
so offered more weeks to purchase.
We were told in "perpetuity" meant that our son would have holidays for life. We were not told we were giving him a debt for life.
We were given RCI Membership as part of Anfi ownership, but we were not told our Anfi points were worth so little, and we would pay RCI membership for each week.

Thursday 05th 2016 02:10 - Mrs. C. - Anfi Beach Club

The representative informed us that the ownership was valuable and had monetary value. The purchase was mad based on verbal statements made by the representative. We were not given time to carefully review the contents of the purchase agreement before signing. We were given a floating week. We paid a deposit on the day by credit card.

Tuesday 26th 2016 09:01 - Mr & Mrs B - Fairways/Pueblo Evita Club

The original purchase of Fairways was purchased privately in England. On visiting Fairways we were often invited to attend meetings to purchase more weeks. In 2003 we were approached in Fairways to attend a meeting on transferring to points. At the time it appeared to be a way of visiting other resorts, however this wasn’t always possible if the time you were able to go was not available. At this meeting we were led to believe this was the way forward and it would enhance our ability to have holidays elsewhere and would be cheaper than a package holiday. We didn’t find this so and were not aware we would be paying a further fee to book these holidays or carry over from one year to next without incurring a further charge. We also feel that the changing of our apartment with no prior consultation with us was unfair. As our children have no wish to take on this timeshare we also feel that it would be unfair of us to leave this unresolved when we pass on.

Monday 25th April 2016 04:44 - Mr M - Diamond Resorts Points

I bought Diamond Resorts points on two occasions, once in the UK and once on holiday in Malta.
I have tried several times to book but no availability on the places and times I wish to use.
I used my Diamond Points to purchase with another company who said they would dispose of, however they have not been able to do anything with them, this was in September 2012 and I have been responsible for the management fees ever since even although I don't use them.
I wish to get rid of paying the management fees for something I do not use or want.

Friday 22nd April 2016 06:48 - Miss M - Club La Costa Fractional

I was force to buy the timeshare.
I'm struggling to pay the loan and service charge fees.
I don't use the holiday.
They told me that is an investment.
I am a single mother with three kids.

Friday 22nd April 2016 06:11 - Mr & Mrs F - Club La Costa Fractional

Deposit was taken on the day on credit card
We were not given a cooling off period
We were told it was a good investment and would go up in value
We felt we were pressured on the day to buy
We only got contracts in English not in Spanish
We feel our maintenance fees have gone higher than the rate of inflation

Tuesday 21st April 2016 09:49 - Mr W - Club Puerto Anfi

While on holiday in Gran Canaria we were invited to a talk about the holiday and timeshare was bought up. We went along to see Anfi.
The sales pitch was pressure all the time we were at Anfi. We had to pay a deposit, then pay the balance when we got home.
I am ont aware of any cooling off period. I am not aware of any details provided before signing the contract as to where we get information from the consumer office, and land registry and notary etc.
I felt that the maintenance fees were at UK rate of inflation and not Spanish rate of inflation. The rate of inflation figure was not discussed.

Wednesday 20th April 2016 08:01 - Mr & Mrs L - Club La Costa Points

At first we believed we had purchased a great product but as time went by we realised we were being pushed into buying more and more timeshare points. At our last presentation I was called a fool for not taking up their offer. It was at that point I found out the perpetuity clause. Our first holiday with CLC we felt pressured and forced after about 5 hours presentation, we finally agreed. I feel I have been lied to about resale and availability of holidays especially at school times. On reflection we no longer feel we want to be part of CLC as it has become unaffordable and impractical to use.

Wednesday 20th April 2016 04:54 - Mr & Mrs D -Diamond Club Calypso

We went to Visions of the World they said they would take our Petchey points in part exchange for Diamond Club Calypso.
Petchey were not relinquished but we were entered into Diamond Club Calypso via RCI ceded to points.
We were told not to pay the maintenance for Petchey as we were under contract to Visions of the World, but because we did not pay we were threatened with debt collectors, this was when we realised they had not kept to their part of the agreement in taking the Petchey shares.
We have never received a certificate of ownership from Diamond Club Calypso, we were therefore mis sold the Diamond Club Calypso timeshare.
I do not want to leave this problem to any member of my family.

Wednesday 20th April 2016 04:28 - Mr & Mrs B - Infiniti Points

I was of the opinion that there wouldn't be any problem selling the time share and that it would increase in value.
However when we tried to sell it via the companies Ilford office no action was taken. We went out to Portugal and were informed they had no knowledge of our wish to sell and that in order to be rid of the time share we would have to pay for them to sell it. After careful perusal of the document we were mislead as it did not end the perpetuity clause. We only paid this on the understanding we would be rid of it in 10 years. With regard to the maintenance , when I queried the steep rise in cost they informed me it was due to economic factors in Portugal which at the time had 0% inflation. I do not wish to leave this time share in my will as it is a liability.

Tuesday 19th April 2016 09:36 - Mr W - Club Puerto Anfi

I was informed of 14 day cooling off period but as inhouse finance did not apply to me.
Pressured into signing on the day Maintenance fees rising higher than inflation on a yearly basis Was not aware of signing for in years At the presentation too much to take in and upsold, giving and showing the best apartment whilst selling the worst positions.
Contract does not fit my lifestyle, hence not using in the next 7 years.

Tuesday 19th April 2016 08:12 - Mr & Mrs L - Westgate Vacation Villas

High pressure presentation.
Had to sign before leaving.
Didn't get enough time to think it over.
Perpetuity wasn't explained properly.
Were not advised of our rights to cancel.
We were shown different apartment to the one we were sold.
Maintenance fee has increased well above inflation.
To exchange our week we had to sign up to another organisation.
Prove to be very difficult to exchange elsewhere.

Monday 18th April 2016 09:32 - Mr & Mrs B - Club La Costa Fractional

The product was presented in a high pressure manner. Referred to as a “Willable asset” with a value at the end of term.
Maintenance fees were said to go up in line with inflation. Ease of exchange to Global resorts was pushed as was “value” vs package holidays. Now we find out that weeks can be bought on line without any capital outlay or points ownership/maintenance fees – we were sold as “exclusive” luxury resorts but clearly this is not true.
In hindsight we would not have bought the product if not pressured and lied to.

Monday 18th April 2016 04:03 - Mr & Mrs M - Anfi Emerald Club

In March 2008 we were on a Thomas Cook package holiday to Gran Canaria, staying at the Vistaflor apartments near Maspalomas. On our first trip to Maspalomas beach we were approached by two people who asked if we would like to visit a new resort complex to provide feedback, the visit would include free food, drink and an activity of our choice, we selected a glass bottom boat trip. The two people took us to a waiting taxi, which then transported us to Anfi Del Mar.
Had we known that the complex was timeshares and they would be attempting to sell one to us we would not have gone.
We arrived at the Anfi Del Mar complex at around 10:30 am and were shown to a holding area with a large number of other people. We were asked to complete a questioner and after a short wait we were interviewed about our previous holidays and our holidaying plans for the future. Then we were met by ‘Anita’ a representative of the resort who took us on a guided 5 hours plus tour.
During the extended tour of the complex the ANFI Sales representative told us that value of apartments had increased considerably since the complex had first opened. That they were selling the final few apartments/weeks in the complex, and that Anfi was interested in buying back apartments/weeks to resell, although very few members wanted to sell apartments/weeks they had purchased. We were told that once you were a member at Anfi then you could buy additional weeks in any apartment type.
Once the tour of the complex had finished at around 16:00 we were taken to the very busy processing centre, where many other people were in discussion with other Anfi Representatives. Following further dialogue, it was suggested that we may wish to buy a week in an apartment and become members at Anfi. At that point another Anfi representative sat down with us to calculate the costs of a 1 bed for 1 week at Anfi Beach Club. From what we had seen and heard about Anfi during the day we were interested, and suggested that we return later in the holiday to sign up, we are not normally impulse decision makers, so would have given it further thought. We were told that the offer was only valid for that day, and we would lose the apartment/week if we did not sign the contract there and then. As we were provided no physical documentation about Anfi, we based our decision to buy upon the facts presented to us by the Anfi representative ‘Anita’. An Anfi representative told us that they required a deposit of £2295 to secure the apartment/week. As we only had a small amount of money with us a taxi was arranged to take one person back to the Vistaflor apartments to collect a credit card to pay this amount. A payment of €2942.68 was made to Anfi, on the 19 March 2008 at 17:29, to cover the requested deposit. The remaining instalment of £9179 was due for payment on 10 May 2008, a total purchase price of £11474. It was late in the day so everything was very rushed with no time to fully understand the contents of the contract signed.
After signing the contract and paying the deposit the Anfi representative insisted that we took advantage of spending the rest of our current holiday in Anfi Del Mar. The following day we checked out of the Vistaflor apartments, and into the brand new Anfi Emerald, a far superior apartment/complex, as there was no availability in the Anfi Beach.
In July 2008 two members (Lynette & Christopher) returned to Anfi Beach, for a 1-week holiday, while there we attempted to book a two-bedroom apartment for September 2008, and were told that one-bedroom ownership meant that we could only book 1 bedroomed apartments, this contradicted what we have been initially told. After long discussions with Anfi representatives (Jonathan + Head of Sales) we were told that the only solution would be to purchase another 1 bedroom in Anfi Beach and then to join the Anfi points system.
On the 11 July 2008 we decided and signed the contract to purchase another week in a 1-bedroom apartment at Anfi beach, a deposit was taken by Anfi on the that day of €2640.42. Finance was arranged with the remaining balance of £8420 to be paid over the next 12 months (£701.67 per month).
We returned to Anfi in September 2008, and were given a ground floor apartment next to the kitchens and swimming pool toilets. We were not happy with this and brought it up with our assigned Anfi representative, ‘Simon Healey’, he told us that on the points system you could not guarantee which apartment you would be given, and that the only way of knowing the apartment in advance would be to book a penthouse, however we currently did not have enough points, so we were persuaded to buy more.
Anfi arranged for our existing two 1-bedroom apartment weeks in Anfi beach to be exchanged for 2 floating 1-bedroom super red weeks in Anfi Emerald, thus giving us enough points to book a penthouse apartment. We signed the new contract on 24 September 2008 paying a deposit on that day of €4965.87 (£3928), finance was then agreed with the resort for the outstanding balance of £15708 to be paid over 12 months at £1309 per month.
When we used our Anfi points to book a holiday elsewhere in the world, which was one of the primary reasons we initially bought, we found that the points were virtually worthless, being valued at less than the annual maintenance fees paid.
For example, in 2014 it cost 27,000 Anfi Points to book a trip valued at £1152.52, when we had paid £1019.60 to Maintain our 21,000 Anfi Points in January 2014, see attached emails. It then then became apparent that the value of what we owned was not as we expected, and we had been total mislead.

Friday 15th April 2016 07:10 - Mr. B. - Club La Costa

The Point system was sold as an investment that would become worth more money over time and an investment for our children.
We were informed that the maintenance fee would only grow in line with inflation. This is not the case. The maintenance fee has grown between 5 & 10%.
We have received no information regarding registration even a registration certificate.
We were not provided all necessary legal information prior to signing the contract neither were we provided information regarding who we could approach to get further information.
The points were sold as anywhere and not identified to a location.

Friday 15th April 2016 07:07 - Mr W - Anfi

I was taken off the street on my holiday claiming to of won a mobile phone or ipod. I was shown around Anfi beach resort. They claimed with this exclusive membership I would be able to visit 5 star resort around the world for cheaper than package holidays. Also claiming availability was endless as I stated my work holidays are not very flexible. By the time my membership details arrived I had made two payments plus my deposit to an almost empty website with no availability. I was told it was an asset since I found out its not I contacted the resort to surrender the ownership which they told me I could do. In hindsight I would not of brought this product and looking forward to getting out and ending my lifetime contract.

Thursday 14th April 2016 06:58 - Mr. & Mrs. C. - CLC Fractional

We felt after being taken away, told for a couple of hours, we were pressurised to buy another product - this was over a 7 hour period.
No cooling off period, even though asked if we could go away and think about it. Had to sign and seal on the day and pay full amount on finance.
Was told this was an investment, after 20 years would buy back at a profit.
Did not know maintenance fees would be increased every year.
Told that at any time we could sell, CLC would find a broker and help us every step of the way.

Tuesday 12nd April 2016 04:48 - Mr & Mrs L - Diamond Resorts Points

We originally purchased the points when on holiday in Spain, where we were assured it would supply us high quality holidays at a cost effective price.
On a holiday with one of the resorts in Spain, we complained about the lack of availability and were informed that we would have far more flexibility if we had a few more points, so we purchased some more.
In 2009 my brother asked me to buy his points from him as he could not afford the maintenance nor could he find availability with his family, so I took on his points, and maintenance fees.
While we have had some good holidays through the system, they have not been good value for money, and the ever increasing maintenance fees have certainly not met the expectations that the points were sold to us with. We were informed that we would need additional points to carry out the transfer of my brothers points.
We now find ourselves in the situation where maintenance cost are unmanageable for us, availability is very limited but despite numerous try’s, we cannot find a way to dispose of the points

Monday 11st April 2016 08:49 - Mr D & Miss B - Anfi Beach Club

Scratchcarded into a visit
Whole day presentation
Pressurised into the sale - had to sign on the day or the offer would be withdrawn
Was promised the timeshare was exclusive but wasn't
Was told that RCI had a great selection but doesn't
Thought it was an affordable way of holidaying but turns out to be very expensive

Monday 11st April 2016 04:26 - Mr & Mrs M - RCI Pure Points

On holiday in the Bel Air approached to purchase RCI points. We bought (in 2007) 90,000 pure points at a cost of £10,000. We did not get a 124 day cooling off period and paid the full amount over 3 days, at their request.
Over the years we have used RCI holidays did have trouble getting the weeks or places we wanted.
Each year the maintenance fee has gone up. £720.00 now £1,139.00. Where do the fees go to if we do not have a named timeshare?
We are both retired and our RCI holidays cannot forefil.

Friday 08th April 2016 09:29 - Mr. T. - Silverpoints

We were on holiday in Tenerife minding our own business when a rep came up and offered us a scratch card. Automatically he told me that I had won a T-shirt and my wife had won a weeks holiday. They took us to an office where we were greeted by a girl from the staff. I felt pressured by her sales techniques. Then she went on about a perpetuity contract. We were told we could get a holiday in any period of time, anywhere in the world. Lately we have been told to give about 10 months notice, in other words, not fit for purpose. Plus over the years the maintenance fees have doubled causing us financial problems. We could never get what we wanted i.e. No Availability.

Friday 08th April 2016 09:13 - Mr. S. - Club La Costa Fractional

We were coming from a family holiday in Spain and were then approached by employees of Club La Costa to complete forms in order to win a holiday in Spain. After a few weeks we received a telephone call informing us that we had won a free holiday. This was on condition we would pay £200 to attend a presentation at one of their holiday resorts in Spain. After payment of same we were booked for a Spain holiday. The presentation was highly pressured due to the following reasons:
1. That we would be required to pay maintenance fees annually.
2. That the fee will go up highly every year.
3. That we would not be able to book, use or exchange the holiday until full payment of maintenance fees have been paid.
4. We were subsequently given a bonus holiday and a bottle of wine for signatures on the agreement. Sadly the holiday never materialised. This was a pure misrepresentation of sale and it has increasingly become a financial burden, unaffordable, mentally and physically traumatising for us and our family.

Thursdya 07th April 2016 05:39 - Mr & Mrs C - Marriott

My husband and I were invited to a presentation at the resort in Spain. We were shown a lovely apartment with nice furnishings and were promised that the beauty of purchasing a timeshare in a “low season” was that we could swap/exchange it for “high season” resort anywhere in the world. However the reality is quite different – availability is very limited and we cannot exchange for the resorts that we want to use as they are never available especially during school holidays. Many resorts are also not even available for exchange. We have never stayed at our home resort as it has never in 11 years been available during the summer months for exchange. The management fees have gone up quite considerably over the years to more than double and I feel that the timeshare was mis-sold and mis- represented. We paid in full for the timeshare within the 14 day period.

Wednesday 06th April 2016 05:06 - Mr R - Silverpoint

I was given 1 week accommodation by Silverpoint which I had to spend 4 hours with a presentation. Straight away I told them I was not interested in time share.
He said I would like to purchase 1/6th share of Palm Beach apartments Tenerife, because it is not a time share and that I would get a good return and profit when sold in approx 3 years time. I agreed in good faith to this offer. This agent was R Fenton. Before returning to England a manager approached me (Larry Hajer) and said if I was to invest £15,800 today, he promises to give me £30,000 before December 2016. He never explained anything again about time share but it was.
I do not want to leave this to my children as I feel it is a liability, not as asset.

Wednesday 06th April 2016 04:37 - Mr & Mrs U - Petchey Leisure

We received an invitation through a relative to attend a presentation. At this time, we had never heard of timeshare and had only been two years back in the UK.
The presentation gave the impression of the best investment ever and gave the prospect of easy resale with profit.
Urgency was create to make us sign up there and then, otherwise it would be a missed opportunity.
At every opportunity, we were made to pay more money – first to have our unit in perpetuity and later to float our week, both with the assurance of easier resale.
All our efforts to re-sell have been unsuccessful and the maintenance fee is on the increase.
This liability is not one that we wish to bequeath to our daughter.

Monday 04th April 2016 05:35 - Mr B - Club La Costa Fractional

I first came into contact with CLC via a “prize award” at a trade show which offered a one week holiday for the price of just the flight. Once at the resort I was bombarded by the sales rep., at breakfast and at dinner to attend a presentation. Upon attending the presentation instead of it being just one hour, three hours later I found myself in a room being told the huge benefits of joining CLC on their points system. It was somewhat intimidating and being in a part of the country I was unfamiliar with felt pressured into signing up. I used the points just once as trying to get the time I wanted was nigh on impossible.
Once at the resort again, the pressure tactics started again only this time I was told my points were becoming “worthless” and to protect my investment I should upgrade to fractional property ownership. Being told it was an investment I could dispose of at any time should I wish.
Reality = a. Cannot use when I want. B. Rising maintenance fees. C. Cannot dispose of it.
I have been mis-sold this product.

Monday 04th April 2016 04:58 - Mrs B - Petchey

The company contacted me by phone.
I went along to the presentation, to which I left under pressure to purchase.
I was told the value of the timeshare would rise, and that there would be no issue if I wanted to sell.
After a few years I was told I would be in a better position, if I bought perpetuity, especially with regards to selling the timeshare.
The cost of this was £1300.
I do not wish to leave this in my will, as this is a liability.

Friday 01st April 2016 09:32 - Mr A - MGM Petchey

Maintenance fees have been increasing at a rate higher than inflation
We were not given a cooling off period on payments
We paid a deposit of £700 on the day of presentation/sale
Contracts were only in English
We were not given land registry details of the property
We were not given information that is legally required under the law prior to signing the contract

Wednesday 30th April 2016 04:18 - Mr & Mrs M - Club La Costa Fractional

On first meeting we were told that we could have 3 – 4 wks holiday a year, at any time of year. This was not the case especially if you require holidays during school holiday time. We were told that if we didn’t sign on the dotted line at the time of the meeting we couldn’t have the points at the price shown as it would be offered to someone else. We were never offered a cooling off period. We were never told that our maintenance fees would go up as much as they have. When we went to fractional ownership we were told that after 15 years + that the property would be sold we would be out of the contract + would receive a lump sum that it was sold for, that would be split between fractional owners. During every meeting we felt pressured into buying something else that was another new deal, but was actually another lie.

Thursday 24th March 2016 04:54 - Mr & Mrs O - Club La Costa Fractional

Meet the company in a shopping centre and was offered a £99 1 week holiday.
On the second day of the holiday was driven to a presentation.
Kept at presentation the whole day despite requests to leave to tend to our autistic son – were always told we would be done soon.
Pressurised into buying, given credit to buy which was a surprise as our credit was not very good at the time. Credit was given on the day.
Paid deposit by card on the day.
Returned from holiday realised that the management fees were additional, tried to cancel and we were told that it’s not possible.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 06:16 - Mr G - Diamond points

We were not told that the contract related to a specific accommodation, we were told we were buying points which we could use to obtain holidays anywhere in the world.
We were told that the points would rise in value and that in the future we could sell them.
We were told we could "will" the points to our heirs but not that were obliged to continue the ownership after we died.
We had to make the decision and the payment on the day without a cooling off period for the trial period and with a cooling off period after the finance agreement of 7 days
we were told we could exchange anywhere in the world.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 05:58 - Miss M - CLC Fractional

Pressure to sign up for fractional bi annual
Told it would be an investment
Told we could sell after 19 years
Music very loud, difficulty hearing, given alchohol
Have tried to upgrade at next presentation

Thursday 10st March 2016 04:48 - Mr M - CLC Fractional

We were first introduced to Club La Costa as a result of a cold call, we agreed to take an introductory week at their Hastings facility in Corwall, England
Having made our visit we were within 48 hrs pressured into purchasing a timeshare product with them.
However we were advised that this could not be ratified, that is "the purchase", until we had also visitedf Spain, we did withdraw from the purchas within 14 days.
We did receive another cold call from them some time later to travel to Spain which we did and we then purchased
At no time did we receive details relating to land registry in Spain
We were never made aware prior to arrival as to why we were invited
We did not get a Spanish translation after either purchase
Prior to signing the contract we were never given details as to where we could obtain further information relating to land registry, notary etc
No detailed description was given to us showing details of location services as to what we had bought into and whether or not we had automatic right of entry into these services
We were given to understand that maintenance fees would rise in line with UK inflation rates.
It was sold to us as an investment which we could sell later

Thursday 10st March 2016 03:43 - Mr G - Marriotts

We purchased 3 platinum weeks and 1 gold week in Playa Andaluza in 2004/2005 as follows
1 two bed platinum week $33787 dep $13515 non refundable deposit paid on 15/12/2004, balance paid by 36 installments
1 two two bed gold week $26894 dep paid $10758 on 15/12/2004
2 two bed platinum weeks $69834 dep $6984 on 27/01/2005 and $20950 on 05/03/2005
Total purchase price $130515 for 4 weeks
They were all floating weeks with no special week numbers or apartment number
We were told at the time of sale that we could sell the weeks back to Marriotts, we could sell the weeks to friends or others, the maintenance fees would be less that the cost of a holiday.
The contract was in English and Arabic only
We were asked to pay the non refundable deposit at the first meeting, in fact we were pressured to do so.
We understand that there has to be a cooling off period which was not the case.
We were given to understand that the purchase of the weeks was in fact an investment and we would be able to sell it for a higher price as we actually bought weeks whilst the resort was under construction.
However the company refuse to buy the weeks back now and even put off our friends from buying them from us
I must say that it was a real high pressure sale with no time given to consider the contract

Tuesday 08th March 2016 05:15 - Mr & Mrs P - Burnside Park Hotel + RCI Points

1. Having been on holiday at Burnside Park Hotel in 1995 and 1996 my wife and I were persuaded to purchase a timeshare cottage by GVC in 1996.
2. In 2005 we were again persuaded by RCI to convert to RCI points and also purchase additional points.
3. With 100,000 RCI points per year we were happy to take a high-season, top quality sleep 6 cottage each year. This met our family needs well and served us for several years.
4. By 2008 we were experiencing difficulty in obtaining holidays of our choice, as promised. Maintenance fees had risen to a burdensome level and we were not getting any holidays. The last time we were able to use Burnside, after several years without was in 2009. The holidays we have taken have been at the worst resorts (Dyserth and Scandinavian Village, Aviemore) or we have used points expensively for long weekends/flights.
5. Now we can obtain no holidays whatsoever from RCI points despite paying £480 per year Burnside maintenance fees, booking fees and points maintenance fees.
In summary we were pressured into purchasing and extending a time share agreement which worked acceptably for a while but which is now operated in a dishonest fashion to our complete disadvantage and considerable expense.

Wednesday 02nd March 05:32 - Mr & Mrs R - Diamond Resorts Points

Bought 55 Points in Tenerife not enough.
Bought another 55 points year later been told that would be more than enough.
Found we couldn't get what we wanted and where.
We were told we could go anywhere at any time.
Tried to sell them back and they wouldn't .
Suggested we rented it out and through them we could earn money or pay it towards maintenance. That didn't work as no-one wanted the week we put up.
We feel that we have been lied to and mis-sold as we have not benefited at all from this purchase.

Wednesday 02nd March 04:58 - Mr & Mrs O - Diamond Resorts

Purchased timeshare.
Purchased more points.
Enjoyed a few holidays but now find that it no longer suits our requirements.
Want to exit as soon as possible.
Management fees increased far too much.

Wednesday 02nd March 04:50 - Mr & Mrs C - RCI Points

We went to an RCI office in Tenerife and spoke to someone about our disappointment with Eze Group. They made arrangements for us to be picked up at our hotel to see how easy it was for us to get out of it. During our visit we were informed that they could get our money back through section 75A. We had to purchase RCI points and pay money up front. We were told categorically – in fact promised that this could be achieved and that we would be compensated for the way it had been sold to us. We paid a deposit of £2000+ by credit card and made a further payment of £7500 on our return home. We did not get a cooling off period. We feel we were misrepresented by them and were unable to get any money back. We have had one week using the points in Lanzarote and felt the accommodation provided was very run down. We have tried to speak to the person who dealt with us but to no avail.

Tuesday 01st March 09:37 - Mr & Mrs A - Petchey

We came into contact with Petchy Leisure via a presentation meeting where we were offered a free holiday which we took up. Whilst on the free holiday we had the regulatory interview with a representative and finally agreed to make a purchase. We were given a cooling off period. We were informed that we could pass the timeshare over to our children (not that we had to i.e perpetuity). This was a misrepresentation of facts. We have since paid £8050 to come out of this perpetuity only to find that this amount relates only to one of the purchases. In addition since the original purchase the maintenance fees have risen from approx £250 to £1300 per year. We do NOT wish to leave this to our children – we feel we were hoodwinked into paying £8000 to come out of perpetuity only to find we are only out of 1 contract. WE ARE VERY UNHAPPY WITH THE WHOLE SYSTEM AND FEEL WE HAVE BEEN MISTREATED. We have spent over £32,000 since joining into something that has NO value whatsoever and were promised it would go up in value over the years – this has not happened.

Tuesday 01st March 09:12 - Mrs K - Club La Costa Points

Holiday with a friend who had points – good accommodation – attended presentation – very enthusiastic sales person. No mention of perpetuity aspect only “you can leave this to your children”. No buy back but very easy to sell on points, Club La Costa would help with this. Strongly advised to buy initially with finance. Not given adequate uninterrupted time to read contract. Not allowed to take contract out of room to read at leisure.
On purchase of upgrade our points put on priority bookings for larger shares holders – this has never been the case, have only been able to book in school holidays three years in advance. Despite being asked to help with selling on Club La Costa have offered no assistance.
I feel that I was mis sold this contract verbally.

Tuesday 01st March 2016 06:41 - Mr & Mrs D - Westgate Resorts

We came in contact with Westgate during our holiday in America. They promised us an apartment that would suit our family needs. That we could purchase a unit within the resort that we would be able to own and stay in any time of the year. But this was not the case. We now know that what was promised to us has led us to feel let down by the person who we signed the contract with. We were given false impression of buying a flat that we now know we will never own. This is a liability and not an asset. I DO NOT want to leave this burden to my children.

Tuesday 01st March 2016 05:31 - Mr & Mrs V - Diamond Resorts

When my husband and I purchased this apartment it wasn’t explained that we had it for life and that the fees would become so expensive. Also in the past we had to pay for refurbishment of the apartment. We haven’t used the apartment for the past 5 years due to my husbands disability.
Our children don’t wish to carry on the agreement as they can’t afford it and now feel it is a very great liability as we are getting older and not able to afford the fees as they have gone from £45 per year to £390 per year and goes up each year as we are both retired.

Monday 29th February 2016 05:45 - Mr G & Miss B - Club La Costa Fractional

I was contacted by phone saying we had won a holiday. Went to a presentation and was sent on a free weeks holiday to Fuengirola Spain. I feel I was pressurised by reps saying not problem booking anytime you can change finance companies not really showing full amount of cost of finance. We were not always able to book when needed feeling under pressure get putting bonuses in front of us. We were at presentation for 8 hours with two grandchildren stuck in some office told no resale later but was told at presentation some one had handed points back. Very unhappy with availability. I do not wish this to go on to my children.

Tuesday 23th February 2016 10:50 - Mr S - CLC Fractional

We were led to believe that the contract was for 19 years and now we have found out that it is for life and that it will be passed to our children that we were unaware and they do not want the responsiblility.
We were told we could sell it back to them after the 19 years.
we were told the maintenance fees would go up in line with inflation which is not the case.
we were told what we were buying was for CLC members only, we have since found out that is not true.
When trying to book to a resort it is always full which wasn't the case when we bought

Tuesday 23th February 2016 05:38 - Mr & Mrs S - Club La Costa Santa Cruz

Purchased trial package, went on holiday. CLC convinced us it would be cheaper on subsequent holiday we used free points in superior accommodation and were convinced under pressure (& alcohol) that to achieve our preferred standard of accommodation we should upgrade. On the last upgrade we were told we needed to change to fractionals as the packages had changed. We asked CLC to consolidate the loans and after being there for approximately 10 hours they wouldn't do this for us.

Monday 22nd February 2016 10:02 - Mr L - CLC Fractional

We came into contact with the company by a telephone call inviting us to a meeting in London. We were offered a free week after the meeting.
Whilst in Span we were encouraged to buy into points system. We were no given the details of the property.
A deposit was paid on the day, we were promised 5 star accommodation, which is not the case.
It has never been made clear as t6o what the fees would be. Did get cooling off period as finance had to be agreed before leaving Spain

Thursday 19th February 2016 04:15 - Mr & Mrs G - De Vere

1. An invitation was received.
2. Attended location in Belton Woods.
3. Purchased on the day.
4. Paid deposit of £1,610 against a purchase of £16,610.
5. The initial maintenance fee was £382.60.
6. The current fee is £843.24 and rising.
7. The contract was sold as perpetuity for over 99 years.
8. We felt pressured at the time of purchase as was informed we had a solid investment to take advantage.
9. We have used the timeshare about 3 times and have rented about 7 times as was unable to pay the increased maintenance charges.
10. We are disappointed with the contract and product as it has an increasing maintenance fee.
11. We have written to the company about the fees and advised that we wish to sell the timeshare.
12. They insist that in line with inflation and increasing costs there is nothing they can do.
13. We have paid for several advertisements to sell the timeshare without success.
14. Paid 16K with increasing and current maintenance of £800 pa with a current value of £6K is negative investment and furthermore gives rise to disinterest in visiting the facility. We will not be buying timeshare again.

Thursday 19th February 2016 04:10 - CLC Fractional

We were sold a holiday club which claimed to be exclusive with high quality apartments, cheap flights, an investment for the future and protection from increasing holiday costs
The original contract was for 57 years. We soon learnt that the scheme was not delivering what was promised.
Scared that we would be leaving our children a liability, we were approached again whilst at a CLC resort to move into a fractional ownership scheme for 20 years and explained that this would not be continuous (perpetuity).
Again we have subsequently learnt that this is not the case.
On top of this we find accommodation is made available on the internet whereas not available through CLC, excessive maintenance fees are charged in excess of standard inflation, bills are in euros now not GBP as agreed

Thursday 19th February 2016 03:48 - Mrs D - Diamond resorts

We feel we were miss sold the timeshare and information provided at the time of sale was not the truth, the main points are:
Informed timeshare would increase in value and could be sold back to Thurnam Hall
Fees would increase in line with inflation
Thurnam would be easy to exchange and it is very sort after
Exchange availability has been poor, I am unable to exchange the weeks
Told one week at Thurnam Hall could be exchanged for 2 weeks in America
Timeshare is not value for money, able to get same holiday resort cheaper direct

Thursday 19th February 2016 - Mrs U - CLC Points

We were offered a luxury holiday in Spain where we were convinced to purchase the timeshare. Although we were given a trial period we did feel pressured to purchase.
we were given false promises such as holidays will be available at any time in the year, maintenance fees will only increase as per inflation costs, points can be used any day of the year, a breakdown of costs will always be provided.
We purchased gold membership with CLC, with a specific mount of points which could be carried over.
During the initial holiday in Spain we were not informed reason for invitation. CLC did not provide us the information that was legally required prior to signing the contract.
Other information about notary consumer office or places to obtain further information was also not provided, only briefly mentioned during presentation.
Information about location of services such as automatic access to swimming pools etc. was not provided.
Timeshare was sold to us as an investment and a points system in exchange for luxury holidays

Monday 15st February 2016 05:33 - Mr & Mrs M - Club Monte Anfi

We were on a family holiday with our daughters in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in May 2004, on the second day of our holiday we were stopped in the street at around 10am and pressured into getting into a taxi to be taken to have a look around a holiday complex. we were offered bottles of wine and free food and drinks all day if we went along with them. We were kept there until 7pm that evening, all the time being given food and drinks (alcoholic included), ice creams and gifts of tickets for boat trips, ferry tickets and to play golf. We were pressured into signing a contract without having anytime to talk privately or even to think about it, we weren’t offered any cooling off period. We were totally exhausted and physically drained after a very long day. We were promised that we could move into an apartment on the complex immediately for the remainder of our holiday, the offer of a free week the following year, the choice to stay in any of the blocks (Anfi beach,Monte,Puerto,Gran,Emerald), and also membership to RCI, so that we could exchange our weeks to stay anywhere in the world in the same standard of accommodation. We were also offered free taxis to visit our friends who were coming to holiday on the island the following week, we didn’t use the free taxis very much because it was a hassle and time consuming, it did spoil the holiday because we didn’t get to spend much time with our friends which was our plan. We did use the tickets for boat trips and ferry tickets. We did return the following year to use our week plus the free week offered, we were hassled by the reps all the time trying to put pressure on us to buy another week, each year we returned the same thing happened again and again, reps taking us out for meals and drinks and putting pressure on us to buy. Eventually we gave in and purchased a second floating week in August 2009. The RCI membership was useless, we couldn’t get accommodation to suit our needs, it was difficult to obtain any accommodation on dates we required, and when we did finally exchange in 2015, it was a nightmare, the accommodation, and location were not suitable for our needs, we had to be moved, but only to accommodation with building work being carried out for the whole of our holiday and no pool was available. After complaining over the phone, by letter and email, no apology was given. When we called Anfi vacation club to reserve our weeks, we almost always had hassle and very often were disappointed, we had trouble getting the dates we required, getting two weeks in the same apartment, most years we had to change apartments for the second week, after the first couple of years we could never get an apartment on a high floor, which meant we didn’t have a sea view, we didn’t have a view at all and no sunshine on the balcony or terrace. We were also told because our contract was with Monte Anfi we were not allowed to reserve an apartment in any of the other buildings. We were offered the world with RCI and didn’t get it, we were offered fabulous sea views whilst staying in any of their apartments once again we didn’t get it. We were also told that if we wanted to sell that Anfi would buy back, what we weren’t told was that we couldn’t get out of the contract and therefore would have to pass on to our children and then them to their children and so on. In January of every year we have to pay the very high maintenance fees whether we are using the apartment or not. If we deposit our weeks into Anfi and then use them the following year we had to pay a fee to use our banked weeks, we were not made aware of this when we purchased, which was all extra expense incurred. It was uncomfortable being on holiday there, because we had to try and avoid the reps for fear of being hassled and pressured into buying more weeks and also lose some of our valuable holiday time. Anfi set up finance for us to purchase and we are now left with a very large visa balance which is crippling us financially, and we will be paying this for a very long time.

Thursday 11st February 2016 08:49 - Mr B - CLC Fractional

A friend of ours arranged for us to have a weeks holiday at CLC on the Costa Del SOl. When we were there we were harassed into listening to the hard sell of buying a timeshare.
We were bullied into buying a timeshare. We Had to pay a deposit by credit card there and then. This contract did not specify an apartment address.
There was no mention of land registry registration, they said we could sell it easily (false), we could get anywhere we want anytime (false)
When we were invited by them for a meeting we were not told it was to buy a timeshare (conned). The contract was not available in Spanish. We were not told any information about land registry etc..
The maintenance fees are above Spanish inflation rates (wrong), they did not tell us we had 2 weeks to cancel, they told us it was an investment (lies).
They gave us a free week and they bombarded us with phone calls the whole week about buying another timeshare (ruined our holiday)
There was no details of the deeds either

Thursday 11st February 2016 04:51 - Miss B - Club La Costa

I was interested in but a property in Spain. As I was looking through the internet, I came across C.L.C. properties. I checked out their web page and thought nothing of it until they contacted me and asked me to go on a presentation in Tenerife. I said I was interest in purchasing a holiday home, they said that they do sell properties and the presentation would be of use to me to find out more. When I arrived at the presentation I found out they only sell properties in the USA and before I knew it I walk out with something I didn’t want. I check the paperwork and was upset. I phoned Pamela Gonzalez to say I didn’t and could not afford this and the APR was 18% she told me to keep it till November when they stopped paying £75.00 and I could go to my bank over the APR. I was unhappy with this so I went to CLC in Mainland Spain presentation and they told me they would lower my APR to 11% I still told them I did not want it, they told me the only way I could rid myself of this debt was to sell it to someone else. To decrease the APR they sold me another product with a lower APR but increase my finance. They did not make me aware of this

Thursday 11st February 2016 04:21 - Mr E - Anfi Del Mar (Puerto Anfi)

February 2001, Location, Puerto Rico, South Coast, Gran Canaria.
Whilst holidaying I was approached by Anfi sales to visit their resort, sample their facilities with no obligation except to attend a short presentation, which turned out to take up most of the day only breaking for drinks and a meal.
Their sales pitch was designed to illustrate an investment that would if necessary be self financing if required and also retain if not increase its value.
Every encouragement was given to proceed on the day to purchase, legal paperwork and exchange of deposit via Visa Mastercard, the balance in my case being paid by May 2001. Since the purchase none of the self financing or valuations have become a reality and continually rising maintenance fees have become a burden. To learn that anyone can have a vacation in what was supposed to be an exclusive resort is a big disappointment and a big unnecessary liability not at all what was promised by Anfi or RCI

Wednesday 10th February 2016 06:54 - Mr & Mrs G - Club La Costa Points

We went on trial holiday in Spain. They encouraged my husband to go to the meeting on his own. I stayed at the swimming pool with our 8 year old, at the time, son. My husband came back from the meeting 4-5 hours later having purchased a Diamond membership. He looked like he was about to have a stroke.
We joined to travel more but actually we travel less due to the fact that there is no availability when we want it plus we have paid our holiday money in maintenance fees.
Resort does not look like their showrooms.
Salesmen continue to hassle with phone calls when on holiday at places.
We have to book 2 years in advance if we want a holiday.
If for any reason we can’t make it and have to cancel they charge us the points as penalty.
Management fees not explained or mentioned. Very high, late fees charged with 25%.

Wednesday 10th February 2016 04:49 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Points

We received a promotional holiday in the post to Tenerife. On arrival we were approached by CLC rep. Asked to attend a presentation about holidays.
They kept us theme for 8 hours, eventually my wife said “just sign it”, I want to get out of here.
They gave us breakfast, dinner, alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and soft drinks all day. The next morning we were revisited by a CLC rep where by my wife and I asked if we could change our mind, he consequently changed our mind by referring to all the benefits on offer. No straight answer as to whether we could cancel was given – my wife was in tears by this time and worried about whether we had done the right thing.
On returning home we tried to book various holidays unsuccessful because there was no availability for places and times of the year we wanted. We have been unable to have a holiday since we bought this partially because of our commitment to paying back our loan. We have never used CLC for a holiday since signing up with them. As we are not happy with what CLC are offering we wish to opt out of this, therefore cancel this agreement.

Wednesday 10th February 2016 04:44 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Points

We received a promotional holiday in the post to Tenerife. On arrival we were approached by CLC rep. Asked to attend a presentation about holidays.
They kept us theme for 8 hours, eventually my wife said “just sign it”, I want to get out of here.
They gave us breakfast, dinner, alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and soft drinks all day. The next morning we were revisited by a CLC rep where by my wife and I asked if we could change our mind, he consequently changed our mind by referring to all the benefits on offer. No straight answer as to whether we could cancel was given – my wife was in tears by this time and worried about whether we had done the right thing.

Wednesday 10th February 2016 04:01 - Mr & Mrs T - Club La Costa Fractional

Received a phone call, cheap holidays, we went to a presentation and received information about CLC Fractions. We were encouraged to buy 2 weeks but we didn’t really understand what was about in detail. The next holiday we booked with them we asked for more information and they sold us a different product. We still couldn’t use so we tried to sell but unsuccessfully. We went back to them and tried to give them back and they refused, they convinced us to buy a different product which will resolve our problem but we are in the same position, with increased maintenance fees. We can not see a way out of it.

Tuesday 09th February 2016 10:06 - Mr & Mrs G - Diamond Resorts Points

• Jan 1996 Bought 20 points for Grand Vacation Club.
• March 1996 Bought further 15 points because told 20 points not enough for holiday
• Found it hard to book holidays needed at times we wanted
• Only took 6 holidays in 19 years
• Always paid maintenance fees on time even though they increased tremendously through the years
• Tried twice to give back points as we were not able to use them. Had no proper feedback from Diamond Resorts
• The point system does not accommodate our growing family holiday requests – no all inclusive & few resorts available
• All UK holidays are extravagantly made up of excessive points needed. Diamond has taken away this option from us now that we are pensioners
• We were sold the 5 star holidays as an exclusive members club but have realised over the years anyone can have access at relatively cheaper prices than the members

Tuesday 09th February 2016 09:42 - Mr T - Diamond Resorts Points

I initially bought 1 week and over a number of years I was convinced changing to points was a better option for fantastic holidays. However I am unable to receive what I requested and don't use my week, pay extra to visit other resorts and the maintenance costs are being raised further.

Tuesday 09th February 2016 06:09 - Mr & Mrs G - Club Puerto Anfi

We took a holiday at Gran Canaria in 1998, we were approached on the street with a scratch card, we were swept into a taxi, before we knew what was happening, we were at Anfi Resort with the promise of a free weeks holiday. We were then bombarded with all the promises.
1 Exclusive resort
2 Good investment – will keep its value, easy to sell, popular gold crown resort
3 Able to exchange for the same standard and quality.
The meeting lasted 3-4 hours. We felt pressurised, numbers and figures were being quoted all the time, the rep would disappear, then return with more figures. We viewed two apartments, the rep said one of these apartments, was available to purchase, he didn’t give us any more choices. He offered us finance as we told him we couldn’t afford to buy. Eventually we said yes and a deposit was taken straight away. We were not given a cooling off period, nor were we told how long we had taken the “holiday club” on for. Until I read testimonials on your website, I had never even heard the word “perpetuity” now understanding that our child will inherit this liability/burden.
We visited Anfi each year, on occasions we exchanged, whether it was England or abroad, but the whole process was just a hassle, we could never get what we asked for, and no accommodation has ever been higher than 3*.
In 2009, we visited Anfi, and at the meeting, again we got pressurised into buying a “floating” week and on the points system – got told it would be more flexible with school holidays, we would be able to save points for 3 years and be able to go on fabulous holidays further afield, in fact we could only bank points for 2 years. Then when we attempted to exchange, a percentage of points have to be kept back – so in reality our points evaluated to 3* and less.
For the last few years we asked if we could sell it back, but the answer was always – “not at the moment”.
In 2014 on Anfi’s website, they advertised that “fixed” weeks could be put up for resale, we decided to go ahead with this. We have a contract, but we have never heard or been updated about it.
We have continued to holiday every year because the maintenance is really expensive, and we can’t afford not to go, but we can’t afford to go anywhere else.
We feel that we could easily book a lovely holiday taking into the fact – the cost of the maintenance and exchange fees which have been increasing every year.
I believe now that holidays can be booked at Anfi to other people that are not in the timeshare contract – so they are using all the facilities without having this burden of a contract and maintenance fees.
We really want to get out of this contract as we are increasingly worried that our child will inherit this burden, we are struggling to afford the fees and we feel that we have been misold this timeshare.

Tuesday 09th February 2016 03:47 - Mr W - CLC Fractional & Signature

As a trial membership to start Vacation Club fractional ownership/signature owneship
Where we have been invited for any sales presentation we were asked to come for a meeting only and at no time was a contract made available in Spanish.
Before signing the contract we were not given any information such as consumer office or notary advice etc.
As for the maintenance fee we were not advised of the exorbitant rise in a year or any notice either.
The timeshare has always been referred to as an investment to our siblings and at no time was a withdrawal form being given to us

Monday 08th February 2016 09:36 - Ms P & Ms S - Diamond Resorts Fractional

Through the post, in summer 2004, we received an invitation to a meeting. The invitation promised a free holiday if we attended the meeting.
We attended the meeting and were taken to Wychnor Park and shown an example of the standard of accommodation we could expect if we bought into the Sunterra points system.
We were told we could also exchange our points for Interval International weeks, which opened up the opportunity to use the points across the world.
Were informed that we could pass on our points in our will – this was portrayed in a positive light.
We were assured that the maintenance would be only £300 per annum for the minimum purchase of 5000 points. 5000 points could be exchanged for up to 3 weeks holidays if booked within 59 days of departure.
We were also assured there would be plenty of availability even when booking late.
Hence we decided to buy points with Sunterra, based on the above information.
We felt gently pressured. We do not remember being given time alone to discuss anything.
We had to sign there and then and we think we had to pay a deposit immediately.
We do not remember a cooling off period.
We did not take a finance loan for this initial purchase but took a draw down on our flexible mortgage.
Each time we used our points in Sunterra or Diamond properties we were pressurised into an “update meeting”. It was very difficult to evade these meetings – the reps came knocking at the accommodation door if you did not return their phone calls. These meetings always turned into a sales pitch for more points or more recently fractionalisation.
The meetings always took up half a day of our holiday. It was difficult to leave the meeting early, particularly in Tenerife where we were taken to the next town and were reliant on being transported back.
At each meeting we were advised of new benefits and ways to use the points, but these were only available if we purchased more points to achieve a higher level of membership. There was always a special deal consisting of reduced priced points only available at the time of the meeting.
We were often advised of ways to earn money to pay our maintenance fees – e.g. successfully introduce friends and family into “The Club”, use the wish to rent system – i.e. book accommodation and put it up for rent with the Club, or use points to pay maintenance fees.
We were given different and sometimes contrasting information and advice each time we attended a meeting – even at the same resort by the same person.
We were convinced to buy more points on several occasions in order to access these extra benefits. Some of these purchases were made via Barclays loans. When we paid these loans off we received a credit card which was difficult to cancel and we did not know we had agreed to receiving. These loans were always paid off in full by taking draw downs on our flexible mortgage.
In practice we found booking availability poor – there are places we would like to go but can never get in – unless we look on commercial websites where we could pay to book accommodation. There seems to be no availability problems in the public field.
Interval international properties incur a booking fee for each week booked even if these are consecutive weeks at the same place, a higher charge is incurred if an overseas booking is made. Again availability is poor in popular places at popular times, which is in contrast to the information given at our initial meeting.
Room upgrades did not materialise as sold and in fact now these have to be purchased up front, whether or not you use them.
Early availability as a gold members made no difference to booking availability.
We were rarely allocated a refurbished unit as promised to gold members.
Using points for alternative holidays such as holiday cottages, hotel stays, booking cars and flights, is never as economically viable as we had been led to believe.
Even the new options such as tours, cruises and experiences are not cheaper than anywhere else.
The travel department was disbanded without notice. The method of exchanging points for holidays booked with other travel companies changed dramatically, which we only discovered via the grapevine.
Our maintenance fees have risen exponentially over the years even considering that we now own more points. There was a sudden hike in maintenance fees when Sunterra was bought out by Diamond Resorts (DR). The explanation was the money was needed to bring the accommodations up to DR standards. In our experience not all units have been upgraded and many are still “tired” several years later.
Since DR took over we have noticed a much increased bias towards new accommodation in the USA rather than Europe.
By 2012 we were looking at reduced financial circumstances and were worried about being able to pay our maintenance fees in the future. In November 2012 we asked what would happen if we stopped paying our maintenance fees and walked away from the points. We were told in no uncertain terms that we would be prosecuted. Fractions were mentioned at this point but not as a get out clause.
In May/June 2013 at White Sands Beach Club we had the usual meeting with the local DR rep Les. He explained to us that fractionalising our points was a way to exit membership and the responsibility for maintenance fees. If we fractionalised our points they would be sold in 15 years. We could sell them at any time before this via Time and Leisure. DR would always take first option in purchasing our fractions by bidding slightly above the price we had been offered. When they were sold in 15 years we would be likely to make money rather than lose it. Les told us he was not selling points, only fractions at this time.
He was very positive and reassuring, so we bought fractions via a loan with Shawbrook in order to exit DR in the finite future, as we could sell them at any time. There were no financial checks made to our knowledge. We had a cooling off period for the loan but not for the purchase as we understood it.
We were not able to put all our points into fractions at this time due to the split of points per fraction offered that day.
In November 2013 we attended a meeting in Tenerife. We were picked up from our accommodation by Paul Plowman and taken to the DR HQ some distance away. We told him we did not want to buy anything else. He told us our remaining points would not be worth much in the future, we would be stupid not to fraction them. He discussed the wish to rent scheme as a way of earning money. He explained if we booked accommodation for marketing weeks in e.g. in Santa Barbara, they would be used by DR for potential members and we would receive a fee, if they purchased points we would receive a percentage of their purchase price which could be well over £1000. He assured us would always be there to assist us with this. In practice whilst he replied to emails, his replies were tardy and not as helpful as we had been led to believe. We did book a week as he suggested and of course no money was forthcoming and DR could not even find the booking when we enquired despite the points being used.
This meeting was very pressurised and stressful. We felt we were trapped as we had no transport back to our accommodation and did not know the area and do not speak Spanish.
Paul Plowman would not take no for an answer and would not let us go until we felt obliged to buy extra points in order to own enough to fractionalise our remaining points. Again we were promised this purchase would be a way out of DR with the same promises as before, ie fractionalising our points was a way to exit membership and the responsibility for maintenance fees. If we fractionalised our points they would be sold in 15 years. We could sell them at any time before this via Time and Leisure. DR would always take first option in purchasing our fractions by bidding slightly above the price we had been offered. When they were sold in 15 years we would be likely to make money rather than lose it.
Having fractionalised all our points we put them up for sale in 2014 with Time and Leisure at a cost of £450. No purchaser has been found to date. We were unaware DR had an interest in Time and Leisure. Time and Leisure told us DR were not interested in buying back our points or anyone else’s points.
At this stage we read some of the small print in the booklet we were given after signing to fractionalise our points. It seems the obligation to sell the fractions in 15 years has plenty of “wiggle room”, in contrast to the impression given on the tick sheet we signed at the point of sale.
We believe we were miss-sold fractions as a way to get out of DR membership and the responsibility for maintenance fees.

Friday 05th February 2016 09:50 - Mr W - CLC Fractional

we were promised 5* accommodation, we have never had this.
We were sold points and told we could have 2 holidays a year but the points were never enough for 1 holiday in the cheaper apartments.
We can never get apartment availability
We try to book 2 years in advance and can still not get the reservation we require
Maintenance costs have soared and this makes the holiday costs excessive

Wednesday 03rd February 2016 07:08 - Mr & Mrs L - RCI Points

Not flexible.
No availability
5* - No - 2-3*
Had to move for 2nd week.
Can't book more than 12 months in advance.
Went to points to get better holidays - not so.

Wednesday 03rd February 2016 06:57- Mr & Mrs H - Diamond Resorts Points

Purchased two weeks at Polynesian Isles and we were happy, informed when Sunterra took over we had to change to points.
Had to buy more points to join the club.
Then found we needed more points to get 2 weeks.
Then as new resorts were introduced we needed more points as the points value became higher to use new resorts.
Pressured immensely at presentation to buy more points.
Fees for maintenance continue to increase whilst quality and standards decrease.
Poor availability and increasing numbers of none members and cheap deals on the internet.

Monday 01st February 2016 10:02 - Mr H - Marriotts Marbella

Present at the meeting was a Marriotts representative and David and Cynthia Henley.
Only one representative was present, his name was John Ahern who worked for the Marriott and no hard copy documents handed out at this meeting.
Our annual fees have increased more than we were told to expect.
We were told the length of the contract was for our life time only and we had the right to sell back the contract to the Marriott at any time. We were nevre informed that the ownership would increase in value and be a good investment
The sales presentation took place in the United Kingdom and were advised to sign quickly as this was a special offer at this time.
In our opinion the statements made by the representative were facts. We were not given time to review the purchase before signing. I believe to the best of my memory that we paid a deposit and the final payment was paid later in the year.
We were offered no cooling off period. We were not offered an upgrading ownership

Friday 29th January 2016 08:11 - Mr. S. - Diamond Points

We were invited to an exclusive meeting and promised a deal of a lifetime. After several hours at this meeting, we were pressured into purchasing points. We were promised a free holiday. We travelled to Tenerife and were subjected to a meeting for again several hours. We were told that these points were easy to sell and move around. The management fees were apparently an insignificant charge that was affordable. We were not advised about the cooling off period. It was only because we read the small print once we discovered this. Again on holiday in Menorca, we spent the afternoon with consultants who pressured us into signing the contract. They told us we could go anywhere in the world. This is not the case. We struggle to get availability and are paying extortionate management fees. When we initially purchased the points we did not have children and were not told that the points would be passed onto them should we pass away.

Wednesday 27th January 2016 05:24 - Mr & Mrs H - Club La Costa

When we first went to London to find out about this “free holiday”, we were kept there for 4 hours, every time we said we would think about it and get back to you they said no it’s today or not at all. There was constant pressure to sign. On our first holiday in Spain we were taken for a drink. At this point we were “talked to” to persuade us to trade in our holidays for Vacation Club Points. We were kept there for hours while they pressured us into signing. Finally we did when they told us they would always buy it back if we couldn’t afford it. With two small children we needed to leave. When we used the holiday we asked for child secure apartment on the ground floor, they put us on the 3rd floor. The facilities were not as well kept as we had been shown and with children it wasn’t so secure as it should have been. A normal package holiday was cheaper and better.
We had no option but to surrender our points and give them back to CLC as we couldn’t afford the maintenance and could not get holidays during school holidays like we were told we could and needed.
Today I have found out nearly three years later, that this hasn’t happened, they just suspended it, not took it out of our name, so we are still liable. This has been a horrendous blow. I am not a lawyer so don’t understand the difference in wording.

Wednesday 27th January 2016 05:01 - Mrs C - Club La Costa Fractional

I purchased a Trial Membership of “Destinations” – 6 weeks in 2011. I found the quality of accommodation inconsistent and not as described to me.
Following my complaints I was advised to upgrade to Fractional ownership which allowed me to trade my 2 unused weeks, plus an extra £12,018 cost. This discussion took place at a high pressure sales environment lasting 7 hours.
I was advised that this property ownership would increase in value and that the sale would be facilitated by Club La Costa. I have since learned this to be false.
Overall I have not been able to use CLC for holidays due to lack of choice and those that I have used have been of poor quality.
I do not wish this liability to be passed down to my children.

Wednesday 27th January 2016 04:46 - Mr & Mrs M - Club La Costa

We received an unsolicited direct mail shot inviting us to local offices for a timeshare presentation. We were kept waiting for much longer than we had been advised and were then subjected to high pressure selling. We were given a 1 week cooling off period. We were told that timeshare was an asset and would give us a “world of opportunities”. We were given £800 worth of RCI travel vouchers as an incentive to purchase.
We now find we have a liability that our heirs will inherit and for which they will have to continue to pay management fees. The management fees continue to increase meaning it is no longer offering value for money.
We have stayed at Royal Oasis La Quinta on 5 or 6 occasions and have had good experiences, but have always resisted further “opportunities” to buy additional weeks.

Tuesday 26th January 2016 05:11 - Mr & Mrs F - Club La Costa Fractional

Neither purchase have we used. We were given a date in March each year but when we tried to use it in 2015 we were told it wasn’t ready.
We couldn’t always get resorts we wanted or the dates we wanted.
Our daughter certainly does not want this left to her.
We both feel that we have been mis-sold since 2010.

Tuesday 26th January 2016 04:46 - Mr & Mrs H - Club La Costa Fractional

The initial contact was by phone advising we had won a holiday and an invitation to attend a meeting was arranged. We went on holiday to Club La Costa Malaga at which time we had to attend a presentation meeting inviting us to join. The meeting lasted several hours and we were pressurised to sign up during this meeting. Several various promises were made during this long meeting including its value, that management fees would not increase and that the fractional unit purchase included an exit date.
We do not wish to leave this liability for ongoing management fees to our heirs.

Tuesday 26th January 2016 04:35 - Mr & Mrs R - Club La Costa Fractional

We were sold a ticket which we were told had won a prize in Spain and were taken to CLC. Everyone seemed so nice they made the timeshare sound so good. They talked to us for several hours, gave us food and drinks. We were told on several occasions our money would be safe. We could always sell back to CLC. We would never lose our money. Each time we went on holiday they got us to go to the next level. The last time they told us our points investment was worth nothing. The only way was to go fractional. We really regret ever getting involved. We cannot sell it back or to anyone else. We are not in good health and we cannot leave it to our children as it is a liability.

Tuesday 26th January 2016 03:53 - Mr & Mrs F - Club La Costa

We were invited to a presentation in Lakeside where we asked if this was a timeshare and was told no. Signed up for trial membership where we would go to Tenerife for further presentation. At this presentation we were told how much better this was for easy booking of holidays and first class accommodation at all times. The presentation was a heavy sell and with many promises of ease of booing etc which we found has not been fulfilled. Fees have increased and the booking of weeks has become worse.
A cooling off period at our purchase in Lakeside or Tenerife was not mentioned.
Misrepresentation has occurred and we would not wish for this arrangement to be burdened on our children in the future.
At first presentation we paid by credit card.

Monday 25th January 2016 10:32 - Mr W - CLC Fractional

My maintenance fees went up more than the rate of inflation by 30% per year.
The reps told me that the offers are only there for the day so I would have to sign on the day which I din't feel I wanted to do

Friday 22nd January 09:36 - Mr. W. - CLC Fractional

Purchased 2 weeks in 1997. Upgraded to Vacation Points in 2004 - paying £1,200 for extra 200 points to take us into Platinum. Converted to Fractional Property in 2013. Management fees continually increase. No intention of using the timeshare again in the future.

Friday 22nd January 06:25 - Mr. T. - Club La Costa Fractional

As I am not a home owner and I only earn minimum wage and since then any holiday we have tried to book we could not get as they told us it was full and we found it on the internet but they told me it was not us?

Thursday 21st 08:09 - Mr. H. - January Club La Costa Fractional

In 2008 I and my wife bought into a trial membership of Club La Costa. We received a free 7 day holiday in the Marina Del Sol complex. In 2010 we went with family members and friends to Tenerife and we attended a presentation lasting approx 6/7 hours to upgrade the Vacation Membership to that of a Fractional Membership. We were assured that this would enable us to "get out" of the membership after the stated time and that we would get our money back after the sale of our fraction. We would have signed anything that day as were exhausted after the presentation. We have found since then that we have never been able to get our desired holidays at a place/time and that we could have got the same properties at Club La Costa a lot cheaper via the internet. We have also been dissatisfied at the standard received as it has not been as promised when we signed the contract in 2010. We feel that we were misled and completely let down and also by the increased management fees which could take a family on holiday elsewhere.

Thursday 21st January 06:21 - Ms. N. - Club La Costa & Marriotts

When I purchased the timeshare from Marriott and CLC World Resorts (Club La Costa) I was expecting greater availability of places to stay, which did not happen. I may reasonably have expected management fees to increase with inflation, however, even during the recession and deflation these prices continue to increase by 4% or more. With Marriott I was also informed that the investment increased and that with CLC the holiday cost is better value than package holidays - neither of which appears to be the case. With the above in mind I would like to cancel both contracts.

Friday 15th January 03:58 - Mr H - CLC

While on holiday we were approached on the street in Tenerife by ticket touts and "won a prize"
We were taken to Club La Costa offices and agreed to join their holiday club on a trial membership basis. We booked a holiday in Sept 2009in Tenerife and while there discussed our plans to allow our daughter to celebrate her 21st birthday with friends.
We were told we could not do this unless we upgraded to destination club membership which we did.
On our next CLC holiday we discussed this again and were told we were misled and that we needed to upgrade to vacation club membership to do this so we agreed since we had committed to our daughter.
Initially there was a 14 day cooling off period, but we did not cancel in this time.
We were always pressurised in meetings with CLC, if for no other reason than the meetings dragged on for a minimum of 4 hours and you could not get away.
We have always struggled to get availability, even if we tried to book 2 years ahead

Friday 15th January 10:44 - Mr B & Ms S - Club La Costa

In august 2010 we 'won' a 3 day break at the clc resort at hustyns Cornwall where we signed up to a 3 year trial membership. We later got an invitation to have a free week at the Spanish resort on the costa del sol. We were put up in a top quality apartment with all the mod cons, Jacuzzi, nice kitchen, large balcony and lovely view towards the sea. Mid way through the week we were picked up by a rep and taken on a tour of the resort showing us all the nice pools and leisure facilities, we were also shown a sample apartment. After this we were taken to the main building where the hard sell commenced. We were shown loads of videos of how flexible and easy it was to get the apartment you wanted at the right time. We were told that there was no problem with availability even during peak season school holidays, and that we could upgrade our booking to get a better/larger apartment as there are 5 of us. We were advised that we could get this for a low yearly maintenance fee on top of the base fee. Then the hard selling began, we were given a 'once only' offer because somebody had traded in their points to move to fractional. The salesman got his manager over to explain that they had rearranged things to give us this good deal. We were told that we could get finance then and there through Hitachi. Once again we were advised that this was a one time offer for that day. No mention was made of a cooling off period or that the contract being in perpetuity and that the maintenance fees would increase so much each year.
When we booked a week's holiday in 2012, we were advised that we could upgrade our apartment on arrival. This did not happen, we were told a upgrade was not possible. We have also tried to book holidays in august and found that there was no availability approx 9 months to a year in advance. We have used the rci package once and had to sit through another meeting with the company that owned the resort in Tenerife who tried to sell us their package. Looking online I can see that I can book a holiday in a Clc owned resort without being a member. This is supposed to be an exclusive club with only members using resorts but this is not the case. Also due to only having 1501 points, we can only really take a 2 week holiday every 2 years, reluctant to get any more points as too expensive and maintenance fees would increase. So this is costing us in excess of 1500 pounds a year to have a holiday every other year.

Wednesday 13th January 12:25 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Fractional

We first came into contact with CLC when we were offered a free holiday to their resort in Scotland. We were told that we would have to attend a presentation whilst we were there. We were quickly pressured into buying a timeshare with no time to think about it before signing up. We were given a cooling off period. We were promised 3 holidays for this money and then we were told that the first holiday had to be at their resort in Spain where we had another compulsory Presentation where we were again pressured into buying another product (vacation) as it would fulfil all of our holiday needs e.g. go wherever we want, when we want and be in luxury accommodation that only members could use. A year later we were further pressured into buying Fraction product as the vacation one had changed. In summary, we feel that we have been misled all the way as we have not been able to use this product as we would have liked and furthermore we feel it is a liability and not an asset so for this reason we would not want to leave this to our children.

Wednesday 13th January 11:09 - Mr & Mrs M - Club La Costa Fractional

The company contacted us by phone and offered a free holiday in Spain which was very nice accommodation was luxury we then spent all day and we did feel pressurised into signing up. We were given a cooling off period, however since becoming members we have not been able to get availability and have never stayed in the accommodation sold to us also we were never told there would be extra booking fees therefore we feel we were mis-sold the timeshare and lied to. We would not want to pass this to our children as it is a liability rather that the asset.

Wednesday 13th January 09:44 - Mr & Mrs G - Club La Costa

We were approached at airport and “won” a holiday with view to attending a promotional meeting. Went to meeting for 8 hours, very pressurised selling with a lot of false promises i.e. holidays whenever and where you wanted them, this is only true if you book years in advance. Free upgrades, I have never been allowed one. “Free” priority pass airport lounges which actually cost you £15 per person with no priority boarding. October 2014 couldn’t get a holiday (2 bedroom) with CLC had to book with another company. We have been back once when we were taken off to another “hard sell” upgrade which we refused and were told we would be back to upgrade sometime as what we had got would be unusable. At the first promotional meeting we were told we needed to sign that day to get it at that price. We went with Barclays finance which we were told to change to a lower interest rate as soon as we got home.
We do not wish to leave this to our children as it is a liability.

Tuesday 12nd January 04:37 - Mr. M. - CLC FRACTIONAL

We went to Club La Costa for a week in Malaga for £99. We went for a presentation and they offered a good holiday deal for £14,000. They set it up with Hitachi for £260 per month for 19 years plus the management fee started with £750 and now we are paying £1,100 and every time you book you have to pay 10 pence on every point you book. We had so many promises on that day we signed the contract. We tried to stop that contract and we couldn't so we remortgaged our house to pay the amount to Hitachi because at the end of the 19 years we're gonna be paying about £60,000 off that agreement and the management fees will be around £3,400, maybe more. We feel we were miss sold with the Club La Costa contact, so we wish to finish that agreement.

Tuesday 12nd January 02:35 - Mrs B - Club La Costa

Club La Costa contacted me and offered me a cheap holiday in Malaga on one condition that I attend a meeting while I was on holiday. While on holiday we several calls to attend and were not given a choice. At the meeting which lasted 9 hours we were placed under pressure to complete the sale. This caused much stress and pressure to me as soon afterwards my partner left. I have two children which I’m trying to support and the increase of yearly management fees are added pressure. I do not wish to leave this to my children as this is a liability. At the current time I do not know where my ex partner lives and have had no contact since he left in 2012.

Monday 11st January 11:39 - Mr & Mrs P - Club La Costa Fractional

We attended a presentation at which we were pressured into purchasing a fractional share ownership. We were assured that this was not a timeshare purchase which would cease after the end of the 19 year period with NO ongoing liability to our heirs. We have now been advised that this information was not true. There were several reps. at the meeting, we were told our purchase would increase in value and could be sold back to the resort. We were given no time to review the purchase agreement before signing. We paid a deposit with a credit card and despite failing a credit test finance was given by Shawbrook Finance. There was no financial advisor present and no cooling off period. Ultimately our decision to purchase was based on verbal statements made by the reps. which do not match the contents of the purchase contract.

Monday 11st January 10:57 - Mr & Mrs K - Club La Costa Fractional

We were offered a holiday package timeshare and taken to Spain to see the products on offer.
While there we were pressurised into the timeshare purchase. We were unable to use the timeshare for a while and Club La Costa contacted us again and invited us to Spain and again pressurised into upgrade in a property timeshare purchase.
With hindsight we would not have entered into these because of annual maintenance fees that we have to pay for the property. We were not given enough time to read the documents that were given to us only after signing into the timeshare. We were told that we will not have a problem with using the facility but had to be turned down once when we tried to make a booking. Even just recently in September 2015 when we had to spend two nights in Plymouth, we were unable to use our points that were built up at this point and had to pay for our stay in Plymouth.
We do not wish to leave this to our children as it is a liability according to the foregoing facts.

Friday 08th January 12:18 - Mr & Mrs S - Club La Costa Fractional

Following a telephone marketing call, we went for a presentation in London and initially we were sold point system and then upgraded to 1500 points. When I paid the cost in Spain they made us believe in to fractional property scheme by selling a loan of £31,000 with 15 years to pay.
During the presentation, we were told that the share will go up in value and we will be helped to sell it anytime of our circumstances change.
When we became financially broke, we contacted the London office for help and they refused to help us and told us we need to carry on paying the loan and management fees.
Several times we tried to book holidays, our preferred destination was never available

Friday 08th January 09:22 - Mr & Mrs Z - Club La Costa Fractional

We strongly feel cheated by Club La Costa who glossily painted their holiday club, pressured and coerced us to join on false verbal information and not even giving us time to read the documentation they gave to us. We strongly feel that misrepresentation has occurred and we have been taken advantage of.
• We were reassured verbally that we can surrender our fractional property any time and get a refund of what we would have paid on handing back the certificate to Club La Costa.
• We were promised holidays any times convenient to us but we always found our convenient times fully booked. We were never given priority as property owners as promised
• The amount of management fee was never disclosed to us at the point of sale only to be shocked when the bill came in. We even got the impression from the representative that it was a very negligible annual fee.
• We never saw the property that we bought. Its remains a mystery property
It all began in 2010 when we were given leaflets by representatives that the club was offering free holidays. We visited their presentation day which was mainly checking on our income and selection of people for the free offer. We were selected and invited to Trenython Manor in Cornwall for a weekend break. We accepted and took the opportunity with the family.
At Trenython Manor we had a representative who did a very exhaustive and intense presentation which took almost half of our day. This was all about their club membership. We did not agree to it initially because we needed time to digest and to review our financial capacity. There was a lot of coercion which we resisted on the basis of funding. This was shot down as the representative brought in his other colleague who said the club can find the needed amount . We finally submitted and were given paper work to sign, We were never given any time to cool off and review or time for legal consultation. After signing that’s when we were booked for a taster in Spain Costa Del Sol resort.
Spain was a night mare for us. We were informed that with vacation club membership, we were going to walk away with nothing by the time we decide to leave. We were informed of Fractional Properties that after taking or upgrading to these, then we become properties owners. Any time we wanted to leave the club, we were promised a refund of what we paid for. We were also told that there will be a small fee for management purposes but we were never told the figures. We wanted to see the property but we were told we owned 3 weeks out of 52 weeks and at the end of the contract the property will be sold and proceeds divided accordingly. There was also a provision to withdraw any time we felt so with refund of whatever we would have invested. We never saw it to date. The amount of money that was requested from us was again too much and we refused to join. We were not released. We had to suffer more than six hours being pushed to buy the properties. Again they said funding was available and they emphasized that we can just send back their certificate and get our money back if we decided to leave the property. We had to agree. Paperwork was given to us to sign again no time to read or to get legal advice on what we had been told verbally. Funding was given from their preferred financier who had very high interest rates as we later found out as compared to other financiers.
The sales representatives facilitated the funding through Barclays. Loans were given in both Trenythorn Manor and in Costa Del Sol. This was specific to Barclays and no time was given for us to go to alternative funding sources. The money was requested on the spot.
In Trenython Manor we paid an initial deposit from our credit card of about 200 pounds and then had a loan from Barclays through Club La Costa. In Spain we did the same, paying a deposit of more than a thousand pounds by credit card and also being pushed into a loan..The sales representatives trivialised the management fees but we were shocked by the amount which was requested
Club La Costa verbally promised to do the sale themselves and to refund the amount we paid for the property. They never informed us about third parties. When we informed them that we wanted our refund, they gave us two options, sending back our certificate and walking away with nothing or to get services of a sales organization which they supplied a name so that we do it on our own. We paid another amount to this organization and since then have not been given any feedback.
Overall Experience
Terrible. This was a severe financial drain to us that has left us virtually in debt. We are still being severely bled by management cost. Adding everything together it is much cheaper to arrange our own holidays privately than to continue with payments for nothing. We have not had the holidays at the places we wanted to visit.
We cannot continue with this organisation.

Tuesday 05th January 02:54 - Mr & Mrs N - Club La Costa

We first got to know about Club La Costa from a “cold call” conversation. We were offered a free holiday with the understanding we would have to attend a 2 hour presentation. As we had had money difficulties we accepted the offer, knowing there was no way we would be talked into a purchase of any kind. Actually the “presentation” lasted a whole day virtually. We were “wined and dined” and shown several properties. As we thought, we were turned down for a loan but they managed to somehow secure funding for us. They cleverly showed how cheap the holidays would be – not the case at all! We were “tricked” with sailing holidays – not available to us. I am a teacher and can only holiday in peak seasons. It is far more expensive even though we were assured it wouldn’t be, and the choice at these times is extremely poor. We were told it would be a superb investment for our future, and the future of our son – but he has no interest at all in sunshine holidays.
We were really compelled to purchase on the day by clever employees, despite us being honest about past money worries. We were continuously offered free champagne and meals/snacks, and I feel that we were manouvered and persuaded into a purchase against our better judgement.
Since then, I have been in touch with Club La Costa about selling our fractional property share and they were completely unhelpful, saying we could lose our home if we failed to keep up payments. We believed there would eventually be an end to payments, but have now found out any debt and ownership would pass to our son. We are very worried about this. We are now in our 60’s and are facing retirement with a millstone around our necks. It is not the advantageous “deal” for retirement that we were persuaded into buying. It is becoming increasingly more expensive – and is certainly not the dream we were sold!

Tuesday 05th January 02:33 - Mr & Mrs O - Club La Costa Fractional

Our initial contact with Club La Costa was made at the London Boat Show, where we won a free holiday once we had attended a presentation at a London hotel. We were then persuaded to take out an initial contract know as points, which included an introductory weeks holiday. We were not aware of any cooling off period. This was for a 3 year trial period. Once we were in Malaga we were subjected to a lengthy presentation and persuaded to take out the full points package. On a holiday to Tenerife we were again subjected to another lengthy presentation and persuaded to convert to fractional which would be much better and we were entitled to free upgrades etc. Subsequently we have tried to book holidays without success due to zero availability. Whenever we have been in touch with them we have felt pressured into sales and made uncomfortable if we were reluctant to complete.
We feel this product was mis-sold to us due to poor availability and over inflated costs. Therefore we have been unable to take advantage of this product in the manner to which it was sold to us. We feel we have been mis-sold this timeshare and do not want to pass this onto our children as it is a liability.

Thrusday 17th December 2015 01:06 - Mr O - CLC Fractional

We purchased this timeshare from CLC in 2007 believing that we could have holidays wherever we wanted.
We have found that there was no availability of the resorts we chose so we were told that upgrading will give us all the choice, we upgraded in 2008. We were told we would be able to use the yacht club if we had 3000 points.
When I tried to book the sailing holiday we were told that we were not members of the yacht club.
They did not make it clear how much the management fees would be, they increased by 50% in the first year.
The fees are much too expensive, we are not getting value for money

Thrusday 17th December 2015 01:06 - Mr O - CLC Fractional

We purchased this timeshare from CLC in 2007 believing that we could have holidays wherever we wanted.
We have found that there was no availability of the resorts we chose so we were told that upgrading will give us all the choice, we upgraded in 2008. We were told we would be able to use the yacht club if we had 3000 points.
When I tried to book the sailing holiday we were told that we were not members of the yacht club.
They did not make it clear how much the management fees would be, they increased by 50% in the first year.
The fees are much too expensive, we are not getting value for money

Thrusday 17th December 2015 12:39 - Mr P - CLC Points

In 2008 we purchased a trial membership in the UK. On our first holiday in Spain after an 8 hour presentation we purchased into the points system, we were told that it was an investment and CLub a Costa would buy it back if we ever decided to sell, with a profit as they were building in USA, Turkey and Tenerife. We were not informed about perpetuity and are concerned that our children would be forced top pay yearly costs should we pass away.
We have since identified the fact that we can book holidays on the internet for a fraction of the cost of what we pay yearly. We tried to book holidays on a number of occasions but was told that there was no availability within Club La Costa and RCI

Thrusday 17th December 2015 12:08 - Mr T - CLC Fractional

When we purchased our timeshare membership with CLC back in 2006 we were promised that as members we can use the points and get the availability of our choice.
Later when we attempted to book holidays and realized that bookings were not available for the dates we wanted even though requests were made well in advance.
In 2001 we upgraded to fractional membership by paying extra money and we were promised more luxury accommodation at any of our selected resorts but we are still to book as we were asked to pay additional 15% per point which is totally new to us, our points are accumulating and getting void because we cannot get what we want.
The annual maintenance fees are increasing and as members we feel very let down with the product we were sold

Wednesday 16th December 2015 10:35 - Mr. W & Miss S - Club La Costa

We were told we won a prize, a holiday and was invited to an hotel in London to claim it. We took the holiday to Spain and was invited to a meeting with Club La Costa. After buying £1,000 worth of shares in London. Offered further shares in Spain which we purchased. For the next trip we were invited to and offered more shares to at a higher rate which was unaffordable to us. On another trip we were asked to attend another meeting and this was holiday using our points, but we were pressured into attending meeting, which we did complain about. We were then offered more points to exchange the shares into bricks and mortar rather than shares so we could sell or rent to get a financial return on our investment. Over the years our annual fees have risen, we believed that we could at any time which we now know to be untrue and a misrepresentation and would not leave this liability to any of our children.

Friday 11st December 2015 01:04 - Mr & Mrs E - Club La Costa

Presentation: Interviewed at airport followed by offer of “free holiday”, attended presentation in Sheffield, declined offer. Approached 12 months later persuaded to take holiday in Cornwall CLC.
Sales Process: In Cornwall after extensive, long time consuming sales pitch took CLC trial package. From there arranged for us to go to Spanish head office/holiday in Spain. Had an intensive very long (12+ hours) meeting, felt bombarded with information and not given sufficient time to think through decision before signing documents. Felt pressured to combine trial offer with new purchase.
Finance on the purchase: We extended our mortgage to obtain funds for purchase. We had several emails from the company attempting to rush us into more prompt action. We had already paid our £2,000 deposit while in Spain before we left on our credit card alongside this we had surrendered our £3,750 trial package in Spain also.
Maintenance fees: Each year our maintenance fees have increased considerably.
The exchange company (RCI): We had one holiday arranged by CLC via RCI which was poor standard, disappointing and incurring extra fees.
Re-sale options: we were informed in Spain prior to purchase that we would be able to re-sell our CLC points. We were told they had value, but we now know this is not as suggested, and we are unable at this time to sell our points.
Exclusivity: We were promised that we would be able to book several holidays in the destinations of our choice, but found this difficult to achieve as our holidays were available to non-members (and non member organisations) therefore often booked up.
Perpetuity/contract length: Perpetuity was not emphasised at the sales meeting and as this was sold to us as a re-saleable asset (with value) therefore we did not consider this would be a problem.
In conclusion the product and services we were sold by CLC are not achievable. We did not receive what we were promised therefore we feel we were mis-sold on several counts. We feel that during the presentation of the product, facts and figures were kept deliberately vague and due to the 10+ hour interview were not easy to recall. Alongside not being given time to research or discuss the product we were pressured to sign immediately on the day and produce a deposit. Therefore the product was misrepresented (not as described).
As a result we have not been able to use the product for the last 3 years, but continue to pay maintenance fees.

Friday 11st December 2015 10:43 - Mr & Mrs B - Diamond Resorts

In July 1991 we purchased 1 week low season at The Royal Oasis Club at La Quinta from LS Interval Ownership Ltd (agents for Benal Holdings Ltd) for a total price of £4350 by paying £500 deposit on day of presentation and financing £3850 through First National Bank, again arranged at presentation. We were given 1 year free RCI membership.
We were not told that we would not be able to cancel the contract and did not realise this until we got home and read the documents thoroughly. We felt too rushed to do this at the presentation. There was no cooling off period.
As we were usually unlucky in getting the exchanges we wanted, when offered the chance to exchange our set week for points which we could exchange through Interval International, thus giving us a much wider availability, we went for the points offer.
In November 1995 we exchanged our week at La Quinta for 30 points and purchased a further 10 points for £2400 again financed through First National Bank.
We then discovered 40 points was inadequate to secure a weeks holiday so were in a position where we had little option but to purchase a further 10 points in October 2000 at a cost of £2669.56
When our daughter told us she did not want to inherit the timeshare we enquired as to whether we could sell the points we owned. We were told no, but if we changed back to weeks we would be able to sell the weeks. So that was how we proceeded, only to find that it is almost impossible to sell timeshare weeks. We have also recently been told that the perpetuity clause does not apply to points, only to weeks. If we had been aware of this we would not have bought back into the week system.
Our original management fees were £120 per year which we were happy to pay however they are now £784.64 which we find excessive.
At the original presentation it was claimed that these were high-end exclusive resorts and in real terms the cost of future holidays would never increase as the management fees would not go up by more than the rate of inflation.
Our current fees are as stated £784.64 and it is now possible to book the same weeks that we own at our resort for less than £500 on the internet.
Since first entering into the timeshare the management has changed from LSI to GVC to Sunterra to Diamond Resorts. We had no choice in these changes and were not given the option to leave at any point.
To sum up, we no longer have what we thought we originally bought. It is not exclusive and the cost to ourselves has escalated beyond what we were told to expect.

Wednesday 09th December 2015 11:46 - Mr A - Diamond Resorts

I originally owned 2 weeks in and apartment at Sunset Bay in Tenerife that I purchased from a Timeshare resale company (worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket. For £4207.00 which included £257.00 annual management fee. I used the resort on two occasions but on my second visit in November 2002 was persuaded to attend a Grand vacation club presentation after first been taken around a number of properties in the close vicinity to Sunset Bay and shown the superior facilities in each. I was then taken to a very upmarket resort, once again owned by GVC where it was explained to me that I could have access to all of these venues if I was prepared to sacrifice my fixed weeks and apartment at Sunset Bay and enrol in GVCs points system. However it was claimed by the representative that I was dealing with that this would be more beneficial to me by virtue of the fact that I could have more flexible holidays by being able to choose to use these facilities whenever I wanted during the year provided that I had sufficient points to cover the cost. I was assured that all of these places where exclusively for the use of GVC members and there associate timeshare exchange scheme ( that I believe to be RCI but not certain). However to qualify for this scheme and have enough points to allow me full access to the scheme I would as well as sacrificing my fixed weeks at Sunset Bay have to purchase 75 extra points at a cost of £3000.00. I was told that this would guarantee me holidays when and where I wanted, within the scheme at a reduced price to normal package holidays.
At the time although employed this was still a lot of money and I said that I didn't think that I could afford this What with maintenance fees flights etc. I was once again assured that even with flight cost and maintenance fees that this would still work out cheaper than comparable package holidays Was also given the impression that maintenance fees would only rise in line with inflation. Every argument that I put forward was defeated and after about of 90 minutes of one on one intense pressure was finally persuaded to sign for the purchase of 75 points for a fee of £3000.00. This was on 5th November 2002 and the money was paid by cheque and removed from my account on 14th. November 2002.
We used the points system on and off till about 2007 only once using a resort other than Sunset Bay in March 2003 when we went to a resort near Fuengerola. After 2007 we noticed that we where experiencing difficulty in obtaining accommodation in any of the resorts to suit our holiday patterns and will the rapidly increasing maintenance fees and cost of independent flights, it became clear that package holidays where a far more viable option.
In October 2008 after becoming increasingly frustrated with diamond resorts ability to fulfil their promise made at the initial presentation to provide me with quality accommodation at reasonable cost I contacted the company and informed them that I wished to sell my timeshare points. They replied after several emails in April 2009 telling me that I could not relinquish or sell my points but needed to convert them back into fixed weeks at a cost and then sell those weeks using only a timeshare sales company approved by them.
I decided to convert back to fixed weeks on the basis that even if I could not sell the weeks I would still have the option of a holiday at a fixed week in a resort of my choice. I therefore opted to convert my points once again to fixed weeks at Woodford bridge country Club, for which I believe I was charged.
This transfer did not take place until April 2010 when I was issued with certificates for 2 floating weeks at Woodford Bridge ( 1 week Low Season and 1 week Mid Season) I was also advised to book early to avoid disappointment. On my first bill for maintenance fees however I was shown to have fixed weeks (19 & 48) with named accommodation. That is no longer the case and I only get bills now indicating floating weeks. I did not use my weeks at Woodford Bridge Country Club until November 22nd to 29th. 2015 when I had one week in a I bed apartment. Our stay at the hotel was seriously marred by major building work taking place scaffolding surrounding the hotel and contractors vehicles filling the car park. We where also woken early on a morning by the building work taking place. This venue does not in my opinion offer good value for the £575.00/ week that I am now being asked for maintenance payments.
Whilst at the resort I was approached by a Diamond Resorts Representative who assured me that I could get out of my Diamond Resorts nightmare . He asked that I reconvert back to the points system at a cost of £2400 and a maintenance payment of £1176.00 I would be able to relinquish my points in 2016 after a further payment of 2 years maintenance fee by way of compensation for early release.
I have been with Diamond resorts, in one form or other now since 2002 when I was 55 years old I am now 68 and retired such high maintenance fees for so little value for money are a serious drain on my pension when I am lead to believe that it is possible to book this resort on line as a non member and stay there for as little as £200.00 per week/person. I am also lead to believe that I may be considered from release from this contract at the age of 75 under special circumstances of ill health or bankruptcy. Or death.
I declined this offer and contacted a timeshare release company for specialist advice.

Wednesday 09th December 2015 11:20 - Mr. R. - CLC POINTS

In 2008 I purchased a trial membership for 35 months holiday. In August on my first holiday, I upgraded to a full membership (1,000 Points). In the past seven years I have only used Club La Costa time share 3 times as I cant get where I want, when I want. I feel the maintenance is to high as I can get the same holidays for less money via the internet. The fact my children will inherit this liability was never explained to me and I feel that it is unfair that there is no way out of this contract.

Wednesday 09th December 2015 11:10 - Mr. W. - Petchey Leisure

We purchased this timeshare in 2007 believing that we could go on holiday with all our 10 family members. They told us that we would have no problem with availability. We have only used it once as we cant get the availability and cant go all together. We were miss sold on the contract with regards to the perpetuity telling us that it was over 40 years. Also saying to us that we had to pay all the money within 3 days or we had to pay double the amount on a finance agreement. We don't want it any more and with not using it we don't want to pay the management fees.

Wednesday 09th December 2015 10:54 - Mr. F. - Diamond Points

We first purchased a fixed week in Florida in 1996 and over the next few years we upgraded from fixed weeks into finally an exclusive simpler points system. At this time the maintenance was affordable and there was little annual increase, but in the last 10 years this has now drastically increased well ahead of inflation and is now an unaffordable financial burden. We were never told that our ownership would be forever and the burden would be passed onto our children, whether they wanted it or not. When we first purchased our holidays seemed to be very exclusive 5 star resorts but they never seem to be available now when we try to book and similar bookings are more easily available elsewhere at travel agents or online at much cheaper prices. We were never told it would be impossible to dispose of our timeshare, which is now an unwanted financial burden, which we now wish to dispose of.

Tuesday 08th December 2015 02:53 - Mr & Mrs S - Diamond Resorts Points

In December 2013 my husband and I went to Florida and we bought a timeshare with Diamond Resort International. We were told that this would be an investment. We were told that the maintenance was a one off payment which proved not to be true. We were told that it would be for a 60 month contract which turned out to be 120 months. We were not told the length of contract or given a cooling off period and felt pressured to commit on the day after a 8-9 hour long session/presentation with various people. My husband was very ill at the time, under heavy medication and explained to them that he was in discomfort. When we returned home we reviewed the paperwork and tried to get out of the timeshare. Diamond resorts told us that we had missed the cooling off period by a few days. We did not understand the process and what we had bought fully. We were not allowed any other person in the room with us while we were sold this and did not have the time to fully digest or comprehend before signing the contract and making payment and setting up a finance agreement. We had to deal with several different people. The whole process was emotionally draining.

Tuesday 08th December 2015 02:27 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Points

We attended a venue to be given a free holiday in Spain at that meeting we purchased a trial membership to Club La Costa. During the Spanish holiday we upgraded to Silver membership and the trial membership was taken back and money credited to new membership. During a second free holiday to Club La Costa resort we had a meeting and was pressured into upgrading. The salesperson at both meetings told us it was a benefit we could leave to our children as an inheritance.
A deposit was taken from us and a finance agreement given to us during the meeting. No cooling off period was mentioned. We now realise that it is a liability and don't wish to burden our children with it.

Friday 04th December 2015 02:16 - Mr H - RCI Points

When approached offering a free holiday in Span in 2007 we went to Calahonda and purchased timeshare points, we upgraded in 2008 and 2009.
Involvement of children was never explained, maintenance cost are too high, increases not explained.
We have found out since same holidays are much cheaper on the internet and are readily available.
We were unable through RCI to get availability.
We have found this to be a very costly and frustrating exercise.
We would have got involved if we knew then what we know now

Tuesday 01st December 2015 04:52 - Mrs J - CLC Fractional

When we bought this timeshare from Club La Costa we were informed we could go anywhere, availability was not a problem. which we were never able to get where we wanted.
The maintenance would remain the same but has almost trebled.
In price we feel we have been miss sold, all information given when we originally purchased this product with Club La Costa

Monday 30th November 2015 01:53 - Mr & Mrs T - Club La Costa Fractional

We came into contact with Club La Costa after we had filled in a competition form at Malaga airport on the way home from staying with some friends in Spain.
We had a phone call at home to say we had won a free holiday. We decided to go and try and transfer from Diamond Resorts which we purchased in 2009 (and hadn’t used). We did this because Diamond didn’t seem to have any ending to the contract whereas CLC emphasised that after 19 years we would be able to sell it. They didn’t go into any detail as to how difficult that may be. Certainly nothing was ever mentioned about it being passed on to children or family members should anything happen to us. We just assumed that should either of us die before the 19 years they would automatically take it back off us without any problems. Because we transferred from Diamond no one mentioned a cooling off period. We assumed there wouldn’t be one in this instance. With Diamond Resorts we started reviewing all the paperwork at home just after the deadline so missed being able to cancel everything.
By the end of a very long and drawn out day I think we would have signed almost anything. Even when we read through what we were signing, most of which didn’t really go in, it still didn’t register just how much it was all going to cost. It didn’t dawn on us that 144 months is actually 12 years or how much the maintenance fees were or how much they could increase by. No amount regarding maintenance fees was ever mentioned. In 2012 they were £798. For 2016 they are £984 but paying over 6 months which we have to do takes it over £1,000.
We had an advance on the finance agreement (First Holiday Finance Ltd) of £2,000. We didn’t really know how they did it – assumed it was something to do with the transfer – as we were in no position to pay that kind of deposit. Indeed , not very long afterwards we had to sign up with a debt management company, who we are still with.
Finance £13301 less £2000 = £11301
Charge for credit £11890.39
Total amount payable £25191.39
We currently pay £161.06 over 144 months.
We have been a member of RCI since 26/06/12 Ref: 544524518 and possibly still are – not really sure. That seemed to come automatically but we have never used them, or CLC come to that, so we have no experience of any exchange procedures etc. As far as we are aware we don’t pay RCI anything extra regularly either.
Since we have never used CLC we also have no experience whether our resort is exclusive to us or the availability of it either.
The contract length is 19 years and the agreement states that “Fractional rights and points arising shall continue until the sale date when the allocated property is sold or when he sells or transfers his Fractional rights or ceases to be an owner, whichever happens sooner”.
This phrase implies that the property will be sold regardless or the owner can get out at any time. No mention is made that it may not sell or if other fractional owners don’t want to.
I have recently emailed CLC regarding their so called “easy exit programme” explaining our financial situation but have had no reply or acknowledgement.
On hindsight this really was the biggest and costliest mistake of our lives and we now just want out of it all.
The above statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Friday 27th November 2015 02:03 - CLC Fractional

In September 2013 on a presentation holiday after 6 hrs we wought into the holiday fractions, since then we have never been able to book the holiday when wanted.
At no time during our meeting were we told that our children would be left with our debt, knowing our family would never be able to pay.This was meant to be an investment after 19 years for our retirement fund.
We feel that the maintenance is too high, we can get the same holidays on the internet for less money.
We were offered finance on the day which we ourselves did not apply for

Friday 27th November 2015 09:50 - Mr T - CLC Fractional

We were given a free holiday by our family friends, we went and when we got there we were told we had to attend a presentation.
The presentation involved a very very intense hard selling, where we were sold fractional shares to a holiday this was in 2012, in 2013 when we went back for another holiday we were told that we would not have sufficient points to book any further holidays, so we went through another day of hard selling from CLC they upgraded the points.
The management fee i8s increasing every year, we are not using it as we should be, the availability at the times we want is so hard to get, we just want to dispose of this timeshare

Friday 27th November 2015 09:21 - Mrs T - Heritage/Moness/RCI

We were offered a week's holiday for £99 by Vivasol, provided we attend a presentation which we were told would be about an hour.
The presentation conducted by Heritage Resorts at Playa Real actually took fully half a day. The timeshares was sold on the basis of ease of use, flexibility and a wealth of economical holidays with no booking fee.
A deposit of £2500 was taken on the day by credit card and we were told that the price included a trade in value for our week at Moness in Scotland. In the following year we discovered we were still responsible for the maintenance at Moness and that only the RCI points had been ceded.
We have never been able to find otr book any of the promised advantage bonus breaks through ICE as the section of the website promoting "great Getaways" is not available on the customer site.
All of this took place in April 2011

Wednesday 25th November 2015 04:29 - Mrs G - CLC Points

We first purchased a trail membership in 2008 which was sold to us in Lakeside UK.
In 2009 we upgraded to 1501 CLC Points, we were also persuaded to buy an additional 1000 points at an additional cost of £2000. Having now invested in excess of £19000 with the annual fees increasing significantly every year. We have never been able to book a holiday where we wanted or when we wanted.
CLC informed us that the ownership would be an investment for our family particularly being of increased value to our children through inheritance.
The quality of the accommodation we were made to believe we would receive through increased payment and staus as a member (gold) was certainly not what we actually received.
We were plied with beer and prosecco in the hot sun at CLC offices, throughout an arduous 6 hours meeting and presentation, by the time we signed we were quite intoxicated.
We now can get the same holidays for much less money via the internet.

Wednesday 25th November 2015 12:53 - Mr & Mrs J - Atlas/CPO

I believe we were mis sold to and I don’t wish to leave this to our children.
In 1991/1992 went to a timeshare presentation in Leicester Square London.
The presentation concerned C.P.O. (Club Praia da Oura) in Albufeira Portugal where the apartments were offered for sale at various sums depending on size and time of year.
We were all told that the scheme ended in 2011 when the site including all properties would be sold and the money achieved was to be paid to the individual owners according to their valuation. No mention was made of decline in value.
We purchased a studio in CPO for £3,900 on the basis of using it as a holiday home and an investment (we have no documents for this). Due to an admin error by CPO we did not stay there in 1992. They compensated for this with two weeks (wk 8 + 9) in Feb 1993 with two free return flights Gatwick to Faro. I have no recollection or paperwork of any maintenance fees at that stage and this may have been included in the purchase price as was membership of Interval International a timeshare exchange company.
During our stay at CPO in Feb 1993 we visited the Montechoro Beach Club (next door to CPO). This had a gym and other on site ameneties that at the time CPO did not have.
We purchased a one bedroom apartment for £2,900 for week 7 which included membership of RCI a timeshare exchange company. The contract was signed in the presence of a Portuguese Lawyer and it was specified that the maintenance fees would not exceed the rate of inflation.
During late 1993 we received a telephone call from CPO offering us the opportunity to invest in 2 weeks high season using our current studio (ref 91F011152) and then changing to a studio in apartment 507 week 27 + 28. The maintenance on this was payable from 1994.
Membership of Interval International was still included.
During the period May 1993 to December 1994 things are very vague as my father dies in May 1993 and I became the sole carer for my mother who had cancer and died in December 1994.
In July 1994 we were unable to stay week 27/28 at CPO due to caring for my mother and CPO rented this out for us. I cannot recollect what we did with our Montechoro wk 7 in Feb 1994 but we may have banked it with RCI.
We have always paid our yearly maintenance fees to Montechoro and CPO and have regularly stayed at both.
In July 1995 we stayed at CPO but had to alter the dates via Interval International for family reasons.
We did not retain that membership after that.
During July 1998 CPO offered us the opportunity to change our ownership of studio B507 week 27/28 to a one bedroom apartment F106 week 19 and 20 in May. The maintenance fee was higher for a 1 bed apart and we decided to change only week 28 for week 19 and keep week 27 for the use of our family and for rental purposes.
Since that time we have regularly stayed in F106 and in 2007 we celebrated our youngest daughters 30th birthday and CPO arranged rental of other apartments for my whole family during weeks 19 and 20.
The cost for this was the same as the weekly maintenance fee standard for the room type at CPO.
On 20th October 2005 we received a letter from Petchey Leisure notifying us that they as CPO had wholly acquired Montechoro Beach Club.
We tried to sell our Montechoro apartment after that as we weren’t using it and only had 1 exchange via RCI in early 2007. We continued to offer it for sale but unsuccessfully.
We were constantly contacted by countless bogus timeshare companies requesting money to sell our timeshare. We declined each case and sent details to CPO in London who told us they were in contact with the authorities and co-operating in the prosecution of the bogus timeshare companies.
From 2007 we have stayed for 2 weeks in F106 initially by paying internally (CPO) for an extra week. This lead to some aggressive sale ploys by onsite sales people saying we would have to join Infinity a points system. We declined to do this. We contacted the London office of CPO and told them of the aggressive sales ploys. They said they would report this to Mr. Petchey.
In 2009 CPO offered to take back week 7 and week 27 in a scheme called Atlas. We agreed to do this for 2 weeks in a 1 bedroom apartment as long as we retained ownership of F106 and could use these Atlas weeks to stay for the two weeks each year. They agreed to this for the sum of £2,995 interest free using a deferred payment on my Barclaycard.
The Atlas weeks and our fixed F106 were subsequently taken over by MGM in 2012, see letter from Petchey Leisure Group.
Since that time they have tried to get us to join their Infinity Points System in particular to give up our fixed week F106.
In Feb 2015 we used 2 of our Atlas weeks to stay at Royal Park Albatros Club Tenerife now owned by MGM. They offered owners a new scheme to pay £8,950 or £6,950 and be allowed to give up their ownership in 5 years or 10 years repectively.

Wednesday 25th November 2015 11:50 - Mr & Mrs B - Diamond Resorts

we were on holiday in Cala D'or and we were at a welcome meeting with the holiday re and a GVC rep was present and in the meeting it was said that if attended their offices we could get a reward of lunch + euro's. No cooling off period was offered and they made it sound an offer to good to miss. We were told that if wanted to sell it would not be difficult to do, but that is totally untrue. We first bought 100 points and then due to our finances and because we wanted to sell, we were told to change them to fixed weeks, but again no sale.
When we had points we used them for our holidays but when change to weeks we never used them again. The main thing is that we do not want to leave this to our children as this not an asset it's a liability.

Wednesday 25th November 2015 09:54 - Mr & Mrs T - Diversified RCI Points

Approached 8/8/2011 by holiday world rep.
After a 3 hour meeting we were walked around the Polynesian Hotel & promised this standard of accommodation world wide:-
Lack of availability
Lack of subsidised flights
High % of increases in maintenance charges
Poor quality accommodation
We were both promised all of the above (except the large increases in maintenance charges) and they have failed to deliver on every occasion. We were promised we could re-sell easily or they would buy them back. None of which is true. Maintenance fees would only ever increase with inflation - again untrue.
No time to view the agreement properly as they continued the hard sell tactic + we do not want to leave our 3 children this burden, as this was never explained.
When taking out the additional timeshare they promised to rectify our greivences and again this has not happened.
we feel totally misled by the empty promises and hard sell attitude.

Friday 20th November 2015 10:20 - Mr L - Petchey Oura Playa

1. That I have been mis-sold.
2. Grossley increses of maintenance fee. I can not afford now getting to the end of mu working years.
3. I have gone to an age that time share is not for me.
4. I do not need the timeshare anymore.
5. I do not want to leave this week and burden to any one as I do not have any children.

Thursday 19th November 2015 09:55 - Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts

We were offered a free holiday in Tenerife on the basis that we attended a presentation to purchase points for future holidays. We subsequently purchased the minimum number of points, which as it turned out, was inadequate to use for a proper holiday. the company tried to later sell us more points but we resisted. we were not offered a cooling off period. It was a hard sell by the company and we both felt pressured at the time.
We have not used our points, other than attending ONE free weekend to attempt to sell us more points. The main reason we have not used the points is an inadequate number and more recently Mrs. medical condition, a brain tumour. Mrs. spoke to Diamond Resorts about the medical condition but the response was unsympathetic.

Thursday 19th November 2015 09:31 - Mr & Mrs F - Club La Costa

We came into contact with the company through an agent stationed in Romford centre. We felt pressurised to sign as they could not let us go away to think about it. They said this was a deal only for that day. We were promised a holiday that had security 24/7 on site, a family friendly resorts, no lager louts as only people with families were allowed to join, and being able to accommodate big families which has not happened. We were promised we could sell our fraction at the end of 20 years and the lowest amount we could get a return on was £20,000 but the advisor stated it is always more. They gave us breakfast, champagne, tour of the upgraded facilities and resorts. we feel a breach of contract and misrepresentation has occurred in the fact that we were never informed we would have to pay over £83,000 and that if we are unable to sell our fraction the 20 years would start all over again. we have never used the fraction points. We would never want to leave the fraction to family as this product is a liability. While we were in Spain they asked us to say and write that our wages were more than we actually earned.

Wednesday 18th November 2015 01:24 - Mr K - Moness Country Club

In the early years it was enjoyable and a lovely resort, I purchased a resale and used it to exchange for foreign holidays with RCI. Eventually though I found it difficult to get desirable exchange weeks. The family did not want to use Moness and my wife died in 2011, she was ill for 4 years and we the units haven't been used for 8 years. The cost is now excessive for maintenance and as I am retired it is now not financially viable. I tried to sell but this is impossible. In house finance was sold to me on that day with PPI

Wednesday 18th November 2015 01:18 - Mr & Mrs B - Macdonalds - Dalfaber

the management fees have gone up massively, the initial purchase was for 2 weeks and we were told we could rent out our second week and the income would pay for both.
We understood that the contract finished when we both died. We were initially happy but the standard of the resort has gone downhill while the fees have kept increasing. We then traded in for Dalfaber but this in now a points based resort. We were told it was an investment and we coud sell it if we wanted to

Wednesday 18th November 2015 12:47 - Mr & Mrs R - Diamond International

We bought the very lowest amount of points in 1997. We were told we could pick anywhere in the world from a brochure and the amount of points we had would get us there. We realised this was untrue and if we wanted to go anywhere we would have to buy more points. We were told this would be a great asset and we could leave it in perpetuity to our sons. The management fees in the beginning were reasonable, but now they are so high that we do not want to saddle our sons with the burden. Unless one books 1 year in advance it is impossible to get the accommodation of our choice. However many points we have purchased it is never enough to get gold level accommodation

Wednesday 18th November 2015 12:21 - Mr & Mrs M - Diamond International

We were happy with the initial points and enjoyed our holidays but we were constantly harassed to purchase further points. We realised that this all came at a cost when the management fees rose steadily and were unsustainable. Availability for desired locations was difficult. We were told we could sell but this proved impossible over the years. We were persuaded to buy a Fractional and that this would alleviate the heavy financial burden - this has not happened

Wednesday 18th November 2015 11:54 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Fractional

We were missold Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional Vacation points during an extensive and very aggressive sales presentation lasting 4-5 hours in December 2012. We had agreed under duress to meet with the sales team in an effort to withdraw from CLC as it had become increasingly more difficult to get holidays where we wanted, when we wanted. We wish to state that we were missold to and misadvised by the resort sales company and made false promises. During the presentation we were surrounded by representatives assuring us the only way out was to move forward and reinvest rather than withdraw from holiday ownership. The sales team continually assured us that we were investing to make a profit. However this is not the case and what should have been an investment is clearly a liability. We were told maintenance fees would increase with inflation but this has not been the case. we were led to believe that we could resell our ownership at anytime and would be reimbursed with original investment plus any maintenance fees paid. Having had cause to question this we now understand this is not to be the case and that we can only sell back to CLC approved buyers. We have now also been informed that our children are also liable to any future payments of CLC World. We do not wish to pass this liability to our children.

Wednesday 18th November 2015 11:04 - Mr & Mrs R - Club La Costa Fractional

I feel the shares I bought were misrepresented at the point of sales. It was a busy meeting with us being lead to another office. It was packed with guests. Our representatives introduced themselves as employees of CLC. We were given glossy brochures of their resorts with promise that it was cheaper than a package holiday. We were not told that management fees would increase at the rate they have, We were also told that we could sell our points back to them at anytime and could make a profit. It took most of the day to pressure us into buying in and also again upgrading. We paid a deposit on our credit card and took out finance to fund the rest. Presented with everything we had to sign the same day. At another meeting a few years later we were invited to invest in “Fractions”, when we refused, we were told our points were worthless. This was not what we bought into.

Tuesday 17th November 2015 12:39 - Mr & Mrs E - Club La Costa

We were called for a holiday in Hustings/Cornwall and in a presentation meeting with many guests present we were sold a fraction of property by stating it as investment for repeated holidays in different parts of the world with many freebies on the way. It was sold as an agreement for 19 years and were promised, can come out of it anytime. Then as it advanced , never places to stay were available in UK in our place of choice at the time we would have liked as we have two children so could not use any time off from school other than term breaks, and the management fees is also increasing year after year. No explanation is provided what all is done with the money we pay what type of maintenance activities are done what are costs breakdown etc. The finance for the property was arranged through Hitachi finance limited which was a high APR so that way we had to pay much more than original cost. In total it was mis-sold to us, we also don’t wish to leave it to our children as it will be a liability than an asset. Also when we took loan from Hitachi in our credit settings it always showed outstanding loan of 30000, which included all the interest added up into the actual loan amount.
I was presented as to be used round the year by offering the place/share to friends/families and to get money from them but whenever we checked for availability there was none at the place of you choice.

Tuesday 17th November 2015 11:51 - Mr & Mrs G - Club La Costa

My wife and I have been mis-sold this time share product by representatives of Club La Costa. We were sold this product in a high pressure situation at CLC Tenerife resort. This process lasted over 7 hours and was quite stressful. The main CLC sales person was Lorraine, and her manager kept popping in every 30 minutes or so. The process involved showing us ways that the product would make it cheaper for us to have great holidays whenever we wanted. We were given various printed documents and shown examples of what holidays could cost using blank paper with very large writing for emphasis.
We have not paid management fees yet. We are told we are on a bi-annual payment basis. We were told that fees would remain in line with inflation over the years.
Lorraine and her manager said the contract would last 19 years and it is likely the value of the time share will increase. So it was an investment for us and not just spending money. This was a big selling point as we saw it as an asset and not a liability.
They also explained that if we wished to sell it after 19 years it would be easy for us to do this. They even said that it could be inherited a as valuable asset by our children if we passed away. We now realise that much of the statements made by Lorraine and her manager were untrue. Especially as they kept making “incentives” only if we became a member today! We definitely did not have time to review the contents of the purchase agreement. We also were not offered the chance to take away the finance agreement to review it. This has worried us because we were not able to discuss it with an IFA.
We were told there is only a 14 day cooling off period. As the documents were posted to us from Tenerife, this package all arrived after 14 days.
We have tried to contact CLC to book a holiday. We tried to book a holiday as advised to us by Lorraine and were disappointed that we were unable to book it. There was a lack of availability. Also, the additional costs that were required would mean us paying £1,000’s more than advised. This was a massive mis-selling point for us and means this package is of no value to us.
We were pressured to make the decision on the day based on verbal statements made by Lorraine , her manager and Pam. We feel these statements have not matched the reality and we have been mis-sold
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Tuesday 17th November 2015 11:25 - Mr & Mrs S - Diamond Resorts/RCI

Purchase of Calla Blanca – Diamond Resorts – RCI
Whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria my wife and I were bombarded for approx 6 days by timeshare sales consultants, some of which were very rude and pressurising.
On the final day of our week’s holiday we finally submitted to the pressure and agreed to a consultation. We were promised gifts ranging from free holiday, wine and spirits, cosmetics etc which was all done using a card type arrangement.
A taxi arrived at our hotel at around 9.30am to take us to a meeting that we had been told would last no more than 1 ½ hours, but actually lasted approximately 7 hours. We were taken completely off the beaten track along unmade roads to an unfinished building site some 6 miles away. Both my wife and I felt very uneasy and somewhat intimidated by this.
We were met at the resort a number of people representing T.S. International, the meeting and presentation was very pressurised with a number of people talking all at the same time, which made the situation untenable. At no point during the time were we left alone to discuss what was happening. We were even followed to the bathroom!
A number of times during the meeting I asked to leave and requested a taxi, however this was not made available and we felt trapped against our will.
During the barrage of conversation we were told that it would be a life changing experience we would have cheaper holidays anywhere in the world, New York, Sydney, all at no extra cost. If we didn’t want to return to the complex we could exchange our week for anywhere worldwide with no issue. At no point during the 7 hours was the term “perpetuity” or a cooling off period explained to either me or my wife.
The pressure places upon both my wife and I during this meeting was nothing like I had ever experienced before in my life.
We both explained that we would like time to think but our comments were completely ignored, we felt the only way we were going to get away from these people and this resort was to agree to a purchase, which we eventually did after 5 ½ hours.
I explained that I would pay a deposit by credit card to which they arranged us a taxi immediately escorted both my wife and I back to our hotel to take the deposit payment.
It was just like we had been held hostage for 7 hours no food just water to drink!
This experience left both my wife and I very traumatised by the whole event and tainted our memories of our holiday forever.
On arrival home to the UK I immediately contacted a solicitor who informed me that I had signed into a contract with no cooling off period therefore I had no option but to pay the balance as agreed.
Over the past 20 years I have on several occasions tried to sell the timeshare as we were told at the original consultation that it would increase significantly in value, however it turns out that it is worthless. Both my wife and I have worried over this for a number of years and ever increasing costs are just spiralling out of control rising at over twice that of the average UK inflation.
Over the past we have tried to exchange our weeks as they sold us the exchange program with not once any success of travelling or staying in the resort we have selected.
The whole experience over the past 25 years has been very harrowing and the sales and bullying tactics used by these people will be something both me and my wife will never forget.

Tuesday 17th November 2015 04:47 - Mr B - CLC Fractional Points

A call was received visit a club la costa holiday presentation. After the presentation we received an invitation to vist CLC holiday resort in Spain. At this time we were sold a CLC holiday club package, we were not given an introductory offer or a cooling off period.
We soon realised this was not a holiday package but a timeshare. We contacted CLC and they advised us to visit them where they sold us an additional package (vacation club) and used our points to transfer.
On each occasion we have tried to use these points there has been no availability.
We again approached CLC stating that the product is not owrking for us and they introduced II claiming it would give us more availability and also changed/upgraded and transferred our existing membership to fractional club.
This has resulted in no difference, availability has been non existence and when speaking to CLC staff they have been nothing but rude and unhelpful

Friday 13rd November 2015 10:14 - Mr & Mrs O - Club La Costa

A friend introduced us to the holiday, which we took the opportunity to go to Spain CLS would after series of phone calls from the CLC representatives. A welcome pack was given with a meeting of up to 4 hours where we were wined to purchase the product on the spot on the day without given the opportunity to go and think about it and all documents were completed on the day. The pressure on the day was just too much without given me & my family to think about it. Second visit we were ask/forced to upgrade which we did, by the time I got back to England to cancel , I couldn't. All attempt to give the product back proved abortive.
Besides we couldn't go on holiday as when we wanted. The management fee was too high and we had to pay. We were told if we didn't pay back we will not be able to go on holiday & we will be liable.
The company arrange a finance which with high APR hence we have to remortgage our house to pay off.

Thursday 12nd November 2015 04:18 - Mr S - CLC Fractional

In February 2014 my wife and I took a £99 holiday offer to Tenerife with the understanding we had to attend a 2 hour talk, this turned out to be a 6 hour5 assault with 4 o 5 people coming and going telling us why this product was so good.
We ended up acquiring points on a fractional ownership and then offered a free week holiday in October the same year at the property we purchased but had to go to another presentation where we were told we did not buy enough points to have a holiday and then had to buy even more to make it worth doing, when trying to contact them to book holidays nobody would answer the phone and when we actually got through told no holidays available when we could go.
They also told us after 19 years the property would be sold by them and any profit returned, this was a lie, with out a doubt we have been bullied into this and with maintenance fees higher than said and going up without a word from anyone

Thursday 12nd November 2015 12:17 - Mr & Mrs C - Anfi Del Mar

Introduced to resort by Anfi rep. offering vouchers for tours/excursions - she visited our nearby Thompsons/First Choice hotel. Were given cooling off period. Were not aware of implications for our children, and only believed they could holiday there without us rather than having to continue maintenance costs etc... were continually approached about upgrades. Upgraded to Tauro resort believing we could use our investment as a deposit for free-hold - later they withdrew this offer leaving us with unwanted weeks at Tauro and then "encouraging" us to return to main resort in 2008 to reduce maintenance fees. have attempted to sell and found our timeshare to be worthless.

Thursday 12nd November 2015 11:55 - Mr & Mrs S - Club La Costa

We received a phone call initially. We received a complimentary week in a beautiful show home. we were told it would be easy to sell if no longer required, not true. We have never used the facilities except on promotional week. We do not want our children to be burdened with continuing high maintenance fees. We feel we were pressurised into making this purchase. Mr S developed cancer and so we were unable to use the points. We were told we could bank them, but they feel we were mis-sold the product in every aspect and would never have entered into any contract with this company.

Thursday 12nd November 2015 11:16 - Mr S - Club La Costa Points

I purchased my first timeshare interest, Destinations Plus in London on 14/11/2009. I purchased this after a long 5 hour presentation.
We were pressured before leaving to take this timeshare and we signed the paperwork believing the timeshare to be for a fixed term with low maintenance fees.
This was bought together with my late wife who dies in Feb 2013.
In May 2010 we went on promotional holiday we received in Destinations Plus to Fuengirola Spain. On this holiday we were again pressured into a 3 hour meeting to upgrade to a fractional points system 1501 points.
From 2010 to now I have paid over €1300 - €1600 and never used the timeshare.
At the same time I have continued to pay for finance on a loan paid to Barclays Partner Finance to the sum of £16K.
I had continually paid this until January 2015 when I informed the finance company of my wife's death and I could no longer continue to pay the finance and it should be under probate.
Since my wife's death in Feb 2013 I have tried many companies to sell the timeshare and get rid of timeshare. The total amount I have paid to advertise and market my timeshare is over £300.00.
Since I bought this timeshare we or I have never used it and when I have tried to use it I could never get the accommodation I wanted or requested. Always told I had to book more than 4 months even a year in advance for some resorts.
I was never told the points were in perpetuity and I no longer wish to keep this timeshare.
I have paid a total of £20,860 since the inception of this timeshare.
I have found this experience to be nothing but a lie and I no longer want to have this product.
I have been mis-sold this product and misadvised when both signing the contract and finance.

Thursday 12nd November 2015 10:22 - Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts

1. We attended LSI presentation in Nottingham, and purchased a 1 week ,2 bedroom unit in High season. Being a teacher and needing to take holidays in July/August, we were told that we could easily pay cash for an extra week and so have a two week holiday. Trying to do this proved impossible as there wasn’t any availability, and so after numerous letters + phone calls, LSI agreed to give us an extra week, no charge included. Of course maintenance had to be paid on this extra week. We were told at this presentation, that although this wasn’t an investment, if we wanted to sell we would get our money back. We have since realized that it is impossible to sell. We feel as though we were misled from the start. Now realize investment is worth £1.
2. We have been to a number of high pressure selling presentations whilst on holiday + have been persuaded to buy extra points. Over the years we have reached the conclusion that The Diamond Sales reps cannot be trusted to give truthful information, + would say anything to secure a sale. This was highlighted, when in Tenerife, we were told that we could buy extra points as they were having a special promotion and points could not be bought cheaper at any other resort – a complete lie, as a friend bought the same number of points at a UK resort, at the same time as we were in Tenerife, at £3,000 less than we were quoted.
3. We have never taken out finance + find it totally unacceptable that maintenance fees have given by 8.5% per annum.
4. We were led to believe that Diamond was an elite club, but when people can purchase the same holiday, at the same resort on the internet, this is certainly not the case. We have had good holidays but why pay maintenance fees – go on the internet!!
5. It is difficult to get availability at RCI/II resorts, and when you do, the standard is not good.
6. Latest offer – hotels in the UK. We paid the equivalent of £400 for a night at The Oxford Hotel. My sister joined us, having paid £78 from Groupon for a room identical to ours!! Some offer!!
7. Attended a very highly pressurised sales talk last year at Cromer, where we were told, that converting our points to fractions, at a cost of £19,000, would be a way of being able to exit Diamond. So glad that we declined, as now Diamond will allow you to leave by paying 2 years maintenance fees. Had we taken this offer, we would be £14,000 worse off.
8. We have never been asked to agree to conditions that have changed as the organisation has changed hands – LSI, Sunterra, GVC, Diamond. Surely this can’t be right.

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Wednesday 11st November 2015 04:24 - Mrs J - CLC Points

We were contacted in 2009 by telephone to say we had won a free holiday. We attended a 4hr presentation at Haydock Park and subsequently went to Duchally resort in Scotland and signed up to a trial membership were we could have 6 weeks holiday with CLC.
On our "first trial" holiday we were put in poor quality accommodation, we were invited for breakfast and a tour of the facilities, we then had to attend a 5 hour presentation where we were told the better 5* accommodation was only available to full members.
We had our baby daughter with us and after 5 hours felt pressured to but into the Club La Costa lifestyle. The salesman over the 5 hours kept going to speak ot the management about discounts, they sold points that were discounted because they had been bought back from other members implying that tyhis was an option, they also said that the cost of the points would go up each year implying that the value would increase year on year. We were also told that we could gift the membership to our daughter in our will so that she could benefit from it in the future.
Once we agreed to sign up we were offered finance which we also agreed to sign up to, the interest rates were high so the salesman explained how to secure finance on the mortgage and pay the loan off with very little interest to pay, this also encouraged us to take the finance.
We were informed then that the full benefits of CLC membership were open to us.
On our next holiday, again in Spain, we were again invited to breakfast and told about session weeks and how if we increased our points to 1500 we would also be able to book weeks in other resorts, this was explained to us because we complained about not getting access to the premier accommodation and only being offered the 3/ accommodation.
We attempted to book UK breaks and holidays in Spain in premier accommodation to be told they are booked years in advance, or booked by diamond and platinum members so we would need to again upgrade our membership. We refused any more breakfast meetings
We bought into CLC based on the statements of the representatives that this was an exclusive members club. In fact we can book their accommodation, the same standard we are offered as members on line at much less cost. The maintenance fees increase year on year which was not explained in depth and we have never seen where the fees are allocated and what benefits we are getting as a result

Wednesday 11st November 2015 12:38 - Mr & Mrs P - Club La Costa

At the time of selling timeshare we were not allowed to discuss rate of payment. There was Independent Financial Adviser to inform about the rates of interest and financial commitment and I have to surrender the place. We were forced to accept the finance as they refused outside finance.
this has no future value as management controls the portfolio. we were restricted also for not having valuation of future market value.
Sale rep was not honest and lack trust.

Tuesday 10th November 2015 11:40 - Mr & Mrs J - Diamond Resorts Points

We had a phone call inviting us to a presentation by the company. We were persuaded and paid a deposit at our first meeting and agreed a finance agreement. We had problems getting holidays where we wanted to go so on holiday in Spain we were persuaded to buy more points to make it easier. We did but it hasn't made any difference. We paid outright by Barclay card on the day for those points.

Friday 30th October 2015 03:40 - Mr M - CLC Fractional

We bought a timeshare with CLC in 2013 as we were advised that we could not stay at Hustyns or Trenythen Cornwall without having a timeshare, this is not true as we found it cheaper on the internet.
It was also sold as an investment that after 19 years we would make money on it would and be free of a timeshare
We also have never been able to use our points in Hustyns and had to pay through other internet sites

Thrusday 29th October 2015 03:28 - Mrs M - CLC Fractional

On 21/06/2009 we first purchased a trial membership with Club La Costa, this was at Dunchally in Perthshire.
We later went to Fuegirola, Spain where we purchased a Vacation club membership. We were advised that we may leave this to family members on our deaths. The issue of perpetuity was never discussed or explained.
Over the next few years we experienced difficulty in obtaining availability at Club La Costa resorts or via RCI which was included in our membership.
In May 2013 we transferred to fractional ownership, this was attractive to us as it appeared to be for a fixed term of 19 years, at which time we could walk away.
Over the period we have been members of Club La Costa the management fees have steadily and are no longer affordable, we have experienced problems in availablity but discovered apartments being made available for general booking via the internet for less money than we are paying in maintenance fees.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 10:06 - Mr F & Mrs H - Resorts Points Solutions

Since purchasing the points we have completely lost touch with the company. This product offered us very large discounts on holidays throughout the world - this is not the case

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:57 - Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts

We are unhappy that we cannot use the points every year. We were told it would be an asset for our children and the maintenance fees are increasing unfairly in comparison to inflation.

We have only been able to book 6 holidays in 18 years and we were advised that the holiday would always be cheaper than package holidays. We find it impossible to book holidays in the UK. We have tried to return our points but it was declined

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:52 - Mr & Mrs T - Heritage Resorts

We didn't realise the length of the ownership, the maintenance fees are high because we don't use the resort and they took a deposit on the day

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:50 - Mr & Mrs I - Diamond International

We initially bought 3 fixed weeks that suited our needs, they introduced a points system in 1989 and we saw the benefits of a more flexible holiday system. We exchanged the weeks and purchased points. The availability became poorer and we lost points. Our children no longer want to go and the maintenance fees have increased way beyond what was anticipated

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:46 - Mr F - Club La Costa

We bought a trial. it was sold as a holiday of a lifetime with first class accommodation, this has not been the case. Resorts were never available for the dates requested. There was no mention of maintenance fees. The staff always tried to get you to upgrade. It was sold as an asset

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:43 - Mr & MRs H - Diamond Resorts

the maintenance fees are too high and we did not know it was in perpetuity. It was sold as an asset and we signed the contract on the same day of purchase. We have tried to sell several times without success, we took out in house finance at very high interest rates

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:38 - Forest Hills - Macdonald

I feel the company are in breach of contract. I purchased specific weeks which the new points system stops me from using. I was advised that the 2 weeks I purchased were an investment for life and would increase in value and could subsequently be sold for profit or passed to my children. I bought another 2 weeks, I have now got rid of 2 weeks. My maintenance fees have increased considerably.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:26 - Mr & Mrs P - Hollywood Mirage & Palm Beach

We were pressurised into signing the contract and a deposit was taken on the day. We were told that the apartment would be swapped free of charge from November to March. We were constantly harassed and there was no mention of in perpetuity, we were told that we could leave it in our will as an investment. The maintenance fees keep going up and we can never get exchanges

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:23 - Mr B - Dalfaber Macdonalds

I understood this was an investment that I could resell. I do not want my wife or children to inherit this liability and I did not understand in perpetuity. It was supposed to be cheaper than a package holiday. The annual maintenance fees have increased significantly above inflation

Wednesday 28th October 2015 09:00 - Mrs M - MacDonalds

I bought my timeshare with my husband early in the 1980’s, we used it quite often initially and enjoyed several visits. The management fees are now far too expensive for my pension, also since about 2005 I have been unable to travel to Spain because of a deterioration in my health due to breast cancer. I am not in good health all of which renders travel insurance too expensive.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 08:59 - Mr Y & Mrs B - CLC Fractional

I was promised I would get accommodation of the standard they had showed me initially but I have never been able to get that. Fees have risen considerably and I was told they may increase slightly. I never get my first choice of exchange and they are not particularly helpful when you call and they always try to get you to take turkey, USA or mainland spain. I only agreed to go to fractional as I thought I could be rid of this burden in 20 years as I didn’t want this to carry on after I die as this would then become a burden on my children. When you do visit the resort you are always being harassed to upgrade.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 08:58 - Mr & Mrs S - Hollywood Mirage

We were pressured by the length of the presentation. The manager was called to clinch the deal, he said to ignore all other financial commitments and insisted it was an investment which would increase in value. We were told it could be left to children or next of kin. We have not been able to exchange points and only been able to use these when booking our parents with no availability when we wanted to go ourselves. We were unaware of what in perpetuity meant and we feel the maintenance fees are too high. We tried to sell and were advised we would only get quarter of our money back and advised to wait another 3 years when the market would pick up. They then tried to sell us another timeshare.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 08:56 - Mr L and Mrs T - Club La Costa

We attended a presentation in Glasgow where low cost luxury holidays were sold. This was the only Scottish resort that allowed dogs and this is the main reason why we bought. We took out a trial and paid a deposit with no cooling off period. We went to spain in 2012 and spent all day being sold to, we asked for time to think about it but that was refused. We again asked about taking dogs to the timeshare in Scotland and were told we had to contact the resort directly to take them.
We were bombarded with confusing figures and told we could make money selling our points and that this would cover our management fees. We bought a fractional as was told after 19 years that the property would be sold and the proceeds split and we would make a profit on our investment.
We were told we could re-finance after year 1. We can never get the booking we want and there was again no cooling off period, it was done on that day and we didn’t view the credit proposal form.
We contacted to try and sell and were recommended a company. It is apparent now that we were mis sold this and promised they could accommodate the dogs which they could not.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 08:51 - Mr W - Westgate Lakes

We thought this was a good investment, we did not know that this was in perpetuity. The family will not want to take this responsibility on.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 08:50 - Mr & Mrs M - Puerto Anfi

We want to be released from the in perpetuity which was not fully explained. The maintenance costs and exchange costs are rising. We are getting older and will not be able to travel.

Wednesday 28th October 2015 03:23 - MarriottsGold

We were approached by a Marriott Club representative when we were going to Euro Disney and invited to attend a presentation.
When we attended the presentation we were sold a timeshare and were told by one of the sales representative Leah Tribilo that this was a good investment and that the timeshare we were about to purchase will increase in value and was a safe and good investment.
My wife and I were also led to believe that we could sell the timeshare very easily since the location was very much sort after by the Americans, hence when it to exchange and to sell this will not be a problem.
My wife and I were also led to believe that the maintenance fee will only increase by a very small percentage, but as it turns out now the maintenance fee has drastically increased and the maintenance fee now makes the whole investment not worth while, the maintenance fee alone can pay for a holiday for a family of four.
My wife and I now believe we were not given good advise and were pressured to buy the timeshare without allowing us to think about it and we had to pay a deposit via direct debit to start the buying process.
We also got to find out that we had to continue to be affiliated with Interval International to be able to keep on using the timeshare and if II membership runs out we will not be able to keep on using our paid Marriott Vacation Club Ownership. This my wife and believe is robbery on a very large scale. Had we known this we would never have signed to buy the Marriott timeshare. We have been very mislead by Marriott Vacation Club and we really insist that things are put right., we now have to purchase Interval membership yearly to keep our paid timeshare ownership.
we now want to sell and seem unable to. Marriott Vacation Club keep on giving us websites to go to. Hence we are now unable to sell the timeshare and seem to be struck with a contract which is not fair and which we don't see an end to. This contract is for 70 years which we think is also robbery and we feel that we have been tyaken advantage of.
We feel very cheated by all this and hence the complaint

Tuesday 27th October 2015 03:30 - Mr L - Silverpoint

We first purchased a timeshare with Cub La Costa in 2004, We kept this and upgraded after a few years but found the increasing maintenance charges an unacceptable level.
We were approached by Silverpoint who claim to be able to offer a low maintenance option for exchanging our CLC timeshare and purchasing 3 apartments, Silverpoint offered to either sell or take back our timeshare after a period of 2 years.
Upon completion of the 2 year period we notified Silverpoint of our intention to relinquish our apartment allocation, 15 months on they have neither sold nor taken back our timeshares.
As our intention was to relinquish after a period the matter of perpetuity was never raised or discussed
In all these meeting I feel that Silverpoint misrepresented and miss sold their products

Tuesday 27th October 2015 03:07 - Mrs J - CLC Points

We came into contact with Club La Costa after winning a "free holiday" at which time we bought a trial membership.
We came to Spain where we were convinced that we should upgrade, at our next holiday we were once again convinced to upgrade.
We were sold it on the basis of it being an investment and that it would be easy to resell, turns out that's not true, they are not shares and have no worth.
We were never told our kids would incur the maintenance fees when we are gone. Those maintenance fees are too high and we can get the same holidays at the same places for cheaper on the internet, We were promised exclusivity for having platinum points but anyone can book what we can

Monday 26th October 2015 03:59 - Mr D - Diamond Points

I purchased 5000 points in 2003 and was not told my daughter would inherit this.
The maintenance is £900.00 a year which has tripled in the last ten years.
I can never get the week I want and always get told you can have whatever is avaiable

Friday 23rd October 2015 09:57 - Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts

We are unhappy that we cannot use the points every year. We were told it would be an asset for our children and the maintenance fees are increasing unfairly in comparison to inflation.
We have only been able to book 6 holidays in 18 years and we were advised that the holiday would always be cheaper than package holidays. We find it impossible to book holidays in the UK. We have tried to return our points but it was declined

Thrusday 22nd October 2015 10:29 - Mr & Mrs E - Anfi Vacation Club

We purchased Anfi Resort timeshare 2006-2015. Since March 2015 I was made redundant after 10 years with the company, also my wife is a teaching assistant 25 hours a week and are currently unable to continue with the time share ownership and are seeking disposing it.

Thursday 22nd October 2015 10:06 - Mr F & Mrs H - Resorts Points Solutions

Since purchasing the points we have completely lost touch with the company. This product offered us very large discounts on holidays throughout the world - this is not the case

Wednesday 21st October 2015 11:11 - Mr. S. - Westgate

We purchased a Westgate property in 2007 believing this to be adequate for our needs but when we arrived in 2008 found this not to be the case. We had no choice but to upgrade to facilitate the numbers in our group. We were advised this would be an investment and this could easily be resold. We were not told this would be passed down to our children. If we were advised of this, we wouldn't have made this purchase at all. We feel we have been miss led and this has been miss sold to us. We feel the maintenance is too high as we could get the same holidays for less money elsewhere via the internet.

Tuesday 20th October 2015 11:37 - Mr & Mrs P - Diamond Resorts Points

We purchased two holiday weeks at Sahara Sunset Club through independent agent in Benalmadena, Spain on 27/9/2007. The property was owned by Sunterra, later to be Diamond resorts.
On a visit to Sahara Sunset we were invited to a presentation to advise us of benefits we were not aware of. The duration of this meeting should have been approx one hour. This meeting became a very long selling forum. We were advised to gain more flexible use of our purchase would be to convert to points – 7,000 – and to buy a further 3,000 points at a special reduced price.
Although after several hours we did feel pressurised but agreed as we could also see advantages.
We wanted to pay and not incur debt but this was refused and the representative told us that we had to take a credit agreement with Barclays Bank. This was arranged on the day by Diamond Resorts.
Never having had dealings with Barclays we asked again to pay but were refused, our only option was the arranged credit agreement. Up to date, the maintenance fees have risen sharply and the availability to use our points has reduced greatly.
We were assured, as a member we would have exclusive use of the resorts. However, this is most definitely not the case. We have witnessed people walking in off the street and booking rooms at greatly reduced prices. Diamond resort personnel have also told us that up to 40% of all resorts are let at the owners discretion and for a further payable fee. All of this when members cannot book because the resort is showing as “Full”
As the points system does not deliver the flexibility we expected we contacted the company to end our contract. We received a letter saying this was not an option but we could sell our points through Travel & Leisure, being their authorised third party resale intermediary.
We have paid for three periods of advertising with Travel & Leisure over eighteen months but without success.
At the time of purchase we were not told the expected length of our contract, only that our family could inherit our points. The company did not explain that this would automatically happen and the subject was glossed over.
We have visited Sahara Sunset annually and cannot fault the resort. The availability has remained an issue and it is us who have had to be flexible.
However, we have been harassed to attend further presentations on every visit but we have not succumbed to the pressure.
We feel, in hindsight, that we were misled. We were not fully informed of our commitment and were duped into believing that this would give us the flexibility we were looking for.

Monday 19th October 2015 11:23 - Ms W - Westgate Vacation Villas

My ex husband and I bought the timeshare whilst on holiday in Florida. The sale was very pressurised to do the deal on the day. We were told that the property was a great investment, would increase in value and would be saleable if we wanted.
As part of our divorce settlement, ownership was transferred to me.
I have made very little use of the property - I have not been back to Westgate and over the last few years have just exchanged it for a holiday resort in the UK and once to Austria.
The fees are very high for an asset which I can not make use of. It is a liability rather than an asset as it is impossible to sell or relinquish back to Westgate. I am paying a lot of money each year to get nothing in return.
I do not want to pass on this liability to anyone.

Wednesday 14th October 2015 11:43 - Mr & Mrs D - Anfi Del Mar

We first purchased on floating week in Anfi-Monte in 2008. This proved unsatisfactory as we were never able to get the week we wanted and always for 2 years and inferior ground floor apartments. For the next 2 years they moved us to Anfi Emerald which is substantially short of the amenities we were able to use at Anfi del Mar. In 2011 we were offered a 2 weeks in Anfi Puerto for weeks 36 & 37. In 2014 I suffered a stroke whilst at Anfi. No medical help was offered. on return to the UK I was admitted to hospital (QEQM) and my wife was informed that I could not holiday in hot climates any more. I conveyed this to Wayne Jowett by email @ Anfi and was informed by him that as we would not be able to use the apartment any more that Anfi sales would attempt to sell the above. This was in Oct 2014. We did not to leave this timeshare to our children as it had become a liability and not the great investment we were led to believe in 2008 which I truly believe was mis-sold and extravagated.

Wednesday 14th October 2015 09:50 - Mr & Mrs I - Diamond International

We initially bought 3 fixed weeks that suited our needs, they introduced a points system in 1989 and we saw the benefits of a more flexible holiday system. We exchanged the weeks and purchased points. The availability became poorer and we lost points. Our children no longer want to go and the maintenance fees have increased way beyond what was anticipated

Monday 12nd October 2015 09:43 - Mr & MRs H - Diamond Resorts

the maintenance fees are too high and we did not know it was in perpetuity. It was sold as an asset and we signed the contract on the same day of purchase. We have tried to sell several times without success, we took out in house finance at very high interest rates

Friday 9th October 2015 - Mrs M - MacDonalds

I bought my timeshare with my husband early in the 1980’s, we used it quite often initially and enjoyed several visits. The management fees are now far too expensive for my pension, also since about 2005 I have been unable to travel to Spain because of a deterioration in my health due to breast cancer. I am not in good health all of which renders travel insurance too expensive.

Thurday 8th October 2015 09:46 - Mr F - Club La Costa

We bought a trial. it was sold as a holiday of a lifetime with first class accommodation, this has not been the case. Resorts were never available for the dates requested. There was no mention of maintenance fees. The staff always tried to get you to upgrade. It was sold as an asset

Thursday 1st October 2015 08:59 - Mr Y & Mrs B - CLC Fractional

I was promised I would get accommodation of the standard they had showed me initially but I have never been able to get that. Fees have risen considerably and I was told they may increase slightly. I never get my first choice of exchange and they are not particularly helpful when you call and they always try to get you to take turkey, USA or mainland spain. I only agreed to go to fractional as I thought I could be rid of this burden in 20 years as I didn’t want this to carry on after I die as this would then become a burden on my children. When you do visit the resort you are always being harassed to upgrade.

Monday 28th September 2015 09:26 - Mr & Mrs P - Hollywood Mirage & Palm Beach

We were pressurised into signing the contract and a deposit was taken on the day. We were told that the apartment would be swapped free of charge from November to March. We were constantly harassed and there was no mention of in perpetuity, we were told that we could leave it in our will as an investment. The maintenance fees keep going up and we can never get exchanges

Friday 25th September 2015 08:58 - Mr & Mrs S - Hollywood Mirage

We were pressured by the length of the presentation. The manager was called to clinch the deal, he said to ignore all other financial commitments and insisted it was an investment which would increase in value. We were told it could be left to children or next of kin. We have not been able to exchange points and only been able to use these when booking our parents with no availability when we wanted to go ourselves. We were unaware of what in perpetuity meant and we feel the maintenance fees are too high. We tried to sell and were advised we would only get quarter of our money back and advised to wait another 3 years when the market would pick up. They then tried to sell us another timeshare.

Thursday 24th September 2015 08:56 - Mr L and Mrs T - Club La Costa

We attended a presentation in Glasgow where low cost luxury holidays were sold. This was the only Scottish resort that allowed dogs and this is the main reason why we bought. We took out a trial and paid a deposit with no cooling off period. We went to spain in 2012 and spent all day being sold to, we asked for time to think about it but that was refused. We again asked about taking dogs to the timeshare in Scotland and were told we had to contact the resort directly to take them.
We were bombarded with confusing figures and told we could make money selling our points and that this would cover our management fees. We bought a fractional as was told after 19 years that the property would be sold and the proceeds split and we would make a profit on our investment.
We were told we could re-finance after year 1. We can never get the booking we want and there was again no cooling off period, it was done on that day and we didn’t view the credit proposal form.
We contacted to try and sell and were recommended a company. It is apparent now that we were mis sold this and promised they could accommodate the dogs which they could not.

Wednesday 23rd September 2015 08:51 - Mr W - Westgate Lakes

We thought this was a good investment, we did not know that this was in perpetuity. The family will not want to take this responsibility on.

Wednesday 8th October 2015 11:18 - Mr G - Silverpoint Vacation Club

We were told that we won a free holiday and when we got there we were sold a trial membership (Club La Costa) and then a full membership.
Silverpoint phones us and gave us a free week holiday and persuaded us to join them and they took over our Club La Costa and we paid a further £11,000 to become a Silverpoint member. We were told that our timeshare would increase in value and that we could sell it back if we decided that we didn't want it any more. This has not been the case and we do not want our son to be liable to pay fees forever.

Wednesday 8th October 2015 10:29 - Mr & Mrs V - Club La Costa Fractional

We were contacted by telephone and invited to attend a meeting at Lakeside. Offered a week in Spain at first class resort. Have felt pressurised during several holidays to "upgrade" and in doing so it has not improved the availability of requested resorts.
Were told in initial meeting that we would not lose any money through membership.
Knowing the uncertainty of requested availabilities our two children do not want to inherit this membership and liability.
My wife and I consider that we were mis-sold on this initial purchase as very little promises have come to fruition and it is difficult to get a preferred vacation.

Tuesday 6th October 2015 12:12 - Mr & Mrs G - Club La Costa

We purchased timeshare membership at Club La Costa in Spain in 2010 for 1501 points. We were convinced that this was going to be a lifetime investment and an asset, with minimal costs which would only increase by inflation but in fact has increased astronomically.
At the sales meeting we were pressured into signing contracts that were meant to be worthwhile and set to be increasing in value, and guaranteed exotic yearly holidays. At the end of almost half a day we sign the contracts.
We were informed that we would have free airport transfers, cheap or reduced rate car rentals, cheaper air travel but it turns out to be wrong or even more expensive.
We have only been able to use it 3 times as we have school age children and can therefore only do school holidays, which are almost never available.
It turns out that even though we were sold a members only club membership, it is not so, and anyone can pay and use the facilities, and because they pay more and without management fees which we pay at high rates, we are never able to secure suitable week, or the exotic accommodation we were told to expect.
We have not been able to resell or dispose of our timeshare even at a reduced rate or price and it has become more of an ever increasing liability with ever increasing fees and the resort would not rebuy.
Also we were told it was a couples membership only but it turns out to be that single individuals can be members.
We were never told it was not legal to accept money with 10 days of signing the contracts ot that in Spanish law we had 90 days to cancel.
We can truthfully state that had we been correctly informed and explained to we would not have purchased this timeshare.
Another fact is that everytime we went out on holiday we were forced to sit through another presentation to buy more products and it has become clear that when we refuse it was as if we are breaking some sacred code.
Under no circumstances would we leave timeshare to our children, it will become a death sentence to them and ever increasing liability.

Tuesday 6th October 2015 11:23 - Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Fractional

we went to a timeshare presentation in Maidstone. We went to Club La Costa on a free holiday where we was talked into upgrading to Gold, we finally booked a holiday in Gold, and was advised by CLC to upgrade again so we could get dates we wanted to platinum where we still had trouble getting dates we wanted. we then upgraded to Diamond so we could book a year in advance, then we was last told to upgrade to fractions. we have now laid out a total sum of £73,229. They said that our maintenance bill would reduce and that after 19 years we would receive a sum of £99,000 and nothing about the contract continuing after the 19 years. In fact our maintenance fees are rising every year now standing at £2,900 per year, and have found out that the debt continues on to our children. we was told at the time that we would have to sign it over or it died with us. we both would like to terminate this ongoing nightmare contract as we feel we have been very much so mislead to this. Our maintenance fees now stop us even affording any holidays.

Tuesday 6th October 2015 10:50 - Mr S & Miss N - Diamond Resorts

Contact with company was through friends who had purchased shares - offered free holiday from Diamond Resorts to go to Tenerife. Once there taken by representative to sales office to discuss possibility of buying points. Prolonged period of time there, no breaks to reflect. Deals on offer were found to be unrealistic. Unavailability of resorts, especially during school holidays, resorts often long distance from airports. Cost of flights alone can be as much as a whole package deal to some places causing holidays abroad to be more expensive. Every holiday taken has had a rep trying to pressurise us into buying more points, saying this could increase our chances of availability. Hotel breaks unattainable on our points very overpriced.

Monday 5th October 2015 05:41 - Mr M & Miss M - Club La Costa

We came in contact with CLC World via a questionnaire last year after our holiday. CLC World contact us by phone in February 2015.
Pressure selling us into a holiday and as its a reasonable price we took the holiday.
As soon as we arrived on holiday we had calls to go into a presentation and we would receive a full free breakfast. After this a 6 hour pushy pressure selling. Not allowing us to leave with no real understanding what we had signed up for. With 2 people talking not allowing us to ask questions or read the paperwork. All this on our first day. We weren't allowed to talk to each other on our own. We ended up signing a costly product of which we didn't understand all the hidden costs.

Monday 5th October 2015 05:16 - Club La Costa Fractional

We were invited to Spain on a free holiday with a commitment to join a presentation. The presentation was to view the properties and felt it was a pressurised and aggressive sale of holidays by showing various scenarios of how this can be afforded. Not only that , but the fractional points meant that when the property was sold after 19 years, we would benefit from the sale. This does not look likely. Having done more research and reading the documentation we were offered 14 days cooling off period but at the time soon after the holiday. it was difficult to go over all the documentation. One of the tricks used was to give free holiday or points so we would not cancel. On holiday in tenerife, the presentation started to take much longer and prices kept dropping. Just to get out of there we ended up trading as a deal meant more booking fees which were quite high, as discovered when booking for Florida. the points we have are not of much use and feel we can get better holiday values through other means. the amount of money we spend on management is not worth as we can only take holidays during school term and no offers are available as promised. The overall experience has not been great and feel this has been missold to us. Also I would not pass this onto anyone as this would just mean passing the burden and hassle. there has not been much joy as promised and am very unlikely to use this again. I would not leave this for my daughter as it is a liability and not an asset.

Monday 5th October 2015 04:52 - Mr & Mrs M - CLC/ Esacapeaway

We were lured to a holiday resort in Cornwall where were sold timeshare in 2007. We were then persuaded to upgrade several times in the succeeding years. The reason given was that our experience with Club La Costa holidays would improve if we moved from Destinations Holidays to Points system, or from this to Fractional. we were promised lowed maintenance fees each year if we upgraded and that we would get money at the end of the full term of 19 years. The reality is that we have put our hard earned cash into a bottomless pit. The maintenance fees keep going up and there is no prospect of us ever getting any money back. we are aware how difficult it is to escape from CLC so we were easy prey of EscapeAway Holidays who said they would release us from CLC on payment of £11,000. We paid this in June 2015 when they invited us to Tenerife. We now know that they are an unregulated company - it was a scam. we are very upset about this and we are claiming all our money.

Monday 5th October 2015 11:31 - Mr G & Miss C - Club La Costa Points

We feel we were missold this product after an aggressive presentation. We were told if we could not afford this in the future the company would re purchase this back from us at the original purchase price, we were also told that the management fee would rise only with inflation which has not been willing to help us in any way with releasing us from the vacation club. We have also not been able to make use of this product as we do not have the finances. we do not wish to will this to any of our family as we do not want them to have this burden and stress we have experienced. the resale company we were advised to use has only resulted in us being scammed and losing more money but still being left with the deeds.

Monday 5th October 2015 11:17 - Mrs B - RCI Points /Diversified

Lyn the Diversified rep came to the apartment mid morning. My 80 year old friend and I were taken along the coast to a small bar where she proceeded the friendly chat for 1 1/2 to 2 hours then we were taken to the office and the sales pitch started during which I was told that RCI had put money into a pot for people that had been sold other holidays which I had to show proof of payment of. They discounted £2,000 from cost of new acquisition because of this. I have since been told there was no pot. Sitting on my own with the sales team for approx s 1/2 hours I felt the pressure and ended up buying and paying the deposit there and then of £2385 by credit card. Since receiving the RCI holiday brochure I feel that it will take 3 year of fees for maintnence and points to enable me to have a holiday in a good resort in the summer period. I have never used this as this is not an assett I do not wish to leave this to a family member. I am a widosed lady of pension age who was on my own during the sales pitch.

Friday 25th September 2015 03:24 - Mr. T. - Diamond points

We bought intol timeshare in 2002 and 2005. The product was sold as an investment which will increase in value and could be sold on at a profit.
The reality is far from this, the points have decreased in value and cannot be sold at any price. It was not explained to us that our son would inherit the maintenance fees when we die, we though the timeshare was an answer to dream holidays, in reality it is a nightmare that costs and holidays can be bought on the internet with flights and transfers included in the price.
Diamonds availability is very poor proving almost impossible to get to where we want to go.

Friday 25th September 2015 03:09 - Mr. C. - CLC

Bought timeshare in 2014 from Club La Costa, pressurised sales pitch lasted about 5 hours, signed a contract.
Set up with the finance that has high interest rate attached to it and we will be paying more than double over the course of the agreement.
Our circumstances have changed, we do not want to keep it any longer, we want to get rid of it and also get rid of the finance.
The fact that we have to pay the maintenance and the loan is too much for us, we cannot afford it.

Friday 25th September 2015 02:53 - Mr. S. - Diamond points

At Woodford Bridge (GVC) free weekend sales talk special deal for that day only points sold at a fixed price and bought at a fixed price (just phone HQ.) last bit is a lie
at Alpha CLub (Sunterra) on holiday there:- buy into it and "home resort" ski-ing when I wanted :- Sunterra going to run it and update it to "special day" during holiday (raised price later) No longer on DRI so no home resort advantage no ski-ing at desired time.
at Santa Barbara (DRI) Select programme easy and ready to go (in fact 12 months delay and loss of use of points) special deal to get rid of Sunset View week if completed while in Tenerife, DRI growing and growing and potentially even greater, Actually Alpine Club gone..

Friday 25th September 2015 01:46 - Mr. T. - Anfi

The fact that my children would inherit this liability on my demise was never explained fully. Having spoken to Anfi on several occasions it is obvious they do not have any intention to buy back my timeshare nor would they sell it on my behalf.
I feel that the maintenance cost is inhibitive as can get the same holiday at Anfi for less money on the internet.

Friday 25th September 2015 11:37 - Mr. S. - CLC Fractional

We purchased a trial membership with CLC, before we got to use the "membership benefits" we had to attend an "information presentation", at this we were pressured into a hard sales pitch to take full membership
Once we tried to use the points we were given, availability was almost non-existent except at the 2 non CLC resorts
We were told that it was an exclusive members club but subsequently found that most resorts can be booked by anyone via travel agencies

Friday 18th September 2015 08:05 - Mr. C. - Oasis Lakes

We purchased timeshare in 2001 at Oasis Lakes Florida. In the past 19 years we have only used the timeshare once because we have not been able to use the timeshare when we want or where we want. We were told it would be an investment for the future and we could resell at any time. This has not been the case.
The fact that our children would automatically inherit the debt was not explained to us. If it had been explained we would have not gone ahead with the purchase.  We don't think it is of good value because we can get the same holiday on the internet for less money.

Friday 18th September 2015 07:39 Mr. J. - - Club La Costa

In 2014 we were invited for a free holiday to Club La Costa in Tenerife via Hitachi Finance.  Naturally we accepted and whilst there we had to attend a presentation, the upshot of whcih was that we became Fractional owners at CLC. Now one year on we feel this was not appropriate as we were told that after 10 months subsidising us we would be able to get a loan for £100 per which was about all we could afford.  On trying to do this we found the cheapest option was £170 which was far more than we can afford. We were misrepresented here by what the salesman said to us.
CLC holidays whilst nice are not really our type of holiday and anyway off the internet  we can find such holidays at a far cheaper price.  Due to being financially stretched we cannot afford the type of holidays we most want.  We do not want our children to inherit this liability.  The cooling off period of 14 days was well before we became aware of the major problems.  Now we find that we could not get out of the agreement even though we wanted to.

Tuesday 15th September 2015 05:48 Mr. M. - - Palm Oasis & Gran Canaria

I bought a timeshare at Palm Oasis in Gran Canaria for around £22,500 in approx 2003.  We were told at the time we could sell it back at any time.  When we tried a couple of years later to sell it as we didn't want it any more but they weren't interested.
We were also contacted by Club La Costa who invited us for a free week, which we accepted.  We attended a meeting as was agreed however, we were pressed very hard by a salesman there who said he could take our timeshare in part exchange. After over two hours waiting he eventually appeared and said the Palm Oasis timeshare was blacklisted but he would do the deal on the promised changeover price of £6,000.  I said we don't have the money. The salesman arranged a loan for £6,000 over 5 years.  Actually he lied, we found out afterwards that the loan was for 15 years.

Tuesday 15th September 2015 05:28 Mr. P. - - Wimpen Leisure Ltd

We were on holiday in Lanzarote when we were approached by a young man selling raffle tickets.  He checked the ticket and said we had won a prize, would we come back to the office to collect.  At the office we were given glasses of cava plus a bottle we had won.  We were then given the hard sell treatment.  We initially declined saying it was too expensive but then we were offered a resale, which seemed a good deal at the time.  We were never told that the contract was in perpetuity and our solicitor Florey-Valcarcel Abogado would handle the details.  We have never seen our escitura.

Monday 14th September 2015 11:43 Mr. B. - - Infiniti Points

In 2004 we purchased our first timeshare through Atlas Points.  We then upgraded in 2006 to points and purchased a further amount.  We were advised at the time of this purchase that by increasing the number of points held would give us greater bargaining power to ensure we would be able to gain the holidays we required.
To date this has not been achieved, maintenance costs have practically doubled and accommodation has been far from satisfactory.
We also have the concern that these points are non-returnable and would pass to our children on our demise.  This was never explained at the time of purchase and if it had been explained the purchase would not have gone ahead.
We now find that we can get the same holidays for far less via the internet and are very disappointed with the level/standard of accommodation and service we have received from this company.

Monday 14th September 2015 11:27 Mrs. S. - - Infiniti Points

We purchased our timeshare in 1998 and were not made aware at the time this was for life and the lifetime of our children.  We feel that the maintenance fees are too high and have been constantly pressured into upgrading each time we went on holiday.  We would not exchange often as we could not get resorts that we wanted so just went to their own resorts.  We were told this agreement would be an investment for our future and our children's future.

Monday 14th September 2015 06:20 Mr. M. - Mystic Dunes

I purchased Mystic Dunes in 2008 as an investment and would increase in value.  I now feel the maintenance is too high for a bi-annual membership as I can get better at this resort on the internet. On the day of purchase I felt pushed into being sold this ownership and hence encouraged to make a deposit "there and then" using my credit card. I was also ill advised that it was of advantage to my daughter as an inheritance.  I now believe this to not be what it claiming.  Not only is this not an investment but is in fact a liability.

Monday 14th September 2015 05:28 Mr. & Mrs. W. - - Hollywood Mirage

At the end of 2009 I purchased privately at Hollywood Mirage Tenerife a single bedroom apartment for use starting 2010 weeks 45/46.  With work commitments we had difficulty using it but found we could not transfer it through RCI as their advertised terms claimed.  Hollywood Mirage week 21, 2 bedrooms was purchased on 17 October 2010 for a purchase price of £7,229.  I have this as a 'perpetuity contract'.  We no longer use this week because the people using the resort were booking cheap holidays through agents and revaluing the resort, having bought cheap holidays (our apartment included) through agents.  Week 21 is now worth nothing and RCI are unwilling to exchange it for an alternative Gold/Platinum apartment anywhere in the world.

Monday 14th September 2015 04:44 Mrs. M. - - Diamond Points

We purchased timeshare in Gran Canaria in 1983 - weeks 30, 31, 32.  In 1995 at Los Amigos Beach Club we purchased 70 GVC points at a cost of £12,950.  They traded in our three weeks and gave us an allowance of £6,950, also taking £950 as a deposit paid by credit card.
We now feel that the maintenance is too high (£1,000) as we can get the same holidays for half that amount via the internet.  The fact that our son will inherit this liability was never explained to us.  We were mis-sold as they told us we could get three weeks for our 70 points.

Friday 11th September 2015 11:57 Mr. S. - - Fairways

I originally purchased in 1989 and immediately found problems exchanging to other resorts where we wanted to go.  It was sold to us under intense pressure as easy to sell anytime and something that would prove its worth repeatedly.  However the exact opposite is true.  Many years it has been left unused and on the majority of occasions we have had to exchange into a resort not in our top 3 choices.  It was not fully explained about the financial implications for my dependents upon my death.  Maintenance fees have far exceeded original costs and the given projected figures.

Friday 11th September 2015 11:49 Ms. B. - Club La Costa

I purchased timeshare initially in 2006 on a trial basis. I was encouraged to upgrade for investment and further availability options in 2007. For several years on many occasions I was unable to access the accommodation I desired so in a bid to rid myself of the liability, having been to Spain to seek help and discuss my options, I was advised to pay for fractional ownership in 2012 which I was told would be bought back by the company at any point during the 19 years remaining.  I approached Club La Costa to give up my fractional ownership for them to buy it back following an independent evaluation and they refused.  I have seen many offers linked to Club La Costa, accommodation on the internet and Groupon for much cheaper than my annual management fees.  I was never informed that my children would have to continue the contract upon my death and feel that I have been lied to on many occasions.

Friday 11th September 2015 10:36 Mrs. B. - Club La Costa

When we purchased this timeshare in 2009 with Club La Costa we bought into a long term commitment at a low cost.  These costs escalated and availability was non-existent despite promises being made to be able to use anytime worldwide.
We were completely missold on the contract.  We feel that we are entitled to the money that we paid through Club La Costa.  We were told that it was a good investment that would increase in value.  We were sold "quality" holidays that would be cheaper than package deals that friends and family could also use.

Friday 11th September 2015 10:23 Mrs. H. - Club Monte Anfi

I was sold this timeshare as an investment for the future that would increase in value and would be easy to resell.
The maintenance fees have increased substantially and they do not offer value for money since I could get a holiday at the resort cheaper via the internet.
I am unable to get time at the resort when wanted or exchanges through RCI which I am forced to pay for in my maintenance fees yearly.  It was not explained that my purchase would automatically be inherited by my next of kin along with the responsibility of paying all future fees.

Friday 11th September 2015 10:00 Mr. H. - Airtours Beach Club

We were approached by a male and female in Puerto Rico and given scratch cards and we won a trip to a new development Airtours Beach Club.
We were taken by taxi to "The Club" and shown excellent accommodation and facilities.  We were told that this was a chance to buy an inflation proof holiday and after a long stressful afternoon we bought.
We were invited to the "Owners Night" for a BBQ and international entertainment.
Since our purchase the fees for maintenance have far outstripped inflation and the apartment has been neglected and fallen into poor repair.  We have great difficulty in obtaining direct flights and have been unable to use this for the past five years.  We were never told that this financial burden would be passed down to our children.

Thursday 10th September 2015 06:30 Mr & Mrs W - Club La Costa Points

We "won" a holiday in Spain ... was the beginning of our experience with Club La Costa.  When in Spain we were bamboozled with jargon! In the space of 3 hours we were sold shares in their company by way of accruing points.  We were not given enough cooling off time.... we were still on holiday.  We felt pressurised into buying.  we were also told it was an investment that would increase in value...up to £50,000 in 5 years.  We were also led to believe our children could continue to use after our deaths....not true.  Management fees continue to rise.  It is very difficult to get resort of your choice.  Destinations we revisited were not up to standard.  They are often a long way from holiday activities and it was always necessary to hire a car.  I also would not like to leave this to my children because it is more of a liability than an asset.  We feel missold and misled had we known the full concept we would never have purchased this product.

Thursday 10th September 2015 06:12 Mr & Mrs H - Slaley Hall

Not happy with the maintenance charges which have increased considerably.
Length of contract not explained in any detail.
Other members of our family not in a position to take on the two lodges.
We don't wish to leave this to our family as we consider this a liability not an asset.

Wednesday 9th September 2015 07:27 Mr C - Oasis Lanz

We bought the timeshare in 1997ish, after my wife dies and I got cancer we no longer could afford it or able to go so we sent all paperwork and deeds by recorded delivery to get out of the timeshare.  we have had no contract until now.  We can no longer afford the timeshare and want out completely.  I do not want to leave this to my children or grandchildren as a liability.

Wednesday 9th September 2015 07:09 Mr & Mrs P - Tempus Palms

Whilst on holiday we were lured into a timeshare meeting due to an offer of free Disney Park/Attraction tickets for the family.  We became more and more pressured as our parents and children were waiting nearby and the meeting was taking hours. We were told their offer would not be available after the meeting ended if we did not purchase it then and there.  They promised the timeshare would be an asset that we could hand down to our children and they to their children.
We received one week a year where we could exchange the week for another place and date.  The maintenance fees were acceptable in the first year after which they escalated unrealistically and not within inflation rates.  We have asked the timeshare company to re-sell our unit and they say they cannot do this although we were told at the point of purchase that they would do that for us.  we have found it difficult to book the holidays that we wanted when we wanted which has made it even less desireable.  we have been mis-sold this timeshare as it has now become a huge liability in maintenance fees and we are tied into this forever.

Wednesday 9th September 2015 06:30 Mr S & Mrs F - Club La Costa Points

Initially we were sent a letter telling us we had won a holiday, we were invited to Lakeside to collect our "prize".  There we were sat down by a rep who talked us into purchasing a 3 year trial timeshare for £3995, a deposit of £595 was paid on the day by Mrs F credit card in 2009.  In 2010 were sent by CLC to the flag ship resort in Malaga for our "free" holiday. We paid for the flights but accommodation was our "free" holiday - upon arrival we were given an invitation to breakfast for our family of 4.  They collected us by taxi and drove us to a sister hotel where we had breakfast and we were then all taken to an office block where we sat down with another rep, plied with alcohol and persuaded to upgrade our 3 year trial timeshare to a permanent timeshare.  They kept us all in office for 2 hours + and after feeling pressurised and just wanting to leave and get back to our resort we upgraded at extra cost of £6859.  Mrs F did not have her visa with her but did have her 14 year old daughters debit card.  CLC rep took the full amount from debit card and 14 year old daughter to sign receipt. We do not wish to leave this to the children as we feel its a liability not an assett.

Friday 4th September 2015 11:51 Mr W - CLC Points

We fiorst purchased timeshare in 2000, upgrading in 2003 and 2011 to obtain more availability. The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained and if it was we feel we would never have gone ahead with this purchase.
We consider the maintenance to be too high as we can get the same holiday via the internet which explains why we cannot holiday when and where we want

Friday 4th September 2015 11:38 Mr P - Summerbay/Bliss Resorts

We purchased timeshare in Florida and Mexico, we now feel the maintenance is far too high as we can get the same holidays via the internet.
On the Mexican timeshare we were told we only paid if we used it, we were told this was an investment and would be easy to sell, however this is not the case.
Whenever we have had to book holidays with RCI we have had to compromise and could not get holidays for when and where we wanted.
The fact that our children would be liable for future maintenance fees forever was never explained, further more there has been no customer service or any correspondence from the company except for when they need money

Friday 4th September 2015 11:23 Mr S - Monti Anfi

In 2003 we first purchased with Anfi. The fact tyhat our children will inherit this liability was not explained to us, had it been explained we would not have proceeded with the purchase.
We were told at the time that this was an investment which we now realize that the timeshare has no value.
We were advised that we would be able to sell this timeshare at any time in the future.
it was even stated that they would re buy the timeshare from us.
it has come to our attention that despite being told it was an exclusive resort it is available to rent through many travel agents

Thursday 3rd September 2015 05:26 Mr W - Parque del Sol

1.  While walking in Tenerife we were accosted into Parque Del Sol Timeshare Resort.
2.  We were pressured into buying a timeshare and given finance the same day.
3.  Next morning we tried to cancel and were told not possible.
4.  We were told within 12 months the resort would take it back which they did not.
5.  Perpetuity was not explained.
6.  Mr W can no longer travel due to illness.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 06:41 Mr & Mrs O - Club La Costa

1.  In 2008 we were invited to a CLC presentation in Essex and bought a trial package, 2009 we bought a full membership.
2.  After unsuccessfully booking holidays we surrendered our points at no money value to the resort.
3.  We were sold as an investment and have lost over £20,000.
4.  The fees increased at 5% per annum.
5.  We were told the resort would buy back at market value which was not true.
6.  We tried to cancel but told out of time, which we were not.
7.  Given finance on the day via Barclays.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 06:37 Mr L and Ms S - Club Praia Da Oura

24.10.20014.  Approached on the street with scratch card and was told we had won a free gift, taken back to complex to receive gift.
Hard selling to buy 1 week appartment, no advice re-cooling off period, never explained to us perpetuity and what it entailed. Felt very pressurised, was promised lots of options and discounts but never got.
Have only used our own appartment on only a few occassions.
I feel this has been very missold to us, felt very intimidated and pressured and not enough explanations re - future costs and advice re - maintenance fees going above the cost of living each year.  Was told we would have 30-35% discount to flight club ect, free transfers which never happened.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 06:08 Mrs M - Palm Oasis

1.  Came into contact with company via street seller.
2.  No cooling off period mentioned, but I did ring the UK re number given to me on their paperwork within a week of the purchase date - told that couldn't get refund.
3.  No choice in week number.
4.  Told there would be a re-sale programme - NOT.
5.  Told would be exclusive use - NO members of public stay there for a cheaper fee.
6.  Told there would be ameneties added to the resort, i.e. tennis courts, bowling alley, amusements for children - NOTHING.
7.  Only 1 restaurant there + at pool - told there would be more.
8.  Told that fees wouldn't rise as steeply as they did.
9.  Told this would be an investment and that its value would rise substantially - NO.
10. Told they would get us cheap flights and car hire - NO.
11. Told that there would be FREE transport to/from the airport but NO.
12. Told there would be LIVE music every night but NO.
13. Sales meeting was pressurised, in excess of 2 hours when they said only 1 hour max.
14. Pressurised into signing agreement before leaving.
15. Not been able to sell the timeshare even at a very low price.
16. Have asked resort to take timeshare back for no fee but refused.
17. I've only used this timeshare 3 times but they still insist on all annual fees, and even once took me to court for late payment.
18. They took my deposit of £2400 on credit card the same day as initial meeting: I now find this to be illegal.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 05:30 Mr S - Club La Costa Points

1.  12/8/08 -  Visited Lakeside shopping centre offices and purchased trial pack CLC.
2.  27/9/2010  - Visited Malaga CLC resort and upgraded to 1540 Points. Total cost £20,846.
3.  Both above on finance and card deposits.
4.  I bought with ex partner, however I have paid all fees and finance payments.
5.  I have never used the product.
6.  CLC said would buy back but will not and was savings scheme.
7.  Also can bank any amount of years but can only bank 1 year.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 05:09 Mr & Mrs L - Club Praia Da Oura

1). Portugal 1999.  Approached and given scratch card - won bottle of wine - to claim we attended 3 hour pressurised sales meeting.  Was pressured and brow beaten into signing purchase agreement - and to pay deposit on first day.  We had no cooling off period.
2).  Told that the resort would "re-buy" the timeshare for the same price paid or we would have to find new owner.
3).  Apartment not as good as were led to believe so we:
4).  Upgraded to the hotel complex at further expense.
Perpetuity not explained to us. 
We hadn't realised that the maintenance fees would rise more than inflation.

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:40 Mr H - Palm Beach & Beverly Hills

I had no knowledge or understanding of in perpetuity.  The resort has deteriorated over the last few years, and th maintenace costs have risen beyound the RPI

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:35 Mrs W - Kilconquhar Castle Estate

On purchasing the timeshare I was under the impression that I could upgrade, free of charge, to a newer style villa when one was available.  We were informed that this was a good deal and that I would be able to sell this week easily in the future.
I was shocked to be asked for a large amount of money to change to a newer style villa, this reduced consiiderably when I objected.
In 2014 I enquired about changing my winter week to a summer week, again the fee was huge, which leaves me with no option but to bank with RCI which is moe expensive

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:22 Mr & Mrs K - Moness & RCI pUre points

We are in perpetuity and the maintenance costs are rising.  We are unable to book the resorts requested and th standards have deteriorated.
The costs and the booking fees are increasing.  There is no continuity with either the people or the companies so we cannot solve any problems.

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:19 Mr & Mrs L - CPO - Sunset - Kenmore

The initial exchange concept was not fully explained.
We were told maintenance fees would only increase in line with inflation.
We were ot told that ownership was in perpetuity.
We have never been able to get our first choice of exchange, with exchanges usually benig limited to the Canary Islands.
We have had some very poor apartments.
We were promised that the resorts were exclusvely timeshares, when in reality most are used by package firms.
The cost of the exchanges is high.
We purchased additional points and weeks - this was not successful and we cannot evern get a good choice of resorts out of season.
Sales people were found to be very high pressure and pushy

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:15 Mr & Mrs S - El Marques - Tenerife

On purchasing the timeshare we were misled in the following areas
It was sold as an investment that would increase in value.
We were guaranteed exchange holidays all over the world.
Maintenance fees are increasing rapidly.
I was not aware of the implications of in perpetuity, it was sold as an investment for my children, and not a debt!
On trying to sell the timeshare I have twice been a vicitim of fraud.
When trying to exchange weeks to other resorts the availability has been poor
Because of the above I now longer want my timeshare

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:11 Miss H & Miss L - Anfi Beach Club

we were happy with the timeshare that we bought in 2006, we were told during the sales talk that we would be able to sell it back, but when we have tried to we have been told that this is not an option.
We didn;t realise that to exchange weeks we had to tell RCI and so we lost a weeks accommodation.
We were led to believe that this was an investment and would gain in value.  We now feel that we are stuck with it with no way of seeling it on

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:03 Mr & Mrs C - Burnside

We bought our original timeshare int he UK as family lived nearby and they would be able to use the swimming pool and restuarant - they were never open so we part exchanged in 2006.  This part exchange has not been done properly and fear of passing on a perpetual contract to my childre has caused us to want to dispose of our membership

Tuesday 1st September 2015 07:00 Mr & Mrs J - Pine Lakes - Diamond

I wanted to get out of my timeshare ownership for the following reasons:
My children didn't wabt to inherit in perpetuity.
We often could not book the holidays that we wanted.
The maintenance fees kept riding faster than inflation.
The value of the timeshare didnt go up - it fell.
Several exchange properties were poor quality.
We were forced to pay an additional fee to convert weeks to points
We had to pay a lot of money to exit from Diamond Resorts

Tuesday 1st September 2015 06:56 Mr & mr G - Palm oasis

We were happy with the resort the first couple of times we used it.  Then we were out on a family holiday and we were subjected to more sales pressure to buy more weeks, we then bought one more week.  After a few years the maintenance fees kept going up, and I now feel it's not value or money.  The last few times my wife and I tried to book they told us we would have to take a one bedroom unit, but we are paying fees for a two bedroom unit

Tuesday 1st September 2015 06:53 Mr W & Mrs M - Club Praia Da Oura - Atlas

The maintenance fees are too high and we do not want our timeshare.  Mr W has ill health having suffered a stroke and epilepsy, he has a doctors note that says he can not travel so to get insurance the cost woud be through the roof.  We do not want it in perpetuity

Tuesday 1st September 2015 06:51 Mr & Mrs C - Hollywood Mirage & Beverly Hills

We originally bought a studio and over serveral years we bought more weeks and exchanged apartments ending with 4 duplex weeks in a commanding position in Beverly Hills Club..  We then bought more weeks as an investment and exchanged into points.  We were then moved to Beverly Hills Heights - a move we didn't want and have since attempted to sell our weeks but without success

Tuesday 1st September 2015 06:47 Mr B - Diamond Resorts International

I regret buying, I purchased whilst I was on holiday and tried to cancel the agreement as soon as I returned from holiday.  I do not want to be tied to this commitment.  I have only used the holiday for my daughter and I will not be using it in the future for myself.

Tuesday 1st September 2015 04:34 Mr &  Mrs M - Club Infiniti

During the year 94/95 we were invited by letter to claim a free holiday for listening to a presentation, apparently we were selected at random.  We decided we had nothing to lose and attended Cromer Country Club to listen to a presentation given by Universal Vacation Club.
The presentation was basically about buying weeks for timeshare at Cromer country club.. We were all sat together in a large room, approximately 80 – 100 people and a large presentation team aka salesmen and women. We listened to the presentation and were then joined by an individual sales rep.  His job was basically to persuade us this was the product of our dreams. Every time we considered the information and decided it wasn't for us the sales rep was changed, it lasted all day
The presentation consisted of a video show and may have been PowerPoint presentation (I don't remember specifically) and was all about the amazing benefits and opportunities to see the world where and when we wanted.
The sales process was quite full on and they were reluctant to take no for an answer. The room was hot and noisy. And lunch was a sandwich which was brought to us at the table we were at.
Once we agreed to make the purchase we were given the option of credit card, cash or their own finance company. This we felt was because they did not want us to walk away without signing that day. We don't remember being given a choice of financial products.
The maintenance fees were discussed briefly and these were quite low and reasonable when they started but quickly increased and have become excessive as we do not actually own anything of actual  substance.
In terms of accessibility we were told at the presentation that RCI were a partner and the initial period of one year was free, but we would pay for exchanges. The costs were not clearly defined as in higher charges for worldwide than Europe.
Once we had become members it soon became clear that our ‘week at Cromer’ would not get us in exchanges the holidays we wanted.  Very rarely in the first 10 years or so did we ever get our first choice with RCI as well.
In respect of exclusivity we soon found that the holiday makers were not solely timeshare owners and that the general public could also book these resorts through the high street, at one resort we found that quite a few apartments were also taken up by staff working at the resort which also limited the availability.
Since purchasing  the original timeshare the UVC were taken over by another company. We believe this to be Thurnham vacations, We thought at this point it would be a good time to get out, unfortunately that was not an option  the only option was to either buy more time to allow us more choice or convert to points which was heavily pushed by the sales teams. We ended up under pressure, converting to points as getting out wasn't an option. By then the maintenance fees were getting higher and higher and the only chance of getting the holiday you wanted was by going through RCI, then the destination might have been available but rarely the specific resort.
Since then it has changed hands again and now we are not sure who owns it. Our bills come from Petchey leisure, and MGM and Infiniti features as well.
Finally having had enough of the whole system we arranged a meeting in Tenerife with a rep and asked how to be released from the contract we were told this is not an option as we owned the points in perpetuity. This was the first we ever heard the words.  He then explained that this meant for life and they would be passed on afterwards in our wills.  This was not explained to us at the time of purchase the only mention made was that once we owned them, the could not be taken away from us.
We continued with this meeting as we wanted to reach a satisfactory outcome and was informed there was a way out…. If we purchased some more points now we would be able to cancel the contract in five years, this was part of the deal.  We have since found out that you can only cancel the extra points that you bought and the original would still stand meaning we were still stuck with our original points.
We have looked into the resale options an because we basically own fresh air have found they are worthless which makes you wonder how the company can justify the extortionate maintenance fees.
The only company that would put a value on them (£5000+) wanted us to go to one of their resorts for a meeting and whilst they could get us out of our original contract would only do so if we bought their product at a much higher price.

Thursday 20th August 2015 06:05 Mr & Mrs V - Westgate Town centre

We went to Disney world with the kids and were hijacked at Orlando airport!  We were shown these beautiful holiday resorts, which would be in our reach if we purchased Westgate timeshare.  We bought 2 weeks and were not givena cooling off period.  Since then we never got anywhere near what was shown to us!
The term "in perpetuity" was never explained to us and as we don't want to pass on theis burden to our children, we would like to dispose of it speediest!
As we can't sell our week/timeshare or give it back we feel the only way to dispose of this liability is through ITRA.

Thursday 20th August 2015 05:45 Mr & Mrs T - Osborne Club

We were not aware that ownership of the timeshare would continue after our deaths and that our heirs would have to pay the maintenance.  My husband has a heart condition and has provided hospital certification to the club committee.  However, only long standing members are considered when being released from membership.  My heirs do not wish to be saddled with maintenance fees as they would not be able to use the appartment.

Thursday 20th August 2015 05:40 Mr & Mrs B - Club La Costa Points

We were offered a weeks holiday at CLC Spain.  We were given a nine hours presentation and made to feel that joining CLC would work out cheaper than our yearly £1200 on holiday accommodation.  First we were asked how much we spent on holiday accommodation each year.  We told them it was £1200 and they said they'd come up with a package that would match our yearly spend.
We feel we have been lied to because when we eventually worked everything out we found that we would be paying about £4,300.00.
Taking the CLC membership is not worth the amount we pay because we can get much cheaper holidays at any CLC resort via booking dot com.
When we tried to book a holiday in the UK we were told that we had to wait nearly 12 months to find out if there were place at the resort.  However prospective customers were being offered places at the resorts we wanted on promotional basis.
When you attend the presentation CLC reps make it look like the best deal. They tell you about all the fantastic places you can go and things you can do as a member.
But when you actually join, you get nothing, it it so said that the reps did not provide any financial delegate to discuss things with us and explain the implications.  This agreement was seriously mis-sold.
we don't want to leave this kind of huge responsibility to our kids should anything happen to us.
We have not used any of the points because we have not been given any holidays.  Please help us get out of this please.

Thursday 20th August 2015 05:17 Mr A & Miss S - Club La Costa

We received an invitation through the post to attend a presentation and a free holiday.  After the presentation a holiday was offered and as result we were coaxed into buying a timeshare.  we felt pressurised in the circumstances into buying the timeshare.  We were promised we could book any holiday any where with the points but we could not get the holidays we wanted.  They were always fully booked and our points kept building up.  Even with the points we were charged for whatever service/holiday we could.  We feel our contract was breached because we could not sell, transfer or leave it to our children because it is a liability.
Our experiences with the timeshare have been horrible. 
We pay maintenance of almost £950 but we can not make use of our points.

Thursday 20th August 2015 05:08 Mr & Mrs C - Kennedy Strand

We were rushed into the purchase, including taxi back to hotel to get credit card.
We were approached  by someone in the street.  No cooling off period as deposit paid on the day.
We have used our timeshare in Malta but the room is not adequate for us as a spiral staircase is too dangerous.
When we purchased we were told to use RCI, it is almost impossible to get any bookings when you need to go away.
We don't wish to leave this to our children as it will be a liability, especially as we thought this was for 25 years only to be told that it is for 50 years.

Thursday 20th August 2015 04:44 Mr & Mrs K - Club Praia Da Oura

Someone from the company rang offering timeshare with information about increase in value, easy to re-sell etc.  There was no cooling off period.  The marketing pitch was highly pressurised.  The promise made was that
1. It will go up in price.
2.  It will be easy to re-sell at the later date.
I have not used the timeshare for last 12 years and have no intention of using it in future.
The maintenance cost is excessively high.
The word perpetuity was not explained as well.
I DO NOT WANT to leave this for my children as it is never ending liability.

Thursday 20th August 2015 04:38 Mr & Mrs W - Palm Beach Club

We were collected from the street by a timeshare person while we were out walking in Tenerife.  We were not given a cooling off period.  We felt very pressurised.  We were promised 5 star accommodation with constant upgrades in the apartments via maintenance scheme.  The apartment is shabby to say the least.
We bought as an asset, but now feel it is a liability.  Silverpoint have now changed to Floating weeks.  We keep being asked to exchange to the Hollywood Mirage.  We believe they are trying to change back to a hotel.  We find package holiday makers there who have paid less than our maintenance charges.

Tuesday 18th August 2015 11:27 Mr C - Orange Lakes

After buying theme park tickets we went on a tour of several timeshare locations and we like Orange Lakes, this was in Sept 1993.
After several hours we decided to purchase one week unit on the understanding it was easily exchangeable, maintenance would only go up in line with inflation and it would pass to my children as a valuable asset.
In 1999 we exchanged that week as part of a deposit for weeks 46/47 (Thanks giving) but now the maintenance is too high to make it viable.
The children do not want it, we are unable to exchange to where we want to go, it has become a liability

Tuesday 18th August 2015 10:45 Mr P - CLC

I bought this timeshare in 2010 told many things that I consider to be incorrect and believe that CLC have failed to fulfill their contractual obligations, i.e. availability of property and the extortionate increase in maintenance fees.
I do not feel this was a sound and informed purchase or investment that we were led to believe at the time of purchase

Tuesday 18th August 2015 10:32 Mr F - Villacana San Pedro

In 2001 we purchased wk19 at Barretts Villacana Resort which is in a perpetuity contract.
We have enjoyed a number of holidays at the resort but have not used the apartment since 2007
The children do not wish to use the apartment in the future.
We wish to release the property so our children are not left with maintenance fees to pay in the future

Friday 14th August 2015 04:52 Mr & Mrs J - Diamond Resorts

We first encountered Diamond Resorts when we stayed at one of their hotels in Tenerife independently.  We were repeatedly contacted by a member of their staff based at the hotel to go to a breakfast meeting regarding the resort.  After being badgered on a number of occasions we gave in and went.  We were escorted to another resort where we were given the big sell, which went on for a number of hours into the early evening.
We were told we would be able to enjoy many holidays on the 5000 points option and the value of these points would only increase, we were shown how many different countries we could use the points in and how many holidays we could have with those points, including.  The paperwork was extensive and the pressure was immense to sign there and then.  We were not allowed to leave with any paperwork to read thoroughly before signing, we were told we had to sign before we left that evening.
We purchased the points using their finance partner (Barclays). Again, rushed through very quickly that same evening.
We were told that the Maintenance Fee was based on the points system only and not told about the base charge for the Management Fee.
When we have visited a Diamond Resort (twice) we were constantly hassled by a Diamond Rep, either by phone calls, room visits or in reception.
We were also told, when we enquired, that we would be able to very easily re-sell.
On our last holiday, on talking to people, we found that a high proportion of guests of the hotel were not actually members, so making the statement exclusivity of the resort a nonsense.
When we tried to book a resort using our points, we found no availability.  We tried various weeks and resorts to no avail.
We both feel very uncomfortable knowing that this is a perpetuity contract as in life peoples circumstances change constantly.

Thursday 13th August 2015 08:54 Mrs W - Palm Beach Club/Barnsdale Country Club

Wonderful affordable  holidays for life anywhere in the world. This is what was promised when we originally bought timeshare at Palm Beach Tenerife.  The reality is  punitive spiralling maintenance fees (tripled) and exchange fees with RCI  This was a very pressured presentation lasting several hours.  We have applied for exchanges with RCI but have nearly always had to accept second choice or look for availability
Resale has proved to be impossible even when offered for nothing  Resort and facilities are open to all and not just owners.  We were told it would be easy to sell as it was an investment and would increase in value.
Perpetuity was not fully explained If we had realised our children would inherit this debt without their knowledge, and not knowing whether they would ever be in a financial position to take it on we would never have contemplated timeshare for a second.

Monday 10th August 2015 04:50 Mr L - Diamond Resort Points

I only bought 50 points as I was advised that this would be sufficient for holidays.  With my wife being a school teacher and having to holiday at school times we soon found this was insufficient to ur needs.  Availability is virutally non existant, even when choosing several dates.  The resort has deteriorated over the years.  We were promised an upgrade and this never happened, we have now refused to pay the maintenance fees due to the poor standards

Monday 10th August 2015 04:47 Mr & Mrs F - Hollywood Mirage

We went on holiday to Tenerife and attended a presentation where we were pressurised, after a number of hours, into purchasing a 2 week timeshare.  Since 2007 each time we have returned we have been 'persuaded' to upgrade our weeks so that they would be a better investment for resale.  We did this but the resale we were promised never materialised.  We are now owners of 3 weeks and the maintenance fees are increasing each year, we are pensioners and we can not continue to pay these.  We were totally misled and pressurised into doing as they wished, our last attendance at a presentation  lasted for 9 hours

Friday 7th August 2015 09:01 Mr & Mrs B - La Pinta Beach Club

We no longer wish to own our timeshare because:
We are getting older and our circumstances will change where we are unable to travel or get travel insurance.
The family do not wish to inherit so we want to get out of the in perpetuity.
The maintenance fees are too expensive and we now have a reduced income due to retirement, this is very stressful.
We do not know how much the fees will rise in the future.

Wednesday 5th August 2015 05:58 Mr S - Regency Palace Madeira

In 2007 we bought a timeshare at the Regency Palace, Madeira.  initially this was for a studio appartment for one week, which we eventually upgraded to a one bedroom apartment for two weeks.  we were dismayed this year (2015) to receive notice of the resorts insolvency and the termination of our timeshare.  Two years ago we had paid off one weeks maintenance for the years up to 2031.  We are aggrieved that we paid this upfront without any warning that there would be an insolvency in the pipeline.  At no time were we given information that if an insolvency occurred we would lose our timeshare altogether.

Wednesday 5th August 2015 05:44 Mr & Mrs L - Westgate Town centre

Purchased timeshare at Westgate Town Centre on 7/11/2010 by being pressured after being called in because of a "maintenance charge" problem.  This was a hook and went on from there.  Told bi-annual maintenance chrges would be cheaper.  Shown around appartment which we thought we had purchased.
In 2012 went on holiday to that supposed appartment, was not what we thought as it had a spiral staircase.  My husband cannot climb stairs.  Would not have bought it.
Never realise the effect of In Perpetuity as not explained when original timeshare purchased in depth.  Just it would be cheaper for holidays for us and our family.  They cannot afford to take this on especially in view of spiralling maintenance costs.

Wednesday 5th August 2015 05:29 Mr & Mrs H - Elite Club Fuerteventura

We were put under pressure to sign a purchase agreement following the meeting at the resort.  We paid a total of £6,000 over 24 months.  We were told the purchase would be an investment, but it is a liability and financial burden as maintenance fees keep increasing year on year at above the rate of inflation.  We were never informed the rate at which these fees wouls increase.
When Mr H was made redundant in 2011 we contacted the resort, as we had been told by the salesperson that they would assist if we wanted to cancel or sell our timeshare.  They refused to offer any help or to take the week back, stating we could only stop paying fees if we ere declared bankrupt.  At their recommendation we paid Timeshare Hypermarket to advertise our timeshare -  £59  - a waste of money.
We were given 3 years RCI membership, and paid for a further 3 years with the promise we could bank our week and book other holidays via RCI.  Whenever we tried to book via RCI there was very little available, and we could not even use our week as it had already been banked.  We were told the resort was for the use of timeshare owners only, but we met people staying there on package holidays who were paying less than the annual maintenance fee we were being charged.
At the time of purchase no mention of any "cooling off" period was made .

Wednesday 5th August 2015 05:09 Mrs W - Club La Costa

First point contact was free holiday, on arrival it was conditional upon us attending a meeting.  We were offered the opportunity of a life time to access holidays in luxury on a vacation points process.  Following this each and every holiday we booked we were then badgered into attending meetings.  At these meetings further pressure was applied and we entered an all singing points scheme where we went off to Tenerife and were placed in an appartment that was substandard.  Upon us complaining we were told that there were no Club La Costa appartments free and asked to pay £150 to get a better appartment which was only 1* not 5* as we expected.  We were sold something that does not exist and found ourselves paying management fees we could not pay.  If we went on holiday because we had to holiday outside the Club La Costa package because the holidays we wanted were never available.  We were just given something to sign at the end of day that means your at the point where by you would do that because your worn out and unable to say any more.

Wednesday 5th August 2015 04:51 Ms M - Club La Costa

Article in local paper offering timeshare at half price in competition.
All done by phone and mail.
Details given regarding property.
Legal details sent.
Seemed an appealing purchase - holidays cheap - flights cheap.
Convenient holiday date - week 16 - covers easter.
NO cheap flights.

Tuesday 4th August 2015 05:42 Mr & Mrs S - Club La Costa

Mrs flew from Birmingham airport and she was stopped by a Club La Costa rep. offering a week’s holiday to Malaga Spain.  When Mrs returned from her holiday we had a few phone calls trying to get us to go to Malaga.  It was offered for 99 pounds, we were a bit reluctant, but we gave in as they said it would be a free holiday.  We went February 2011? with our children.  Everything was OK.  We were picked up, given a lovely apartment with flowers and wine and a message to say we will contact you about a meeting.  At the meeting we viewed the site.  They were a very high standard.  All the while they kept saying “this is the quality you can expect”.  We were taken to a marketing suite where lots of others were there.  We were shown on computer all about it and that we could have 2 weeks a year holiday.  We signed up for a trial membership (Destinations trial membership), we felt we were being pressured a lot and the reps. kept saying to our kids things like bet you would like to go here etc. 
We bought a timeshare for £12,086.00. 
We went to Tenerife where again they put us in a beautiful high standard apartment, again with flowers and wine (April 2012).  Great holiday.
We went to Malaga again.  They put us in a basic apartment, ground floor, not luxury at all.  No flowers, no wine, we were not happy.
They asked us to meet them like the first time and asked us to join the Fractional Rights.  We were pressured again through the kids and Mr told them he was made redundant and one of the managers said , I know a van driving company who will give you a job in Birmingham, pressured again.  Mrs asked what happens to the £12,086.00 already invested, they wouldn’t give her a clear answer.  She complained and said that’s my children’s inheritance.  They gave in and said we will add it to the £13,741 which we would be in for 19 years.  We thought we would lose their inheritance so the other was saying we get it back, so we thought it was the only way to get most of it back, even though we will have to be in it for 19 years.
Mrs is in bad health now and can no longer travel due to major surgery.  We also notice a big rise in the yearly maintenance.  We did ask before we signed anything, will the maintenance go up? They said NO. 
We can no longer afford this.
So we rang Club La Costa and explained the situation.  They said they don’t buy them back but they could give us their partner company to sell it for us called Travel & Leisure based in Sudbury.  Mrs paid them almost £400 for their service.

Friday 31st July 2015 09:06 Mrs W - Club Praia Da Oura

We were approached by two people on the street and asked if we were interested in going to a presentation.  We then went to the resort for the sales process.  We did feel pressured into buying, also we were not aware of a cooling off period. 
The maintenance fees were not worth what we were paying that was our thoughts.  We were misinformed about the resale option.  We were told we could only stay in one resort where as other people were going to others.  When we used the product we didn’t find it worth the money that we had paid and were still paying. 
Perpetuity of contract – was not aware of it, nor was it told to us about it.

Tuesday 28th July 2015 10:01 - CLC points

We purchased Club La Costa points in 2007, since then we have not been able to get the holidays at the locations  or at the times we wanted.
We do not wish our children to inherit such "in perpetuity" financial liabilities.
We think the maintenance costs, year on year are far too high and provide poor value for money.
We were informed at the point of sale that Club La Costa would buy back our points, that the points would accrue in value over time and that they would be easy to dispose of
Had we know these facts at the time of sale we would never have gone through with the purchase in the first instance

Tuesday 28th July 2015 08:33 AM - Mrs. H. - Club La Costa

We purchased a trial membership in 2010 and then upgraded to full membership in 2011.  We were told when we became full members that we could get holidays anytime during the year but we found that there was no availability and told we now have to book 2 years in advance.  We are in a perpetuity contract and was told our children could use it but have since found out that they would be liable to pay maintenance fees for the rest of their lives.  Our maintenance fees since we purchased have increased year on year.  We were missold on the contract as we were told that Club La Costa would purchase the points back if we decided to sell them but when we asked we were told they do not buy back the points and were advised to go to a selling agent.  We were told our points were an asset but it is a liability.

Monday 27th July 2015 06:08 Mr & Mrs S - Diamond Resorts

We were cold called by the GVC vacation company and offered the opportunity to spend the weekend in a hotel to allow us to visit there timeshare holiday park at the Kenmore Club at Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland.
We were shown around the site during a 3 hour presentation where we were given a large amount of information both verbally and in writing about the benefits of there points based timeshare holiday system and Interval International exchange system. There was a level of pressure selling by the sales people and they appeared to need to meet targets over the weekend and were very encouraging in telling us how wonderful the opportunity was that we had been offered.
After the presentation we agreed to pay a deposit to allow us to purchase 12,000 points and pay the balance as soon as possible, this would allow us to use the timeshare properties they had immediately and to have access to the Exchange system for holidays around the world. We would pay a yearly charge for our inclusion in the points system and that this charge would only increase by the rate of inflation every year, this has not been the case as fees have increased every year by an amount greater than inflation. We would also have to pay another charge to Interval International to be able to use the exchange system.
We where told that the Points System would come to an end after 50 yrs and the company would be closed and sold and that we would get all of our money back.
We can not remember if we paid cash for the points or took out a finance agreement with them to purchase the points.
We used the points once to visit Tenerife and once to visit Malaga and once to visit Minorca. The accommodation was quite basic and not as good as we had been lead to believe.
We tried to use the Interval Exchange system ( now RCI ) a number of times, but were only successful once in getting an exchange week in Hawaii, on the basis of we paid for one week’s accommodation and used an exchange week for the second week.
We were under the impression that only members could use the properties and this was one of the reasons why getting exchanges was as difficult, as we had to rely on someone in the resort we wanted to give up there week/s for exchange use. It was not until some years later that we discovered that anyone could book the resorts and on many occasions pay less for a week than we were paying in maintenance fees
After a few years of being unable to get exchange weeks we contacted GVC which was now called Sunterra and asked if there was a better way to use the system, or a way to sell the points and opt out completely. We feel that we were mislead when we were advised that we could only sell our points to other members of Sunterra or swap them for fixed weeks which we could sell easier through the resale company that they would recommend.
We feel we were also mislead when we agreed that we wanted to swap for weeks as we were not told that the ownership of weeks was in perpetuity, as opposed to the points which would cease after 50 years, and responsibility would fall to our to family to pay maintenance fees after we died.
Had we been aware that the maintenance fees on fixed weeks were in perpetuity we would not have swapped as the points would have ended in 50 yrs and our family would have no further responsibility for payments.
We have tried over the years on a number of occasions with a number of so called resale companies to sell the weeks we had been allocated but with no success.
Sunterra then became Diamond Resorts and we contacted them to see if we could sell or otherwise cancel our weeks and membership of the resorts to be told no we could only sell them to others, which as it turned out was impossible because the weeks are worthless, as no one wants them due to the maintenance charges and the amount they increase by every year which is higher than the inflation rate.

Friday 24th July 2015 09:46 Mr - Oasis Lanzarote

We bought timeshare in 1996 in Oasis Lanzarote Club, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote on the understanding that this was a private members club, it has become apparent in the last 10 years that the resort is open to all and sundry.
The fact that our children will inherit this liability is a concern and was never explained.
We paid a deposit of 35% on the day and were never given a cooling off period, the remainder being paid through Interval oveer the following 2 years (total £6200)
The name Emlyn Hughes was brought up as a staunch member and that there was to be a second phase (still a derelict piece of barren rubbish strewn land next to the club) with a 100 seater jacuzzi (the largest in the world).
We noticed a decline in the clientele in that 1000,s now had accessibility to stay and 2 years ago we actually left 3 days early as we were unable to stand the noise of two young girls with children above who would come back in the early hours, shouting and quarreling and obviously inebriated and swearing and the children crying.
We paid an extra £170 for refurbishment which did not cover all the apartments and those it did cover, the floors and whole of the bathrooms had not been touched (our sink had a crack in it)
The whole place is like a tenement block not a private club and we were disgusted, want out

Monday 20th July 2015 11:30 Mr. R. - Calypso Cay Vacation Villas, Florida

I bought the timeshare apartments in Calypso Cay Florida.  I can never get booked in to use them and since my wife died I no longer want to use them.  The maintenance keeps going up each year and I can never get the availability when I ask for.  I don't wish my son to be left with this timeshare and I want to cancel it.

Friday 17th July 2015 06:29 Mr & Mrs L - Orange Lakes/Blue Green/Parkway

We were informed at the time of sale the properties would increase in value because they were near Disney, which has not been the case.  We were informed they could easily be re-sold which was untrue.  The companies made it sound it was easy to exchange our weeks with no problems but in fact we have found we were unable to do this most of the time.  Even our destination choice we changed because we were unable to book where we wanted to go.  We have even stopped using the timeshare, because we were unable to book anything albeit we couldn't get our destination choice or dates.  We were informed maintenance fees would increase with inflation but they have increased much more than inflation. We both feel we were mis-sold these timeshares due to pressure of sales and the time we had to conduct the sales.
We do not want these timeshares to be handed over to our children as the timeshares are a liability and our children would not be able to pay any money for them.

Friday 17th July 2015 06:17 Mr & Mrs W - Diamond Resorts Points

We were approached by Elliott Property Ltd London by mail in 1988.  We were promised (2002) by DRI points (on payment of £1000).  We are burdened by high maintenance fees £1670 (£10.10 2007). In event of death of myself would leave too big a burden for my wife.
We do not wish to pass this burden to our family or involve them with misleading statements as when points were purchased e.g. "perpetuity".  We have paid maintenance fees since 2006 and have never used Diamond Resorts.
An attempt to sell since 2010 has been unsuccessful and calls in question any advantage in our original purchase.

Friday 17th July 2015 06:01 Mr & Mrs Q - Las Cals/Dyserth Falls/RCI Points

In 2007 we purchased two timeshare weeks in Las Calas from a friend.  We were advised we would be able to use it anywhere in the UK and globally.  It would not be in perpetuity and we would benefit from all the periferal advantages such as car hire, air fares etc.  This has proved to be totally untrue, the holidays we required were never available and the annual maintenance charge was rising annually above the current rate of inflation.  We were advised that we should convert to the points system as this would give us  more possibilities, again not the case and further costs were imposed annually and if we did not use our points an additional fee was levied to retain them.  we became very disillusioned and when we tried to sell the timeshare it was impossible.  We were then advised that it was a timeshare in perpetuity which meant that it would be passed down to our two daughters who had no need of it and would be unable to afford the related maintenance and points costs.  This has become a major worry and caused us to have sleepless nights.  We took a holiday in October 2014 at the Dyserth Falls resort in Wales.  They invited us to a meeting where our timeshare at Las Calas would be sold for a fee of £6950 and in exchange we would own two floating weeks with them which could be exchanged in the UK.  We would pay no maintenance fee!  This again may not the case.  We signed up for this plan believing that Dyserth now owned our two week in Las Calas. NO the transfer was not done and we now have a further timeshare plus our original two weeks in Las Calas.  We were also not told that our RCI membership would continue as points despite selling all our timeshare weeks.  We feel that we have been totally mis-sold on all aspects of our timeshare apartments.  we have not been advised fully of the legal obligations we have been placed under and we have continued to pay all monies for a service that was not what it was stated.

Wednesday 15th July 2015 10:07 Mr T - Club Estrella Dorada

We first purchased timeshare in 2002.
On our first holiday to Spain in 2003 we upgraded to Dorada Club Cala Pi using Thurnham Hall as a trade in.
We paid the balance of £10000 by way of credit card on the day.
We have not used the membership in the last 4 years.
We have never been able to get the holiday of we want when we wanted.
The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained properly and if it had we would never have gone ahead with the purchase.
This was sold to us as an investment

Tuesday 14th July 2015 11:10 Mr & Mrs M - Beverly Hills Heights

We believe the timeshare was mis sold the agents denied it was a timeshare.  We were then transferred to another company without explanation.  The maintenance fees are very expensive and I am not in a position now, or in the future, to be able to afford it.  I can not see us using the timeshare ever again in the future

Tuesday 14th July 2015 11:08 Mr & Mrs M - Diamond Club Martima

We thought we had bought a 2 bedroom apartment but in actual fact it was never built.
It is in perpetuity and our children don't want it, the maintenance fees are getting too expensive and as it is only a 1 bedroom apartment we were given in exchange for our 2 bedroom we now can't use it as a family

Tuesday 14th July 2015 11:06 Mr & Mrs F - Carpe Diem

We feel the product was not suitable to us as a family as we never used iit.  We are frightened to use it in case we are pressurised into buying more.  We tried to stop the annual payment but were sent legal letters

Tuesday 14th July 2015 11:04 - club praia da oura

We were shown a different apartment to the one we actually bought.  The whole amount was taken from our credit card within 24 hours.  A deposit was also taken on the day offering no cooling off period.  We were advised later it was more beneficial to change to a fixed week to a floating week at a cost to us.  This still did not increase the opportunity to enjoy what we thought we originally purhased.  We have tried to relinquish this back to the resort but to no avail

Tuesday 14th July 2015 11:00 Mr & Mrs T - Club La Costa

Back in 1991 timeshare seemed like a good idea and we were impressed with the quality of the resort.  Asurances were given about the flexibility in terms of changing weeks etc.  We did not use it much in the first 10 years.  Changing to vacation points in 2003 seems attractive, again we were assured booking would be easier.  But exchanges were more difficult to achieve even if we booked a year in advance.  We upgraded to platinum but booking difficulties still existed.  We can not get out of the contract and do not want to pass it onto our children

Tuesday 14th July 2015 10:56 Mr & Mrs R - Club Bellasol

The maintenance fees keep going up.  The initial unit was replaced with a larger Unit when the orginal company went bust - we have tried to return it to the resort to no avail.  We do not wish our family to be burdened.

Tuesday 14th July 2015 10:54 Mr & Mrs N - Puerto Carma

We bought the tiimeshare in good faith and had some great holidays with no pressure to ugrade.  The points system was then introduced and the sales pressure got too much for us.  It spoilt our holiday so much that we left the resort early morning and did not return until late evening, we have never used the resort since

Tuesday 14th July 2015 10:52 Mrs M - Moness Country Club

I now want to divest mysef of my timeshare because of recent illness and the difficulties experienced trying to get rid of the responsibility of either allowing the membership to elapse or in finding a suitable use for it

Tuesday 14th July 2015 10:51 Mr & Mrs S - Westgate Resorts

We didn't realise it was in perpetuity, and we were led to believe we could sell it back to the resort.  They told us we could have a cheap half price unit as someone has just 'sold' one back to them so it was second hand.
Our circumstances have changed and my husband now only has a temporary job.  We don't want our children to be burdened with maintenance charges f anything happens to us - they can not afford it.  We were promised reduced flights which never materialised

Tuesday 14th July 2015 08:07 Mr. K. - Silverpoint

Contacted initially by telephone, we purchased timeshare in Florida in 1993.  Many years later we purchased timeshare in Tenerife with Resort Properties.  At no time were we informed that we had a 14 day right to cancel. We paid for one of the timeshares by way of £1,000 deposit by credit card in 2009 which we now realise is illegal.  The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never fully explained.  We have never been able to get where we want and when.  There has always been a compromise.  We feel that the maintenance is too high as we can get similar holidays cheaper via the internet. No longer exclusive, we feel we have been missold in many ways.

Monday 13th July 2015 06:31 Mr & Mrs C - Anfi Gran Canaria

Me and my wife were on honeymoon when a rep approached us and asked us if we would like to have a look at the timeshare. We said no but she was very persisitant and we agreed to go for a couple of hours, being promised to be able to use their private beach and use their facilities.
After looking around we were pressured into buying.  We were promised half board, a 2 for 1 which they told us we could sell to get some of our monies back plus the 3 weeks would be in Anfi. Everything was a lie.  We found this out as we took our week.  Everything we were told was found to be untrue and we spoke to management about it, which they said there was nothing they could do but upgrade us to lifetime membership.  We were duped again!!
We have since only used this timeshare once as we have not been able to afford to go.
My business went bankrupt due to a client not paying for works done, which left me in financial difficulty.  Paying for this timeshare has been a nightmare and is taking us further and further into debt.

Thursday 9th July 2015 09:56 Mr & Mrs R - Club La Costa

First in contact with Club La Costa by taking a free holiday from attending presentation in Corby.  Once there Club La Costa sold as membership after attending a lengthy meeting.  Every time we took a holiday we felt pressurised into taking more points, always on finance.  They had sometimes to try several finance companies due to our financial status. They even encouraged us to add our sons to the ownership.  Always had problems booking holidays and due to the above pressurisation we are  now in an IVA to clear our debts.

Thursday 9th July 2015 09:45 Mr & Mrs W - Hollywood Mirage Club

We were on holiday at the Beverley Hills Heights when we were approached by a representative of Resort Properties.  We attended a meeting where he presented us with an investment portfolio assuring us that Resort Properties would be able to sell within the year and then there would be a further opportunity for re-investment.  This was obviously misleading as we still own one property after 10 years.  At the time we didn't realise the repercussions this would have for our children as they will not be in a position to finance this and therefore feel a misrepresentation occurred and we feel that we were misled and mis-sold and had we been better informed we would never have purchased the timeshare as this money was earmarked for our children's further education.

Thursday 9th July 2015 09:30 Mr J & Mrs G - Heritage Resorts

We owned Petchey Leisure and were stopped in Malaga along the road and taken to Heritage presentation lasting approx 3 - 4 hours where we convinced to leave Petchey and join Heritage. When we arrived home my husband was ill and we had doubts about Heritage.  We wrote a letter to them advising that we wanted to cancel.  Mr Norman Anderson then telephoned to say we would not get our deposit of £2500 back so why not go ahead anyway.  Our letter to him was within the time limit.  We did feel very pressurised.  As for perpetuity, it is something we do not want especially for our children to have to be responsible for.  We were not told of all the implications involved and were misold.

Thursday 9th July 2015 09:02 Mr & Mrs N - Club Praia Da Oura

We went to London to purchase our time share of which we feel we were miss sold. We purchase of what we thought we have purchased a May week, but when we got home we realise that they gave us January week.  I tried to explain to them that I was offered for the month of May but I was told the contract was signed and it can not be changed.  we don't wish to leave it to our children because it will be a liability to them.  Also the maintenance fee wasn't explained to us.  We have used only 10 times during the length of time we bought our time share.

Wednesday 8th July 2015 11:43 Mr G - Diamond points

We first purchased the timeshare in 2000 and it has been a constant upgrade since
We feel that the maintenance is too high and not value for money.
We can get the same holiday at the same resorts for less on the internet.
The fact that our children would inherit this debt was never explained to us and is a constant worry to us

Wednesday 8th July 2015 11:00 Mr. H. - Dona Lola, Kinloch Rannoch & Orange Lake

I purchased timeshare units at Dona Lola, Kinloch Rannoch and Orange Lake (USA) in 1981 for family vacations.  Following my wife's death in 2006 and my children having other interests, I have no use for these units.  I am concerned about the ongoing contractual liability for these units, which will fall against my estate and will be a liability for my children in perpetuity.

Wednesday 8th July 2015 10:52 Mr. F. - Infiniti Points

We bought 2 fixed weeks of timeshare in Portugal which were then used as a trade in against Infiniti Points.  Our first purchase was financed by Clydesdale Bank.  Our next three purchases were paid by credit card on the day and within the 14 day cooling off period. Our last purchase of 68,000 points in 2013 was for a 5 year membership on the understanding that all of our points would cease in 5 years.  We now know this not to be true.  The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained.  We feel that the maintenance cost is too high as we can obtain the same holidays via the internet for less money.

Friday 3rd July 2015 06:36 Mr S - Diamond points

April 2010 cold call from Diamond Resorts offering a promotional holiday
May 2010 short stay at Pines Lake (Cumbria) "please allow 90 mins for your presentation" very friendly but hard sell 4/5 hours
Signed up for sampler membership on 19/05/2010 for £1995, £400 by credit card and £1595 through Barclays Partner Finance, offer was limited to certain European resorts 10000 points to use over 18 months
May 2011 7 day stay under preview sampler at Valley De Golf (Portugal) again friendly but hard sell promotion of 4/5 hours
signed up for 10000 points membership on 10/05/2011 cost was supposed to be £12500 but we were allowed £2000 trade in for sampler membership and negotiated a small discount cost was £10250, this was paid through an extension of the Barclays Partner Finance account
August 2011 letter and certs received from DRI points were "registered"
Nov 2012 stay at Vilar De Golf Portugal, had further 4 hour session to promote fractional, we were told we needed more points to make it work and so signed up for a further 6000 points at a cost of £6000 with a further credit agreement with Barclays Partner Finance account, on return home had second thoughts and telephoned and emailed on 05/12/2012 to withdraw from contract
Holiday at White Sands Beach Club Menorca similar friendly but sustained 4 hour session on 17/05/2015 reps attempted to sell us a conversion to fractionals at a cost of £12700, we declined thios offer

Friday 3rd July 2015 05:13 Mr T - Marriotts

We purchased 2 weeks of timeshare with Marriott's in 2001.
After 2 years of ownership we bought another week in Marriott's Andaluz.
The fact that our children would inherit this liability and debt was never explained, if this was known to us we would never have bought.
We feel that the maintenance is too high as we can get the same holiday for less money via the internet.
For the past 6/7 years we have not been able to get when or where we want at the standard promised.
This applies to home resort and exchange.
We were told that this would be an investment for the future which has turned out not to be the case

Friday 3rd July 2015 04:25 Mr & Mrs H - Diamond Resorts

First approached in Huddersfield enquiring about holidays.  Obtained phone number and invited to Wakefield to presentation.  Went ahead because keen on timeshare in UK.  A cooling off period was allowed.  Were particularly pressured by company when Sunterra took over Thurnham – uncomfortable so.
The product we own is not, we feel, we originally wished to own.  Perpetuity was not explained but encouraged as doing something wonderful for any children.  Re-sale companies now proven to be not independent of Diamond.

Thursday 2nd July 2015 11:54 Mr M - CLC Fractional

IN 2008 we bought a trial membership in the UK, In 2009we upgraded to a points system, this was a constant upgrade.
When we requested to take this back they told us the only way to sell this back was to upgrade to fractional, we have never been able to get where we want when we want
We thought the maintenance paid for both accommodation and flights.
we never realized or explained that our children would inherit this liability on our death.
We can get the same holidays via the internet for half of the cost of the maintenance

Thursday 2nd July 2015 09:49 Mr B - Heritage resorts

In 2010 we purchased two properties in Tenerife with Resort Properties on the understanding that we use one for holiday purposes, the second one as an investment, "they" would let it out on our behalf and this would in fact pay for the first one
They firmly assured us that we could sell at any time, this was not the case when we approached them.
In 2012 we holidayed on a special offer from Heritage, they agreed to take the properties in Tenerife from us in exchange for one week "floating" uneven years super red with them plus approx £13000, none of this happened.
We asked Heritage about selling, they cannot do this for us and referred us to a resale company with costs to us and no effect

Wednesday 1st July 2015 11:33 Mr P - CPO

in 2001 I purchased a timeshare at CPO while on holiday in POrtugal
This cost me £3665. Within a year I realized that I could not get any holidays, they told me that I would need to upgrade to red time at a further cost of £3745.
On both of these occasions they took a deposit within the 14 day cooling off period.
Even after upgrading I shall have not been able to use this timeshare purchase and have never used it for a holiday in the 13 years of having it
The fee have continued to rise making this timeshare impracticable and not good value for money
I have been trying to hand back this timeshare but have been told that I will still have to pay the maintenance fees which at some point will pass on to my children/family
I was never informed at any time that this timeshare would follow onto my children/family
I was told at the time that this timeshare would be an investment and would increase in value, this information was totally untrue and this timeshare is in fact worthless

Wednesday 1st July 2015 11:07 Mr W - Club La Costa

We purchased a trila membership of Club La Costa in 2007 after a sales presentation in the UK
We attended a sales presentation in Spain later that year and were persuaded to upgrade to the Destination Club
By 2012 we had decided that we did not want to keep in the scheme and during a holiday in Tenerife we were persuaded to upgrade to the fractional points owners club on the basis that this would be easier to dispose of either by reselling privately or by reselling through Club La Costa
We were never made aware that the liability of this agreement would be transferred to our children
We found all the sales presentations to be very high pressured and many of the claims made were misleading
We have had a few holidays with Club La Costa but often found that there was no availability at the resort that was our first choice

Wednesday 1st July 2015 05:08 Mr & Mrs S - Heritage Resorts

We was given a scratch card in the street and when we rubbed it off I was told I had won 1000 euros and if we didn’t mind we could collect this and also see the new apartments there.  We was there for hours and purchased a time share which we have upgraded twice but it was not what we were promised

Tuesday 30th June 2015 11:38 Mr. L. - Royal Oasis Club

Bought in 1998 privately.  Now a widower and no motivation or desire to continue with my timeshare.  Paid management fees but not used most years.  Recently had major operation and not as mobile as I used to be.  Also I find that my state pension makes keeping up with management fees a strain on my limited finances.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 11:07 Mrs & Miss A - South Beach Resort, Barbados

During my holiday to Barbados in June 2005 I was approached by a rep from South Beach Resort whilst out shopping.  I was invited to a lunch to speak about buying a timeshare, with my mother. We were made to believe that it was better than purchasing a package holiday.
I found the reps and the consultants to be persistent and had pressurised us into making a decision on the day.
Since purchasing the timeshare we have used it several times to the same resort.  Our family are from St Lucia and at no time have had the opportunity to use it there.  When checking availability there was always 2 - 4 year waiting list.  I now find owning the timeshare a liability which incur yearly rising feed and would like to dispose of it.  I believe we were mis-sold due to the inflexibility of the product.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 10:23 Mr & Mrs C - Club La Costa Points

I attended a meeting in London, not realising it was a high pressure sales that lasted approx 41/2 hours.  i bought 1 week timeshare (red).    I was given a free week in Marina Del Sol, there another high pressure salesman sold me another week.  he told me it was a brilliant asset which I would be able to sell anywhere. But the truth is I don't think so.  As years went on it was harder to get week I wanted, I changed to points in 2007.  I was led to believe by the sale guy in Duchally it would be a lot easier to get short breaks and holidays, but it's not true.  I think that I have been misrepresented and mis-sold.  I don't wish to leave this to the children as I think that it would be a liability.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 10:06 Mrs B - Diamond Resorts

My late husband and I purchased Palm Oasis in 1999.  we were approached on the street and taken to the resort.  We did feel pressurised. We decided to sell in 2009 to ILG who were going to take it off us to resell and they would pay maintenance fees, which were not paid.  We did use the resort several times.  we did find several factors at the resort needed looking into with regards to maintenance of the property.  Maintenance fees keep going up annually.  Mis-sold timeshare on basis of passing it to my children.  We bought points with Sunterra but was never easy to get what we required.  Same again ILG were to sell but did not pay the maintenance.  I just need these to be gone from life.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 10:00 Mr K - Algaida

In 1992 summer Transatlantic Leisure approached us and I attend presentation meeting and I was told some extra benefit once I decided.  They promised me Italian dining table and some travel voucher to be given.
I didn't receive anything after a few months and I realised that I was deceived.
Ever since I never used this timeshare even once and keep paying maintenance fee for 23 years.
I tried to sell through agent and never be able to sell so far.
I do not want to leave this my children as is liability.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 09:42 Mr & Mrs C - De Vere Belton Woods

we became aware of the company through friends. 
There was a 14 day cooling off period.
We thought that exchanges would be easy but more have been occasions when it was not possible.  We have never been able to exchange for Slaley Hall.  We are very disappointed with that aspect.
Maintenance fees have doubled since purchase.
We have been unable to sell the lodge - we were told it would increase in value - it has decreased.  It is of no value to our children after our death - as suggested - it is a liability.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 07:26 Mr H & Ms T - Anfi Beach Club

Over the years we have owned the timeshare the maintenance fees have gone up over inflation making it too expensive to go, it would be cheaper just to pay for a holiday.
At the point of sale we were rushed and I was taken by taxi with a sales rep to get my credit card.  I was told it had to be paid there and then.  It was sold as an investment but has turned out to be far from it as it costs to sell or give back.
We were also misled into believing we could book and go anytime but when we try there is no availability.

Tuesday 30th June 2015 06:26 Mr & Mrs T - Club La Costa Points

I received a telephone call and was informed that I had been picked out and I can have a free holiday for one week in Tenerife.  I had previously filled out a questionnaire at one of the airports. 
We paid for our flights and received an apartment free for the week.
We were informed that both myself and my wife had to attend a meeting on the Wednesday.  Unfortunately my wife was very poorly and she was confined to the apartment on that day so we could not attend.  We had two days left of our holiday and we were told that we had to attend the meeting or we would have to pay the cost of the weeks holiday, six hundred pounds, which we just could not afford.
We arranged to go to the meeting on Thursday – the following day, as we were returning home on the Friday.
On the Thursday morning my wife was still not well, I had myself caught the virus and was very ill and sick but we had to go to the meeting.
My wife and I met the holiday representative at the reception, where I had to disappear as I was feeling awful.  I said to the representative I was not feeling well, she said we had to go.
We got on the bus, I got to the meeting when I had to disappear once again.
This was happening throughout the meeting which lasted six hours, my wife was outside the office for most of the time as she felt unwell.  We just wanted to go back to bed.
In the meeting we were informed that this was not a timeshare business, we were informed that we could give it up after two years, they would buy it back off us.  They were very influential and we felt very pressurized.  We were given five thousand points, plus a free bonus week.  We were given a financial agreement there and then, on the day – no deposit.  We were given one hundred per cent agreement (financial), no credit checks.  This agreement was with Hitachi Capital.
We arrived on our bonus week, only to find out we had to go to another meeting.  We were given a new agreement, they said the first one would be cancelled.  In fact no agreement was cancelled and I am now paying for two investment firms, Hitachi Capital and Shawbrooks.
We were not given the large folder with all the information in it until we had signed, we didn’t realise there was more.
We can never get the holiday resorts at the time we need, they are all booked up.  My daughter was going to join us on holiday and we were informed to have an extra bed in the room would be one hundred pounds for one week – she did not come.
I go online, package deals are so much cheaper, I feel I am being robbed.
I have missed two direct debit payments with Hitachi Capital, I have managed to catch up, now Hitachi Capital say if I can’t keep up with the payments they want forty three thousand pounds from me.
We are in financial crisis.  This all due to Club La Costa giving me false information.  Club La Costa told me they would cancel the Hitachi Capital payments – but they have not done so.
My wife and I are extremely stressed.  We were put under a lot of pressure in the meeting as we were both visibly unwell.  We definitely were under duress when we signed, we were forced to attend the meeting, Club La Costa didn’t care, the fact we were both unwell.
I have so many points but cannot afford to go on holiday.  We were informed we could cancel our membership after two years, Club La Costa would buy it back off us, now we are told one of us would have to die before it would be considered, this has become a nightmare and we are now in financial trouble.  We felt the pressure put on us was greater because CLC knew we needed to get back to our apartment, we feel they played on that fact – we were not able to return until we had agreed to what they wanted.

Monday 29th June 2015 11:01 Mr & Mrs M - Orange Lake Country Club

Presentation took place on resort property – asked if I would like to look round resort and then taken back to office where hard sell began.  When it was obvious that we would not buy a new property, we were offered one of the older villas at a lower price, still not interested and then he reduced price again and we accepted.
Finance was arranged in house.
The reason we bought this week was that we were assured of in house resale or rental would be available when/if required.  Exclusivity of resort stressed.  Maintenance fees rising yearly.  Now on fixed income and not travelling abroad as often as we get older.
Exchange company is RCI – finding it increasingly difficult to get fair exchange when or where required.  We have never used the villa since purchase – have always banked with RCI.  Properties available now badly in need of upgrading.
Resort no longer exclusive to owners.  Can find online or through Travel Agents such as Virgin and Thompson.
Contract length – 2061 ( we will be 110 years old!!!)

Monday 29th June 2015 10:20 Ms L - Heritage Resorts

My parents bought week 4 at Coronada Apt 601 about 30 years ago and a year later bought week 3 at Villa 279.  In 1995 the remaining parent passed away and I continued paying the maintenance.
In 2011 I upgraded the 1 bedroom apartment to a two bedroom.  Then in 2012 I was told that people owning a fixed week would be eligible to pay Spanish tax in the new rules but would be safe owning floating weeks.  Was also told he would easily be able to sell them for us, even mentioned a price.  No emails were answered and the following year it turned out “Chuck” had been moved to Matchroom due to complaints.  We were then told they don’t sell properties.
It seems when I want to use my weeks I have to bank them with RCI and then pay to use weeks I want at Heritage as they always say they have no spare for us except sometimes 1 bedroom apartments.

Monday 29th June 2015 05:33 Mr S - Atlas MGM

I bought the timeshare because I liked the area.  Within 2 years I tried to sell it as the salesman told me I could, but I couldn't sell the timeshare.  It is not my type of holiday.  I have tried to sell it when Atlas contact me and changed my contract, but again could not.  I have never used the timeshare

Monday 29th June 2015 05:22 Mr C - Moness Country Club

Over 20 years RCI have given us excellent exchanges but the rising costs are giving concerns - we are both now in retirement and no longer have a salaried income.
Holiday now have to be carefully considered, we are now crusing at selected times as a change from self catering.
Our health at the moment is good but this may change and therefore our future ability to travel will be limited

Monday 29th June 2015 05:17 Mr M and Mrs S - Moness Country Club

At the sales presentation in perpetuity was not explained to us at all - it was intimated that to leave this to our family was a good thing, an asset for their future.
The maintenance costs are getting higher every year

Monday 29th June 2015 05:15 Mr & Mrs A - Sunset Bay Club

Initially we bought both weeks together and enjoyed exchange holidays, sometimes offers allowed 4 weeks holiday in exchange for my 2 weeks.
The maintenance fees over the years have increased beyond acceptable limits and RCI costs have also risen.
Exchanges have become restricted to what little is available rather than what I choose.
RCI have now introduced trading power rather than a 'week for a week' exchange which reduces the exchange choice.  My weeks have no resale value and I don't want my children to inherit large fees after my death

Friday 26th June 2015 09:16 Mr J and Mrs O - Anfi Beach Club

The maintenance fees are too high, and we can't get exchange weeks. It is in perpetuity.  We were promised it would go up in value which it hasn't.  We paid a deposit that was cashed on the day,  It was sold as an asset that could be passed onto the family.  We can't sell it and it is more expensive than a package holiday

Friday 26th June 2015 09:02 Mr & Mrs M - Marbella Beach

We were sold 2 weeks as a cheap alternative to package holidays.  The maintenance was reasonable to begin with but now it is a ridiculous amount.  We were led to believe they would but it back from us, we were not told it was in perpituity.

The standards are falling and we can never get an exchange

Friday 26th June 2015 08:59 Mr & Mr R - Club La Costa

Initially the accommodation and attention to detail was terrific.
Availability started becoming an issue after the second year.  Flight availability from where we live is difficult and the management fees escalated beyond expectation.  Our belief was that the points we purchased were floated on the stock exchange so we were purchasing shares in CLC.
The club is no longer exclusive

Friday 26th June 2015 08:56 Mr & Mrs F - Villacana Club

We were never told that the contract was in perpetuity, we were also told about cheap UK flights which we can't get from Aberdeen.  We have only used it 5 times and we are unable to get exchanges - we just want out

Friday 26th June 2015 08:53 Mr & Mrs S - Flamingo

We purchased our timeshare and in the beginning it was very good, but then the resort bagan to decline, we were also badgered to go onto the points system

Friday 26th June 2015 08:51 Mrs P - Forrest Hills

I have inheritied this timeshare as it is in perpetuity.  I neither want it nor can I afford it. The maintenance fees are too high and exchanges are never available.  On the odd occasion when exchanges were managed the standards we not as expected and very poor

Friday 26th June 2015 08:49 Mr & Mrs S - CLC - Sunningdale

There is limited availability in the UK, the customer service is poor.  Due to ill health we can not fly.  The fees continue to rise and we felt presured to buy more products

Friday 26th June 2015 08:48 Mr & mrs Moos - Marina Park

We purchased the timeshare to provide an oversees holiday destination for ourselves and our 3 children.  Our children are now grown up and they no longer use the timeshare.  It's availability is now poor and it has therefore not beeen used since 2000

We are conscious of the increasing fees for maintenance and there appears to be no contriol over this.  We are aware it is impossible to sell this type of timeshare and since we are now over 80 years of age we do not wish our children to be burdened with the financial commitment

Friday 26th June 2015 08:44 Mr G  & Mrs T - Mystic Dunes

We ase both now retired and find the maintenance very expensive, much more than originally.  It is difficult and expensive to get exchanges and the standards in some of the places has dropped.

We find America too far to travel to and prefer nearer home now.

Friday 26th June 2015 08:41 Mr & Mrs Dick - Diversified Next Generation

We expected to be able to surrender the points after 3 years and get half our money back and ridding ourself of the timeshare. There is no availability and the maintenance costs are rising.  It cost £100 to exchange and another £117 to carry the points forward.  We are liable for this timeshare for 53 years.  We are unable to book 10 months in advance due to work commitments

Friday 26th June 2015 08:35 Mr & Mrs D - Moness Country Club

We were very happy with our purchase originally, a lovely location and the fees were reasonable.  However the fees are now prohibiitive.

There are deals on Groupon that offer accomodation for less than 50% of our annual fees.  We were told that the purchase was an asset and it would increase in value and we have now found it to be worthless.  Originally we had no problems exchanging into resorts of equal status but now it is very diffilcult to find exchanges.  The resort is now no longer exclusive to timeshare owners

Friday 26th June 2015 08:31 Mr & Mrs M - Craigendarroch

We bought it 10 years ago and there was no mention of a perpetuity clause.  Our circumstances have changed and are family are not interested in taking it on

Friday 26th June 2015 08:28 Mr & Mrs C - Diamond International

It was fixed weeks originally and then it changed to the points system.  We have learned to use this by sharing every second year with another couple.

Huge percentage increases on the maintenance fees, and we do not want to leave it to our children.  I am not retired and I want to tidy up my estate.  A fractional would not be an option considering my age

Thursday 25th June 2015 11:15 Mr.G. - RCI Points

Contacted by phone and mail with offer for holidays at cheap prices.  Pressured for close of sale by WHO (World Holiday Ownership) on day and deposit taken.  Maintenance fees have escalated over time and perpetuity not explained fully which has not allowed us to sell the timeshare as a profit making asset as sold to us.

Wednesday 24th June 2015 10:57 Mr. T. - Club La Costa Fractional

I purchased a trial membership with Club La Costa in 2003.  I then bought into the points system, which I found was a constant upgrade because I never had enough points.  I bought into a fractional membership because it finished in 19 years and the maintenance was promised to be a lot less.  I can now get the same holiday a lot cheaper and easier on the internet. The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained.  They told me I could re-sell back to them at any time.

Tuesday 23rd June 2015 10:00 Ms. W. - CLC POINTS

Bought membership in 2010. Was sent a free holiday and felt pressured into upgrading to being full member. Cannot get availability and was told family/friends can use.  Was told can be sold on perpetuity contract.  Have been unable to get weeks/accommodation I've asked for. Maintenance has risen every year since purchase, paying money yearly and cannot get what I've asked for.

Monday 22nd June 2015 07:52 Mr. & Mrs. M. - Diamond Resorts

We bought the points from GVC in 1998. We noticed that the management fees did increase far more than we expected.  In 2008 we thought we had sold these points by changing to 2 weeks (13 & 14) and paying a company Incentive Leisure.  We sent the next bill for maintenance to Incentive Leisure as they said they would pay them.  During this time GVC Diamond Resorts said that the maintenance fees hadn't been paid.  Then in 2011 we received a bill for 3 years maintenance which I had to pay.  As we don't really use the timeshare I feel that it was not beneficial for us to purchase in the first place and the whole purchase was never really explained to us.  We weren't told that if we passed away our children would be responsible for the maintenance for the 2 weeks we own.

Wednesday 17th June 2015 05:22 Mr H - Club Infinit

I came into contact with this company through scratch cards at Riviera Del Sol resort
There was no cooling off period as the company said "If you don't sign today at the presentation then you will miss out"
The promises were a holiday/s of a particular standard at a time of your choice
At the start we received the product as promised but the last few years it has deteriorated where you can't get the resort or the times that we want
The maintenance fees have gone up and up from the original statements
We were not told that this contract was in "perpetuity" and also they said we could sell the timeshare at any time and in fact when we bought the first set of points they said that we could purchase at a preferential rate because they have just had some traded in

Thursday 11th June 2015 06:27 Mr & Mrs H - Club La Costa

I received a phone call from a man stating I completed a survey about holidays.  He said we could have a cheap holiday if we would tell all our friends how wonderful the resort and club were.  They helped us to find a cheap flight.  Also I asked if it was timeshare - he said definitely not! and repeated to me just tell friends and family on your return.  We went to the resort in Tenerife (Paradise). When we entered the apartment there was a paper on the table stating we had to attend a meeting.  This was not a welcome meeting although the rep paid for our breakfast.  We were taken to an office on the resort.  We were shown many holiday destinations that they control. I was taken in by it all.  They talked about points and fractions and bi-annuals.  Neither of us really understood it all.  We felt we were talked to death. Before we came away we were promised another cheap holiday with them at either Tenerife or Malaga.  We took it up still not realising what we were getting into.  We then went through the many papers and realised we had signed up to something outrageous.  Looking at what we would need to pay at the end of the term, we both felt so sick.  I had just finished chemotherapy when I first had the phone call re the holiday.  My head was everywhere and I really pushed my husband to agree.  When we went back in May it dawned on us that we were being pulled into something we could not afford.  I am now a pensioner and my husband will be in 2 years.  we both felt sick with worry, couldn't sleep.  It made my husband really ill.

Thursday 11th June 2015 05:35 Mr C & Mrs H - RCI Points

We were contacted by a company called Golden Travel offering us “cheap” holiday at Sunset Beach Club, Benalmadena, Spain.  They said we would just need to attend a 90 min holiday presentation with no obligation to buy.  The actual presentation took more than 5 hours and we felt pressured into buying the package.  We asked for time to consider the offer but they stated it was a special price deal that would not be available at this price at any other time.  We were pressured into paying a deposit at that time with the balance due in 4 separate payments.  We were promised luxury holidays all over the world in top class accommodation.  This is not the case.  When you try and book something it is never available and you are offered something less appealing.  We have only used it once but they were only interested in trying to get us to upgrade to another package.  Maintenance fees are rising year on year by approx 9%.  We feel that we have been duped into buying the holiday package.  RCI are using our resorts, maintenance fees etc to let out the accommodation to other travel companies hence reducing our options.  The points we bought are not enough to cover a holiday although they never made this clear at the sales presentation.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 11:53 Mr B - CLC Fractional

Cold call - Presentation @ Stratford upon Avon
Purchased in 2012 in Tenerife, finance sorted by Club La Costa
No option for looking for a better financial deal, lied about pay back options
Can never get a holiday where we want and when we want it which we were told we would never have a problem with.
Completely miss-sold as an investment.
We were told that we could sell at the end of the term and make a profit.
Price of maintenance and booking fees are very high, a lot more than we were initially told.
We were told that we could easily have 3 weeks holidays a year with the points we have this is not the case

Wednesday 10th June 2015 11:33 Mr M - CLC Points

We feel that the point system is a constant upgrade as we now have 4001 points and still cannot get where we want when we want.
We feel that the maintenance is too high as we can get the same holiday cheaper on the internet.
The fact that our kids would inherit this debt and liability was never explained to us.
This was also sold to us as an investment.
We now have something of no value with increased costs.
Speaking to Club La Costa is of no use as they will only try and sell another scheme 

Wednesday 10th June 2015 09:17 Mr A - CLC Points

We first bought a trial membership in 2009, then upgraded to the points system
we have never been able to get what we want where we want and we feel that the system is a constant upgrade 
the maintenance we feel is to high as we can get the same holiday on the internet for less money and moor availability
The fact that our family will inherit the debt and liability was never explained
We feel that the sales presentation was very high pressured and we were never made aware of a cooling off period

Wednesday 10th June 2015 09:10 Drs G - Las Farolas

My late husband and I received correspondence through the post to invite us to a presentation followed by a one to one consultation to purchase the timeshare in 1990.  The timeshare was sold forcefully, stating that the value of the timeshare will increase over time, it would be an investment.  we were told that the management fee would only increase with inflation.  We were told that the owners would only use the facilities but became aware that it could be used by anyone.  there was no cooling off period given and we felt pressurised to purchase.  Initially we used the product, but later used exchanges but these were difficult to get.  We were not informed that the timeshare would be in perpetuity. We received a holiday in Florida in return for the purchase at that time.  I do not wish to pass this timeshare on to my children.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 08:51 Mr J & Mrs H - Diamond Resorts Points

We were approached in Hersonissos, Crete by gentleman offering scratch cards to win various items.  we "won" a prize but meant travelling to the Village Heights Golf resort, Crete, where we were given a talk on the benefits of investing into Aegean Blue Vacations.  we were promised cheap holidays all year round, especially school hols.  Also told always able to book where you wanted to go as properties only ever 80% full!!  Given cooling off period.  Felt pressurised on 2nd upgrade.  Feel let down when Diamond Resorts took over Aegean Blue in 2014 and to become a full member with Diamond Resorts, they wanted a further £6,000!  Have used product 3 times but last experience in Praia Da Oura, Portugal was awful, like a cave.  We were promised 5 star accommodation every time - not the case.  Do not wish our children to be left this time share.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 06:52 Mr & Mrs F - Monte Anfi

We were approached by a rep with an offer of a tour in 2003.  We were told we were buying an asset, it would appreciate in value from the initial cost.  we would only have maintenance fee to pay for lifetime of holidays and we could leave it to our children.  we purchased a 1 bed floating red week.  The next time we were there we were asked to upgrade and this would give us a week in a two bed.  We paid a deposit of £2800.  My wife became ill and I did not think we could continue with this and we lost the deposit.  My son died in 2009 and together we agreed our situation had changed and we wanted to sell.  We signed an agreement in 2010 and also gave £400 deposit to a company to help with the sale.  We were also thinking of selling as long ago as 2003 due to ill health and have a resale form dated 17/10/2003 with Anfi.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 06:33 Mr & Mrs J - Onagrup/Lion Resorts

We were missold the timeshare in Majorca in 2013 being told it was a rescue package for Lion Resort owners and that if we paid a further £6000 to buy unit 109 for weeks 37 & 38 we would get our money back when resort was refurbished and sold on in 2015.  This was a scam as Global Residences LLC have since disappeared.  We have a son who we do not want to pass on this commitment as it was originally for 30 years and we were never told it had changed to perpetuity when we exchanged in 2013.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 06:16 Mr & Mrs A - Marriot Vacation Club

We were approached in France (Paris) while on holiday by the agent of the time share company.  Mrs A was made to give £5, which she is to collect back after meeting with.  At the Marriot office we were pushed and persuaded to take the time share.  This include taking/signing for a loan there instantly.  We did not understand the whole purchase but we were actually made and forced to sign.  Our 2 yearly maintenance fees keep on increasing every year and we now struggling to pay.  We were made to believe it is good to join but not aware that we cannot "come out of it" and that our children have to continue with it.  Presently it is seeming too expensive to keep and we would not like our children to inherit our debt.

Wednesday 10th June 2015 05:23 Mr & Mrs J - Ses Fontanalles

Whilst on holiday in Lanzarote we were approached by a time share rep who gave us a scratch card which once scratched (by the rep) told us we had won a weeks holiday. To collect this holiday we had to go to a presentation.
A car picked us up and took us to an office.  We were unsure where or why we were there. Everything was high pressure sales and focused on how much you could save on future holdays.  We were told we could sell at any time and that we could pass the time share on in our will but at no time were we told it would be in perpetuity.
We paid £400 deposit straight away and they told us we  would have to pay the rest (£2450) asap once we had returned from holiday and we had 14 days to change our mind but if we did they would keep the £400 deposit (this was told to us after we had paid the deposit).  We purchased one week in a one bedroom apartment in a low season but in 2005 this was up graded to a mid season (by Intercorp not at our request).
We did get the free weeks holiday in Ibiza but we ended up in Torrent Bay and not Ses Fontanellas (which was the time share we owned in) and we have never stayed at Ses Fontanellas.
We were given 2 years free membership to RCI and then we paid yearly until 2012 when we cancelled it.  We banked our weeks each year but we only used the RCI service about once every 2 years because of the poor availability.  In the RCI catalogue there are hundreds of holiday destinations but none were available so we always ended up in Tenerife.
We were told the maintenance fees would go up but only if and when necessary.  They started off about 28,673 pts (approx £143) and the latest bill was for 559.50 euros (approx £500).
We have looked into selling our time share but were only ever offered alternatives to time share at a higher cost.

Tuesday 9th June 2015 10:07 Mr. & Mrs. P. - Next Generation Points

In 2011 we were invited to Tenerife by Future Resorts  We thought we were going for a holiday.  After arrival we found out it was not what we thought it was.  It was to sell us timeshare.  After meeting the staff at Future Resorts we could not decide whether we wanted timeshare.  They then called the manager Deckland who convinced us that it was a good investment and could sell them back anytime we wanted. We paid £500 deposit and was told we would receive a contract within 7 days.  On returning to the UK, after 10 days we did not receive a contract.  We contacted Wilma a member of staff and tried to cancel the deal on the grounds that we did not receive a contract and was not happy with the situation.  We then contacted Deckland, the manager, to complain about the situation.  He then threatened us with his legal team.  He then stated that we would receive our contract after we had paid the outstanding balance.

Tuesday 9th June 2015 06:46 Mr & Mrs M - Beverly Hills heights & Hollywood Mirage

We entered a competition at Tenerife airport on our return in 2013.
We received a phone call several weeks later saying that we have been chosen to attend a promotional holiday at the Hollywood Mirage Club, Los Christianos, Tenerife, on the condition that we attend a presentation on the benefits of the Silverpoint Vacation Club.
We booked the holiday for October 2013.
The presentation was in the Silverpoint offices, with 1 advisor and no other customers.  There was no presentation.
We were asked if we would like to go on holiday to places like America, Canada and Australia.
We were told that there was a way we could go anywhere in the world to top quality accommodation.
If we invested £10,000 then amazing holidays would be possible for us.
I was unsure from the beginning.  I wasn’t tempted as my husband, and I am the sensible cautious one.
I made it clear to my husband and the advisor that I had doubts and wasn’t happy to proceed.
The advisor worked on my husband to talk him into buying.  Making it all sound great.
My husband made the decision to go ahead.
We didn’t need any proof of income to get the finance approved.
The advisor was very clever, he promised to take us out on a boat and out for a meal if we went ahead.
The advisor could tell my husband was weak, vulnerable and easy to impress, so he talked to him a lot.
The finance went straight through.
We were invited back to the resort in the following May 2014 and we were told that they would tell us how to clear our finance within a year.
We went back in the May 2014.
My husband was talked into investing £30,000 more and was told if he did this, come May 2015 all the purchases would be sold and we would be debt free.
Again I was not sure, but my husband made the decision.
The finance went through with no trouble even though my husband was only working part time in his own shop and the business was only recently established and not yet making a profit.
The finance was done separately this time, half in Mrs.  and half in Mr.
Mrs. was a housewife and not working at this time.
My husband retired from work February 6 2015 due to ill health which had been ongoing and getting worse since 2009.  Brain injury, diabetes, blood clots and angina.
My husband had all of the above when we took on the finance and Silverpoint were aware of this.
We contacted Silverpoint Feb 2015 to tell them our financial position and remind them that all of the weeks should be sold by May 15 and we should be debt free.
They were un-cooperative, didn’t answer phone messages or emails.
At this point we realised we had been conned.
We received maintenance fees for this year, unable to pay just made small payment.

Tuesday 9th June 2015 04:26 Mrs W - Westgate

We contacted Westgate Resorts as regards relinquishing our ownership and they enrolled us into their voluntary deed back program
we paid them $850 visited a notary at a cost of £80 returned the notarized deed back to Westgate and was told it would take approx 7-10 weeks to process

Monday 8th June 2015 05:42 Mr & Mrs T - Crown resorts

The original apartment Club Tarahal, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife was purchased
in 1991 after a very long and hard sell by the apartment owners.
In 2010 while staying in a Crown Resorts Malaga Spain, we were informed by a
Diversified resorts representative who was based in this resort that the Rei
week's system was a waste of time and money as it generally could only
provide low quality holiday apartments. This had been caused because RCIhad
arranged to transfer the higher quality apartments into their more flexible
points system. This had a knock on effect that the apartments could not be
sold or surrendered back to the owners.
The owners of club Tarahal had failed to adequately maintain the units even
though they had increased there maintenance fees to ridicules levels on a
yearly basis, we found we were left with a very expensive, supposedly high
maintenance, but poor quality apartment.
The resort Diversified representative informed us that he could very easily
assist us with this night mare that we had found ourselves in.
Diversified Resorts could arrange for us to leave the RCI weeks system and
Club Tarahal by becoming members of the RCI Points system, which would
provide far easier and better access to the higher quality portfolio of RCI
holiday / vacation properties.
All we had to do was trade in our current holiday apartment, Club Tarahal and
pay an additional £2500.00 GBP, and purchase 30000 Rei Points, the points
would form part of the maintenance agreement.
This new purchase agreement would provide us with easier access to higher
quality holidays. We also had to purchase a membership with prestige
Vacation with ambassador gold through Mertex investment S.L.
It was clearly discussed with the diversified representatives and his boss that
our end goal was to remove ourselves from any involvement with Time Share
The senior diversified resort representative Mr Christian Brachet had noted our
concerns, and clearly verbally stated that after we had been with Crown
resorts / Diversified for a period of over 3 years we could cancel our RCIPoints
membership as per the Rei rules, and surrender our time share. In previous
discussions we had clearly stated that when we surrendered the time share we
would not be expecting any funds to be returned to us.
As the purchase order was to be issued on RCI Headed paper we did not
envisage any problems.
An RCI purchase agreement on Rei headed paper was drawn up between
ourselves and Crown Resorts Marketing Limited and signed by us as the
A Signed Rei point's certificate was issued noting diversified as the resort.
No other documentation apart from the prestige Vacation with ambassador
was issued.
A cooling off period was given be as we believed that we had an agreement to
a higher standard portfolio of holiday / vacation property, and were had
agreed a way out of owning time share property, we did not take this option.
When we next contacted RCI to book a holiday there was never anything
available that we wanted in the time period we required it, other resorts were
available but in counties /areas we did not want to visit or revisit, and many of
the resorts we were offered / could choose were yet again of a much lower
standard than we were expecting.
We originally purchased our apartments for the RCI peak season (red), thus
paying the higher costs and became members of RCI. After we had purchased
the original apartment, Rei in attempts to get more guests into time share
apartments particularly in the peak period declared certain areas to become
Red time all year round thus increasing the buying price for new time share
owners and enabling people who purchased the cheaper apartments in the
original off peak seasons access to peak time holidays at no extra cost, causing
a shortage of apartments in a more desirable season.
Again in another attempt to help get members to take Rei vacations, RCI
permitted or instigated floating time where everyone from an affiliated
floating time resort had to apply for weeks which they could swap, thus
downgrading the worth of any previously purchased red time apartments and
caused an additional shortage of apartments in the desirable seasons.

Monday 8th June 2015 05:36 Mr & Mrs N - Panareti

We were on a family holiday in Cyprus when we were invited to visit the "new era of holidaying"  we were told that this would be a morning. When we got to the venue were were shown a one bedroom apartment and was told that we could own a share of this particular apartment.

We were then taken to the bar area, where the agent was telling us all about this fantastic new concept of holidays. We were told that if we bought in to the resort we would have holidays for life in Cyprus and that by having the floating red weeks we will be able to go any time we wish.

We asked what would happen if we no longer wished to have the holiday or could no longer afford it, we were assured that if this was the case, the resort would simply buy it back.
we were kept at the resort for around 7 hours until we were persuaded to buy this one week at resort.

The following year we went to the resort and was offered to buy a second week, but with this second week they explained that if we buy in to the points system not only are we guaranteed to to come back to our original resort, we would also be able to holiday anywhere in the world.

Since buying the second week and buying into the points system we have never been able to book into our home resort.  We have had a number of holidays in other places but never at a resort we have chosen. We have not had any points credited to out account since 2008.

We have changed out address with raina resorts / Panareti but have never been sent a bill for our maintenance. We have received demands from a Debt collecting agency, the first time was in 2011 this bill was paid twice once in December 2011 and again when a final demand came through in January 2012, even though this one demand was paid twice, the same debt collecting agency have included the same amount in their latest demand.

We have tried talking to the owners of the resort in 2011 and emailed changed of address, we asked them about buying back our weeks, after this they stopped talking to us, they have never acknowledged emails or any other communications.

This is a true record of our interaction with RCI  and Raina/ Panareti

Thursday 4th June 2015 05:20 Mr W - Diamond points

We purchased points in 2001 and it has been a constant upgrade ever since as they said we never had enough points for what we wanted to do
The maintenance fees have been increasing yearly and we feel they are now too high as we can get the same accommodation on the internet for less money.
The fact that our children will inherit this liability was never explained to us at any of the upgrades

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 09:52 Mr & Mrs H - Infiniti Points

We were approached in the street by people with scratchcards whilst on holiday.  We were then invited to a tour of the Oura View Beach Club, which then turned in to a presentation lasting a number of hours.  we then signed up for a two year trial membership, paying a deposit of £3,699 with Barclays which they arranged.  We were given a cooling off period of 14 days.  we were promised RCI for the second year £750 spending money (which were used against flights that year).  When we phoned up there was not always availability, as promised, and we have to book well in advance.  We were led to believe this was an asset and didn't realise we were signing up for perpetuity.  We have used the product and within a day or two we have been pestered on a regular basis to come to presentations.  We don't want to leave the product to our children as we believe its a liability.

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 09:34 Mr M & Ms P - Sunset Beach Club

We were approached by a man as we walked along the beach and given a scratchcard.  We apparently won a free holiday and he hailed a taxi ushered us into it and we were on our way to Sunset Beach Hotel.  Once there we were taken to the business floor and were very pressured into buying this time share.  We were shown holidays on the computer, spoken to by several people and shown a room we would be buying.  It was explained that we could sell the time share in the future if we were not happy with it and it would cost less to have this rather than buying a holiday each year.  We were pressured into writing a cheque for deposit at that time.  Therefore no cooling off period.  This has now become a liability as we do not wish to leave this to our children as this constitutes leaving them a debt.

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 07:20 Mr & Mrs D - Club La Costa

Club La Costa holiday in Spain, approached by a rep to come to resort presentation - which took 6 hours - showed us around all the best properties.  Liked what we saw.  no cooling off period offered.  At the end of the presentation felt pressured due to having to pay the money upfront.  1 Bed apartment, when called to book never got what wanted, where we wanted, especially at of Spain.  breach of contract, never got what wanted, when wanted it, had to pay maintenance fee, not fixed increase every year. Did use product, told not steps due to elderly mother, when arrived 14 steps to climb.
July 2005 - went to RCI Brentwood presentation, was told to exchange CLC for 100,000 RCI points. Only to find out linked to a Diamond resort in Lanzarote.  Maintenance increased from €500 in 2005 to €1100 in 2011.  Mis-sold product, as did not get 100,000 pure points as linked to resort.
Gave notice Dec 2011 of 1 year to get out of timeshare.  We don't want to leave anything to our children/grandchildren as it will be a debt not an asset.

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 07:04 Mr & Mrs M - Elite Club Fuerteventura

We were approached by O.P.C. whilst on holiday.  There was no cooling off period.  Yes we feel we were pressurised.  We were promised it would increase in value for future and was an investment for our children to inherit.
Having visited this site on 3 occasions we were let down 2 out of the 3.  it is very shoddy and furniture etc. was worn out and dirty.
The amenities are run down and poorly maintained.
We were led to believe it would be open for use 12 months a year but it is only fully open during summer months.
Overall we feel our experience was that of let down each time we visited.  There's no way that this complex is five star as promised.  We are worried that this timeshare will be passed on to our children.  We feel we were mis-sold and do not want to leave it to our children.  We were sold this contract and led to believe it to be a five star resort.

Monday 1st June 2015 09:20 Mr M & Ms F - Grand Leoniki

When we were taken from the street in Rhodes we were shown a holiday which seemed at the time useful to us and our families.  We originally bought 1 week with Aegean Blue and was asked to holiday in Village Heights resorts Crete.  At this point we were sold time share in Village Heights resort, we tried to use this in the meantime and found the web site confusing inaccessible and not suitable in any way for our needs.  We then went back to Crete to Grand Leoniki and was sold a further deal from weeks to points thinking this would be more suitable , no it wasn’t. Then we were informed Diamond bought Aegean Blue out.  No contact apart from bills until this year when tried to swap contracts to Diamond, we feel mis-sold a product which has cost us dearly and we don’t wish to leave this to our children for them to pay for.

Monday 1st June 2015 06:57 Mr G - Hollywood Mirage (Club Olympus)

In 2011 we purchased 1 week's timeshare at Hollywood Mirage, in 2013 we were sold 4 extra weeks on the understanding they would be sold over and within the next 2 years, the profit from this further investment would pay for the first week.
I bought this timeshare at the age of 64 on a 10 year loan agreement, my wife and I were never given the opportunity to shop around alternative finance arrangements.
we were sold this on the basis of worldwide travel but have never been able to get were we want when we want.
The fact that our heirs would automatically inherit this liability was never explained to us.

Friday 22nd May 2015 11:06 Mr. & Mrs. H. - RCI Points

We were on a presentation holiday and purchased a fixed week timeshare. At the same time we joined RCI on the understanding that this week could be exchanged. This rarely proved to be possible so, given the opportunity to convert to a points system, provided we purchased additional points with RCI Next Generation, we did so.  This has also not proved to be as flexible as promised, given that weeks are often not available.  We have real concerns relating to the rising costs of two sets of maintenance fees and to the fact that our family could inherit costs they will not want or be able to afford. The transaction/ownership has not proved to be as good value for money as way promised and is certainly not an asset.  We can now buy a similar holiday for less than the annual maintenance fee and exchange fee combined.

Friday 22nd May 2015 10:58 Mr. & Mrs. A. - Club La Costa

We brought a trial membership in 2008. We upgraded to a silver membership with 1,000 points in 2009.  We upgraded to a gold membership in 2011 by adding 500 points extra.  We were sold it each time on the basis that it would be an appreciating asset.
The fact that our children will inherit this liability and debit is a massive concern to us.  This was never explained at any point.  We can get the same holidays via the internet at half the cost.

Friday 22nd May 2015 10:43 Mr. G. - Club La Costa

Having found myself in perpetuity contract with Club La Costa and having been told I could use it on a floating week and that it would increase in value and reasonable maintenance fees.  I have since found out not true. I have tried several times to have a different week but never had this fulfilled. I have also been unsettled by the hard sell every time I have my allocated week, trying to get me on points or fraction contract.  Additional costs occurred having paid 200€ for a copy of my certificate and an additional 200€ for re-reinstatement of my timeshare due to a late payment.  On several occasions I have been allocated a different apartment to the one I own which has unsettled me.

Wednesday 20th May 2015 08:33 Mr. G. - Club La Costa

I have purchased a timeshare from Club La Costa in 2000 consisting of 1501 points on a promotional holiday.  It was a high pressure intense sale and I was promised that there would be availability for many premier resorts and that the product would have a resale value that would increase annually and that the maintenance charges would go up only in line with inflation.  However, the charges have escalated beyond belief and the resorts that I want to stay at are never available.  I have since purchased a further 500 points in 2006 because at a sales presentation I was convinced that there were many venues coming online and hence more availability. This is NOT the case and Club La Costa are re-selling and re-branding the same products for sale again. I have tried to sell my points as it is unusable but they wont take it back and it has no value.  Perpetuity was never explained to me on the day and I feel that the product was totally mis-sold.

Tuesday 19th May 2015 08:30 Mr. S. - Diamond Resorts

The initial contract was a trial membership promising outstanding holidays to entice myself into the lifetime of great holidays at a fraction of standard holiday costs. On first holiday a hard sell and a full membership was taken out.
Since then an almost impossible task of finding any holiday to a location of my choice with what seems a constant increase of maintenance costs. These were promised to be of high availability and ease of access to make holidays simple.
I have children and I admit to take them on holiday limits my dates but I feel that this whole holiday scheme cannot fulfill the promises that were sold to me and I cannot take my children away when I require so end up paying for holiday outside Diamond Resorts.
Diamond Resorts failed to explain fully to me that the membership and all fees would carry over to my children on my death of which is unacceptable and I would not have agreed.

Monday 18th May 2015 09:01 Mrs E - CLC Fractional

We first purchased our timeshare in 1987 in Spain and for the first 10 years we had really good holidays.
However since 1997 we have had to upgrade to points then to fractional ownership to enable holidays as required.
Consequently we found that availability was not available for the periods we required
With fractional ownership we would be able to sell our points in 19 years and that there would not be any future responsibility by our sons to continue paying maintenance or membership fees, however these fees have increased over 100% since 1987 and we were not informed of the clause that in perpetuity meant that our children would be liable after our death

Monday 18th May 2015 08:14 Mr D - Diamond resorts & Fractionals

told us on 13/05/2015
We originally signed for trial membership (2 Diamond weeks and 3 RCI week) €1815.
On first holiday on 14/05 ibn Village Heights, Crete we were sold full membership - Fractional membership 13 years
We were told availability at any of the resorts was never a problem, especially as we holidayed outside the children's holiday period - not so.
We were told that all the resorts offered a 50% resort discount if booked within 59 days
We asked about if one of us died before the term ended and were told, "we are a very caring company and will be released from your contract  -  Not so
we were not told that if they couldn't sell the property at the end of the term then we were stuck with it
We were advised of the cost of he points we had to buy for the holidays but not the charge for membership fees
They even worked out the cost of the holidays omitting their fees

Monday 18th May 2015 07:39 Mr & Mrs B - Royalty Gold Club

The costs of the flights is too much.

The management fees are too high.

Ill health of Mr B has caused the insurance costs to go too high.

We are only using it because we are paying the management charge

Monday 18th May 2015 07:38 Mrs B - Diamond points

We purchased 25 points with Diamond in the year 2000, on our first holiday to Tenerife they informed us that we did not have enough points to holiday.
We then bought a further 100
We can never get where we want to go and visit due to no availability, we can get the same holiday's for less money via the internet, which proves this is not exclusive.
The fact that our children would inherit this debt was never explained to us

Monday 18th May 2015 07:37 Mr D - Regency Club

1.  The maintenance fees I was told would only increase slightly every year, but have risen a lot.
2.  I didnt know about perpetuity - it wasn;t explained to me at the time I was sold the timeshare
3. I have been unable to get any exchanges with RCI
4.  I can go to a travel agent and get a cheaper holiday!

Monday 18th May 2015 07:35 Mr & Mrs J - RCI ceded points

Initially the timeshare was working quite well and we were able to take full advantage of the benefits.  In later times this has become more and more difficult to secure holidays, where and when we wanted them.

The increase of maintenance fees and RCI membership fees became prohibitive.  We approached the company to do this and were redirected to a selling agency.  We upgraded to RCI Platinum in the hope that it would help matters but to date we have not seen any advantages.  In fact the situation has become more frustrating.

Monday 18th May 2015 07:32 Mr & Mrs H - Fortina Spa Vacation

We purchased this an an investment and were told it was a buy to let.  After 2 years we were told this was not the case but in fact it was a timeshare.

We feel we have been vey misled bu this company, as we stressed this was an investment for us and we would not actually use the week, they were happy with this as they said they would rather rent it out making money from the rental of it

Monday 18th May 2015 07:29 Mr W - Paradise Kings Club

We were pursuaded to buy a timeshare week on the gronds we could keep it, use it, allow family to use, swap it for other 5* resorts including ones in the UK.  We were given week 50 originally and found that this week did not allow us to use it because I am a teacher (semi retired).  We were then persuaded to get week 48 but fouind it impossible to swap even in the UK (we have used it once at a sub standard resort).  This week still conflicts with school terms.  We were also told that we could sell the week back after 7 years.  Flights from Scotland cease after October making it impossible to get to the resort

Monday 18th May 2015 07:25 Mr F - Moness Country Club

The timeshare has not lived up to it's original expectations:

Maintenance costs
Ability to exchange
Rebuild costs
Ability to cease the contract
Lack of explanation about the 'in perpetuity' aspect.

Monday 18th May 2015 07:23 Mrs R - Hollywood Mirage

I bought this timeshare studio as it was sold to me as an investment. The property would increase in price with very little change to the yearly maintenance.  The in perpetuity was sold to me as a major benefit and the quality of the resort was a major factor.  However all of the above has proven untrue.  The maintenance has greatly increased year on year.  The standard of the resort is deteriorating, the product is not a good investment as I am unable to seel and the in perpetuity is a major problem and concern.  The cost of keeping this is a concern both mentally and financially

Wednesday 13th May 2015 06:44 Mr. B. - Club La Costa Fractional

We bought our 1st week in 2001 & this was traded in for points in 2001 and upgraded again in 2002.  So we had 2001 points total.  We were told we could book any number of holidays anywhere in the world. This was not the case.  On planning to book, nothing was available.  We were told to join RCI to book, which would and still could not get any booking.  In 2013 we traded in our points for Fractional and we were told this would increase in value until it sold in 2030 as it was a property.  The maintenance has risen from £469.25 to £1,794.00 this year, well above inflation.  We were told we could sell firstly the points and were not told it was forever 'perpetuity'.  We feel we were pressured & lied to by Club La Costa and feel we have been miss sold into a contract which we cannot get out of and which is increasing in cost year and year.  They said they would buy points back etc. complete lies and false statements and promises.

Tuesday 12th May 2015 05:54 Mr & Mrs W - Club La Costa Points

We were initially contacted by telephone prior to our first meeting advising we had won a weeks holiday but had to attend a meeting in order to obtain the holiday.  When we arrived we were shown to a large area where many other couples had also received the same invitation.  After initial presentation each couple was seen by a representative whilst still in the room and questioned on past holidays, venues and ways of having more holidays in the future – trying to tempt us to buy a trial membership – which we did – a horn was sounded each time a purchase was agreed, and a little bottle of champagne presented – creating a situation where everyone seemed to want to buy.  We were offered finance for the cost of the initial trial but decided to use private funds instead.  This meeting was in September 2009.
We were available to take our “free week”/prelude week holiday until May 2010.  At this holiday we attended a welcome meeting and were then given a tour of all accommodation on resort before being taken to office area and given further sales talk about quality of product, exclusivity of resorts to members, world wide choice of resorts etc. And as a result we proceeded to full membership with 1501 points.
Maintenance fees were mentioned very briefly, sales talk was largely focused of how to utilise the points we bought to our best advantage;  No mention made either that we would need to factor cost of flights into our annual expenditure.  We did the purchase of additional points on finance with Barclays Partner Finance (CLC did provide “discount” towards first years holiday expenses = £100 per month x 10 months).
In the next year we experienced difficulty in booking accommodation.  At our next meeting we had with CLC in May 2011, it was suggested to us that if we upgraded membership level by purchasing more points this would be resolved. 1000 more points were bought, but subsequent experience has proved this not to be the case and that there is no improvement regarding availability.
Our most recent face to face visit took place in June 2011.  During this meeting we were interrupted by a sales manager who seemed agitated that we had only 2501 points and therefore if we dies our sons could not inherit equal shares of 1500 points each, as a result we agreed the purchase of 500 more points and agreed to fund the purchase by adding to the Barclays Partner Finance Agreement commenced the previous year.  (This we cancelled due to high interest rate and incorporated overall loan to finance points purchase within our mortgage arrears).
In all our direct meetings with CLC representatives the focus has been how best to utilise points and about the quality and exclusivity of resorts – however it does seem apparent that certain resorts do have an element of private ownership, other than CLC members.
Following continual difficulties regarding availability and the unability by us to use our annual points allocation we contacted CLC to ask them to buy back some of our points.  We were then made aware that CLC do not buy back points, nor do they accept partial surrender of points, only surrender of full points held.  They did provide contact details for 2 Timeshare Resale companies but we did not pursue this course of action at the time.  It seems that there is very little resale value, which is of concern to us in that we were told any purchase we made were ours to pass on to our children/relatives if anything should happen to us and it seems that there is no capital value to them but that there is an ongoing liability in terms of maintenance fees.
We do not recall at any of the sales meetings we attended that there was any mention of how long the contracts being entered into were actually for – it seemed to us that purchases made would permanently become part of our estate.

Monday 11th May 2015 11:32 Mr A - Infiniti points

We bought a timeshare at Barnsdale Country Club in about 1994.
we then joined RCI to be able to use this in other places, we were told that it was an asset which would increase in value and would be worth passing onto our children.
We used this timeshare for a number of years but were often not able to get the dates we wanted and often had difficulty in getting a 2 bedroom apartment.
In 2009 while at the Vera Beach Club in Spain Petchey Leisure asked us to join their Infiniti club with points instead of weeks.
We paid for additional points. We have not been happy with Petchey, we were given inferior apartments and not often the dates wanted
In Tenerife we didn't even get Infiniti apartments
We were surprised to find apartments for rent for the same weeks for much less than the maintenance.
We were originally offered a 2 year disposal but this was withdrawn

Monday 11th May 2015 11:06 Mr L - Diamond points

I changed from RCI points to Diamond points because I understood it would give me a greater choice and more flexibility in the type of holiday I required.
I was never made aware that the purchase was in perpetuity and that my children would inherit the liability.
I now realize that I could obtain the same holidays for less money via the internet.

Friday 8th May 2015 09:31 Mr & Mrs N - CLC - Monterey

The reasons we wish to dispose of our timeshare are:

1. In perpetuity
2. Escalation of maintenance fees.
3. Unavailability of required resorts
4.  Lack of any availability at key resorts in Scotland in the summer
5.  Difficult to work the RCI online system
6.  Many resorts are not up to the Gold Crown Resort standards promised
7.  Many resorts tired and disappointing in presentation.
8.  Stressful and time consuming trying to find a holiday with RCI
9.  RCI have failed to provide what they promised.
10. Misled during the sales pitch
11. It's easier to book a package holiday than trudge through RCI

Friday 8th May 2015 08:55 Mr & Mrs B - Westgate Vacation Villas

We both wish to relinquish or timeshare primarily due to :

1. Sold in perpetuity - we do not wish to burden out daughter with this.
2.  Increasing rise in high maintenance fees which we have no say over and will last forever.
3.  Lack of successful exchanges - we have exchanged 10 times and only 2 have been what was promised (ie like for like) - as promised when we were sold the timeshare.
4. We can't get exchanges most of the time - yet we see the timeshare resorts advertised as package holidays!
5.  The costs are increasing of the exchange membership.
6.  We have never been able to rent out our timeshare as promised on purchase

Friday 8th May 2015 08:50 Mrs V - Club La Costa

I am not happy with the continuing rise of the maintenance fees nor the in perpetuity aspect of this contract.

Most of the resorts are out of the towns and rely on a car - not suitable for older people

Friday 8th May 2015 08:48 Mr & Mrs M - Diamond Resorts International

Lack of availability and suitability of resorts has proved to be extremely limiting resulting in not being able to use the scheme as wanted.  A sixty year scheme has pitfalls as clients who signed the contracts will not be around during the majority of the tenure and my children do not want to use the scheme.

The management fees are too high and it is extremely likely that we could source better facilities and experiences at a cheaper outlay than the current situation

Friday 8th May 2015 08:43 Mr G - Marina Del Sol

This was sold to me as an investment with a re-sale value

We had good use over 20 years. but the annual increase in fees now make it untenable.

We had some difficulty in securing desired exchanges and now travel is more restrictive due to age and physical disability - mobility

Friday 8th May 2015 08:40 Mr & Mrs B - Kingstown Reef - RCI Global Points

We do not want our children to inherit this millstone for the rest of their lives.  Secondly we do not use it as we cannot get the exchanges we want on the dates we want.  The maintenance fees are too high and it is much cheaper to get a package holiday

Friday 8th May 2015 08:37 Mr & Mrs P - Diamond Resort Points

We attended a local event at which we were told that 35 points would enable us to have regular luxury holidays so long as we had flexibility in how we used them.

We were given a great deal of personal attention which we were told would continue throughout our first year or two of membership to help us make the best of our points.

We were persuaded almost immediately to increase to 50 points to improve our options.

The management fees have almost tripled and we have only managed half a dozen holiday which were average in quality.

The only ongoing contact has been pressure to buy more points.

We were given the impression it would be easy to sell points on if not satisfied, but we have tried to so with no success and a lot of effort and frustration.

Friday 8th May 2015 08:32 Mr & Mrs W - Silver Lakes Resort

On 24th April 2015 told us:

Bought the timeshare as a regular holiday and an in to the RCI Share Scheme with a Gold Crown Resort.

1.  Was unable to achieve any first choice exchanges
2.  Exchanges were poor quality, not to the expected standard
3.  Home resort was often not available on required dates
4.  Maintenance was rising at an extortionate rate
5.  The companies were never helpful if there were problems.
6.  Was led to believe that this could be passed back at some time in the future - I have now been told that they do not take or buy back

Friday 8th May 2015 08:26 Mr & Mrs B - Orange Lakes - GHoliday Inn Vacation

The in perpetuity of the agreement was not explained,  The maintenance charges are increasing annually.  There is the addtion of membership fees annually also.

Unavailability of getting RCI exchanges in UK locations - they are always fully booked.

The sales team exaggerated grossly - we were told the location of Orange Lake was on the fringes of Disney World and other resort locations - this is rubbish.

We have lost money by paying people to sell the property and they trued to press gang us into buying additional weeks - which we refused.

We have had very unsupportive responses from the resort staff and lots of mis leading information.

Friday 8th May 2015 08:21 Mr & Mrs M - Oasis Lakes at The Fountains

We wish to terminate our timeshare contract for the following reasons:

1. contract is in perpetuity and our children do not wish to inherit the liability
2.  The substantial increase in maintenance charges.
3.  Sold as an investment but in reality a liability.
4.  Difficulty in arranging exchange for desired locations through RCI
5.  We were charge an additional maintenance fee to cover delinquent owners which could be repeated.
6.  Now retired and anticipate difficulties in future years in being able to use our timeshare.
7.  We were promised that our units would always be exchanges for Gold Crown and two bedroom units - this has not been the case.

Tuesday 5th May 2015 09:51 Ms O - CLC Points

The reasons why I think this timeshare was miss-sold to me and why I want to relinquish it are listed below
It was not explained to me that my timeshare would be transferred to my children and they would be liable for the maintenance.
Also I have never gotten a booking whenever I request to go, the last time I complained I was offered a property which was infested with ants although I was moved when I called and started crying, I was also that the value would continue to increase which has turned out to be wrong.
I have now realized that I can get the same property for the same or less amount that I pay for my maintenance a year.
There are several other reasons why I have decided to relinquish my timeshare with CLC

Thursday 30th April 2015 09:37 Mr M - CLC Fractional

In 2010 we purchased a trial membership in the UK for £3750.00 of which we paid £1000.00 by debit card on the day, we then financed the remainder with Barclays for £2500.00.
In 12011 on our next holiday in Spain we bought into the vacation club on finance with Barclays Partner finance using the trial membership as the trade in, they financed for £26327.00
In 2013 in Tenerife we upgraded to the fractional membership for a purchase price of £28081.00 using our vacation club as a trade in for £22000.00 leaving a balance of £6081.00 which we financed with First Holiday Finance Ltd, paying a deposit of £500.00 by way of a debit card
We feel we have been totally misrepresented with every purchase with Club La Costa.

Thursday 30th April 2015 04:26 Mr G - CLC Points

We feel that CLC miss-sold the timeshare points as the information given to us on our stay in Spain turned out to be totally untrue.
It was a high pressure sales session which went on for hours, everything was so rushed and glossed ove, we never realized the long term commitment that we were making, we were told that the points "could even be passed onto our children", not that these were in fact held in perpetuity, that they'll be liable for a debt that would continue after our deaths.
When we bought the initial trial membership we were informed that this wasn't really timeshare, as we owned the points we could take them at any resort at any time of the year we wished.
We were lead to believe that this would indeed be an investment that could be sold back to CLC at any time, we thought this as a fact as mr Sheldon Medrick disappeared from our meeting after we said the price was too high for us, to see if his manager would be able to reduce the price of the points or if anyone had come in to sell their points as sometimes happened.
later he returned and said that an elderly owner had been in and sold his points, we had no reason to disbelieve him but later found it to be a lie.

Wednesday 29th April 2015 11:33 Mr M - CLC Fractional

We bought a trial membership in 2008 and the upgraded to the points system.
It has been a constant upgrade to the point that we now own a fractional share.
The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained.
We feel that the maintenance is too high as we can get the same holidays for less via the internet

Wednesday 29th April 2015 11:07 Mr H - RCI Points

When we joined in July 2012 points membership, I asked and was told it was not timeshare but a holiday club.
We have never manage to use points so they are now running out, could never get what we wanted when we could go away.
Paid out £8000 and have never had anything back for it.
When we go to book anything )phone or online) there are more charges on top, flights end up no cheaper when the charges etc. go on.
When yo u read the reviews you are not getting what they sold to you ( The holiday dream every time you go away, 4/5 star always with sea views
was told read all the paperwork later they would run over the main points with us. also told if you want the best deal you have to join now

Wednesday 29th April 2015 10:30 Mrs D - Hollywood Mirage (Club Olympus)

We were offered a free week's holiday by RCI at the Hollywood Mirage in May 2008, Whilst we were there we had to attend a timeshare meeting.
We were owners at Club Olympus at Garden City and were on weeks.
Simon at Resort Properties persuaded us to swap our current ownership to points at H.W. but in order to do that we had to take on 2 resale properties at £3,500 each.
He assured us that he could then sell these before Christmas and we would make a £1000 profit. This cost us £7,000, unfortunately we realizes that they were never intended to be sold. Worldwide Timeshare to sell them but up until now they have not.
We have been struggling to pay the maintenance for the past 7 years and have paid out €7079.
Due to the maintenance fees we have been unable to go on holiday but struggled to get availability anyway

Wednesday 29th April 2015 10:21 Mr & Mrs G - Iberostar club

The presentation was in the Iberostar Golf Club spread over two days (over 5 hours).  The second day he joined us for breakfast (the total time would be over 6 1/2 hours). The sales staff questioned us about (amount paid and company used) figures shown to us the company paid and suggested amount to be saved.  Payment by card pre credit as they would draw 4 equal amounts the first on that day and o cooling off was given or mentioned.  The holidays was for the future Caribean Grand Collection.  No maintena nce fees was mentioned as only two weeks holiday a year, on ten year scheme.  Exchange holidays was never mentioned as I expressed no interest in time share.  The re-sale was never brought up as we are only interested in the Grand resort.  Just contact Iberostar arrange a holiday no mention of only two weeks per year, upgrades within the resort.  I am 67 my wife 69 and would not agree to 2 weeks etc.

Wednesday 29th April 2015 09:24 Mr E - CLC Fractional

As a couple we took out the timeshare in 2011 on a trial period and within a year because of less points and the fact that we couldn't go to the places we wanted we were then upgraded to a higher rate and share fraction from studio to 2 bed for family.
We were miss-sold by a far margin not just to us but to our family, there were numerous lies upon lies and pressure.
There was never a time we could get the holiday we want during the time agreed, they offered places that was of no interest to us.
just fed up of paying so much money for a share of property that's worth pennies, where we can google search and get it for a few quid.
we want out of it as we were told we could sell back and get percentage but it was all word of mouth and not in black and white.
Total rip off C.L.C. within the 3years of purchase we were only able to use the facilities 3 times with maintenance fees mounting up every year

Wednesday 29th April 2015 07:40 Mr T - Club Paradiso/Hollywood Mirage

in May 2009we were "conned" into purchasing 6 properties from Resort Properties with the promise that the one we wanted to keep (Hollywood Mirage 34252-34) would be funded by the resale of the other 5 properties. Indeed, we were also told that we would "make a profit" from the deal.
The sales went vey slowly and did not live up to the promises.
Then in May 2010 we were made another deal due to the economic downturn, in which we were "conned" into purchasing a property in the Club Paradiso complex
We had 2 loans outstanding to cover these deals, which I have managed to pay off early.
The loans ended up costing us £51000 including all the resales and bonuses from Resort Properties
£51000 for a property that was supposed to have a market value of £15000 and was meant to be paid for by the resale of all the other properties.

Wednesday 29th April 2015 07:12 Mrs M - CLC Points

we were approached by representatives of a timeshare company called Club La Costa Resorts based in Spain, who offered us a week's holiday free of charge and the only condition was that we attend a presentation while on holiday at their resort
At the presentation they offered us a contract to buy a franchise of points of about 1000 points.
we had to put down a deposit on the day and the balance was financed through G E Money.
Once we became members we discovered that we never could have the holiday of our choice because of availability and lack of points. So about a year later we bought another franchise of points but we still could not get holidays of our choice.
We also spoke about the option of our children deciding on whether they wanted to continue and CLC had our original deeds and changed them to include our children's names on the new deeds.
This is not what we wanted and we would never saddle our children with such a debt in perpetuity.
Now we realize that this timeshare was wrong

Wednesday 29th April 2015 06:38 Mr B - Monti Anfi

We were approached in March 2013 whilst on holiday in Gran canaria and spent a day at Anfi where we purchased a bi-annual timeshare. They then gave us a week's holiday at the complex in August 2013 where we were persuaded to upgrade to a floating annual week.
We were informed it was an investment and would be cheaper than normal package holidays as Anfi were affiliated to RCI meaning we would be able to go anywhere in the world. We have found this not to be the case, we have never been able to exchange to where we want to go, when we want to go.
At no point were we told that our children would have this financial liability on our debt.
we feel that the maintenance are far too high as we can get far cheaper holidays on the internet or a high street travel agents.
We feel we have been completely miss-sold this product.

Monday 27th April 2015 11:19 Mr P - CLC Points

We bought our timeshare with Club La Costa in 1990 and they told us it is a good investment and go away any week holiday but it was fixed week in November which is not a very good season for holidays so they advised us to go into the points system and we can get better holidays. We never used to get holidays we wanted, they also told us to go into gold to buy more points so we can get first class holidays but we still never did, every time I tried to book they will say it is not available where we wanted.
We had to book one year in advance which is very bad for us, service was no good

Monday 27th April 2015 11:05 Mr C - CLC Points

After purchase of trial membership in 2007 then advanced to upgrade to a silver package being 1000 points and to be adequate for our holiday requirement
Our next holiday being informed this was not the case and at this point had a resale value and were not advised that our children were liable for the commitment
Availability never available on dates required, also never informed of annual increase of maintenance charges, hard pressured selling spending up to 9 hours of sales presentations

Monday 27th April 2015 08:51 Mr B - Wimpem El Marques

We wish to get out of our timeshare as we are both too old to travel.
We were sold this as an investment and were told would be able to sell at anytime.
We do not want our children to inherit this debt

Friday 24th April 2015 10:19 Mrs C - Diamond Group

The initial purchase was not enough so we expanded it in the early years, the management fees are increasing expedentially.

We were over sold extra points with promises of extra value in later years.

Sometime I struggle to use the points because of family commitments, and Diamond resorts not in places that I visit with family.

Resorts are seldom available when wanted.

Friday 24th April 2015 10:17 Mrs R - Hollywood Mirage

I bought this timeshare studio as it was sold to me as an investment.  The property would increase in price with very little changes to the yearly maintenance.  The in perpetuity was sold to me as a major benefit and the quality of the resort was a major factor.  However all of the above has proven untrue.  The maintenance has greatly increased year on year, the standard of the resort is deteriorating, the product in not a good investment as I am unable to sell and the inperpetuity is really worrying.  The cost of keeping this a problem both mentally and physically.

Friday 24th April 2015 10:02 Mr & Mrs W - Paradise Kings Club

We were persuaded to buy a timeshare week at Paradise on the grounds we could keep it, use it, allow family to use, swap it for other 5* resorts including ones in the UK.  We were given week 50 originally and found that this week did not allow us to use it because I am a teacher.  We were then persuaded to get week 48 but have found it impossible to swap even in the UK (we have used it once at a sub standard resort).  This week still conflicts with school terms.  We were also told that we could sell the week back after 7 years.  Flights from Scotland to Paphos cease after 24th October 2015, making it doubly impossible to get to the resort.

Friday 24th April 2015 09:53 Mr & Mrs H - Fortina Spa Vacation

We purchased this as an investment and were told it was a buy to let.  After 2 years we were told this was not the case but in actual fact it was a timeshare.

We feel we have been very mislead by this company, as we stressed it was an investment and would not use this week.

They were happy with this as they said they would rather rent it out, thus making money from the rental

Friday 24th April 2015 09:41 Mr & Mrs B - Royalty Gold Club

The cost of flights are too much.
The management charge fees are too high.
Ill health has caused the insurance to go too high.
Only using because of paying the management charge.

Friday 24th April 2015 09:36 Mr & Mrs M - Puerto Calma

We have decided to dispose of our timeshare because it is not at all what we were initially promised.

We were told that if we decided at a later date it was not what we really expected then we could sell the timeshare back to this holiday club.  We have tried and were told that no, it could not be sold.  We've also had difficulty getting a holiday at all through lack of availability.  When we tried to change our allocated week we were told that yes we could and the cost would be £2,500.

We were also advised that if we wanted to use our allocated week, it should be booked around 13 months in advance.

Friday 24th April 2015 09:29 Mr D - Regency Club

The maintenance fees I was told would increase slightly every year but have increased a lot.

I didn't know about perpetuity, it  wasn't explained at the time the time share was sold to me.

I have tried to get a resort with RCI that I wanted but unable to as told they were not available.

I can go to the to the travel agent and get a cheaper holiday than I can with the exchange from RCI

Friday 24th April 2015 09:23 Mr & Mrs T - Diamond Points

Maintenance Fees - we were told these would increase only in line with UK inflation.

Lack of availability at sites we wished to visit. i.e. time/place of our choice.

We were told we could easily resell back to Diamond or outside parties.

Certain sites are not as per the brochure, eg restaurants are closed.

Friday 24th April 2015 09:16 Mr W - Barratt Leila Playa + Marina del Sol

RCI exchanges are becoming very limited, exchange fees are getting more expensive.

Maintenance - resort fees for maintenance are too expensive with signs only of it getting more expensive.

Perpetuity - I have just realised that these holiday resorts 'MUST' , in the event of my death must be passed on to my next of kin - I do not want this to happen.

Friday 24th April 2015 09:11 Mr & Mrs C - Next Generation & Moness Country Club

We didn't realise what in perpetuity meant, the children are not interested, and we are getting too old to travel.  We have difficulty in getting the choice of exchange destination requested.  We changed to points as assured this would allow more opportunity to get your chosen exchange destinations.  But this is not the case, the fact RCI very obviously pass on details to other associated companies and you are bombarded with phone calls you do not want.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 09:22 Mr W- Diamond points

We first purchased timeshare in 2003 and upgraded in 2004 as they said we were miss sold in the first instance.
We now feel that the maintenance fees are too expensive as we can get the same holiday on the internet for a lower cost.
We were sold this as an investment but has turned out to be a liability

Friday 17th April 2015 09:53 Mr B - CLC Fractional

We first purchased a trial membership in 2008. It has been a constant upgrade situation ever since, this has been because every time we complained about our situation with CLC they talked us into upgrading, because this would be in our best interest
We now feel the maintenance is much too high as we can get the same holiday much cheaper via the internet
The fact that our children will inherit this liability and debt was never explained to us or we would never have become involved with CLC

Friday 17th April 2015 09:20 Mr C - Club La Costa

I have attended a presentation with Club La Costa in Feb 2014 and had been promised a sensational holiday packagefor over 19 years,
We had paid £500 deposit on the same day and arranged finance with First Holiday for £8997 over the 12 years with very high interest
The whole process took a few hours and gave us very minimum space to think, also told us it can be transferred sold which is not practical now later experience.
They did not tell us maintenance costs would be increased over the years, once we went back to London we tried to cancel the whole contract but they pressured us into signing another contract and eventually they did and set up a monthly payment for £121.05 per month
Since we did not pay the maintenance charge for 2014 they have temporarily suspended our account which will prevent us from using the services further

Thursday 16th April 2015 11:38 Mr & Mrs S - Diamond Resorts Points

We answered an advertisement to become timeshare owners by way of purchasing points with Diamond Resorts (GVC at the time).  We were given a cooling off period.  We were led to believe the following, which has proved to be false:-
*We could sell the points at a later date.
*We did not understand that the purchase was in perpetuity, and not to a fixed time.
*Maintenance costs have increased dramatically, not just in line with inflation.
*There was a limited amount of vacancies when we came to book a holiday.

Thursday 16th April 2015 05:30 Mr W - CLC Points

I purchased timeshare in 2008. I then bought more points in 2009.
I have never used the membership in 6 years as I can never get the holidays that I want.
I feel that the maintenance is too high as I can get the same holidays for less money via the internet.
The fact that my children would inherit this liability and debt was never explained to me and if it had been I would never have bought the purchase.
I feel that we were misrepresented in many ways, investment, resale etc

Wednesday 15th April 2015 04:44 Mr & Mrs B - Club La Costa Fractional

We became interested in CLC because they claimed they could sell our fixed week timeshare at De Vere’s Cameron House, and use the value towards a more flexible timeshare.  After initially selling us a trial membership, they sold us points based membership then on our one visit to a lodge at Hustyn’s sold us Fractional ownership on the specific advice that annual maintenance would be less than £300 annually – this only verbally.  We were told that the purchase was a fixed lease period NOT perpetuity, at the end of which CLC would sell the fraction on our behalf.
Each time we had contact with CLC’s team at Hustyn’s we were pressured to buy more from them, with verbal promises which were not confirmed on paper.  In 2014 we still had some allocated discounted time to take, but CLC had no availability.
Now we find the annual maintenance charges increasing by something around 9% from a base figure of around £700, whereas our expectation from what they told us was a figure around £300.

Tuesday 14th April 2015 09:22 Mr S - Diamond/Marriotts

We first purchased our timeshare in 1999 then a second week (both at Marriotts) in 2000.
We now feel that the maintenance is far too high as we can get the same holidays by going on the internet
We were told at the time that this would increase in value, this has not been the case
The fact that my children would inherit it was never explained
We found that exchanging was just about impossible as either no vacancy or not up to standard

Tuesday 14th April 2015 08:38 Mrs M - Diamond resorts & Fractionals

When I bought my timeshare in 2005 I was in Las Americas, Tenerife where I was told I could have holidays at any of the resorts available, also maintenance fees would not vary by much.
The first time I went away with the timeshare I was harassed by a representative to by more points which I did not do at the time.
In June 2009 I was in a resort in Portugal where I was persuaded to get more points, giving more availability.
In October 2010 my personal circumstances and finances changed and I rang Diamond saying I could not afford maintenance fees and wanted to sell the points.
They put me in touch with a company who dealt with selling and I paid them £180.00 by card payment, they said that if the points were not sold they would buy them back and convert them into a week for them to resell.
They asked how much I would be happy with and although my points cost £17000 I would accept £6000 to come out of the timeshare ownership.
I never heard again from them. Last year I upgraded to 2 fractions and they said that these were for 15 years and after that time the property that my fractions was with would be sold and in all probability when it was sold I should receive back what it had cost me to buy the fractions plus interest as usually property values increase and I would  at the end of this 15 years no longer be a member of the timeshare

Monday 13th April 2015 10:03 Mr L - CPO/CLC

Originally bought in Club Praia Da Oura in 1986 with the promise of holidays worldwide within the timeshare network via RCI plus cheap flights, unfortunately RCI could not offer the accommodation or quality that we were promised when we attempted to trade in. Totally misrepresented.
We then had the opportunity to swap our ownership of CPO to Club La Costa. Promise of quality was there with their own resorts but had huge availability issues.
This has been more excentuated with the cost of accommodation being twice the price (in points) against the same place on the internet.
No availability in prime time but full of availability outside at half the price.
Maintenance for both properties has gone up more than the rate of inflation not as originally promised.
CLC does not offer value for money in any way and has been a huge liability

Friday 10th April 2015 06:51 Mr Z - Palm Beach

When I purchased with Silverpoint on the 17th March 2015 it was sold to me as an investment and an outright property purchase. I thought I was buying an apartment outright, not just a share.
They told me after 3 years I could sell this with a profit as I would have the freehold for the apartment.
On the day I paid €10,000, €5,000 by way of visa credit and €5,000 by debit card

Wednesday 8th April 2015 03:21 Mr & Mrs R - Diamond Resorts Points

We joined Voyager programme in 2005.  After attending the presentation and were to receive 5 weeks in Sunterra Resorts.  During our first week at Santa Barbara Resort in Tenerife in 2006, we were constantly harassed and pressurised by Sunterra reps. to purchase points.  On our second holiday in 2007, at Sahara Sunset Club in Spain, again we were constantly pressurised by Sunterra reps.
We were promised great holidays at any resorts whenever we wanted.  We were also told that management fee will not rise above rate of inflation.  We were also misinformed that we can sell our points after 10 years and get half of our money back.
We never received what we were promised.  There was always unavailability of the resorts whenever we tried to book, no matter how early we tried.
Sunterra was taken over by Diamond resort and the management feed have gone up massively, well above the rate of inflation and have become unaffordable.

Tuesday 7th April 2015 08:14 Mr & Mrs G - Cala Pi Club

In 1995 purchased 1 week at Cala Pi, week 16 appt 102.
After a few years about 1998 ish bought another week, week 15 appt 26.
In 2004 on a exchange holiday at Oasis Club Spain was told that a floating week would suit us better and they (Club Atlantis) bought our weeks from us plus a sum of around £3000 and they had our certificates from Cala Pi saying they now would take them over and pay all monies to Cala Pi.
2005 Cala Pi fees letters send to Atlas to pay. After that no letters from Cala Pi until Tuesday 31 March . A letter from Cala Pi arrived demanding unpaid fees for the weeks we had sold to Atlas.
There was no letters or emails from Cala Pi in the last 10 years.

Thursday 2nd April 2015 06:02 Mr & Mrs H - Diamond Resorts

We received a free “promotional” week at Village Heights Golf resort in June 2013 via the “Ambassador Club” from Gran Canaria.
On arrival in apartment we received a wine and food “welcome” pack plus fresh flowers every day.
We received approximately a 6 hour presentation at various properties and saw various types of accommodation on one day.  Also showed “Diamond Resorts” web page in their offices.  Our salesman also met us for a free breakfast plus he and his wife took us to an evening bar-b-q and also another evening meal at the resort with entertainment and free drinks.
The sales process on the day long presentation was very intensive and the weather very hot and we were mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day.
After the first selling price quotation, the price was reduced by approximately £3000 as we mentioned our connection to the Ambassador Club.
The initial deposit was paid after salesman talking to his  (and revisiting us twice in our apartment!) via mastercard £2940 on 15/6/2013, the balance £3000 paid with a bank transfer on 11/7/2013.
The annual maintenance fee for 2015 should have been invoiced Oct/Nov 2014 and despite several emails etc acknowledging our concerns, invoice finally arrived in January 2015, which meant that it was too late to transfer this year’s week to RCI.  Although subsequently we have discovered via more emails that this would have been required to be paid between 24/3 and 24/6/2014!!!!
There has been constant unavailability with the Diamond Mediteranean Connection Club, unless you are prepared to book out of season times (if you are lucky!)
We have also discovered that some of the resorts are not exclusive (as we are led to believe).  We have see resorts offered on Groupon, Trip Advisor etc.
We were also affiliated to RCI for 3 years (until 31/12/2016) but have only been able to use the 2015 week as the management fee for 2014 was paid in advance of 2013 as part of the deal.  RCI also seems to lack some availability, but the web page is much superior to Diamond.
Our certificate from Diamond shows an expiry date of 31/12/2043, but Ricky has advised that this is purely for management fees and that ownership is for perpetuity, which was never explained to us at all.  In essence we consider that we have been misled with this purchase, including false promises.

Wednesday 1st April 2015 05:34 - Diamond Points

If possible, I'd like you to present content. This again.

Monday 30th March 2015 11:56 Mr C - Petchey Leisure

In 2010 we were offered a free holiday at a resort called Oasis Club Grangefield Costa Mijas Spain, After joining Petchey Leisure I found out that the high quality apartment that we initially used was not available to us simply because my wife is in teaching and we ended up with inferior apartments.
Maintenance fees go up every year and becoming more expensive than going on a package holiday
On entering the system we were given to believe that there would be a 15% discount for members only, this is not true, any person now going to Petchey Leisure gets the same discount.
Non members get a room fro €450.00 per week and get all the facilities except the welcome pack, this is less money than I pay in maintenance.
I feel we are not getting value for money.
On top of this we have paid £12000 up front.
Every holiday we are invited to further sales talks, not wanted but difficult to decline

Monday 30th March 2015 11:35 Mr D - CLC Fractional

We bought fractional ownership from CLC in 2014 not realising the liability would be passed to our children.
We feel the maintenance is far too high as we can get the same holidays for less money via the internet.
We were sold this as an investment and now realise that the membership is impossible to sell

Monday 30th March 2015 07:35 Mr & Mrs S - Royal Coral Bay

Approached by salesman in the street whilst on holiday in Paphos in August 2005.  Long, intense interview followed by a visit to the actual resort.  We received a “cooling off” pro-forma as part of the info pack but it was not actually discussed.
We were told we would be able to buy additional weeks each year to sell to friends and family – not so.
We were told they would buy back after 10 years – not so.
We were unable to book at our home resort within the first few years because it had been over-sold.
Exchanges were not available when/where we wanted.
Told we had exclusive occupancy as owners, but cheap holidays at the resort are now advertised on the internet.
Not used for several years – internet reviews are poor with many complaints.

Thursday 26th March 2015 12:48 Mr J. - Club La Costa Points

We first bought timeshare in 1986. We upgraded to points in 2009.  We now feel that the maintenance is too high as we can get the same holidays for the same money or less.  The fact that my children would inherit this debt was never explained.

Wednesday 25th March 2015 12:27 Mrs. C. - Club Infiniti Points

In 1999 my husband and I were o holiday in Alburfeira, Portugal and were approached on the street by someone giving away raffle tickets.  He told us ours had won and took us to a hotel to pick up our prize.  Once there they pressured us into buying a time share and made all sorts of promises and in the end we purchased a studio. They promised us easy access to our week without problems, it was a good investment and we could upgrade anytime.  They showed us the accommodation they we would get when booking a holiday and all the facilities we could use.  There were so many destinations we could holiday at and also being a member of RCI there were even more offers.  After payment by credit card I asked if there was a cooling off period and I was told no there was not.  In the intervening years we have upgraded hoping to eventually get better accommodation more suitable to us.  Eventually we changed to points to get better accommodation at the time we needed it as we were carers for my mother and to take holidays whenever wasn't easy.  Up to date we have never ever used it and forced into a perpetuity contract that we feel was mis sold to us.

Tuesday 24th March 2015 11:41 Mrs D - shand vacation club

We bought this timeshare in 2004 in Florida, on holiday at the time.
While out shopping we were approached by a timeshare salesman who asked us to go to a presentation the next day, where we went to a resort and the we were told by a salesman that it would be cheaper to buy timeshare than go through a travel agent.
It was portrayed to us that at any time in the future that they would take it back if we didn't want it, at the price we paid for it

Tuesday 24th March 2015 11:20 Mr R - CLC Destinations

We purchased our timeshare in 2010. When we were sold the timeshare we were told that the main advantage, or one of them, was that we could book a holiday at the last minute and there would always be a wide chose available.
This has not proved to be the fact, in the last 5 years we have only managed to use the timeshare twice because it has not been available when required.
On the day we purchased the timeshare we also took out finance with Barclays Bank, we were not told that there was a cooling off period in respect of any part of the agreement.
In addition we feel that the maintenance is too high and we can get the same holiday on the internet for less money.
Further the fact that the holidays are available on the internet is in breach of the purchase given that only club members could use the accommodation

Monday 23rd March 2015 12:05 Ms H. - Clube Praia da Oura

I was sold this contract of Praia de Oura in Portugal.  Nobody explained the perpetuity of the contract regards to resort of the studio refurbishment. Also stuck in a contract that you cannot get out of.

Monday 23rd March 2015 09:21 Mr. W. - Clube Praia da Oura

We bought timeshare in 2003 and upgraded in 2006.  The fact that our children would inherit this liability was never explained and we would not have bought if we had known.  My wife had a stroke and we have not been able to use for seven years.

Monday 23rd March 2015 09:11 Mr. M. - Diamond Points

We purchased timeshare in 2009 and upgraded to points in 2011.  We now feel that maintenance fees are becoming excessive, and that we would be able to book the same holiday on the internet for less money.  Therefore, we do not want to continue with this, or do not want our children to inherit this liability and debt.
The points are surplus to requirement as we are never able to book our holiday of choice through the points system, where and when we want.

Sunday 22nd March 2015 04:50 - Diamond Points

Hi Mr H, my wife and i have been diamond members since 1997 and over the years have had many lovely holidays BUT as you say maintenance fees have
soared dramatically over the last few years.
Itra contacted us last November and we both went to Spain to fill in the relevant forms and instructed Itra to take up our claim for compensation. Although we paid a fee, we felt that was justified as to the amount of compensation we would get for the amount of points we owned (27000.) We look forward to your response, and hope this has helped you.
Mr B.

Friday 20th March 2015 07:28 Mr. C. - Club La Costa

The reason why we wish to get out of this timeshare is that we feel that we were totally miss sold on the perpetuity and investment.
We also could not get the availability that we wanted and again we feel that we were totally miss sold this timeshare.

Wednesday 18th March 2015 12:54 Mr. H. - Diamond Points

We bought into Mystic Dunes in 2010 and all the promises at the time did not come to fruition.  We couldn't swap the II very much (never got what we wanted). We were persuaded to buy into Diamond Points in 2014, transferring our MD weeks, again to promises which did not happen.  We were not told it was "for life" and "beyond" regarding ownership/obligations/fees etc and our sons inheriting that load.  Since then dealing with Diamond has been difficult and we have been unable to get the holidays we want despite many on-line attempts.  We also find its not the exclusive resort we expected and can get the same holiday on-line for much less money and no commitment to own/buy/pay management fees.

Tuesday 17th March 2015 06:48 Ms M. - Bahia Principe

On holiday in Mexico in January 2014 invited to a presentation. Phone calls to room asking/confirming attendance.  Went along. Sold 30 weeks.  When pointed out that we would be in our 80's when completed, assured we could accelerate weeks.  Also given info re: RCI and the numerous locations we could enjoy.  Tried to book week in Tenerife for Dec '14.  Took a number of emails and threats for a response.  A number of calls made to America re: payment (which was wrong amount).  Mix up with hotels, no separate check in as promised, restriction on drinks, cost for wine which we thought was free.  Heard lots of bad press re: RCI so reluctant to register.  Cannot get my preferred week in September '15 at hotel I want despite trying to make reservation in January!  Feel that I will be restricted to Bahia Principe hotels in Tenerife as others in Jamaica, Dom Republic and Mexico - will not be going there when in 70's & 80's.

Monday 16th March 2015 12:18 Mr & Mrs J - Silver Lake - RCI ceded

Initially the timeshare was working well and we were able to take full advantage of the benefits.

In later times this has become more and more difficult to secure holidays, where and when we wanted them.

The increase of maintenance fees and RCI membership and booking fees have become prohibitive.  We approached Silver Lake to sell but were told were told that they could not do this and they directed us to a timeshare selling company.

We took on RCI platinum in the hope that it would help matters, but to date we have not seen any advantages, in fact the situation has become more and more frustrating

Friday 13th March 2015 12:54 Mr O - CLC Compass Club

We feel that ee were miss sold the timeshare.
We can get the same holiday for less via the internet.
the fact that our children will be liable for the ongoing debt was never explained to us and if it had been we would not have gone ahead with the service, plus we can never get any availability.

Friday 13th March 2015 12:44 Mr B - Club La Costa

We first purchased a trial period with a timeshare at Club La Costa where it was explained that the holidays would work out much cheaper than we could get as a package holiday and of a far better quality.
We were also told that we would be able to travel to anywhere in the world at any time we wanted by exchanging our holiday.
This has definitely not been the case, it is impossible to get a holiday where you want at the time you want.
The cost of the maintenance, which was not fully explained, has now risen extortionately and I feel very aggrieved that I can now get a holiday at the same resort for a cheaper price per week than the cost of the annual membership.
I did not realize that the timeshare would continue after our death and neither of our children would want it or be able to use it.
We would not want to saddle them with this ridiculous expense

Friday 13th March 2015 11:46 Mr & Mrs L - Diamond Resort Points

We have just found out about the in perpetuity claim in our contracts, as well as two sets of base fees we are paying and realise we are being taken to the cleaners.  Verbal promises have been untrue, we can not book holidays where and when we want, and our fees have escalated.

Thursday 12th March 2015 12:37 Mr H - Diamond points

We first purchased our timeshare in 1995, in 1997 we were persuaded to convert to points and have over the years been encouraged to purchase more points and even at one point in the last two years we were again badgered into yet another Diamond product which we refused.
We now feel that the maintenance fees are too high as we can get the same holidays via the internet.
The fact that our children will inherit this debt and liability was never explained

Wednesday 11th March 2015 10:14 Mr W - Puerto Anfi

We purchased this timeshare in 2008 which was upgraded in 2010 on the understanding this would make it more sellable.
We were told we would be able to use other timeshare holiday resorts.
We were told the timeshare was an investment for the future.
We feel all that we were told was totally misleading and in effect we were miss sold this timeshare.
The maintenance fees are in excess of actual maintenance costs and have left us short of money for holidays.

Wednesday 11th March 2015 09:59 Mr S - Diamond points

We originally bought with LSI weeks, holidays were good, accommodation was excellent, so we felt we had a good deal, however we never knew the costs would escalate as they did for maintenance, or that our family would be inheriting the costs involved.
Because we were unaware of this we changed to points as we understood that doing so would be financially beneficial to us.
We the upgraded again by buying more points, sold to us by showing us more availability, a reduction in maintenance costs, however we can book cheaper holidays on the internet. the standards are as good . T
he maintenance is increasing each year.
We now understand fully the inheritance that we are leaving our family and to add insult to this timeshares are advertised as holidays for anyone to use at a much lower cost than we pay in maintenance.
During the course of our ownership the original company has been taken over 4 times and each one of these companies has promised us better, which we have not received

Wednesday 11th March 2015 09:26 Mr H - Celebration World resort

The perpetuity contract was never explained to us in the beginning.
We were promised that our timeshare would increase in value and we could sell at any time with a profit.
We could take at least 6 weeks holiday every year.
we were never informed that the maintenance fees would also be in perpetuity and that they would increase every year.
The membership and exchange fees were nevr explained or even discussed 

Monday 9th March 2015 09:04 Mr & Mrs M - Slaley Hall

The term “Perpetuity” was not fully explained at point of sale and all the implications of same.
Maintenance fees were in no way fully explained – future increases were not discussed.  Fees have increased out of all proportion and expected improvements to the property have not been implemented.

Monday 9th March 2015 06:38 Mrs H & Mrs G - Fortina Spa Vacation Resort

Staying on holiday at the hotel (Fortina, Malta) accosted by a sales person and decided we would like to buy into what was offered.  Do not recall a cooling off period offered.  We were pressured – told it had to be done and dusted while we were there.  Told it would be easy to sell the week at any time in the future as it was to be a 6 star hotel complex – the only one on the island!  In subsequent years we were told (at meetings with reps) that we would be able to sell, rent, will, bank and exchange at will!  We were able to “swap” our original week – at a price – for one further into the year.  Subsequently encouraged to buy yet another week which we could use to “bank” and take holidays elsewhere – Having discovered we could  not  re-sell last year we were presented with a relinquishment plan (having been told by the present management the previous managers “had lied” all along and been sacked!!!) – which somehow involved another week.  The whole process has left us feeling completely dissatisfied, confused and thoroughly misled.

2nd March 2015 19:39 - Mr Nicholas H, Northamptonshire - Club La Costa Fractional

"CLC Management Fees have been crippling us on outgoings for last two years. We would like to be released from our CLC Fractional Property Membership"

2nd March 2015 16:38 - Mrs Lynette F, Wiltshire - RCI

"I wholeheartedly agree with the statements written here. I am about to lose another week when my time expires in June. Have tried to exchange it to Tenerife but nothing available. Tried then to exchange in England... again nothing available, right up to end June. Have paid my high maintenance fees each year plus my RCI subscription. I have had to lose weeks in the past due to not being able to exchange. It's really not good enough. I am a Gold Crown resort owner."

2nd March 2015 15:11 - Mrs Jan C, Berkshire - RCI/ Macdonalds Dona Lola

"I purchased 2 weeks timeshare in a 2 bedroomed apartment on the proviso I could exchange for anywhere in the World through RCI. This system has not worked for several years, they keep increasing membership and resorts are available cheaper elsewhere or now all inclusive..."

2nd March 2015 12:26 - Mrs Hayley M, Lanarkshire - RCI/Grand View Las Vegas

"We went on honeymoon to Las Vegas last month and ended up going to a long timeshare meeting, during which we ended up agreeing (stupidly). We had to part pay on credit cards and taken out a loan agreement to pay the balance. We paid $1050 deposit, $800 on a credit card and $250 in cash. We were told we would receive cheap flights and can go anywhere, without telling us weeks need to be available etc. We were not given any information about cancelling or any cancellation pro-formas. Is there anything we can do about this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Contact only by email please. Thanks."

2nd March 2015 11:22 - Mr John S, Devon - Marriott

"I just would like to find out more about relinquishing our timeshare weeks."

1st March 2015 17:02 - Mr Paul B - RCI Points

"We joined when RCI points were being first launched and were told we'd be able to use for low cost airfares, taxis etc. In reality only highest cost (British Airways etc) were available... we finally gave trying to get what we were promised."

1st March 2015 15:20 - Mr W L, West Midlands - Diamond Resorts Points

"I have 22000 DRI points and have been trying to rid without success. Annual Maintenance charge too high for comfort. How do you work?"

1st March 2015 11:34 - Mr & Mrs A, Surrey - Intervalworld

"We have had our timeshare since 2005 and we are paying £138.98 every month to GE Money plus over $500 Maintenance fee every year, but we have never got what we have asked for can never book anything. Keep being told we have to wait for our window to be open and when we have tried to book we are told that we have left it to late we have missed it. We are paying all this money for nothing. Please can you help us?"

28th February 2015 18:39 - Mrs Ann B, Greater London - CLC Vacation Club

"Like so many others, I have had GOLD vacation club points since 2003, each year the maintenance fees are increasing and availability decreasing. They tried to hard sell fractional scheme two years ago, but we didn't buy. I just want to know how to get out of this."

27th February 2015 15:18 - Mrs Lillian B, County Durham - RCI / Orange Lakes Florida

"Disgusted. Feel like I've being taken to the cleaners."

27th February 2015 12:20 - Mrs Sandra B, Buckinghamshire - RCI / Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach

"I joined RCI on the guarantee that I could use other resorts and hotels worldwide, but have never found anything to match the quality of my own Timeshare. Any 5 star resorts have additional costs or specify that you have to purchase additional spa packages."

26th February 2015 21:25 - Mr Anthony W, Surrey - RCI / Orange Lakes, Florida

"I have never achieved any of our first three choices - even two years in advance"

26th February 2015 20:50 - Mr Michael A, Derbyshire - Petchey MGM

"We would like to know how to get released from our time share"

25th February 2015 23:03 - Mrs Christine W, Lancashire - RCI / Pine Lake & Hollywood Mirage

"Have had to accept canal holidays in march, repeatedly offered and sometimes accepted holidays in October/November or early part of the year when places aren't open and the weather is cold/bad."

25th February 2015 20:03 - Mrs Karen D, Essex - Diamond Resorts (GVC)

"Member of Diamond Resorts since GVC were owners. currently own 21,000 points and management fees are escalating out of control now in excess of £2000 per annum"

25th February 2015 19:13 - Mr Michael S, N Ireland - RCI & Sunterra/Diamond Resorts

"We had several resort requests turned down and finished up with dirty resorts. One in Tenerife and one in Canada where the apartment was filthy, one where water was never hot, one place completely run down with ants and the one in Canada was so filthy I managed pull a wad of hair out to the Bath drain, which I took down to manager of the property. One resort was just like a caravan realy awful and not up to the Standard RCI was offering."

25th February 2015 14:41 - Mr Roger F, Somerset - Silverpoint Beverly Hills Club / Hollywood Mirage

"Had studio at Beverly Hills Club but now Silverpoint has moved it to Hollywood Mirage where we were talked into buying 3 studio's for investment. It was a complete con as they refused to sell on as promised. Now due to health reasons we cannot travel abroad so are stuck with them, paying maintenance. Just want out."

25th February 2015 08:07 - Mr Barry K, Cornwall - Anfi

"Need to sell… or get out of my ANFI contract."

24th February 2015 21:04 - Miss Carol A, West Midlands - RCI Points

"We purchased 20000 points per year with RCI & have unlimited bonus weeks with Diversified resorts. However due to being tied to school holidays we have never been able to get a 2 bed apartment where we want. I have paid the maintenance fees but now have a fee for £170 for not using my points! Therefore I feel I'm not going to benefit its just going to keep costing me."

24th February 2015 19:39 - Mr Royston G, Herefordshire - Diamond Resorts

"There is no way of selling my points and Diamond will require us to pay maintenance until we die!!"

24th February 2015 15:18 - Mr James F, Buckinghamshire - Diamond Resorts

"Resort availability not good. Now retired and cannot afford fees."

23rd February 2015 22:45 - Mr Ian H, Lancashire - Petchey

"I wish to understand my options when it comes to getting rid of the timeshare."

22nd February 2015 19:57 - Mr Peter R, Hertfordshire - CLC

"Management fees far too high. Can no longer afford it."

22nd February 2015 16:40 - Mrs Jane C, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

"My husband and I inherited ownership Diamond Resorts points as my mother-in-law suffered a stroke, we were told at the time that we would be able to cancel our membership at anytime. Management fees are too expensive and we are consistently not able to book the accommodation preferred. We are now being told we cannot cancel the contract."

21st February 2015 16:34 - Mrs G S, Lincolnshire - Sheraton Vistana

"My husband and I would like to sell/give up our timeshare. We find it a financial burden and often are unable to get a holiday of our choice. I am semi retired with health problems. If you can help us we would be very grateful."

20th February 2015 05:22 - Mr Paul N, Kent - Diamond Resorts (Sunterra)

"My initial company was Sunterra but since joining membership has changed hands twice & is now Diamond Resorts. I have tried to release from the contract and give away my points but the company says I am tied to the contract for life which will be passed over to our children. I feel I was mis-sold the policy in the first place as we were promised so many things but never materialized due to planning permission. I bought it for use of the country club Broome Park on a 24/7 basis as we live local and not really for the holiday options. However when we have looked to go to a holiday location it was always booked or we had to go through the international group and then we would be charged additional money for something we have already paid for. I just want this yearly nightmare to stop."

19th February 2015 17:39 - Mrs Lesa W, Surrey - Westgate Resorts, Florida

"I wish OUT of this timeshare... I spend hours trying to get through to someone at Westgate, who then sends me to someone else. I have even phoned the number quoted and get a number NOT even connected! They are very un-professional. We were bullied into buying... I am SO bitterly disappointed,and wish to take this matter further. I will NOT give in to this anymore."

18th February 2015 18:09 - Mr John M, Greater Manchester -RCI / Las Brisas, Onagrup

"I have had time share at Las Brisas in Lanzarote which is now an Onagrup resort. I explained to the previous owners Wimpen that I wanted to give up my timeshare, but they made it so difficult for us - and after 30 years membership I would have thought that they would have made things easy."

18th February 2015 10:30 - Mr Richard T, Lancashire - Pinelake / Diamond Resorts

"We own at Pinelake in Lancaster and have done since late 80s. The maintainance fees are really high and we struggle to exchange. We have 3 weeks banked at present. We would be happy to just be rid of it and not to have to pay any more fees."

17th February 2015 14:52 - Mrs Beryl S, Essex - Grand Holidays / Flamingo Club

"We are owners of a 1 bedroom timeshare apartment, weeks 4 & 5 which has recently been upgraded. Owned by Grand Holidays, known as Flamingo Club. We are stuck in a long term contract (if that is what you can call it) ie. up to 2070. We have requested a copy of our contract and the company insist that there is no such thing, only a membership certificate for each week which they say is sufficient to bind us to the clubs statutes. The certificates have no signatures or terms and conditions on them other than stating the termination date of 2070. As my husband is 85 years old next week nothing (short of a miracle) will keep him going that long. We have 2 sons but neither of them wish to have anything to do with this timeshare. CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?."

17th February 2015 10:44 - Mrs Catherine S, Derbyshire - Club La Costa

"Feel like its been mis-sold to us, rubbish availability as we have no choice but to book at the beginning of the year, we were told at the time of signing up that would be fine. "

16th February 2015 13:00 - Mr Brian C - Club La Costa

"Fed up. No support. Always chasing for holidays. Not able to use points fully. Told the were growing and more resorts would be available…"

16th February 2015 10:53 - Mr Brian T, Lancashire - Club Oasis Lanz

"I have owned this timeshare for approx 20 years and the maintenance costs go up every year. I am now retired and no longer want to continue to own this nor pay for the maintenance of somewhere I am no longer able to go. Oasis Lanz Club have been extremely unhelpful in aiding me to sell this timeshare and instead keep raising their costs. I have been scammed twice by other companies in trying to release myself from this timeshare. Could you please offer some advice? "

15th February 2015 14:06 - Mrs Mavis A, - Diamond Resorts

"Having joined RCI we were told we could get any holiday we would ever want, only to find when trying to book these holidays they were always fully booked! Exchanged our RCI pure points while on holiday in Benalmadena for a Diamond Resort ownership, but now find we cannot afford the very high maintenance fees."

15th February 2015 07:58 - Mr Kenneth H, Lanarkshire - Q Lodges, Carrick

"Unable to book a decent exchange and costs are out of control. Lodges are also in need of repair and nothing seems to be spent on them so where does the money go?"

14th February 2015 09:40 - Mrs Nikki H, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"I would just like to get rid of this timeshare. Like many we were taken in by all the hard sell. Ours was Thurnham Hall initially and now Diamond Resorts. I pay over £500 a year for fees and can never get to use it… I feel very embarrassed and stupid for ever starting this. Hate to say it but I should of listened to the Husband! Can you help?"

13th February 2015 08:07 - Mr George B, Essex - Miraflores & RCI

"Our membership only allows us to book 10 months in advance. we like to take a two week holiday in September in Europe or UK. As there is so little availability we choose our holiday on the basis of what's available. We have never been able to book in the UK."

12th February 2015 08:07 - Miss Helen H, Lancashire - RCI / Wyndham

"I did not want to join the RCI exchange program as I already own a property abroad, however I was told this was compulsory to allow the rental of my cottage in Kendal. I have since found out this is not the case and have two years of my home being used for exchange without anything in return."

12th February 2015 08:07 - Mr John P, Tyne & Wear - Cameron House & RCI

"Banked a week with RCI but could never get suitable dates and eventual lost the week we banked."

11th February 2015 08:07 - Mr David S - RCI / Fairways Tenerife

"We have owned since 1990, every year it has become more difficult to exchange, especially in the uk. There's thousands of resorts around the world and 1 million members and you tell me there's not enough to go around!! You normally get into a resort where there is timeshare and RCI reps trying to sell you more weeks or points and ruining your holiday."

11th February 2015 08:07 - Mr D M - Grandview at Las Vegas & RCI

"Joined only in 2011, been disappointed since getting a top timeshare in Vegas & not really having the chance to swap for a similar holiday. Some years we did not holiday, one year took the Spanish Isles but nothing what we wanted, my problem is I gave up at the stage of searching not after speaking with RCI, overall not satisfied."

10th February 2015 08:07 - Mrs Linda B, Greater Manchester - RCI / Sunset Beach club

"I could never get a booking in the 5 years we were members"

10th February 2015 08:07 - Mrs Janice R, Cornwall - RCI / Sunset Bay Tenerife

"I have had difficulty in the past getting an exchange to resorts of choice. At the moment not able to deposit weeks even though we have paid our annual fee. RCI only seems to work one way."

10th February 2015 08:07 - Mrs Maureen M, Cheshire - Paradise Beach Club & past RCI member

"At one time we tried to book a week in Las Vegas at the Jockey Club, was told it not available but was on offer if we paid cash... Now we don't use RCI. I hope you win this case for us!"

10th February 2015 08:07 - Mr Eddie T - Wimpen & RCI

"Even with great 'buying power' I never seemed to get offered something eqquivalent to what I already own, I have 2 bed that sleeps 6 - they offer a studio or 1 bed."

10th February 2015 08:07 - Mr George C, Aberdeenshire - Moness Country Club & RCI

"Could seldom book chosen resort and often located some distance away from main resort. Find the modified site not very helpful due to poor retention of information inserted and having to start all over again as a new search."

9th February 2015 20:53 - Mrs Sue W, Cambridgeshire - RCI / Fairways Club, Tenerife

"Pay maintenance of £800 per year, never any availability to other resorts, always told to plan 2 years ahead, who wants to do that."

9th February 2015 16:17 - Mr Jonathan G, West Midlands - Orange Lake, Florida

"I never get an exchange resort of the standard of my actual timeshare. I have always assumed this is because I tend not to try to exchange until 6-12 months before travelling but now I think perhaps the best resorts are creamed off however early you exchange. I have occasionally completely 'lost' a week through trying to book late and finding nothing available. I know I was mis-sold the original timeshare and now I can't get rid of it but then I'm hit by the high RCI costs and the poor availability. I would love to get rid of it..."

9th February 2015 15:44 - Mr Michael B, Gloucestershire - Alto Lido, Funchal

"We totally agree with members comments regarding lack of availability at any resorts we wish to book."

8th February 2015 15:31 - Mrs Jane H, Devon - RCI Pearly Grey Resort

"Frustrated beyond words at never being able to book what we want. Nothing is ever available. The maintenance fees are through the roof and we are now retiring and cannot afford to pay or even go on holiday."

8th February 2015 10:15 - Mr Andrew C, Surrey - Hilton Coylumbridge

"Totally agree can never get the value back of what we've banked into the system."

8th February 2015 09:25 - Mrs Joanne P - Sheraton Vistana

"I own in Orlando but haven't been able to afford to fly there for years, so have tried to use my ownership through RCI closer to home. In August there is never anything available that I want… Wish I could get rid of the timeshare!

7th February 2015 14:42 - Mrs Tracey B, Buckinghamshire - Crown Resorts

"We have only been able to exchange on 3 occasions for our preferred resorts and weeks. With school age children we are limited as to when we can take a vacation. The lack of appropriate quality accommodation means we have lost thousands of points each year. Just tried a search for Easter 2016 holidays and very limited 2 bed availability! Wish we had never got involved with RCI and holiday ownership."

7th February 2015 12:03 - Mrs Sheila K, Merseyside - RCI / Sunset Beach Belamadena

"We have tried many times to get a holiday and have never managed to get the resort we have wanted. Even when we booked our home resort the apartment we were given was awful. We transfered to another one but this was nothing like the apartment we were showed when we joined. It has cost a lot of money over the years to extend our points. I ended up wasting our points by having to use them to book a hotel so as not to lose them. When we joined we were told we could use our points to book flights this was untrue. It does not matter if you try to book somewhere as soon as the earliest booking date you still cant get anything although they keep sending information about extra holidays you can book if you pay."

6th February 2015 12:26 - Mrs Sandra W, Derbyshire - Fairways Tenerife

"Pretty much given up using them as never got what I wanted…"

5th February 2015 18:41 - Dr B P, Essex - Diamond Resorts Grand Beach

"Not only is it impossible to get the resorts we choose, we have to pay exchange fees and membership. The worst thing is that we can get exactly the same products directly with the proposed resorts via internet or on site for cheaper!!! This is bad practice, dishonnest and abusive."

5th February 2015 17:13 - Mr Eric F - Pestana, Madeira

"When we bank our weeks with RCI and wish to exchange them for other resorts elsewhere, we have always had difficulties getting what we want. Because of this, recently we have chosen to book our main annual holiday with another company in order to get what we want. We have found this frustrating, having RCI points and not being able to use them satisfactorily."

5th February 2015 13:22 - Ms A D - RCI / Summer Bay, Canaltime

"I have a weeks membership as well as a points membership and both are equally hard to obtain exchanges"

4th February 2015 17:29 - Mr Trevor W, Cambridgeshire - Barnsdale, UK & Madeira Beach Club, Madeira

"Have complained to RCI in writing, by phone and in person, over many years."

4th February 2015 10:48 - Mr Richard D, Hertfordshire - Crown Resorts Club Caronte

"I have often tried to book holidays, but I get offered unsuitable locations, dates and accommodation. I am a points member, which is supposed to give better access to all properties, because "they can access unsold weeks" It has never seemed to work!"

2nd February 2015 15:56 - Mr Barry H, Berkshire - RCI / Burnside Owners Park Club (Hapimag)

"It still is difficult (impossible) to get reasonable choice of exchanges. This also applied when we owned at Club La Costa."

2nd February 2015 13:22 - Mr Jonathan W, Devon - RCI & Diamond resorts

"Since 1990 we have tried to book ski holidays but could never get availability when we wanted. We also have tried numerous times for exact dates and resorts without success."

1st February 2015 15:54 - Mrs Pat M, Surrey - Crown Resorts & RCI

"We totally agree with members comments regarding lack of availability at resorts we wish to book. We seem to be offered Tenerife and nothing else. There is nothing in Europe and similarly in the UK. We are extremely dissatisfied with RCI as a whole."

1st February 2015 11:56 - Mr Eric W, Greater Manchester - RCI / Osborne Club

"Have at least 3 credits but cannot find suitable exchanges. The whole timeshare industry is a big con, supported by Tatoc who side with the Timeshare Companies against owners."

1st February 2015 10:24 - Mr Colin C, Somerset - RCI / Nexus Leisure

"Due to financial constraints, we often want to holiday in the UK and have children of school age. We try to book as far in advance as possible and often end up with the same resorts as they are the only ones available It is getting more difficult to find accommodation and can find nothing in the UK suitable for any of the holiday periods for next year, except a couple with very poor reviews (sites that have been allowed to become very run down or are isolated and not suitable for the season). Going abroad is cheaper on package deals as you get child discounts (Same resorts!)"

1st February 2015 09:44 - Ms Wendy B - RCI & Petchey / Club Praia da Oura

"Told we had to join in able to get the full benefit out of the timeshare. We were NOT told that we have to book at least a year in advance to get the resort that we wanted so always had to settle for something else."

31st January 2015 15:31 - Ms Susan H - RCI / Club Calypso Lanzarote

"Fed up with not being able to get exchanges we would like and having to settle for less"

30th January 2015 18:13 - Miss Jane F, Merseyside - RCI / Macdonald Forest Hills

"I think I was mis-sold in the first place"

30th January 2015 15:40 - Mr Kevin S, Tyne and Wear - RCI, Holiday Club and Vacation Care

"We own two time share weeks with separate companies. Both the weeks have been deposited within RCI points system. Every year we find it impossible to obtain the resort we would like, and often have to settle for the same one that is always on offer every year!"

29th January 2015 19:04 - Mr Keith R - Monte Anfi & RCI

"On first purchasing our timeshare we were promised a refund of the flight ticket fares on our first holiday taken there. When we got there for our holiday we were greeted in our apartment by 4 large flying cockroaches coming through the air vents and a mouse in the kitchen. On complaining we were moved to another apt which had fleas in the sofa beds in the lounge. A rep met with us, not to put right the problems we encountered or to refund the flights (they refused), but to try and sell us another week! We had to take a loan out to buy the one week per year option with the choice of purchasing extra weeks which was impossible to arrange. The loan was paid in full in the summer of 2001.... we have not been since and have been unable to get a response from Anfi other than further requests to pay maintenance or purchase another week. We gave up in the end as my wife suffered a nervous breakdown and could not cope with the endless stress that the whole situation caused any longer. We paid about 10,000 pounds for a one week holiday for which we did not enjoy and were constantly being harassed by reps while staying on the site to buy another week!"

29th January 2015 12:21 - Mr David T, Tyne and Wear - Anfi Group Grand Canaria

"We could never get the dates we requested and had to work round the dates given by Anfi, we had the top band payment which meant we should have been able to go when we could."

29th January 2015 09:08 - Mr Clinton B, Nottinghamshire - RCI / The Village Holiday Club

"In all the time I've been a member of RCI, I have never got the resort or dates I've wanted, it has never really worked for me. I have wasted weeks, not being able to go anywhere as all preferred resorts were booked up."

28th January 2015 15:01 - Mr Robert H, Lanarkshire - RCI & Silverpoint Beverley Hills heights

"We have often been frustrated by lack of availability even when we have been prepared to be flexible on dates and resorts in a general region."

28th January 2015 10:59 - Mrs John C, Surrey - RCI

"RCI is a sham , no decent holiday exchanges are available , we have lost weeks over the years."

27th January 2015 14:15 - Mr David R, Buckinghamshire - Club Marbella (RCI)

"I have recently found that I can book a holiday cheaper on the hotel websites IE: and Trivago than the cost of my maintenance fees…"

26th January 2015 19:29 - Mr Bruce R, Fife - Chayofa, Tenerife

"On several occasions we have been unable to get either the resort or dates we wanted (sometimes both) under the points system we opted into in 2003."

26th January 2015 18:23 - Ms Morag K, Perthshire - RCI Weeks

"Had trouble over the years of membership Advised book a year in advance or deposit as early as possible Still no holidays available Membership goes up and so does booking costs Paying for no service"

26th January 2015 14:18 - Dr Y A, London - RCI Weeks member

"For 3 years running, I have lost the whole lot of weeks…. This is extremely frustrating."

23rd January 2015 21:32 - Mrs Sandra A, Bedfordshire - Diamond Club Maritima

"It does seem as years have gone on there is less choice when exchanging. We hve a number of weeks on deposit because we cant find anywhere to use. We paid for platinum membership this did not help. We are always having to compromise"

22nd January 2015 19:22 - Mrs Hazel O, East Riding of Yorkshire - Club Salina Wharf, Malta

"In the 5 years of membership we have never been able find exchange accommodation. We now have 3 weeks lodged and have paid an additional £60 to extend the validity of the weeks because we are unable to secure alternative accommodation. Our holiday dates are very flexible but this does not seem to be of any benefit in order to find an exchange week. I have been told that the problem is we don't allow enough time prior to the holiday dates. But when we did try to book nearly a year in advance we still couldn't get accommodation in the area that we wanted."

20th January 2015 22:14 - Mr S B, West Midlands - Anfi Del Mar / RCI

"Absolutely same problem as other members - consistently told on every occasion of unavailability. Well, not just consistently, 100% of the time"

20th January 2015 19:47 - Mrs M P - Macdonalds Villacana, Spain

"On every occasion I have tried to book, I have had to accept dates that I didn't want or resorts that fitted the dates, but were not the resort I wanted."

20th January 2015 15:17 - Mr Paul D, West Midlands - Silverpoint Hollywood Mirage & RCI

"It is often difficult to find holidays in the accomadation / resort or location I want at the time I want. I often feel very restricted with what is available to me as an RCI member and in many cases have resorted to booking alternative holidays outside RCI to get what I want."

19th January 2015 20:35 - Mr Paul T, Hertfordshire - Allen House

"This timeshare was sold to us specifically on the basis that it would be easy to exchange for time elsewhere so being able to get exchanges where we wanted was very important. It turned out that often our deposit was taken up in hours or days but we could never get what we wanted in school holidays unless we went abroad. We've ended up going to lower quality units no one else was bothered about, like trailing to West Wales for Little Haven at Christmas not a half day trip to the Carlton club in the height of summer. It was always the luck of the draw and our prestige apartment counted for little."

19th January 2015 14:15 - Mr Michael T, West Midlands - Club La Costa

"Totally ripped off by Club la Costa"

19th January 2015 13:28 - Mr Martin B, Berkshire - RCI / Las Vistas Marketing

"Booking resorts of our choice has become almost impossible in recent years. The costs of Management Fees and annual RCI membership also increase annually whereas the overall price of holidays through the UK travel industry has fallen since the recession. We do not think RCI is now a viable or realistic option and would like to sell or withdraw from their scheme."

18th January 2015 21:35 - Miss Helen P - La Pinta Beach Club

"Was talked into Platinum membership in 2013 at a cost. Told it would give me more choice and priority on exchange but was no better and still couldnt get what I wanted even with plenty of notice. Some resorts can be found through travel agents on package deals. Refused to renew Platinum membership in 2014 and told RCI the reasons why."

17th January 2015 19:20 - Mrs Beryl D - Prysg Lodge, Maesycrugiau

"Every time I tried to make a booking it was either too early or to late and I have lost a great deal of points."

17th January 2015 09:03 - Mrs Gwen W, West Midlands - Hollywood Mirage/Silverpoint & RCI

"RCI advised me during one of my many complaints about lack of available properties in the UK and Europe that owners of these said properties do not put them into the RCI spacebank as they prefer to holiday in their own properties. If you want Tenerife or the USA then fine but hardly ever anything available during school holidays in desirable resorts within Europe or the UK. RCI advised me the only way to get my chosen resort was to get up at 5.30am on the day that the window opens for that resort (24 months ahead)in order to book it before everyone else.... tried that, wasn't available... how infuriating!"

16th January 2015 11:33 - Mr Bernard H, Lancashire - Hollywood Mirage Club, Tenerife

"My experiences of trying to book a vacation of choice are similar to those outlined in the recent comments received from other claimants (Jan 2015). Throughout the period of our membership, my wife and I have never been able to obtain a first or even second choice booking and have had to settle for the short choice available, often in accommodation that we were disappointed with. On one occasion we were so displeased with the standard of cleanliness and tired state of the accommodation that we complained to reception. We were advised that this was the section of their site that was allocated to RCI members but that if we were not happy with it, we could pay to upgrade to better accommodation on the same site but outside the block provided for RCI members. We agreed to this after viewing the alternative offered which was much superior to that provided by RCI. We will not be renewing our membership with RCI later this year. In my opinion, the whole principle of banking and trading our timeshare in Tenerife for an alternative holiday elsewhere is suspect and in no way lives up to its billing in the sales literature."

16th January 2015 09:42 - Mr Edward G, North Yorkshire - Paradise Kings Club & RCI

"The choice of resorts is not as promised. Might as well book through travel agents, its cheaper! I had a holiday on hold on the RCI website for approx an hour, when I went back to confirm the booking it had disappeared from the web site, the booking and the units and dates we wanted had also gone! We had to cancel the flight we had booked; we lost over £100 because of it. Cheers! we will not be renewing our membership and will be getting rid of our associated time share as well, costs keep going up for little or no benefit."

14th January 2015 10:10 - Mrs Lillian M, Cheshire - Sliema, Malta

"I am finding much etter and cheaper deals on line and with travel agents. I have to pay supplements all the time and I want to really get rid of my time share"

13th January 2015 18:42 - Mr Alan F, Surrey - RCI / Anfi

"We believe we were mis-sold the apartment that we purchased in 2007. Before we purchased the apartment we were told, though we were buying a one bed apartment we could upgrade easily to a two bed. The staff clearly knew that a one bed was not sufficient due to the size of our family. However, after we had paid the required amount and when we tried to book for a future date at the resort we were told that we could not book a two bed as an upgrade as "it does not work like that". Since this date in 2007... we have not been able to booked any time at the timeshare. We were conned into buying a product that was useless to us as we have a large family."

13th January 2015 16:27 - Mr P K, Northamptonshire - RCI / Panareti Pafos Resort

"Despite being flexible on time and location availability has been and is a huge issue. The 10 month window invariable produces little or no choice, basically inviting you to reconsider the option of time and place down the channel of availability that suits them best."

12th January 2015 19:50 - Mrs Mary T, Staffordshire - RCI Points

"Tried for weeks at the end of 2014 to book Club Las Adelfas, Lanzarote for Feb or March 2015 without success. NO weeks were available after December 2014 but I was informed by the resort that I could purchase weeks!!!!!"

12th January 2015 14:16 - Mrs F S, London - Pestana Madeira / RCI

"We are always trying to get exchanges through RCI but can never get what we want and now I find Pestana doing the same thing. We cannot do exchanges to where we would like to go . We have gold crown and are offered not very nice places."

11th January 2015 11:29 - Mr Gary M, Cambridgeshire - RCI Points

"Originally had a week, then converted to points and added more points. Whenever we have tried to book holidays there is little or no availability and we are told that points can only be booked 10 months in advance, not how the points were sold to us. Can never get what we want so haven't been able to use it for several years."

10th January 2015 13:45 - Mrs Kathryn C, Bedfordshire - Club La Costa

"Hi. I want to cancel and also get compensation due to it being mis-sold to us on a number of points, please can you confirm what actions we need to take, thanks."

10th January 2015 13:43 - Mrs W - Interval World / Diamond Resorts

"We bought a timeshare if Florida back in 2005, bought it on the first day of our holiday under pressure, feel that we have been lied to, Interval World have not delivered what they promised either but I guess this will be all old news to you. We are looking to off-load this timeshare and Star Island are not interested in corresponding or taking this back... hope you can help."

10th January 2015 12:10 - Mr Colin P - Diamond Resorts/Sunterra & Petchey

"Having not had the resorts wanted at the time wanted and ever increasing fees we now no longer want these points. Our children are not interested in holidaying this way. Therefore we like offload our points and receive some remuneration, as promised at the original presentation."

10th January 2015 10:14 - Mr Michael L - McDonald Villacana

"I am wanting to get out of my timeshare but understand I cannot, the Villacana owners clue are in discussion with McDonald about this but there talk of a four year fee to get out, and we would lose the money we put down to buy the week we have. Can you advise our options."

9th January 2015 23:02 - Mrs Joan T, Tyne & Wear - RCI/Scandinavian Village Aviemore

"I also joined Platinum Membership to try to improve the situation without any improvement taking place!"

9th January 2015 22:23 - Mr Andrew S - Sunset Beach Club Benalmadena & RCI

"I want to be released from my timeshare agreement due to misrepresentation and above inflation maintenance charge increases."

9th January 2015 17:54 - Mr Richard D, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa

"Longstanding CLC member (about 14 years),platinum level, lots of points. Can no longer afford maintenance payments and, as can never get availability, want out of the contract."

9th January 2015 17:50 - Mr David R, Tyne & Wear - Akeld manor and country club

"Sick of over inflated maintenance fees"

9th January 2015 16:38 - Miss A - Club La Costa

"We bought the time share nearly 10 years ago and we barely get a chance to use it. Whenever we wish to book a week - it is unavailable. Fees have then increased significantly - we do not get any value for our money."

9th January 2015 14:32 - Mr Barry S, Dorset - RCI / THE ODESSA CLUB

"I can never find a resort that l would like! I tried to book a holiday today 9/1/15 for Sept 2016 in Cornwall and there were only 4 resorts available! This was not what we were promised and we are very disappointed."

9th January 2015 10:32 - Miss Katrina H, Cornwall - RCI Infinity points

"We would like to get rid of our RCI points as they are not providing us with the flexibility we thought they would. We have had weeks cancelled and have lost weeks as well. Thanks"

9th January 2015 10:17 - Mrs J M - RCI / Sunset Harbour

"Need to get rid of my timeshare can no longer afford it."

9th January 2015 09:50 - Mr Douglas L, Northamptonshire - RCI / Madeira Regency Palace

"We are not happy with the service we receive from RCI"

9th January 2015 07:42 - Mrs Sarah V - Island Residence Club

"My husband and I are wanting to sell our timeshare, we have an exchange with Interval International but in the last 6 years we have only managed to use it twice due to my husband been in the forces."

8th January 2015 21:53 - Mrs Gina A - Diamond Resorts

"My husband died shortly after we joined Sunterra (Diamond Resorts). I have struggled to maintain the management fees, but I can no longer afford these increases, but have been unable to sell these."

8th January 2015 21:02 - Mr James B, Midlothian - RCI & Macdonald Forest Hills & Lochanhully

"I have on many occasion tried to get timeshares in mainland Europe. And England. I always suspected that rci were at the game were all resorts were not made available to members."

8th January 2015 19:26 - Mr T B, East Riding of Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"I have 8000 points with DRI have tried previously to dispose of with no luck"

8th January 2015 15:06 - Mrs Shirley P, Lincolnshire - RCI

"I wrote to RCI and my timeshare saying we could not afford to pay maintenance fee so we would give back the timeshare apartment. RCI replied that if we paid £86 to the account would be closed which we did. Now 3 years later we received a letter from debt collectors asking for nearly £3000 for 3 years back maintenance. We never had any bills from resort until this letter from debt collector..."

8th January 2015 14:19 - Mrs Marion C - CLC

"Would just love to be rid of it."

8th January 2015 13:34 - Mrs Morag S, Lanarkshire - RCI/Silverpoint Hollywood Mirage

"Often have to book at least a year in advance. Even when not looking for a specific resort only a general area."

8th January 2015 10:14 - Mr Paul O, West Yorkshire - CLC & RCI

"Unable to book up 2 years in advance and have lost points last year and likely to lose this years allocation, only offered the one unsuitable destination. Not happy with paying for a service that we do not receive."

7th January 2015 15:14 - Mrs V - RCI


7th January 2015 12:37 - Mrs Pamela B, Dumfries and Galloway - Club La Costa

"Same as everyone else - Difficulty booking, bombarded with offers to upgrade, eventually did… it just costs too much"

7th January 2015 11:35 - Mrs Sonja B, Nottinghamshire - RCI / Puerto Calma

"In all the years my husband and I have been members of RCI, we have never once got a holiday in any of our first choices. We have always had to settle for alternative, sub standard accommodation. Its not what we were sold."

6th January 2015 23:51 - Ms A T, Cheshire - RCI / CLC

"Need out. Can't refinance and can't afford and whenever we try to book a holiday....nothing's available."

6th January 2015 22:28 - Ms Lynn R - Palace Elite/RCI

"I was led to believe that we would receive a free all inclusive week to be taken before 2016 then another once our 48th payment was finished. We were told it is easy to exchange your weeks and you can do it anytime. None of this has been true. RCI and Palace Elite are no longer working together and we are left paying for something we can't use. Please help"

6th January 2015 18:58 - Mrs Dawn C - Diamond Resorts

"The fees are too high. My husband is self-employed and we cannot afford to keep up the payments. We have struggled to find places to book... Would just like to get out of membership of Diamond Resorts."

6th January 2015 16:45 - Mrs C S, Kent - Silverpoint & RCI

"Fed up with spending pointless hours online looking for availability."

6th January 2015 11:26 - Mrs S M, Monmouthshire - RCI / Sunset Beach Club, Benalmadena

"Really struggle to find any resorts available every year and end up settling for what little we can find within the dates we require."

6th January 2015 09:34 - Mrs Jeanette H - RCI / Pestana

"Can never exchange for a holiday in the UK as there is never any availability."

6th January 2015 07:04 - Mrs Rosemary H, Norfolk - Diamond Resorts US collection

"On a recent visit to Florida we converted our weeks timeshare at Mystic Dunes resort to Diamond points, because we were advised that as Diamond have taken over the resort would no longer be guaranteed the flexibility be previously had over dates. We were hesitant about the fact that we would be paying higher fees, and paying these each year as opposed to every other year, but we're convinced that we would have much easier swap ability than had previously been the case through Interval International. However since then, it seems that the resorts we would particularly like are not available. In fact, we can answer yes to all the questions on your website, and can't understand why we were so stupid to buy the points; it seems that we have thrown good money after bad..."

5th January 2015 21:30 - Mr Stephen J, Lancashire - RCI / Pine Lakes

"Over the many years of being a member of RCI I have always struggled to exchanges and always get exchange requests turned down."

5th January 2015 18:13 - Mr Russell M - Anfi

"I have a week with Anfi for the December time, would now like to get rid of it."

5th January 2015 15:55 - Mrs K, Norfolk - Club la Costa Fractional

"We signed up to FOPC in 2013. After reading all the negative reports from very unhappy CLC members I'm wondering now if we will EVER get any of our FOPC money back. My husband reckons he'll be dead by the time it finishes - me too if my health carries on in a down ward spiral. We can't afford the maintenance or the £600+ per booking. I can get package holidays cheaper now."

5th January 2015 15:33 - Mr Edward T, Cheshire - Silverpoint

"Forced to move from BHC to BHH with change to floating weeks but no suitable availability."

5th January 2015 14:55 - Ms Alison D, London - Silverpoint Beverly Hill Club & Beverly Hills Heights

"I purchased my 2 timeshares in 1990 and 1991 and spent many good holidays at them. But for the last 10years at least it has been difficult or impossible to find availability there. I always bank my weeks early, supposedly to get priority availability but that hasn't worked for many years. Thank you for taking up the cause."

5th January 2015 14:34 - Mrs O A, Bedfordshire - CLC

"We originally bought Fractional points at CLC in October 2013 for a loan of £11,800. We were then offered a free holiday to Tenerife and after a very hard sell and incorrect information we were signed up to another deal which then took the total loan to over £20,000. Unfortunately we didn't take into consideration the maintenance fees. The maintenance fees and the loan repayments are now overwhelming and we can no longer afford it. We have not even used any of the points for any holiday yet. Please kindly let us know how we can pull ourselves out of this nightmare."

5th January 2015 14:17 - Mrs Marion H - Wimpen

"Cannot afford to keep this up. 2 weeks in Lanzarote since 1982! No help in selling from Wimpen - excuses and obstacles all the time. Help and solution much appreciated."

5th January 2015 13:27 - Mrs Lindsey M - CLC

"Took out CLC membership in 2008 - rising maintenance fees mean we want to exit this contract ASAP."

4th January 2015 22:58 - Mr Peter M, Staffordshire - Petchey

"I have been a member with Petchey for a number of years and my maintenance fees have trebled in the last few years. I would now like to be free of it…"

4th January 2015 21:46 - Mr Derek R, Lincolnshire - Diamond Resorts

"My wife & I own points in the Diamond Resorts scheme. We first bought with Sunterra in 2004; then we were given a "FREE" holiday in Tenerife where we more or less had to be on call for the Diamond Resorts rep to show us to other their resorts... Each and every time we went on holiday with Diamond we were given the hard sell and hounded until we increased our holdings. When we first went into the scheme we were assured that there would be accommodations and facilities for the disabled, which iss very important to us. We have not seen any of these apartments or facilities coming our way - only false promises, lack of availability due to oversubscription and ever increasing maintenance fees which have become extortionate..."

4th January 2015 18:37 - Mr Colin W - Anfi

"Never able to get weeks we want, need to get out of contract"

4th January 2015 18:23 - William & Valerie S - CLC

"Same complaints as most others here. We feel that because we will not spend any more money upgrading that we are pushed to the back of the queue."

4th January 2015 15:16 - Mr M M - RCI / Club Vistaflor, Gran Canaria

"When I first joined RCI, I could go where I wanted whenever. But in the last 20 odd years I've not been able to go where I wanted at all."

4th January 2015 14:38 - Mr Stephen W, West Midlands - Diamond Resorts

"It seemed a good idea at the time but after trying to book holidays we have had no success and we are fed up with getting nowhere with the company."

4th January 2015 11:25 - Mr Shane N, Suffolk - CLC

"We are Fractional owners. Have wanted to get out for years. Have not been able to get a week in Spain for 3 years as I have 3 children. The maintenance fees are a joke - £1600 per year and no holiday."

4th January 2015 11:09 - Mr Ronald C, Midlothian - Diamond Resorts

"Been a member since 2000. GVC, then Sunterra, now Diamond Resorts. Also gold member with Interval. Management fees now getting beyond a joke. Diamond has now become a rental company with limited availability for members."

3rd January 2015 22:02 - Miss Natasha E, Greater London - CLC / Club La Costa

"We have not once been able to book where and when we wanted to go since we had timeshare. 2 years ago we went to Tenerife where we were advised that the amount of points we had was what was causing us the problem with booking and we were told to change to fractions and that would enable us to book whenever and wherever we wanted, but it simply was not true. We were still not able to book anywhere last year and lost points that we had saved. We are desperate for advice on how to release ourselves from this burden."

3rd January 2015 13:19 - Mrs Janet J - Silverpoint Beverly Hills club

"We owned a week in Beverly Hills club but that has been closed so we've been offered a place in the Hollywood Mirage. We haven't agreed to accept this and haven't signed a new contract but they have still sent us new invoices. They have also changed our weeks. We have not seen the apartment they have offered us, but we know its not like for like. Any advice on what to do next would be appreciated."

3rd January 2015 12:28 - Mrs Lesley A, Kent - RCI points

"We want to get out of RCI timeshare. We are still paying for this through RCI finance but the interest is so high and we can't get another loan. We no longer wanted this timeshare and have spoken to RCI but they won't help us."

2nd January 2015 13:54 - Mrs Jennifer A, Lancashire - RCI Pestana

"We have found it increasingly difficult to get the resort we require in exchange unless it has been within our own timeshare group. Since we joined RCI I can honestly say we have managed to get our desired booking only twice."

2nd January 2015 12:19 - Mr Mike B, Northumberland - RCI / Orange Lake Orlando

"I also would like to know about claiming compensation from RCI. I find it just about impossible to get any exchange and never what I want. I would love to get out of timeshare but do not know how to go about it, because there are so many scams and rip-off merchants. Just received my maintenance bill which again has increased considerably. Can this be legal?"

2nd January 2015 11:33 - Mr Bryan L, Monmouthshire - RCI and Interval International

"We have two timeshares and feel locked in."

2nd January 2015 08:58 - Mrs Shirely G - RCI

"Advice required in getting rid of 3 timeshares - maintenance fees becoming costly and we will be retiring in the next couple of years."

1st January 2015 18:32 - Mr Richard G, Merseyside - Silverpoint

"We were mis-sold upgrade to Paradiso, deposit paid £2800.00. Have made a number of request to have these funds returned , cancellation was made within the allotted time scale… We have not received any communication from Silverpoint to date."

1st January 2015 14:01 - Mrs Pam S, West Midlands - RCI / Moness

"I have 2 weeks bought in perpetuity in 2007 and have been trying to hand them back since 2011, but Moness will not discuss it with me. I cannot afford it - Please advise."

31st December 2014 21:13 - Mrs Suzzann B, Leicestershire - Petchey

"I need to release 200,000 points as maintenance has become to costly and due to ill health I haven't been able to use."

31st December 2014 20:03 - Mrs Teresa O - RCI

"We brought a timeshare in Florida in 2004 we feel we were not only missold the property but also the advantages of RCI membership which has not offered what we expected. We were originally hard sold and felt we had no choice at the time to sign the contract we would like to know if there is anything we can do about this we have wanted to get out of this very soon after purchase and have tried to sell it through a selling site with no success."

31st December 2014 14:46 - Mr Mike T, Somerset - Marriott

"I have owned a time share with Marriott ile de France for ten years and have only been able to stay there once. I have tried to get out of it since the beginning but no luck, so I bank weeks with Interval but the standard I get is not as good and the weeks banked are not available when I need them. I pay over £1000 per year in maintenance. Please help."

31st December 2014 12:33 - Mr Colin B, Greater Manchester - Petchey

"Looking to offload as maintenance fee constantly increasing. At point of sale we were advised if we no longer wanted time share we could sell it back... They now say the only option is to buy Infiniti points at a cost of thousands of pounds... "

30th December 2014 21:33 - Mrs Shilpa R, Leicestershire - Diamond resorts

"Our maintenance fees is over £500 and we are v frustrated with lack of options to exchange - so we end up accumulating weeks and points that we are not able to use - money down the drain! Diamond Resorts have not provided any get out options."

30th December 2014 18:36 - Mr M, Essex - Club La Costa

"The management fees are now crippling us as we have now both retired we can never get bookings that suit us."

30th December 2014 17:47 - Mrs G K - Club Salina Wharf, Malta

"We have a red week 4 person which we do not use and are paying for the maintenance only as my husband has retired in ill health and we barely scrape by. Any help to get rid of this would be appreciated. Thank you."

30th December 2014 17:28 - Mr Martin M - RCI, Sunny Coast Resort Club

"We have been members of RCI since 1987 and although it seemed to be good at the start, over the years we have found it extremely difficult to gain our preferred exchanges"

30th December 2014 16:39 - Mr Paul N, Somerset - CLC

"Have points. Same old story - no availability, 3 children, increasing management fees and no holidays!"

30th December 2014 13:11 - Mr Mick C, Shropshire - Petchey

"RCI never seem to be able to offer anything that falls within our requirements which, to us, seem perfectly reasonable. When we try to book a cruise, for example, they tell us we can only convert 14 points, when we have 39 in the 'Bank' - I don't understand why."

30th December 2014 12:56 - Mr Roy B - CLC


30th December 2014 12:42 - Mr David M, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts

"I would like to dispose of my points, We have not used for 10 years due to health problems, therefore the points are no longer suitable for us as we do not travel abroad or far from home."

30th December 2014 11:58 - Mrs Denise F, Hampshire - RCI

"We signed a contract for RCI & Bahia Principe resorts whilst on holiday in October 2014. We feel we were totally mislead by the rep whom we sat with for quite a few hours before we signed. On our return we tried to get our money back from the credit card company we used but they said the company had done nothing wrong. We have paid half the purchase price so far 8500 dollars. ... Can you please help us ? We totally feel we were mis-sold this contract in the first place. Can you please help us?"

30th December 2014 10:50 - Mr James M, Cheshire - Diamond Resorts

"Please help us to get rid of our timeshare. We were pushed into all sorts of different companies ending up at Diamond resorts. We need to get rid of this in desperation. Please help as we have tried to sell without success."

30th December 2014 08:48 - Mr Bertram B, Gloucestershire - Diamond Resorts

"We wish to cancel our Diamond Resorts points due to the lack resorts available & the rising cost of the management fees"

29th December 2014 22:08 - Mr L D - Diamond Resorts

"My 2 week timeshare bought in 2002 through Tempest Palms International has been taken over By Diamond Resort about 3 years ago. Resulting escalation of maintenance fees premium currently 1180.17 US dollars per week has become an odious burden that I am unable to sustain. Please could I request your help in addressing this exploitative situation".

29th December 2014 20:43 - Mr Robert L, Surrey - RCI / Club La Santa, Lanzarote

"Very disappointed with RCI joined in 1986 but left have found the process to be a waste of time"

29th December 2014 11:25 - Mr James S, Midlothian - RCI Points

"Want to get as much as possible back from these scum bags."

29th December 2014 11:01 - Mr Aidan B, Dorset - CLC

"Bought fractional ownership with a loan supplied by CLC. Every time we have been to Club La Costa Paradise they have pestered us to buy more points. They tell us it will only take 40 minutes but five or six hours later we are still sitting in the office, thereby losing nearly a day of our holiday. The repayments on the loan are over £250 per month and the management fees have risen so much they are over £1000 year. Due to a change of circumstances we can no longer afford to pay these."

28th December 2014 22:10 - Mrs Helen M - RCI

"We have found we cannot get the accommodation we wish on most of the dates selected. This is very disappointing and we then need to re think where to go on holiday."

27th December 2014 14:30 - Mrs S S - RCI/Westgate

"Can we get out of our Westgate timeshare? Can we get compensation? How easy is it?"

27th December 2014 05:41 - Mr M A - Diamond Resorts

"I paid £15k to buy these share now I'm paying over £1000 every year. Can I get my money back?"

26th December 2014 22:15 - Mr A - RCI

"I bought timeshare with RCI last year in March but soon has realised that I cannot get the holidays I was promised, so want to get out if this."

26th December 2014 10:53 - Mr Peter F - RCI

"Bought 25k extra points in 2009 and am tied in until 2066 by which time I will be long dead and buried. Extra points now not needed as home resort has been upgraded which I paid for and continue to pay for through increased annual maintenance fees"

26th December 2014 10:32 - Mr Steven C, Aberdeenshire - Club Monte Anfi & RCI

"Bought floating week over ten years ago. At time of sale we were told Anfi would buy back if wanting to sell. Also if requiring a two week stay we could use our following years week in advance. Booking a week for our two bedroom apt is a nightmare. You can book a year in advance for the first week but not a second. You have to call or email at start of year and see if anything is available. As you need to organise flights its very stressful and you're on edge wondering if you and your family will enjoy a two week break there!"

24th December 2014 08:43 - Mrs Patricia K, Northamptonshire - Summerbay Resort, Orlando

"Was talked into a timeshare, now not used it due to family difficulties. Would like to cancel but they won't let me! Also Summerbay resort has taken over by another company. Don't want it, won't use it, want to cancel, please help."

23rd December 2014 16:37 - Mr Alistair F, Midlothian - Elite Club Resorts, Fuerteventura Beach Club

"We requested to terminate our membership at the Fuerteventura Beach club and they are telling us that unless we are bankrupt … that we need to keep paying our maintenance fees. We are not trying to sell, just give it away and it seems impossible."

23rd December 2014 12:34 - Mrs Angela S, Renfrewshire - Silverpoint

"Need to get out. A bunch of swindlers. Don't know how they sleep at night."

23rd December 2014 10:44 - Mr Steven H - Diamond Resorts

"I am now retired and finding the maintenance fees too much. I was sold the timeshare on the basis that it would be easy to resell if I no longer wanted to use it. I have contacted Diamond Resorts who have not responded."

22nd December 2014 22:18 - Mrs L W, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts Points

"How can I get out of the contract with DRI. We bought from GVC when fees were low. We have 30000 points and pay in excess of £2000 a year."

22nd December 2014 22:16 - Mr Robert W - Silverpoint

"Would like to dispose of our timeshare, but understand it is very difficult."

20th December 2014 15:40 - Mr Danny H, Nottinghamshire - Anfi Tauro

"Just want out of my Anfi Touro timeshare."

19th December 2014 23:18 - Mr E K - Orange Lake Resort, Florida

"We were mislead and missold Orange Lake Time Share 5 years back. We were told whenever we want to return it we can do it with one month notice. This was untrue and we are paying a Loan and Yearly fees. We would like to get rid of it and get money back. We paid, around £12000. Please help, thanks."

18th December 2014 20:21 - Mrs Shirley I, Tyne & Wear - La Pinta Tenerife

"We have paid so much out trying to sell the timeshare and each time with no joy. This timeshare has cost us over £40,000 plus maintenance fees."

17th December 2014 23:19 - Mr James B, Hampshire - Anfi

"My wife and i own a time share through Anfi and with the escalating maintenance fees wondered what our options are on getting out of the contract. Thanks, James."

17th December 2014 18:45 - Mr H G, Hampshire - VIP Resorts @ Coral Reef Club, Malta

"I was told that I would be able to sell it if needs be. I have tried with no success. I do not travel abroad any more due to health reasons."

17th December 2014 16:47 - Mr Michael A, Lancashire - RCI / Umhlanga Cabanas

"We originally bought our timeshare in South Africa about 30 years ago. Since we moved to the UK 14 years ago we have had constant difficulty using our timeshare and have several times lost weeks as a result."

16th December 2014 07:25 - Mr Anthony B, Wiltshire - Seasons Holidays

"Please can you represent me in effecting a release with compensation from the contract I have with Seasons Holidays. The fees have become extortionate and unrealistic. This was supposed to be an investment but it is clear that with all the assurances and promises they gave this is a classic case of mis-selling and misrepresentation."

15th December 2014 23:51 - Mrs S K - RCI Points

"Had timeshare weeks and then paid extra money to convert to points as we thought it would give us better power to exchange, but to no avail. Always difficult to get what you want and there are often additional costs. And then when guests want to go you have to pay the guest fee and also to extend the points you had to pay money. Just not worth it. Have tried to sell but just had to pay more money... no worth at all."

15th December 2014 10:55 - Mrs Shandra G, Lincolnshire - Club La Costa

"I have been trying to get out of CLC membership for years. Feel it was mis sold and now have a charging order on property. My husband died just over a year ago, think all this made him ill and it's not doing anything for my health either."

14th December 2014 23:03 - Mrs Esther B. London - Petchey (MGM)

"I have owned the Praia da Oura timeshare since 2000 and have wanted to offload it for years"

14th December 2014 14:29 - Mr Alan W - Sunny Coast

"I am getting payment demands form a collection agency regarding management fees although I have a agreement with sunny coast letting them letting the apartments out for me I require some advice.

14th December 2014 14:26 - Mr Stevie C - RCI / Orange Lake, Florida

"In last 5 yrs only used twice as always told no availability. Last holiday I had to use normal travel agent to book."

14th December 2014 11:43 - Mr Sean B, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

"Due to ever increasing rise in maintenance fees I would like to exit my contract with diamond resorts"

13th December 2014 19:13 - Mrs Jane L, Lincolnshire - MacDonald

"Due to ill health my Husband now on Disability Allowance, we have written to MacDonald requesting they relinquish us from our unused timeshare, as we are unable to travel - now getting threatening letter from them"

13th December 2014 16:45 - Miss O H, Hampshire - Club La Costa

"Same as a lot of people, went onto to buy fractions, can't book, can't afford the fees."

13th December 2014 08:34 - Mrs Margaret B, Cheshire - Club La Costa

"Just feel that this is not for us. We bought under pressure and dont feel that is now right. The maintenace fees are a nightmare"

12th December 2014 12:17 - Mrs Deborah C, Lancashire - MacDonalds

"Have 2 weeks at Dona Lola which we have tried to jettison for years. One week has now been converted to points under the "new" scheme - this is still no use to us and it leaves us still with a week which we have not used for years. Maintenance fees have increased incrementally - which we have tried not to pay but have always brought up to date for fear of legal proceedings. We want to get rid of our liability ASAP. Please advise ..."

11th December 2014 21:54 - Mr Andrew S, Derbyshire - Petchey

"They reneged on the promise that if we were not able to finance the timeshare they would cancel the agreement."

11th December 2014 21:05 - Mr G P, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts Points

"Like so many members I am trapped into paying maintenance fees for resort ownership points that I no longer wish to hold. I am 77 years of age and on a state pension; my wife likewise. Initially joined GVC , then Sunterra when we were working and fees manageable."

11th December 2014 15:58 - Mr Michael B - CLC World Fractional

"CLC Have just tried to sell us more points whilst on our bonus week in Tenerife! More pressure and a 0930 to 1500 "presentation". Desperately looking for a way out of 19 years of something I never should have signed up to. To say the sell is not a hard one is rubbish! These guys shouldn't be able to get away with it!"

11th December 2014 13:28 - Mrs Jean B, Cornwall - RCI, Club Infiniti & Diamond Resorts

"My husband and I are desperate to get rid of our timeshares."

10th December 2014 23:18 - Mr Terence S, Isle of Man - RCI / Petchey


9th December 2014 22:22 - Mr Alex P, Northern Ireland - RCI

"RCI demanding membership fees despite being informed in writing twice email 3 times we want to cancel embership"

9th December 2014 22:01 - Mr A, Surrey - Club La Costa

"We feel we were wrongly advise, also we took out there finance and was told it was easy to change from lender after the first year and now the costs keep going up."

9th December 2014 21:29 - Mrs Liz O - Resort Solutions Ltd

"Increased fee, just been landed with an additional £110 levy for a maintenance program, reduced facilities and falling accommodation quality."

9th December 2014 18:54 - Mr Leslie F, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts

"Would like advice to opt out of diamond resorts. Fees are now far too high,and we can never book to suit our holiday periods."

8th December 2014 16:09 - Mrs N W - Petchey Leisure

"We wish you to release us from the contract. We are not as young as we were when we signed up. We travel less and fees are now VERY HIGH for us as we do not work any more."

8th December 2014 15:54 - Mrs Helena B - Diamond Resorts

"Is it possible to get rid of Diamond Resorts membership … ? We are no longer going to use our points and and don´t see why we should keep paying the Club Fees."

7th December 2014 23:36 - Mrs Paula M, Kent - CLC

"Cannot believe that it can be legal to increase the annual management fees by such a high amount year on year."

7th December 2014 17:32 - Mr Ian S, Tyne & Wear - Diamond Resorts Points

"Income now a small pension therefore no funds remaining to service the extortionate maintenance fees. Maintaining an existence is far more important than maintaining a timeshare. Your assistance in removing this liability would be much appreciated. Regards"

6th December 2014 10:49 - Mrs H T, Middlesex - RCI

"My elderly parents cannot afford to carry on paying for their three timeshares and do not want to pass them on to us, their three children. The bought dates were not within the school holidays which meant we had to pay a transfer fee on top of the rental if we wanted to use the timeshare. It was and is cheaper to get a holiday elsewhere."

5th December 2014 10:16 - Mr Ron R, Scotland - RCI / Dom Pedro Portabelo, Villamura

"Have had this timeshare for the past 30 yrs and been trying to get rid of it for the past 7yrs as the maintenance fees keep going up."

3rd December 2014 16:03 - Mrs Kate B - RCI

"I need to release my timeshare, i can no longer afford to pay the bills. My son was helping me, but has been made reduntant and I only have a state pension to live on… and am unable to travel anymore."

2nd December 2014 09:25 - Mr S, Essex - Club La Costa

"We was pressured into buying CLC fractions two years ago with the promise of easy transfer of loan to any high street lender to bring down the monthly costs. I've contacted a number of lenders who refuse to lend so I now have a huge monthly bill which im struggling to pay, and also huge maintenance fees."

30th November 2014 13:08 - Mr M F, Notts - RCI Points via Sunset Beach Club Benalmadena

"All the other comments here apply to us. Earlier this year we could only book 1 week of a 2 week stay in Lanzarote before having to move resorts although the same apartment in the first resort was vacant for the second week."

28th November 2014 17:47 - Mr D T, London - CLC Fractional Ownership

"Become CLC fractional percentage member about 2 years ago. Paid £8000 for it. Prior to that we were CLC members. Today in 2 years I tried to book 1 weeks CLC holiday in South Tenerife . The adviser say that once I book it - I have to pay additional amount under the new fractional % membership. 15p for every point - My holiday would use 680 points. This was not explained when we upgraded. I have also just received a bill for the increased £1432 membership fee as well. How can I come out of this deal and can I get my money back?"

25th November 2014 00:21 - Mr John R, Greater Manchester - RCI / Silverpoint

"Owned CLC for many years. For reasons I now find hard to understand we exchanged it for a week and bought another with the promise of an immediate resale then sell the other and thus come out of timeshare. Now stuck with two and would like to get out altogether. Any suggestions?"

23rd November 2014 11:49 - Mr & Mrs Steve S, Hampshire - Diamond Resorts (Originally GVC)

"Joined originally with GVC and now with Diamond. Very dissatisfied with increasing fees and lack of availability as most others are. Would be interested to know what can be done."

22nd November 2014 17:23 - Mr Joseph E, Northumberland - RCI

"We own a 3 bed unit at Akeld. When seeking to exchange, we rarely find any availability in the U K, and then if we do find something it's always a smaller unit at a quieter time of year."

22nd November 2014 15:19 - Mrs Sandra C, Hampshire - RCI / Club Calahonda

"I would like to know about claiming compensation from RCI. I am never able to get an exchange for what I want. I have now given up trying as it never works. Want to get out of timeshare but do not know how to go about it as it is a waste of money for us to continue year on year paying the maintenance. Any help would be useful and appreciated."

22nd November 2014 14:22 - Mr Robert T, Gwent - RCI / Club La Costa

"I foolishly paid £36000 to buy 4500 points in Club La Costa in 2004 and have ever since been trying to walk away from this contract. Apart from fees increasing by over 50% above inflation over the past 10 yrs, the promises made at the time of purchase i.e. availability of the highest standard apartments when and where I wanted, have not been realised fact I now have to book up 2 years ahead to get the highest standard apartments and these are only available in a few resorts. Despite a regular exchange of messages/complaints from me and flannel answers from CLC, no progress nor satisfaction have been achieved??"

22nd November 2014 11:53 - Mrs Sue W, West Midlands - RCI / Club Calahonda

"We purchased two timeshare weeks (32 & 33), plus points. We wanted to use our points to stay either week 31 or week 34 so as to have three weeks at the resort with the children and allowing for my father to visit. Apart form one year, we have had our request refused but we were always offered an apartment if we were prepared to pay £600. They claimed all RCI weeks had been sold. We were so cross... we lost out on £4000."

21st November 2014 15:20 - Mrs Christine H, Hampshire - RCI

"Tried several times to book home resort but never any availability .Ended up having to rent so now have loads of unused points"

21st November 2014 11:47 - Mr Mark B, Derbyshire - Interval Int'l / Panereti Royal Coral Bay, Cyprus

"Mis-sold a timeshare by Panereti in Cyprus. They promised that their resorts would always be members only when we went last year the place was full of arrogant xxxxxxxs. They tried to fob us off with a nasty apartment when we tackled them about this they said it due to the market that they had to open up to the general public. Our dream as been shattered as we love Cyprus and one more thing the maintainence fees are more than it costs joe public to stay there for one week. Can you help?"

21st November 2014 10:33 - Mrs J L, Wiltshire - RCI

"Always have trouble trying to book rooms for more than 2 people"

21st November 2014 09:50 - Mrs Marlene B, Greater London - CLC

"I cannot afford the maintenance fees and they keep going up every year even though I am a fractional property owner. I would like to get out of the club for good due to changes in my circumstance."


20th November 2014 23:41 - Mr Mohammad B - Occidental Vacation Club

"I wish to get out of the Occidental Vacation Club timeshare that was sold to me on holiday in Mexico."

20th November 2014 17:12 - Mr Johnny R - CLC & RCI

"Hi I am a CLC + RCI member and I would like information on how I can cancel my membership."

20th November 2014 15:38 - Mrs Donna K, Midlothian - CLC

"We feel we were mislead & bombarded by sale reps for CLC & with mounting costs we would like to get out of a 19 year contract."

20th November 2014 12:13 - Mr Peter T, Aberdeenshire - WimPen Resort with RCI Points

"We have a timeshare in Lanzarote that is in the RCI points scheme. Have had difficulty getting resorts and/or dates and want to get rid of the entire scheme."

20th November 2014 11:30 - Mr T R, Bedfordshire - CPO, Petchey Leisure

"Our soliocitor wrote to CPO last year and earlier this year saying we had been mis sold and falsely advised when getting into the contract. CPO have ignored letters from our solicitor. Can you help?"

20th November 2014 09:36 - Mr Martyn E - Petchey Leisure

"We have been a member of Petchey for 5 years. We don't owe any money, just the annual fees. Can we get out of the contract as we don't use it now and the fees keep going up…"

19th November 2014 16:15 - Mr B - Diamond Resorts

"I just want to cancel my membership."

19th November 2014 15:08 - Mrs Anne P, Surrey - RCI

"We feel we were completely mis-sold our timeshare and now see it as a millstone around our necks."

19th November 2014 11:43 - Mrs Maureen C, Essex - Access2leisure

"When we bought there were 25 different resorts to choose from including England & Scotland. Now there is only Malta & Lanzarote. We have now retired & can't afford to go abroad. We have to get out of contract."

19th November 2014 10:56 - Mr Brendan M, Surrey - RCI points

"I bought this several years ago and only once have I managed to get a holiday. The maintenance fees are extortionate and RCI are incompetent."

19th November 2014 09:30 - Mrs Margot G, Fife - Macdonald Resorts

"I have 2 timeshare with Macdonald 1 in Spain and 1 in Scotland. Need to get out."

18th November 2014 21:36 - Mrs Sylvia R, Bedfordshire - Star island

"I feel as if we were lied to on options to swap and rent - feel totally trapped in this bi-annual timeshare"

18th November 2014 18:16 - Mr Keith C, South Yorkshire - RCI / Sunset Beach Club

"We have tried to book Sahara Sunset several times and not managed, even though it was available online. We have been to 3 places where we cannot return for 5 years."

18th November 2014 16:03 - Mr Ernest H, Essex - De Vere Cameron House, Scotland

"Had the timeshare for 21 years, but getting too old to travel, also difficult to afford the increase in fees... how do I get out of it?"

18th November 2014 15:03 - Mr Graham S, Lancashire - SMV Network

"We were promised that it would be cheaper to holiday with Sol Melia vacation club - but it is cheaper to get a package holiday."

18th November 2014 15:03 - Mr Robert B - RCI

"I now have multiple weeks 'banked' with RCI but have been unable to exchange these for ANY of the requested / preferred resorts over the past 4-5 years."

18th November 2014 11:54 - Mr Alan C, Lanarkshire - Diamond Resorts

"Have previously advised Diamond Resorts that my wife suffers ill health which means that we are unable to travel abroad or indeed any great distance without problems. This is an ongoing problem which has, over the years, prevented us from using our points to their full potential. We are also both pensioners and now find that the annual maintenance fees are putting our finances into a very serious situation which we can no longer sustain .It is therefore urgent that we find a solution as soon as possible. We look forward to your reply with interest."

17th November 2014 17:46 - Ms J - Diamond Resorts International

"We have 35000 DRI points and are looking to get out of it A.S.A.P. due to fees being due again very soon."

17th November 2014 17:28 - Mr Peter S, Kent - Diamond Resorts

"Have tried without success to resell. Is there a way in which we can donate to a charity or surrender ownership?"

17th November 2014 16:56 - Mr J B, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"Want to cancel after 12 years with 15000 points, please advise."

16th November 2014 23:21 - Mrs Tasleem B, West Midlands - CLC

"Need to cancel, but don't know how. Cannot keep up with the rising costs, cannot afford the monthly payments any more. Wanted to also see if we can get anything back from the timeshare if we cancel? Plz advise…"

16th November 2014 20:41 - Mrs L, Lancashire - CLC

"We need help in getting out of this ridiculous con. We have signed up and will be paying ridiculously increasing fees until 2031. We cannot get in the places that we want. They also signed us up for Interval International and they can't get us the hotels we wany either without paying upfront and going onto a waiting list. It's absolutely shocking!!! Please help."

16th November 2014 19:50 - Mr Robert D, Scottish Borders - RCI Points

"Unable to use due to lack of availability and can't book ten month in advance due to work commitments."

16th November 2014 16:51 - Mrs Shahin F, Greater London - RCI / Sunset World Cancun

"When consulting the internet, I can often see the resort and date that I want being available for sale as an extra holiday, even though RCI tell me that it is not available for exchange."

16th November 2014 16:29 - Mrs E A, Cornwall - Vacation Village at Weston

"We have been informed on a number of occasions that we will not be able to rid ourselves of this, we have not used it for years. Can you help?"

16th November 2014 08:41 - Mr Maurice D, Hertfordshire - CLC Paradise, Tenerife

"My wife and I purchased 2 weeks at the Paradise club when it was run by an English company. We only purchased the 2 weeks 33/34 as my wife worked in education. I lost my wife last year so I do not need to have my holidays at the most expensive time of the year. When I tried to exchange my FIXED WEEKS they tried to sell me another product which would have cost more money. I do not think I am getting value for money any more, so I have been trying to find out who holds the deeds so that I can get the ball rolling to rid myself of the timeshare."

15th November 2014 21:08 - Mrs E C, Devon - Seasons

"Can't afford the ever increasing fees. Gone from £98 to £540 in 15 yrs"

15th November 2014 18:38 - Mrs Mariam L, Hampshire - RCI

"We have had this timeshare about 5 years, however we have never had a holiday we want. They give use places which are not looking the same as they promised when we took it on. They showed us 5* accommodation, however sometimes I get a one star UK standard. We have tried getting rid of it, but were told it's not possible."

15th November 2014 16:59 - Mr Paul W - RCI & Diamond Resorts

"We have been trying to sell our points through the proper channels advised, so far cost around six hundred pounds and still not sold. We even offered to give them away or back as maintenance extortionate, but they say we have to try and sell through TravelandLeisure or through our families. Just want to get rid of our points as cannot afford £3000 a year maintenance any more."

15th November 2014 10:42 - Mr William R, Kent - RCI / Onagroup Hotels

"Just fed up with the constant problems we have had over many years. Just to be rid of it would be fantastic any compensation would in some part help."

15th November 2014 09:56 - Mrs Wendy G, Dorset - St Mellion Golf Resort

"Unable to sell timeshare lodge which we have owned for 14 years"

14th November 2014 20:24 - Mrs Rose K, Essex - Heritage / RCI / ICE

"Gave up with RCI an went over to ICE, but could not find these brilliant bargains that Heritage said they had either. Fed up with lies from all concerned."

14th November 2014 18:23 - Mr Keith G, Somerset - Diamond Resorts

"Interested in getting out of Diamond."

14th November 2014 15:47 - Mr David S - CLC

"Joined about 5 years ago. Haven't used it but been paying about £500/yr in fees."

14th November 2014 13:02 - Mr Colin M, Aberdeenshire - Sunny Coast Resort

"Have never been able to use my Timeshare. The resort has ignored my emails, and the person I need to speak to is never there."

14th November 2014 12:51 - Dr David W, Cheshire - RCI

"Have not been able to get a suitable holiday since 2006 when we transferred weeks ownership to points. Having been shown we could do much more with points, we simply have not been able to find a holiday on dates we could then go! Only able to get occasional holidays by using the weeks owned in earlier years. Have owned in Club Delta Mar since the 1980s."

14th November 2014 12:38 - Mr Michael M - RCI

"We were in the holiday village in Spain and asked to view the Hydros Hotel (we're told we could only book this through RCI). Also told that we would be offered all the best rooms in the best locations and (even though we lived in N.Ireland, we would have a huge choice. None of this was true. When we finally managed to book a holiday (in Spain) we were given a room overlooking the bins on the ground floor. The bathtub was tiny and every time the cleaner mopped the floor next door, water would run down a ramp and pour under our door (photos available on request). We have paid our management fees for next year and also submitted our surrender forms, but have had no confirmation of this. Our experience of RCI has been disgraceful and every time we try to enquire about anything we are told that another department deals with that particular area. My wife and I would like to also enquire about selling our points, as we cannot wait to get away from RCI.

14th November 2014 11:31 - Mr Ian B - Petchey Leisure

"I have a 1 week timeshare in Praia d'Oura - used it once in 15 years!!! Was member of RCI for first 3 years but could never find an exchange."

14th November 2014 10:42 - Ms M, Suffolk - Cromer Country Club

"Just want to hand back timeshare. Is this possible?"

14th November 2014 09:18 - Mr Stephen D, Suffolk - Anfi, Gran Canaria

"I am contacting on behalf of my in-laws. They have a timeshare at the Anfi Gran Canaria. My father in law is unwell and they cannot afford to keep paying the fees and so therefore need to get out of the timeshare."

14th November 2014 08:21 - Mrs Pamela H, Hertfordshire - Macdonald Resorts

"Need to get rid of a 1990 contract."

13th November 2014 18:38 - Mr William P, Worcestershire - RCI / Oasis Lakes Resort, Florida

"RCI - in 15 years membership we only had one satisfactory holiday. Most years their offers were unacceptable, consequently the last four or five years we have not had a holiday."

13th November 2014 18:10 - Mrs Linda B - RCI & CLC

"I still have the payment contract but have not paid the maintenance fees for 3 years as I cannot afford either them or to go on holiday"

13th November 2014 18:08 - Mr Richard S, Nottinghamshire - Petchey Leisure

"Bought in 2004, fees are now double what they started at . Am also divorced from my wife but am sure she would like to get rid as well."

13th November 2014 18:01 - Mrs Adrienne C, Midlothian - RCI / Aegean Blue (now Diamond Resorts)

"Whenever try to book anything in Uk always booked up and last minute bookings only able to get Tenerife."

13th November 2014 17:38 - Mr Gary C, Greater Manchester - Petchey/Leisure Dimensions/Muthu

"Silver member, bought from a friend for transfer fee over 6 yrs ago and annoyed at increasing fees, which have doubled in less than 6 yrs"

13th November 2014 12:15 - Mrs S K - Club La Costa

"Need to get out of CLC contract, fees are extortionate, cannot get resorts when required."

13th November 2014 10:19 - Mr David M, West Yorkshire - RCI

"We have had resorts booked only to find when we contact the owners to arrange key collection that the accommodation was not available! We have had searches going for 12 months for San Francisco and ended up booking the resort direct and paying high street prices to stay at the same resort which had no availability through RCI (Wyndham). We have combined deposits as we were told we would have a better chance of getting the resort we wanted if we had a bigger deposit, but this turned out to be untrue. We joined the Platinum club as we were told we would be prioritised if resorts came available, and again this turned out to be untrue."

12th November 2014 23:24 - Mrs Susan W, Wales - CLC

“I feel completely let down and misled by CLC with the ever increasing maintenance fees. I haven`t contacted them yet, however looking for advice on what I can do to release me from this company.”

12th November 2014 16:30 - Mr Tom B, Buckinghamshire - CLC

“Never got the times we booked with CLC. Kids are grown up.”

12th November 2014 12:30 - Miss Tina L, London - CLC

“I am a fractional owner, which I converted to as my only option of getting any return on money paid to CLC I am still paying high management fees, tied in until 2017 when shares sold? I am not convinced this will happen if there is an option to get out sooner with payment would welcome it. As I have paid a lot of money into this company over the years.”

12th November 2014 10:51 - Mrs William M - Sheridan Vistana

“I have prime time-August timeshare in Sheridan Vistana Orlando and can’t pay the renewals last 2 years and just want to give it away. Help.”

12th November 2014 00:12 - Mrs Denise G, Northumberland - CLC

“Would like to get rid of CLC fraction. Not working for us. Maintenance fees for 19 years etc. Pressurised selling. Mis-sold on lies.”

11th November 2014 20:53 - Mr Frank D, Scotland - CLC

“Would love to find a way out of our commitment to pay ludicrously escalating charges to a pretty ropey company.”

11th November 2014 14:57 - Mr Michael C, Kent - RCI

“We pay a subscription to RCI but find considerable difficulty in finding availability to exchange like for like accommodation.”

11th November 2014 12:37 - Mrs Marion W, Surrey - RCI

“Had timeshare for 25years. Last 10years been very bad at getting an exchange. Eventually got rid at great expense 3 weeks we owned and now just have points which the amount required to get accommodation is just going up and up.”

11th November 2014 11:36 - Mrs Carole S, London - RCI/Vacation Management for Umhlanga Cabanas

“Been fighting this battle for years, own three timeshares.”

11th November 2014 09:08 - Mrs Ann F, Channel Island - Petchey

“Been a member for some 12 years, circumstances now changed and wish to release.”

10th November 2014 21:11 - Mr Paul W - Macdonald

“I have a timeshare with Macdonald Resorts Dona Lola… I want out.”

10th November 2014 16:37 - Mr Terence H - RCI, Petchey

“We tried to book several times for the U.K. Only once were we able to book the resort that we wanted and that was not for the original weeks that we requested. One resort in Devon had no facilities open and the veranda and patio doors were broken although I had made them aware my parents were disabled. A resort in Cumbria was virtually closed with the restaurant only open one night, not as described in the brochure.”

10th November 2014 13:04 - Mr Peter M - Atlas (now MGM)

“We own a floating week, red season and we want to get rid of it because it is a lot of money every year, how can you help us?”

10th November 2014 12:55 - Mr Kevin B - Petchey

“We are at Oura View Beach Club, which was a unique resort. It was originally owned by Portuguese and had an inflation only maintenance increase built into our leases. It is now a Petchey resort passing ownership to MGM who have ceased to over increase maintenance for the last 2 years but who knows! My issue is that have devalued my ownership in that it is unsaleable and they insist my only get out is conversion to Infinity points. Help!”

10th November 2014 11:53 - Ms Marianne B - RCI

We have not always got times that we wanted or the accommodation.”

10th November 2014 10:30 - Mrs Susan S - CLC

“Worn down by aggressive sales pitch into signing up for something we didn't want. Mislead into agreeing to sign for an extortionate loan & maintenance fees which we can't afford. Very gullible sold a dream. Reality a nightmare. Can you help please?”

9th November 2014 19:27 - Mr P. C - RCI

“We are recently new customers. During the sales pitch these questions were raised about issues with regards to customer satisfaction, past, present & future. At no point did anyone from Sales say that the RCI side of the business was under investigation. We feel that having carried out further research that this is mis-representation. We feel that we have been lied too. We were told that we could leave the scheme and retrieve the money that we had invested and possibly make a small profit. Again having completed research we feel that this has mis-represented. Please could you help and advise on next steps? Thanks”

9th November 2014 15:54 - Mr Alan P, Devon - RCI

“When we tried unsuccessfully to get a canal boat holiday, we were told to try booking 10 months in advance, but still were unable to book a week for the following year, even went on a waitlist with no success!!! Other occasions we could not get a property where we wanted one. In nearly 20 years we have had only ONE successful booking with them!!”

9th November 2014 10:23 - Mr Brett A - CLC

“How can I get out of CLC and get money back?”

8th November 2014 10:52 - Mr Frank T, Cheshire - CLC

“Cannot afford ever increasing maintenance fees. Could never get the holiday WE wanted!”

8th November 2014 10:44 - Mrs W. D, Lancashire - RCI

“We were promised that we would be able to book at any time - some last minute if we wish to - but we have not been able to use our points as we have to keep moving them over to the next year due to unavailability .

8th November 2014 10:38 - Mrs Christine T, Cheshire - CLC

“We cannot afford the ever increasing maintenance bills. Not easy to get the holiday of your choice.”

8th November 2014 10:24 - Mrs Linda U, Greater London - RCI/Diamond Resorts

“Whilst having to book dates that don't suit and getting nothing like Diamond Resort 5star accommodation, some are great back times not good but have to do so not to lose out which we have once before.”

7th November 2014 19:48 - Mr Tam H, Wales - Blue Bay Beach Club, Gran Canaria

“Originally purchased from Air Tours (my travel) then taken over by Hotetur, think it is Blue Bay Resorts now. Standards and reviews now poor with maintenance fees increasing. Membership of Interval required for exchanges options limited.”

7th November 2014 18:24 - Mr Matthew S - CLC

“Overall feeling of being conned into a false sense of security and signed up for a contract that we can't afford so we need out ASAP.”

7th November 2014 12:11 - Mr Brian T, West Midlands - Interval International

“I signed for a time share on 10-9-14. I have tried to book holidays to no avail. I have tried to book "log cabins” in Derbyshire but cannot find a site for these although I was promised I could book 3 of these on the same weekend at the sale meeting. It would have been a way of celebrating my 70th birthday. I have since read the horror stories from others and do not wish to burden my family with this.”

6th November 2014 22:28 - Miss Kit C - Westgate Resorts

“Me, my then husband and sister were talked into buying a 1/2 timeshare from Westgate Resorts in November 2000. The unit has been paid up but unfortunately due to financial circumstances we could not afford to use it at all. Divorce, ill health and financial stress has taken its toll and I cannot afford to carry on paying maintenance fees on a place I haven't been to! I hope you can help me please.”

6th November 2014 17:10 - Mrs Sue H, Northamptonshire - RCI

“ABC Boat Management fees up again, need to get out. Owned since 2000. No use to us.”

6th November 2014 16:14 - Mr Jack N, Norfolk - RCI

“I opted not to move to points felt it was a fix. Now forced to be a point’s customer because RCI changed weeks customers to a points based system. This has meant I can't get what I want, when I want, even more than before.”

6th November 2014 14:33 - Mr Mark H, Kent - CLC

“It appears like thousands of others we are CLC members paying a lot of money and getting nothing in return so want out?”

6th November 2014 12:03 - Mrs O - CLC

“Poor quality accommodation and very limited availability.”

6th November 2014 11:11 - Mr Mark C - RCI/Club Marbella

“I am still with RCI but have given up trying to book as they are constantly unavailable.”

6th November 2014 08:21 - Miss D. S - RCI Privilege Club

“We only joined in March, however I have tried a few times to go to places we were told we could go, however never available. Florida, New York etc... Also find it very hard to understand.”

5th November 2014 17:03 - Mr Andrew B, Derbyshire - Occidental and Absolute

“Got two timeshares which I no longer want.”

5th November 2014 15:55 - Mrs Kathleen B, Scotland - Gold Crown Resort

“The timeshare is in both my late husbands and my name and I can no longer afford the fees. I am a pensioner and my husband passed away 8 years ago. When I try to exchange for myself and my family I am only ever offered Calahonda.”

5th November 2014 11:59 - Mr William P, Devon - Petchey

“We would like to get out of the scheme as we don't have time to use it.”

4th November 2014 23:12 - Mr Graham B - RCI

“Can never get what we want, have even tried to use them in UK. Not getting value for money.”

4th November 2014 21:44 - Ms Janine H - Villas at Fortune Place

“Bought a timeshare in Grand Bahamas about 2005. Was then talked/tricked in to a two week timeshare at villas of Fortune Place in Florida. We never wanted this and never went there. In 2009 my husband and I split up and have since divorced. We have never used this timeshare and never will. I cannot afford the yearly fees and would. Love to be rid of it but don't know how to go about it. Please help.”

4th November 2014 21:13 - Mr Ian M, Aberdeenshire - Diversified Resorts

“RCI members for over 25 years. Initially owned at CLC at Marina Del Sol. Converted to points approximately 10 years ago. Purchased 30000 points through Diversified Resorts at Sunset Beach Club Benalmadena. Paying around £XXX per annum fees.”

4th November 2014 20:57 - Mr Lee Richards, Greater Manchester - Unlimited Vacation Club, RCI

“We were given false promises. We want out of the contract, money back and monthly payments to stop. They lied to us and even stole money from us which we reported to the hotel manager

4th November 2014 18:04 - Mr Kevin S, Surrey - CLC

“We were informed today that we have won yet another holiday with CLC when we queried this we were told our membership was inactive. In 2009 we were badgered into buying a timeshare with CLC we were unable to go on holiday and informed them that we wished to cancel, however after checking through our bank details they are still taking £118.00 a month. So far we have paid them £7080.00 we have never taken a holiday through them and when we did try for a date to suit us we were refused. We do not want to be tied in with this company and feel we should have a full refund.”

4th November 2014 16:14 - Mrs Ruth E, Surrey - Diamond Resort/Sunterra

“Want rid of the whole thing - the annual dues and the timeshare but want to recover some (if not all) of our investment, originally in Sunterra. Can never find availability and the home resorts are of a poor quality.”

4th November 2014 12:11 - Mr David A, Kent - Petchey Infinity Points

“Don’t use points. Not enough to use at peak times. Do not want it any longer or pass on to family.”

4th November 2014 11:46 - Mr Rick S - Marriott and Pearly Grey

“I have 3 weeks Marriott time share (interval) and 1 week Pearly Grey (RCI) that I would like to off load.”

4th November 2014 11:35 - Dr John L, Staffordshire - Bluegreen

“No longer able to travel.”

3rd November 2014 18:07 - Mrs Dorothy K, Cumbria

“Interested in cancelling timeshare ownership.”

3rd November 2014 17:02 - Mr Fraser M - Petchey

“It's cheaper to buy the holidays we want than to search (often unsuccessfully) for a suitable holiday provided by Petchey/MGM.”

3rd November 2014 16:13 - Mrs Anne H, Essex - RCI Crown Resorts

“We gave timeshare points but are owners at Club Marbella. Really unhappy at the charges for booking holidays which are so expensive it's cheaper to use a tour operator than use the points.”

2nd November 2014 17:18 - Mr Stephen P, Dorset - RCI Anfi Beach Club

“Bought week in the very early days of Anfi Beach Club 20 Years. But now looking at getting rid of the week. Was with RCI for a long time but decided to break membership with them because we just did not get where we wanted to go, for a swap for the week.”

2nd November 2014 23:58 - Mr Howard R - MacDonald

“Dona Lola timeshare no longer wanted.”

2nd November 2014 19:41 - Mr George M, Scotland - Petchey & Silverpoint

“Joined Petchey Oct 2009, in dubious circumstances, still trying to get out. Paid around £XXXXX for an annual 140,000 points. As recently as April & Oct 2014, had talks relating to this. Now they throw at us this "perpetuity clause". Now Silverpoint cost us £XXXXX in 2012, this was to get out of Petchey and go with them. Now 2014, I have put the Studio and 1 bedroom app up for re-sale for the amount of £XXXXX. Haven’t heard from them since about the money…. As I was nearly duped into getting a section of Silverpoint called holidays who in turn in contact with Reclaim GC, who were going to do wondrous things and clear all our problems, but at a cost. I have a lot of paperwork from both situations. I know that timeshare is illegal. I require information regarding points, which we have. We pay Petchey, now MGM annual maintenance of £XXXX and keeps going up. Recently chatted with a rep from MGM and he said that I could get out in 5 years if I paid them £XXXX. Told him where to go, he them came back and said the boss said £XXXX, told him the same, this was in April 2014 in Portugal, and again in Oct 2014 was told the same, it would be 10 years instead of five. Told them where to go. We need someone we can trust. Thank you.”

2nd November 2014 19:29 - Mrs J. J, Scotland - Grand Holidays

“I am 83 on old age pension and can't rely on family to pay this. As they have their own bills to deal with, is there some way in which I can hand in this without causing anymore worry.”

2nd November 2014 13:18 - Mrs Katrina V, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

“Just discovered your website. We're part of the flock, paying out annually for far too long and rarely using the timeshare, which has been converted to points.”

2nd November 2014 12:33 - Mr Paul S, Lancashire - RCI

“We were persuaded to purchase a timeshare at Grandview Las Vegas in 2009 when booking in at the Luxor. We attended a presentation with the expectation of receiving show tickets just for going for two hours, we ended up 6 hours later with a timeshare we really didn't want and have never used. We did book a cruise with RCI in 2013 however but we really didn't find it that good. I would like to give the timeshare back and be compensated for suffering the high pressure sales techniques which did actually upset my wife and drove her to tears at one stage. Each time we said no, another sales person took over and so on until we finally gave in. It was not a pleasant experience.”

2nd November 2014 11:11 - Mr Jason K, Scotland - CLC

“We feel we have been mis-sold our fraction & not able to go on holiday for two weeks with the points. But they said we would have more than enough points.”

2nd November 2014 10:06 - Mrs Hazel C, London - RCI points

“Fed up trying to book dates and having no success with where or when I wish to go.”

2nd November 2014 07:16 - Mr Alan T - RCI

“Would like to release from RCI, just joined in Oct 2014 and after reading reviews wished I hadn’t bothered HELP!!!”

1st November 2014 23:50 - Mr Alan A, West Midlands - The Grandview Las Vegas

“I've had my timeshare since 2006 and would now like to dispose of it. I have used RCI on a number of occasions and have always had difficulty in obtaining holiday weeks to suit me.”

1st November 2014 19:10 - Mr Steve R, Middlesex - RCI/Hollywood Mirage (Points), Tenerife

“We 'swapped ‘another place in Tenerife for this in order to move to the points system. Since then, getting exchanges to desirable resorts proves almost impossible, irrespective of in-season or off-season.”

1st November 2014 13:42 - Mr David M - Macdonald Villacana

“I want out of Villacana timeshare which we have had since 1985 and I recently noticed my wife had signed pp for me under a lot of pressure and promises by Barrett’s when I was not present.”

1st November 2014 12:41 - Mrs Anita D, Cambridgeshire - Diamond Resorts

“My sister and I just cannot afford the fees anymore and would hopefully like to get something back for our points if possible.”

31st October 2014 12:59 - Mr Mike G, Lincolnshire

“Wife and I are joint owners but we have separated and being pensioners we cannot afford the maintenance fees as separate individuals.”

31st October 2014 11:47 - Mr David K, London

“A few years down the line and I am really starting to feel as if I have been truly conned into 'investing' in a product which has become cost-prohibitive, and ultimately failed to live up to expectation. The initial financial outlay was enormous, and the incessant fees are a nuisance. Value for money it is certainly not and I wish to have no further relationship with these sales bullies.”

31th October 2014 10:58 - Mr Allan S - CLC Destinations

“We have a high interest loan for the membership. We have lost 2 weeks banked holidays as unable to get holidays in times available. My wife works in a school so limited to dates. We just want to get out of the contract.”

31th October 2014 09:58 - Mrs Rachael B, Yorkshire - RCI Europe

“I purchased my timeshare in 1999 and have been a timeshare member ever since. More often than not, I have not be able to go where I wanted and have ended up giving a few weeks to Friends, etc to book somewhere they wanted in order not to lose the weeks. I have then stayed in a hotel!! I am desperately trying to get rid of the timeshare and am now paying Timeshare Shop in Manchester to get rid of it for me.”

31th October 2014 09:07 - Mr Amanda F, Hertfordshire - RCI

“I was left the timeshare when my mother died. I cannot afford a holiday as I am on sickness benefit & have struggled to pay the maintenance fees of almost £XXX per yr.”

30th October 2014 22:28 - Mrs Albert O - CLC

“Cannot book desired resorts during school holidays, paying every month but when you want to go on holiday they say you do not have enough points, great offers advertised but outside school holidays. If you have school going children it is not worth it.”

30th October 2014 19:16 - Mr Rosemary H - Heritage Resorts

“We would like to give up ownership of our timeshare as it has become very expensive. Also, we are concerned that it is not wanted by any of our family or friends after our deaths. This would mean probate would be held up indefinitely when the time comes.”

30th October 2014 14:53 - Mrs V. S, Lincolnshire - RCI/Petchey

“We have requested Riviera France without success, waited 2 yrs to get Cyprus in March, compromised on alternative places in Spain and taken Egypt instead of USA. Holidays are to suit RCI not paying members. We have been scammed out of money to sell our points as no sales ever materialise. Making most of options now as high payments being taken anyway.”

30th October 2014 13:25 - Mr Malcolm J - Diamond Resorts

“Am not interesting in joining a “points” system. I have had the timeshare for 20 years and no longer wish to use them and therefore holiday at Las Calas again. Also, we no longer have or wish to have a self-catering holiday.”

29th October 2014 20:59 - Mr Colin J, Yorkshire - Anfi

“Last year we contacted Anfi to sell our time share, they replied with unacceptable figured of XXXX Euros. We paid for our time share of £XXXXX, which is a big difference what paid & what they offered us. Also, we have to wait for a new buyer to buy our time share. We made a written complaint back to Anfi, & they replied & unable to help with our complaint, the offer at above remain the same. We were told, before we agreed to buy the time share at the time, we were able to get money back if decide to sell the time share in the future, this is the reason we brought the time share. Two years ago while we were on holiday on our time share week, we were offered £XXXXX, by one of the Anfi staff, to buy our existing time share week, to a better apartment time share, & without waiting for a buyer agreed sale. At the time we were pressurised by some Anfi staffs, at first weren’t interested to buy time share, their kept saying, the good advances of reason to buy the time share, in the end, their made an offered what we couldn’t refuse, (the offered was, it able to stay in one of Anfi apartment for rest of our holiday, at no charge, they tried all ways to get us to buy the time share), now, why should we lose over £XXXXX. Is there something we can do?”

29th October 2014 19:32 - Mr Claire - CLC

“Just purchased on Sunday this week now reading reviews, want to know if we can get out?”

29th October 2014 19:30 - Mrs Peter H - Diamond Resorts

“Like to get rid of this timeshare .”

29th October 2014 16:14 - Mrs Ainsleigh M - RCI


29th October 2014 13:57 - Mr Michael W, Wales - RCI/Diamond Resorts

“Way too expensive - would like to get rid.”

29th October 2014 12:06 - Dr Michael M, Buckinghamshire - Regency

“Regency Club in liquidation, new management want a levy to keep running. Can we just give our points back to Club/RCI?”

29th October 2014 11:06 - Mr Thomas K, Surrey - CLC

“Have been checking the numbers and none of it adds up. Looking for the best way out.”

28th October 2014 00:14 - Mr James E, Tyne and Wear - RCI

“Over past years I have tried to get a March holiday in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fueteventura with RCI. Always not available. Tried to get something for Italian Alps for September 2013 - nothing. Tried to get something for Cofu - RCI told me to try online!!! Now find our local travel agent has good deals on offer and good prices.”

28th October 2014 23:42 - Mr James E, Tyne and Wear - RCI - Pestana Grand Madeira

“Have an apartment at Pestana Grand Madeira through RCI would like to terminate apartment contract and RCI membership scheme.”

28th October 2014 22:37 - Mrs Iris Y, Scotland - RCI/Grand Anfi

“We have been told we cannot sell our weeks and cannot get out of paying annual maintenance fees.”

28th October 2014 22:22 - Mrs S. M - Diamond Resort

“Want rid of our ever increasing managements fees bought from GVC then Sunterra in 2009 and only managed to get about 5 holidays due to lack of availability.”

28th October 2014 21:07 - Mr David M, Wales - Seasons

“Was sold a Seasons timeshare. Have less options now available, maintenance fees increasing. Want to be released from contract.”

28th October 2014 21:00 - Mr M. K, Essex

“I have never used this timeshare and we are still paying for the loan.”

28th October 2014 19:39 - Mr Surinder M - Petchey

“I jointly own a timeshare with my sister in Law in Oura View Beach Club which we have owned since 1998. She has retired and I have been made redundant so need to get out of this contract.”

28th October 2014 17:08 - Mr Kevin O - Petchey Clube Praia Da Oura

“Bought in 1998, never been once, need to get out as I have retired and can no longer afford the fees.”

28th October 2014 16:31 - Mrs Marta C - RCI/Petchey CPO Albuferia

“Too high maintenance fees, normal price lower on the internet. Also we are unable to sell and need to pay it every year. Terrible!”

28th October 2014 16:25 - Mr L, London - Westgate

“I was mis-sold.”

28th October 2014 14:31 - Mrs Alyson C - CLC

“How do I get out of my timeshare?”

28th October 2014 12:11 - Mr Richard R - Club Heritage International

“Have been mis-sold over the last 2 years. Just gone to use and is not what we were led to believe.”

28th October 2014 08:26 - Mr William H, Cornwall - Carvynick cottages

“Looking to get out of lease.”

27th October 2014 21:58 - Mr Peter W, London - CLC

“Our CLC points have been for sale for 2 years, we want to be released from the contract as soon as possible.”

27th October 2014 19:58 - Mrs Denise W, Devon - RCI and Diamond

“I sold my timeshare, which I used to exchange into an RCI resort, approximately four years ago as I could never obtain the resort or the dates I wanted. I now experience similar problems with my Diamond Points when trying to exchange through Interval International. For example: the last three years I have tried to swop points to stay at the SAS Radisson Blu at Golden Bay, but have not been successful, I have tried again this years, but again there was no availability.”

27th October 2014 19:06 - Mr Andrew H - Wimpen, Los Claveles

“Just want out of timeshare!”

27th October 2014 18:55 - Mr Glyn R, Gloucestershire - MGM Oura View beach club

Owe £XXXX. RCI keep forcing us to join but not done so this year. Cannot get dates or hotel you ever want so waste of time not used for 8-9 years. Have no interest in this anymore. Trying to book a holiday to be told you have to ring on a certain day within certain hours and then told you still can't have it.”

27th October 2014 17:19 - Mrs Debbie B, Greater Manchester - RCI

“Attempted to book an accommodation in Budapest but was unable to book it with RCI.”

27th October 2014 13:35 - Mrs Louise G, Greater Manchester - Club la Costa

“I have just received my maintenance fee request...this is XXXX euros which is XXX euros up on last year. Where will this end? They only give you the opportunity to pay for 6 months but add on 5% for the privilege! I need to consider getting out. Please advise.”

27th October 2014 11:28 - Mr T. H, Norfolk - CLC Gold

“Want out of gold membership.”

26th October 2014 23:30 - Mrs Paula H, Surrey - Diamond Resorts

“Have been wanting to get out of timeshare for a number of years. Have difficulty getting the resort of our choice at time we can take holiday. Partner now terminally ill and can't go abroad as we can’t get travel insurance.”

26th October 2014 16:12 - Mr Ronald B, Wales - RCI

“When we took out a contract with RCI at sunset beach Malaga, we were told it was possible to book cottages in West Wales that would accept pets as we have two small dogs, as yet we have not found one that will accept pets.”

26th October 2014 14:25 - Mr Peter P, London - RCI

“I was a member of RCI from 1995 to 2005. I had to give my timeshare back due to high maintenance fees. Is there a time limit to reclaim some of my money back?”

25th October 2014 21:15 - Mr B. H, Cheshire - RCI

“Repeated attempts to use RCI and obtain exchanges to resorts have been a waste of time and extremely annoying and frustrating. Usually give up in a fit of temper and book a package holiday instead. Help please.”

25th October 2014 20:22 - Mr Bruce P, Somerset - Starwood Vacation Ownership

“We would like to get out of a timeshare, we think has been mis-sold.”

25th October 2014 17:16 - Mr Harold B, Isle of Anglesey - RCI

“We were sold the RCI package when purchasing our time share in Madeira. (Pestana Grand) Because of the bad experiences we have had with RCI we have been afraid and reluctant to arrange any future holidays through them. Therefore we have points left unused and pay our annual fee for nothing. We had one extremely bad experience which would take too long to mention here.”

25th October 2014 16:55 - Mrs Jean F - Oasis Lakes Florida

“I would like to know if I have any options to be released from this.”

25th October 2014 16:13 - Mr David A - RCI

“We continually have problems in getting suitable exchanges and have had to settle for substandard accommodation in hotels deemed to be gold crown which were obviously not.”

25th October 2014 13:00 - Mr David B - Diamond Resorts

“I have 125000 points with DR and would like to get rid of them. We live in Spain and are not really using them as it is very hard to find holiday weeks where we would like to go.”

25th October 2014 10:40 - Mrs Dolores C, West Midlands - Macdonald

“I am 75 and have health problems which means I can no longer travel. I wish to be released from my timeshare in Spain as soon as possible.”

25th October 2014 09:38 - Mr Lui R, Buckinghamshire - Petchey

“We need to get rid of our timeshare we've had it about 6 yrs. Bought it off a friend!!! But am now out of work.”

24th October 2014 23:27 - Mr William M, Scotland - Grupotel La Dorada

“Tried to sell timeshare for two years without success, sick of paying maintenance fees that are not used for the purpose they were made for.”

24th October 2014 21:39 - Mr Chris I - RCI/Seasons Clowance

“I took on two weeks at Clowance that my elderly parents had bought and hardly used and were getting distressed at the ever increasing maintenance fees, so give get them out of the worry I took them on but they are still in their name but all the bills come to me and I have paid them for the past 5/6 years but are now finding the ever escalating maintenance costs difficult to fund. It seems as I have now taken on my parents worry and I want out. Can you help?”

24th October 2014 17:54 - Ms Susan M, Warwickshire - RCI

“Never availability in anywhere decent in season. Who wants Spain in November? Nothing in UK unless mid-winter. If lucky to get somewhere decent the worst rooms on complex given overlooking swimming pool ventilation shaft! Madeira. Hotel staff said RCI aware of this.”

24th October 2014 14:50 - Miss Jane S, Somerset - Grand Holidays - Flamingo Club Tenerife

“My parents bought a timeshare and have both since died. My brother and I do not want it. It was sold in perpetuity.”

24th October 2014 12:14 - Mr Al I, London - RCI Crown Resorts Points

“We signed up 15years ago through SVC in Ibiza. We tend to travel off peak, but still have problems trying to get accommodation to more popular destination and have lost points year on year.”

24th October 2014 12:06 - Mrs Pauline P - Petchey Leisure

“Would like to get out of timeshare.”

24th October 2014 10:32 - Mrs Cathie N, Surrey - RCI

“Have points with RCI. Difficult to get holidays, want to get close our membership.”

23rd October 2014 21:29 - Mrs Patricia W - Diamond Resorts

“We want to get rid of our timeshare and stop paying for it what do we do?”

23rd October 2014 20:41 - Mr M. P - Diamond Resort

“Purchased originally from GVC then Sunterra would just like rid of as find it near impossible to get holiday we want.”

23rd October 2014 20:20 - Mr Chris G, Haven Court

“Would like to get rid of the timeshare (2 red weeks) before the maintenance is due.”

23rd October 2014 19:20 - Dr S. B - Rexnet Resort Points

“Too old to use it.”

23rd October 2014 19:16 - Mrs Elizabeth P, Worcestershire - RCI

“Cheaper to do package all inclusive.”

23rd October 2014 17:04 - Miss Yvonne A - Diamond Resorts

“I bought the Diamond Resort Timeshare in 2008, I stopped paying the membership due to the increasing cost. I have had the timeshare on since 1 Apr 14, with no success. I would even give it back for free if that was an option.”

23rd October 2014 11:44 - Mrs Irene D - Petchey/Infiniti

“Can no longer afford maintenance fees for 60000 points as now on pension.”

23rd October 2014 09:10 - Mrs Jane H, Yorkshire - RCI

“We paid over £XXXX for 1 week in Rhodes years ago. Whenever we try to book something it is not available, we have never used it, and we are paying yearly fees for nothing. We need to get rid of it and it would be brilliant if we could get some money back.”

22nd October 2014 19:55 - Mr Colin D - Silverpoint

“I'm wrapped up in the Palm Beach floating week fiasco and want to know what to do about it!!... I'd love to hear if there is a way of doing it.”

22nd October 2014 18:57 - Mr Simon H, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts

“Looking to get out of diamond resorts points system.”

22nd October 2014 18:50 - Mrs Sue R - Palm Oasis

“Want to get out of my timeshare.”

22nd October 2014 17:56 - Mr M. J - RCI/Sunset Beach Malaga

“We bought points as this seemed to be a good holiday option. We were advised that we could book flights and hire cars. After trying to book flights to Australia through RCI, and getting nowhere, not even a reply to our enquiry, we went to our local travel agents. We have tried to book holidays in UK but all that appears to be available is canal boats in the middle of winter. On our last trip to Sunset beach we opted for an upgrade to Platinum but still had no success at booking holidays when we wanted to go. Now seriously thinking of trying to cancel our RCI membership.”

22nd October 2014 12:19 - Mr Andrew G, Scotland - RCI/San Antonio, Malta

“Always find it very difficult to get in to resort and a very difficult company to deal with.”

22nd October 2014 10:19 - Mrs P. S, West Midlands - RCI

“Tired of ever-increasing RCI timeshare maintenance fees.”

22nd October 2014 09:07 - Mr David L - Regency

“We are now retired and simply wish to exit the arrangement with Regency ... Uncertainty leads us to seek assistance/advice in the exit procedure.”

22nd October 2014 07:39 - Mr Gwyn E - Macdonald

“In old age and need to get rid.”

21st October 2014 22:21 - Mr Harry G - Silverpoint

“Bought 1 week in BHC in 2000 - rang Resort Properties day after signing contract to avail of cooling off period & was told that it did not apply in Spain. Completely mis-sold from the outset as could only get holidays in Tenerife ( bar one year in Florida)- I'm not working & 2 children in college makes overseas holidays impossible going forward.”

21st October 2014 20:33 - Mrs Jennifer S - Exclusive Club

“I took over the timeshare from a friend in 2009, in 2010 I upgraded the apartment under pressure. In 2013 I went to stay in the supposedly upgraded apartment but it was awful, so when I came home I asked how I could stop being a member and the company told me to use a company they recommended to sell it, earlier this year I dropped the price to try and sell it, still no joy, I am 66yrs old semi-retired on a state pension with a disabled daughter, I’m unable to pay the fees anymore which are due by 1st November £XXX or it goes to £XXX if I don’t pay by 1st November.”

21st October 2014 14:13 - Mr Doug R, Cheshire - Macdonald

“Been with Macdonald for about 30 years it’s not the same company it was. They now tell me they want £XXXX for me to give back 1 week of time share, maintenance fees are now £XXX per year.”

21st October 2014 12:29 - Mr Chris G - Diamond Resorts Thurnam Hall

“I have in the past not received points at all, have not used this for over 3 years. It is time to move on.”

21st October 2014 11:04 - Mrs Pamela F, Wales - Mgm hotels. CPO Portugal

“I have a studio timeshare at Club Praia da Oura which I would like to dispose of. Thank you.”

21st October 2014 11:03 - Ms Pamela C, Essex - Petchey

“Keep getting letters from MGM saying that I can't sell want to know my options to get out of contract.”

21st October 2014 09:29 - Mrs Angela B - RCI

“One of the reasons we left RCI was due to unavailability of exchanges and the membership cost did not reflect the service/availability.”

20th October 2014 22:01 - Miss V. N

“Want to get rid of my timeshare.”

20th October 2014 18:54 - Mrs M. M, Cambridgeshire - RCI

“We have been members for many years & own 2 weeks in Florida. When using RCI for exchanges in Europe we always have to accept whatever's left & have never been able to obtain a resort that is in any way of equal quality to our own.”

20th October 2014 18:47 - Mr Cyril D, RCI/Pestana Miramar Madeira

“Could never find an exchange to fit in with our holiday schedule and Cruise exchanges are price prohibitive.”

20th October 2014 14:53 - Mr Paul L - Diamond Resorts

“Currently ok with paying annual management charges which I consider reasonable at the moment. My problem is how to get rid of my timeshare in the future when we are too old to use and there are many years left on the perpetuity contract.”

20th October 2014 14:06 - Mr Richard B - Silverpoint

“Bought into Club Paradiso 2009 with verbal assurance resale would be easy by silver tongued salesman. But after 2 years was told resale not possible because resorts had been increased but weeks had not all been sold, suggestion to improve resale option was to transfer to timeshare, which we did and are now in the same position as your many customers and are desperate for help.”

20th October 2014 11:45 - Mrs Miranda D - Extra Time Online

I joined Extra Time Online on 19 Sept, 2011, was quoted £XXX but charged £XXX for a five year membership. I paid a concierge fee of £XX for the years 2012 and 2013. This morning I received a phone call asking for £XXX for the company that fulfils the holiday requests. He quoted a company name I don't remember hearing before. I said I would not pay; I have never used the service and wish to get out of it. Is that possible?”

20th October 2014 11:03 - Mr A. R, Essex - Diamond Resorts

“I just need to know my options.”

19th October 2014 22:04 - Mrs Caroline P, Hampshire - RCI / Pearly Grey, Tenerife

"My husband and I bought into Pearly Grey, Tenerife, with RCI points, the main reason being so that we could use our points in one of the resorts shown in this lovely coloured glossy brochure we were shown. The rep convinced us that we would be able to use our points in this way, so we signed up. Our first booking was for Pearly Grey as we felt we should stay there, having booked through the resort. The second booking was for the Cost del Sol to be close to a member of the family. We couldn't get in anywhere we wanted and ended up at the Sunset Beach club in Benalmadena which was not where we wanted to be. We also noticed that holiday makers from Ireland were staying there on a cheap package holiday and had lovely rooms. The apartment we were given overlooked another apartment across the courtyard, so much so, that we had to keep the curtains shut as they could see right inside our apartment and vice versa. We complained but were told that this is what you get when you book through a timeshare. You get what you are given! Our next booking was for the Divi Southwinds in Barbados, although we really wanted the Bougainvillea Beach resort. We were put in a 'villa' with no hot water and hidden in trees. We met up with a couple who were staying there in the main hotel on an all-inclusive basis for the cost of our flight alone! We were led to believe that the idea of timeshare would be that it would be far cheaper than the conventional holiday. How wrong they are. We would have been better if we had booked our holiday through a tour operator as the holiday would have cost us half of what we eventually paid, including food. We saved our points and again tried Barbados, but could not get what we wanted due to lack of availability. We had to eventually settle for a date that we really did not want and again met up with couples who found it cheaper to buy an all-inclusive holiday through a tour operator. We later tried again to book but found nothing. All dates and availability in the glossy brochure were not available. in the meantime we were getting emails from Pearly Grey informing us that major work was needed to the resort which could not be covered by the maintenance fee. Three years earlier they had obtained an additional £XXX from us for additional maintenance work. This time they wanted even more and this was making our timeshare holiday far too expensive. On top of this was increased maintenance costs. We decided we could no longer afford to keep the timeshare so decided to sell back to Pearly Grey who, at the original time of purchasing the timeshare, said that we needed to approach them if we wanted to sell. They would not take it back. We tried for 2 years to sell the timeshare, paying up to £XXX in fees to various agents. .... We lost £XXXX on our own week per year purchase at the Pearly Grey resort and sadly are still paying for this as we put this purchase on our mortgage!"

19th October 2014 20:26 - Mrs Jacqueline T - Interval International

“Need to get out of timeshare.”

19th October 2014 17:52 - Mr Jonathan M, London - CLC

“I have Club La Costa gold membership and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

19th October 2014 15:43 - Mrs Susan H, West Yorkshire - RCI / Costa Adeje, Tenerife

“All hols I looked at were full during 2013. Very difficult getting in touch with people who deal with sales.”

19th October 2014 13:23 - Mr Nicholas S, Kent - RCI

“We have been offered membership of CLC "Grand Destinations Club" for taking 3 of our timeshare properties at a cost but not sure if that is the right thing to do. Membership of this club apparently ceases as soon as you stop paying the annual membership. We have always had a problem finding places to stay during school holidays with RCI unless we are prepared to do long haul (expensive!)”

18th October 2014 17:10 - Mr G. P, Buckinghamshire - RCI

“I have tried a couple of times to book my holidays at the resort of Pestana Viking Hotel Portugal. Once I tried 10months in advance and I was told there was nothing available.”

18th October 2014 12:04 - Mr Robert K - Wimpen

“I am now coming up to retirement and want to get rid of my timeshare as I can no longer afford the fees. Wimpen tell me that there have been no sales on my site for years and I would have to continue paying fees. Help, it’s a catch 22 situation!!!”

17th October 2014 23:18 - Mrs Anthonia B - CLC

“Finished paying for my timeshare but the resort available to us has been reduced, which was what attracted us to buy the timeshare. We cannot book even if you try as early as 1 year in advance. It’s sad to see the resort online advertised by CLC at a lower cost but not to us members. We would like to be released so I don’t have to pay the increasing maintenance fees.”

17th October 2014 20:52 - Mr Phillip T, Wiltshire - RCI / Diamond

“Never had our rooms, always lesser accommodation, exchange seems impossible.”

17th October 2014 15:36 - Mrs Alexandra R, Scotland - Diamond Resorts Maritima

“I understand how to be released from RCI but the original point’s certificate is with Diamond Club Maritima until 2068.”

17th October 2014 07:17 - Mr Kevin H - RCI, Club Flamingo Tenerife Grand Vacations

“Cancelled at Flamingo 5 years ago, returned certificates to them. Now being chased by debt Recovery Company for fees threating court action.”

16th October 2014 22:02 - Mrs Sandra S - Club Infiniti (was Petchey Leisure now MGM Group)

“Bought Timeshare 1990 upgraded to Club Infiniti (Points) in 2010 as unable to sell or get out of timeshare. Would like to get rid completely… Is not as explained to us.”

16th October 2014 23:08 - Mr Charlie S

“I have bought and paid in full for my Silver package but the yearly fees are too much. What are my best options to get out of the contract?”

16th October 2014 19:34 - Mr John C, Buckinghamshire - Diamond Resorts

“We have been recommended to you. We have tried to sell points by 'reputable timeshare dealers', we have tried to give points away.....we were definitely mis-sold but then bought more to try to get it to work. Probably a tale you have heard many times before.”

16th October 2014 12:45 - Miss Clare M - Diamond

“I joined the club in 2003, was told it was exclusive only members can stay on resort, I pay £XXXX a year maintenance fee to get around a week and a half yet I could book with Expedia, Secret Escapes, for a quarter of what I pay. Don’t find this fair at all.”

16th October 2014 12:40 - Mr David W, Worcestershire - RCI

“Trying to book a week during school holidays is almost impossible, even looking a year ahead.”

16th October 2014 10:25 - Mrs Yasmin J, Hertfordshire - CLC

“Want to get rid of it immediately.”

16th October 2014 09:44 - Mr William C - RCI/Las Brisas Lanzarote

“Been a member for over 20 years could never get the resort or time initially requested in the end gave up.”

16th October 2014 09:19 - Mr Paul W, Cheshire - RCI

“Started when on Holiday in Tenerife Feb 2013. Pressure selling price kept coming down every time we said no until we felt pressured into saying yes so we could get out.”

15th October 2014 22:30 - Mr William F, Kent - San Antonio, Malta

“Have 3 weeks prem high and 1 week reg. Fees are too high and improvements promised are not forthcoming. I was charged £XXX upfront to have their company sell 1 of my weeks took money and have done nothing.”

15th October 2014 21:23 - Mr Kevin W, Warwickshire - Petchey

“Haven't been to my timeshare for 13 years as always too busy at that time of year, am struggling with debt & cannot afford maintenance fee of £XXX, a complete joke.”

15th October 2014 21:11 - Mrs Alison F, West Sussex - RCI

“We own weeks at Madeira Regency and have gone onto the points scheme. We pay a hefty amount every year on maintenance, every RCI booking comes with fees and we can never get a decent resort, keep having to pay to take points over as we can never use them all. Increasingly difficult to book a Gold or Silver Crown resort. Spending more keeping this going than on an average family holiday! They will not even tell us the value of our 2 weeks if we wanted the option to sell.”

15th October 2014 20:52 - Mr Leon D - Westgate Vacation Villas

“Tried to sell a number of times. No luck!”

15th October 2014 19:54 - Mr Edward K - Diamond Resorts points

“We have bought 7000 points, 10 years ago. The maintenance fee was raised over 30% since. We would like to cancel my membership but they told me we cannot do that before 75 my age, or one of us will dies.”

15th October 2014 14:45 - Mrs Patricia T - Petchey Leisure

“Would like to release time share in Clube Praia da Oura ASAP, maintenance fees too expensive and hardly ever use.”

15th October 2014 14:38 - Mr T - CLC

“We were persuaded to purchase FOC last year at a cost of £XXX per month on the assumption that we would be able to reduce our loan payments after a while. We stated at the time that we did not own our own property but they said this did not matter. We believe this was mis-sold and we are now stuck with a long term, high interest loan.”

15th October 2014 14:20 - Mrs Sally P, Somerset - Diamond Resorts

“Would love to get rid of this debt around my neck of management fees , I have continued to pay but limited use of timeshare after divorce 14 years ago management fees have increased from £250 to over £800!!!!!!!!”

15th October 2014 10:12 - Mr Russell M - Scotland - Macdonald

“We bought our Villacana timeshare close on 25 years ago. We, at the time of buying, had free access to all the activities provided at both resorts (Villacana and Aviemore). This is no longer the case. The management fees were £50 at the start we are now paying nearly 6-8 times this amount for our annual maintenance fees. Realistically I can get a better deal with a 5 star hotel for the week than what I would pay to go to the resort. I feel angry and cheated that the only way out is to buy your way out I tried to gift this week back but Macdonald’s would not accept it. I have never missed a payment. I want out but feel trapped.”

14th October 2014 21:47 - Mr John R, Berkshire - Diamond Resorts, RCI

“As a platinum member with 80,000 points and fractional ownership, dating back TO GVC and Sunterra, I find that 'simplicity, choice, value' have all been eroded away. As I have spent in excess of £XXXXXX over the years on points and ownership I want a good portion of my money back.”

14th October 2014 21:27 - Mr M. H, Somerset - Cameron House - a De Vere Hotel Resort

“Maintenance Fees are going through the roof.”

14th October 2014 21:26 - Mr Ashley R, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts/RCI

“The biggest mistake we ever made! Invite us back to Greece to try and get more money out of us! Apparently need to pay more money as it's gone from weeks to points! Useless waste of money! “

14th October 2014 21:26 - Mrs Joanne W, Hertfordshire - Jockey club

“I want to get rid of my timeshare.”

14th October 2014 21:00 - Mrs Tracey L, Devon - Diamond Resorts

“How can I get rid of my timeshare as maintenance going up and cannot afford it.”

14th October 2014 19:10 - Mr Arthur K, Greater Manchester - RCI

“Tried to book with RCI in March 2014 for anywhere in the UK for April May June or July and was told no availability until mid-November.”

14th October 2014 18:56 - Mr Geraint R, Wales - Exotic Travellers Club

“We currently have 50 Explorer Weeks for Life Duration and 5 Exotic Weeks for a Term of 23 years. We are looking to try and release these if possible, but are not sure how we are able to do so. Could you please give some advice on this?”

14th October 2014 17:52 - Mrs Kathleen S, North Yorkshire – Diamond Resorts (Formally Sunterra)

“I would love some advice on how to get rid of my timeshare. We have never used it and have been paying the fees for many years. We feel we were actually mis-sold the original points (Sunterra) as we were hoping to build them up for a big holiday in USA, but couldn’t do that, they didn’t tell us this at the time.”

14th October 2014 17:00 - Mr Richard H - Diamond resorts

“My wife and I bought our timeshare from a friend in 2001. At the time the transaction was with GVC. It’s now with Diamond. When we purchased the timeshare we signed a form of surrender and request and assumed that as long as we paid the management fee we could use the timeshare but expected to stop paying the maintenance fee when we did not want the timeshare and potentially forfeit any returned capital. It now seems that we may be subject to the same issues seen on your site that others have suffered. I have written to Diamond to ask what we need to do to terminate and am waiting for their response. What are our options as you see them?”

14th October 2014 14:04 - Mr Pat M - Pestana/RCI

“I have found restricted availability many times and therefore have not relied on the RCI group to assist me in my planning.”

14th October 2014 13:11 - Mrs Kirsty E, Scotland - Anfi

“Paid for 10yr and can't get time when it's suits. Husband and I split and can't afford the fees.”

14th October 2014 12:07 - Mr Paul P, Wales - RCI Weeks

“Constantly found that even if we gave RCI our top value red UK based school holiday week, we would be told there was nothing available in return in the same category. Then the final straw came when the week we deposited (as above) was seen on the RCI website, among a number of others offered for cash rent only, while 'nothing available' was the answer to us when requesting that period exchange. We eventually left RCI for this very reason, as well as their constant inventions of means to charge more & more, annual membership, 'points' membership, then 'diamond' (or was it platinum) membership to enable you to pay more for the promise of getting ahead of the rest and bagging a decent exchange etc, etc, always treating their original weeks members/customers as second class, when choosing not to join their latest scheme (scam?) with dubious benefits, such as 'use your points for flights - get flexibility' etc, which was such a huge disappointment to many.”

14th October 2014 11:53 - Mr R. T, Warwickshire - Diamond Resorts

“Membership is no longer appropriate.”

13th October 2014 00:39 - Mr Tony S - Petchey Clube Praia da Oura

“I was mis-sold a Petchey week approx. 13 years ago. We were categorically assured there were flights from Newcastle to Portugal at that time and it wasn't until we returned home and found out there weren't. We took a loan out to purchase the week and have tried unsuccessfully to give them back the week in March without success.”

13th October 2014 23:20 - Mr Peter S, Bristol - RCI and Diamond

“I can provide relevant information once I have received your comments/information.”

13th October 2014 23:12 - Mr Adrian K - RCI

“I try for a while to get out of RCI, but unsuccessful.”

13th October 2014 22:19 - Mrs Hilary L - Royal Holiday Club

“30000 royal holiday points purchased in Bahamas by father and put in joint names. Father now dead and company refuse to take back points.”

13th October 2014 21:17 - Mr Andrew E - Diamond Resorts

“We inherited the timeshare after my parents died and struggled to pay the associated fees but in 2011 I was made redundant and couldn't afford to pay and we are being chased relentlessly by Diamond. I have been working now since March of 2014 but have no savings left to pay them. Their advice has been to sell but all fees must be paid before any transfer to a new owner can take place and that is if you can find one daft enough to take it on. We are desperate.”

13th October 2014 17:51 - Mrs Shelagh M - Macdonald

“I have been trying to get rid of my timeshare... 3 weeks... for several years. I am 80 years old and can no longer make use of them I have been visiting the Villacana resort for the past 30 years give or take barring 2 to 3 years due to ill health Now that I am on my own and my children cannot use them, I am deeply concerned that they are going to have to pay the maintenance fees of almost £XXXX per annum when I die. This is totally unacceptable and I would like your comments.”

13th October 2014 17:10 - Mrs Heather S, Bristol - Petchey/RCI

“We have points but never get to use them other than at home sites. Never helpful but always offering free weeks....!”

13th October 2014 17:02 - Mr P, Middlesex - Diamond Resorts

“Purchased from the palms in Kissimmee, got taken over by Mystic Dune's, now a Diamond Resort, just want out as maintenance fees are too expensive.”

13th October 2014 15:25 - Mr L, Surrey - Diamond Resorts

“Much increased maintenance fees my main grouse.”

13th October 2014 14:25 - Mrs H - CLC Destinations Gold

“Just want out! Still got all points.”

13th October 2014 13:53 - Mrs Elizabeth M, Devon - Diamond Resorts/RCI

“I bought timeshare in 2000 in Lanzarote. In 2012 was talked into Aroma Points costing me a further £XXXX for a further 15,000 points and 51,000 points exchanged for my timeshare week and doubling my maintenance, then again in 2014 talked into RCI pure points £XXXX for 15,000 points and losing the 51,000 points when I cancel the membership to Aroma but £XXX pw maintenance, I cancelled this in time so still left with 66,000 points and £XXX maintenance fees.”

13th October 2014 13:34 - Mr Andrew C - Diamond

“We want to dispose of timeshare week.”

13th October 2014 11:21 - Miss Elizabeth M, West Midlands - Fortina Spa Malta/RCI

“The whole RCI package is a scam!”

12th October 2014 15:58 - Mrs Sushi S, Hertfordshire - RCI

“We have been members of RCI since 2003 and have many times banked with RCI but always when we want to exchange either the resort we want is not available. We have often booked up only to use our points now and weeks in the past in resorts which are of a low standard. One occasion when we booked a resort RCI informed on the night whilst we on our way to the resort that our resort which we had booked was not available and we were put into a resort which was filthy dirty and well below the standard we are used. Only compensation was were given an extra week which we never used as we were unable to book to resorts and places we want to travel. “

12th October 2014 20:52 - Mrs Carol B, Scotland – RCI/ Lanzarote Beach Club, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

“I was previously a member of RCI approx. 10 years ago I left as the timeshare I owned, Lanzarote Beach Club, was ousted from RCI as LBC had conned many owners by taking money for the new build of LBCII - which never ever got built. I was one of the thousands who paid out (6K) for a week’s apartment - it was just a piece of waste ground and never got built. I had to holiday in LBC1 resort but I was given pretty rough accommodation, not on the Verdi complex as promised at purchase. (I was told I could holiday on Verdi until LBCII was complete). Totally conned/scammed out of my money.”

12th October 2014 19:31 - Miss C. D - RCI

“Went to Vegas got roped into a timeshare presentation we swore we wouldn't and have already spent more than we did on our last vacation. I want out. Help us.”

12th October 2014 18:06 - Mrs Elizabeth Y, West Midlands - CLC

“Need to get out of the CLC contract. It does not work for us.”

12th October 2014 15:58 - Mrs Sushi S, Hertfordshire - RCI

“We have been members of RCI since 2003 and have many times banked with RCI but always when we want to exchange either the resort we want is not available. We have often booked up only to use our points now and weeks in the past in resorts which are of a low standard. One occasion when we booked a resort RCI informed on the night whilst we on our way to the resort that our resort which we had booked was not available and we were put into a resort which was filthy dirty and well below the standard we are used. Only compensation was were given an extra week which we never used as we were unable to book to resorts and places we want to travel. “

12th October 2014 15:41 - Mr Ken M, Hampshire - Anfi

“We have been with Anfi for over 2 years and when trying to book there have been no time or apartments available we have spent £XXXXX and haven’t set foot in Anfi we would like to get out of the time share and like to know how.”

12th October 2014 13:50 - Mr ANDREW M - Diamond Resorts

“Cannot afford maintenance fees anymore.”

11th October 2014 19:34 - Mr P, Surrey - Diamond Resorts

“Want to get rid completely.”

11th October 2014 19:07 - Mrs J, Wales - Westgate

“We have owned Westgate vacation villa - deeded timeshare for over 14years and have tried to sell it several times through various scams.”

11th October 2014 18:28 - Mr Phil W, Wiltshire - Canal Time and Miraflores

“We always bad difficulty in booking most resorts in Europe, joined platinum scheme, but just a rip off!”

11th October 2014 17:58 - Mr John & Judith N, Somerset - RCI/Aegean Blue now Diamond

“Have contacted by letter to both. Informed them we have cancelled our direct debit for RCI fee. They sent form to send back, they are stating there is a 12 month cancelation period while paying all fees. These are fees for RCI, two lots of point’s management fee to Aegean Blue.”

11th October 2014 15:39 - Mr Richard, Bedfordshire - Silverpoint

“They tried get me into further financial commitment.”

11th October 2014 14:23 - Miss Sue M, Surrey - Petchey Leisure

“In perpetuity… I was pressurised to purchase more points although I didn't want them. Told this would allow me to opt out (a year was given) now the company is owned by MGM!! As I was on my own I had no one to discuss this with and unable to seek advice at the time. I cancelled agreement with in the cooling off period. Do not sign anything… walk away...”

11th October 2014 13:11 - Mrs Roberta S, Scotland - Atlantic View Lanzarote

“I am still timeshare owner of one apartment and have never once been able to get times or place required…”

11th October 2014 13:02 - Mr Michael R, Leicestershire - Petchey / Silverpoint

“Trying to get out of Petchey & Silverpoint.”

11th October 2014 10:53 - Mr Stephen W - Diamond Resorts

“No longer need Time Share so would like to get rid of it.”

11th October 2014 09:12 - Mrs Daw W, Surrey - Club Praia da Oura

“Wanted out for years can never book mainland Spain only get options for Tenerife.”

10th October 2014 19:25 - Mr Julian S, Kent - Anfi

“My partner and I signed up to the Anfi beach club in 2011, we paid a £XXXX deposit, stayed there 9 days, and paid £XXX a month for a year. When we tried to book a week the following year we were told we couldn't as there was no room. I bet they had 10 empty rooms to move suckers like us into! At that point we cancelled any debits, and have received threatening court letters ever since.”

10th October 2014 17:39 - Mrs Dolores K, Northern Ireland - Petchey

“Cannot travel and need to dispose of timeshare.”

10th October 2014 17:04 - Mr James T, East Sussex - Petchey Points

“Want to get rid of points for nothing, we are pensioners and unable to travel abroad any longer.”

10th October 2014 15:38 - Mr Alan & Jenny W - CLC

“Fees not paid since 2005. Timeshare not wanted. How do we get out of it?”

10th October 2014 14:08 - Mr John C, Essex - Marriott

“We have two timeshare weeks, one in Marriott Marbella and one in Marriott Playa Andaluza. For various reasons, we are no longer able to use as frequently as we used to and would like to dispose of at least one, and preferably both, of them.”

10th October 2014 12:12 - Mr David M, Scotland - Nexus Leisure - Compass Club

“I have never used this timeshare and maintenance fees are now just ridiculous. I am not interested in making any money, just want rid of it. “

10th October 2014 11:59 - Mrs Ellenor M, Scotland - Exclusive Club Malta

“Been in club since 2010 and not used as it has been cheaper to use package holidays. My husband is now 80 and I have been ill with breast cancer. The worry of the annual fees is not helping. They did email and phone asking a payment from us for a get out fee which we could not afford. Hope you can advise?”

10th October 2014 10:17 - Mr Ian K, Scotland - Aegean blue (now diamond I believe)

“Unhappy with management fees in two places i.e. RCI and Aegean Blue. Lost points or fee to carry over, dismissive of resort complaints, instead of being able to go on site and choice where we want to go we have to put in dates and have a pot luck holiday.”

10th October 2014 09:48 - Mr Frank B, Fife - Dalfaber Village Club

“Have been trying to sell/get rid of my time share at this club for years keep getting fobbed off with excuses. At our wits end, can`t even give it away .”

9th October 2014 20:40 - Mr Michael M, Middlesex - Anfi Tauro

“Have been paying £XXX a month for between 3-4 years. My other commitments are going through the roof and to be honest I was hung over, almost drunk as I thought these ideas sounded great.”

9th October 2014 18:53 - Mr Edward H, Wales - Silver

“Availability is poor for exchange.”

9th October 2014 17:38 - Mr Ernest P - Fortina Hotel, Malta

“2007 we visited Fortina. We were invited to buy a timeshare. We turned down the offer on the grounds that my wife had been diagnosed with leukaemia and would be able to travel to Malta for only a few more years. The salesman then said that if we bought he would repurchase the room at the price we paid. We accepted. 4 years later we were told that there was never a repurchase programme. We were taken to meet the head of sales at Fortina, …. He listened to our story, said that he understood that such offers had been made by his sales staff. He proposed that the way out was for us to go on the Exit Programme. We would pay an extra £XXXX for a better room and in lieu of not using the room we would be paid £XXXX per year for 2 years, then Fortina would buy back the room. We were offered a complimentary week for the following year in a cheaper room. When we returned to Fortina the following year we were told by … that unforeseen snags had prevented the sales of the room we had purchased, but if we purchased the next level of apartment (making our total investment £XXXXX) Fortina would pay us £XXXX per year and repurchase after 5 years, payment to be made in or soon after April. When we returned home I was unhappy about this and telephoned to say that I was withdrawing within the withdrawal period. The following day Fortina telephoned me to say that I was worrying unnecessarily and that everything would happen as had been promised. I didn't withdraw. To date only one of 3 payments has been made. I wrote to Fortina Feb 13 seeking clarification of our standing and confirmation of our place on the Exit Programme. No answer. I wrote July 14 seeking direct answers about the promise to repurchase and Fortina's failure to make promised payments. No answer. I received a telephone call in August, in response to my letter, in which I was told that there was no such thing as the Exit Programme and that they had no record of the promises made to me. Despite another letter in mid-September I still have no written response. I am wondering whether Fortina is unwilling to state the facts in writing. My wife was present in all these meetings with Fortina Sales staff. I have a copy of the letters I have sent to Fortina.”

9th October 2014 16:56 - Mrs Janice C, Greater Manchester - RCI

“Want to get rid of my timeshare as not having much luck with RCI for exchanges and now booking flights and apartments abroad not using the timeshare.”

9th October 2014 16:48 - Mr Peter F, Cambridgeshire - Panaretis/Interval International

“We have had our timeshare for sale for two years through “confused about timeshare” & have reduced the asking price considerably but have had no joy & the maintenance is going up each year.”

9th October 2014 16:38 - Mr Graham H - Diamond Resorts

“I would like to dispose of my 40 points.”

9th October 2014 16:24 - Mr Robert W - Diamond Resorts

“Maintenance fees are rising each year and I don't believe I am getting value for money.”

9th October 2014 15:24 - Mrs Janet C, Herefordshire

“Just want to get rid of timeshare.”

9th October 2014 12:14 - Mrs M, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts

“We have two fixed weeks with Diamond Resorts for ten years my husband is now not so able to travel. How do I get out of it?”

9th October 2014 12:13 - Mr Edward P, Macdonald Resorts

“I informed MacDonald Resorts that I wished to relinquish membership … and returned my certificate to them. They refused to accept this.”

9th October 2014 11:50 - Mrs Elizabeth J, Wales

“We took out a vacation club in 2005, upgraded in 2007 to having shares but both were left to lapse due to ill health. We are left with £XXXXX to pay off on loan … and nothing to show for it. Would like someone to help us look it to this for us and advise.”

9th October 2014 11:23 - Mr Keith S

“Member for 14 years rarely able to book resort or destination and costs have risen out of all proportion to the awful service provided.”

9th October 2014 09:45 - Mr Paul W, Lancashire - Oasis Lanc Club

“Would like to cancel contract or let them have it back. They have told me I have to keep it till I’m 75. Am 65 now.”

9th October 2014 08:32 - Mrs Hilary B - Petchey

“Had this a long time cost thousands and ongoing fees never used it tried to get rid of it for years.”

9th October 2014 06:12 - Mr David C, Essex

“Simply cannot keep up payments.”

8th October 2014 18:01 - Mr C. I - Diamond Resorts

“Property was purchased from ILX, which has been taken over by Diamond, who have changed to points system. Originally told that property could be sold back to them.”

8th October 2014 17:51 - Mr Alan W - Westgate Vacation Villas

“Have deeded alternate year lock off but also now own Infiniti points. Just want to dispose of the timeshare which is surplus to requirements.”

8th October 2014 17:10 - Mr Malcolm S - RCI

“Owner at Hollywood Mirage since new, am unable to travel now due to illness and wish to rid myself and any family of timeshare unit.”

8th October 2014 15:50 - Mr Kelvin H, East Yorkshire - RCI pure points

“We had 2 weeks at the Solana Hotel and points at the Pergola Hotel both in Malta. We have always had difficulty booking the resorts we wanted and have had to settle for resorts we would not have chosen and have always been disappointed with the standard of these resorts, we feel that most of the resorts are in ill state of repair and have poor services, the early checking out policy of RCI is hard to understand. We have bought out of our timeshares and gone into pure points as a way of been able to escape RCI. In a nutshell we wish we had never heard of RCI as the whole experience has cost us thousands of pounds which in hindsight could have been spent on far better holidays.”

7th October 2014 19:53 - Mrs R. W - RCI/ Macdonald

“We have only been able to get a couple of holidays from timeshares.”

7th October 2014 15:21 - Mr David B, Hertfordshire

“When I originally signed up to the timeshare family, I don't think that all these caveats relating to membership existed but as time has progressed I have found that our membership has become more and more an expensive liability and on this basis I would be happy to be rid of this liability and so I would be very interested to hear what options are available to me. I have also found it very difficult to get the resorts that I want and have always been told that I have to book the specific resort five years in advance.”

7th October 2014 23:00 - Mr Robert T - Petchey

“We have tried several times and places to get rid of our time share as it is nearly impossible to get any space and have been conned by Monster Travel who took money from me under the false impression that they could get me out of my contract.”

7th October 2014 17:37 - Mr Frank G, Lancashire - Disney Vacation Club

“I want to get out of my DVC membership but can’t sell as not enough to cover the mortgage.”

7th October 2014 15:06 - Mr Gareth H - Diamond Resorts

“Is there any way of getting out of Diamond resorts for good? I owe maintenance fees plus a loan. I am in the process of paying it all off as my wife & I are getting divorced we have been told we can only split the points and we will have to pay for that despite telling them we no longer want the points we have been told that is not possible I am at my wits end with it all.”

7th October 2014 11:41 - Mr Kevin W - Macdonald

“I have had a timeshare at Dalfaber village for approx. 13 years, the management fees are now a scandalous £XXX. I no longer want this.”

7th October 2014 11:25 - Mr John M, Greater Manchester - Wimpen

“My wife and I have two weeks in Las Brisas Lanzarote. We have had these weeks for twenty years and have never stayed there preferring to use the RCI swap system instead. I have contacted Wimpen the owners of the complex but their reply is less than enthusiastic. We have got to the stage now that our children have grown up that we don't really care if we don't fly again. I am 68 and my wife is 66' and our children do not want the weeks. Can you please help us with this matter?”

6th October 2014 21:36 - Mrs Susan D, Scotland - CLC

“Would like to get out of CLC due to rising maintenance fees.”

6th October 2014 21:11 - Mr Peter L, Scotland - Diamond Resorts

“Trying to get rid of Mystic Dunes Timeshare, Orlando. Have been owners for 7 years and fees are increasing. Thanks.”

6th October 2014 16:47 - Mr Adrian P, Hampshire - CLC

“We are not using CLC as we would want to, we want to book and there is no availability and the maintenance fees are huge. Please help us get out of it.”

6th October 2014 15:56 - Mrs Theresa M, Surrey - RCI

“Cannot book into anywhere of my choice for next year.”

6th October 2014 15:20 - Miss Meldene E - Sheraton Vistana

“I would like to be release from my timeshare and the maintenance bills.”

6th October 2014 14:49 - Mrs Janet C, Aberdeenshire - Club Aphrodite, Cyprus

“Maintenance going up every year. Have not paid this year’s fee. No flights from nearest airport Aberdeen. I am now 75 years old & have health problems. I do not want any money just to get rid of it.“

6th October 2014 13:06 - Mr Neil J - Anfi, Diamond

“Having retired, I would like to dispose of the timeshare to cut my outgoings. My children are unable to take this on.”

6th October 2014 13:09 - Mrs Pauline S, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts

“Have been owners for around 20 years, but when contacted them was told I could only sell if exchanged my points for weeks in I resort which I did and managed to sell I week for a few hundred pounds as they had given me 2 separate weeks, my husband hasn't been able to go for years. As too many steps to apt. I have used but need to get out of contract as can't afford any more to be honest can book same resort cheaper online.”

6th October 2014 09:24 - Mrs Catriona W, Scotland - Petchey

“Our maintenance fees at CPO are going up 10% per year. When we have challenged this, we have basically been told to go to Portugal to see our title deeds.”

5th October 2014 18:38 - Mrs Diane F - CLC

“I am a Diamond Point’s holder with CLC. Refused to buy into the fractional timeshare enterprise and after spending tens of thousands of pounds on points cannot book even 2 years in advance anymore and am stuck with annual fees of £XXXX. If I forfeit the points I have nothing to show for the fast amounts of money spent. I have also been a member since 1986.”

5th October 2014 12:57 - Mrs Yvonne B, Northamptonshire - Heritage Resorts at Mi Jardin, Malaga

“We no longer use our timeshare. Can you help?”

5th October 2014 12:46 - Mrs Karen C, Staffordshire - Diamond resorts and Points Vacation

“We purchased points through Points vacation who took our Diamond Resorts points as part of the deal. We now are in a position of paying for maintenance to Diamond Resorts and also paying a hefty bank loan for the new timeshare that have broken every promise made to us and we are finding it increasingly difficult to get a resolution to both situations.”

5th October 2014 10:41 - Mr James E, Bedfordshire - Petchey Praia Da Oura & Radisson Golden Sands Malta

“Have never been to the resort in Portugal and once to the one in Malta. We were led to believe it was an investment which we could sell back. We are in a debt management plan, and cannot afford to go to either resort, and could really do with getting out of these.”

4th October 2014 21:56 - Dr M. M - CLC

“Very poor quality accommodations and facilities for what it cost.”

4th October 2014 17:58 - Mr John M - Fairways Club, Tenerife

“We have tried to get out of our timeshare for ages but too many people have taken money and done nothing. When we bought our timeshare, we weren’t told we would have to hand down our timeshare to our only girl and were never told that to use our timeshare when we got there, we would have to pay fees.”

4th October 2014 16:03 - Mrs Margaret M, Nottinghamshire - Vistamar Complex, Burgau

“This timeshare was originally purchased by my Aunt way back in in 1984. She subsequently gave it to my cousin, who then passed it to me. We can no longer afford to pay the maintenance. We are old age pensioners and rely on our pension to live. I informed them way back in April 2013 that we couldn't afford to pay anymore at that time we had paid the fee for 2013. They then said we needed to pay a Deed of Surrender which is not mentioned in the agreement, the sum was £2,000. We said we couldn't afford anything and left it at that. In November 2013 they sent another invoice for the maintenance fee. They are now threatening debt collectors, court action and bankruptcy. Please could you give me some advice? Thanks.”

4th October 2014 15:21 - Mrs Susan O, West Yorkshire - Petchey Infiniti

“How do we get out of Infiniti points?”

4th October 2014 15:12 - Mr Stephen M, Wiltshire - Petchey Leisure now owned by MGM

“We bought our original timeshare at Royal Park Albatross in 1999 then owned by Hutchinson's Trustees. It was all carried out in a respectable business-like manner. We converted to points in 2002. A few years ago we were advised that Royal Park Albatross was being bought out by Petchey Leisure who invited us down to Hever Castle in Kent for a 'free' weekend. We were subjected to a horrific 'meeting' with three members of Petchey, who firstly tried to persuade us to buy at Hever for five times as much as we had paid for our original timeshare. When we refused they were rude, bullying and threatening and also intimated that our Gold Crown resort status in Tenerife would be taken away and why were we bothering with it. This didn't make sense at all considering Petchey had bought it! The whole encounter was awful and we had to walk out.…”

4th October 2014 13:09 - Mr Ewan T, Hampshire - Oasis Lakes at the Fountains, Orlando, Florida

“My wife & I are joint owners. We both want to be rid of the ownership. We have tried re-sale, through advertisers, with no luck. We are not concerned greatly with any return from a sale, but we do not want to incur any expenses, especially legal costs .”

3rd October 2014 23:52 - Mrs M. B - CLC

“Have only been a CLC member for less than a year. We are planning to pay outright any monies owing to purchase our fractional timeshare agreement as the interest rates are very high. We have now changed our minds about being members of CLC as we have found not all the accommodation they offer is of a high standard and we are sometimes unable to book the weeks we would like.”

3rd October 2014 19:50 - Mr Allan M - Macdonald

“Had timeshare in Spain since 1984. Stopped paying fees about 4 years ago, got phone call to take me to court. Bought in Scotland from Barrett now Macdonald what should I do?”

3rd October 2014 17:49 - Mrs Ann J - CLC

“We are Platinum Members and last year were pressured then persuaded to be Fraction Members with the promise that after 7 years because of our ages, we would recoup £15,000. Now we have signed it evolves it is all lies and they are not interested in helping us. We have finished up communicating with some Member Services minion who became quite aggressive. We have worked it out that due to the high maintenance we will gain nothing. Thinking of cutting our losses and getting out which will be much cheaper than paying their high maintenance for the next 19 years, if we live that long. Wish we had stuck to our guns, I advise anybody to think twice.”

3rd October 2014 17:42 - Mr Derek J, Hampshire - Macdonald

“Try to rid my timeshare week no.3 in Spain resort Macdonald Dona Lola.”

3rd October 2014 17:23 - Mr Anthony D, Manchester

“Having read most of the online comments we too have incurred problems securing holidays to suit our children's school holidays. We are also victims of hidden small print conditions and a total lack of written correspondence and more issues besides!”

3rd October 2014 16:22 - Miss Clare F, London - RCI

“We feel we have been missold our timeshare and have been told blatant lies. It's extremely depressing and frustrating.”

3rd October 2014 12:39 - Dr Jacqueline J, Leicestershire - Royal Savoy Funchal, Madeira

“Have used 1 week out of two this year. Increasingly poor health making hold difficult. Member of Interval International. Find it difficult to get suitable exchanges so let my weeks go out of date, untaken/ unused.”

2nd October 2014 21:21 - Mrs Eileen M, Northern Ireland

“How do I get rid of points?”

1st October 2014 09:20 - Mr David D - Petchey Leisure Infiniti

“Can’t pay the maintenance!”

30th September 2014 21:55 - Mr Joseph H, Perth and Kinross - Vacation Village at Parkway

“Can’t afford maintenance fees.”

30th September 2014 18:40 - Miss Sandy P, London - Petchey Leisure

“My sister bought a time share in Petchey leisure over 4 years ago and we have never used it. However we cannot afford the yearly maintenance fees as she no longer lives here and I am unemployed and my parents are on pension. We really want to sell it and get rid of it once and for all. Petchey leisure know of our situations however they don't seem to help and just want money all the time.”

30th September 2014 15:43 - Mr Gary O, Devon - CLC

“We are still paying for the loan, I’m retired through ill health and the wife has retired to look after me. We cannot afford it anymore and need help.”

30th September 2014 15:34 - Mrs Barbara W - Sunset Beach Club Timeshare

“I purchased a timeshare in August 2009 and when we had our 1st holiday in 2010 it was nothing like what we purchased. I sent letters and took out a case with the UK European Centre, which went on for a couple of years and resolving in nothing. I have saved 3/4 years’ worth of emails/letters/case numbers.”

30th September 2014 13:54 - Mr M. S - Diamond Resort

“Joined Diamond Resorts in July 2013 for my parents to go on holidays. However, 2 years ago I requested Diamond Resorts if we could cancel the membership and get a refund of the £10,000 joining fee. But to my dismay they refused saying that the cancellation period was over. The cancellation request was due to my dad's health issues, which would limit his holiday travel.”

30th September 2014 10:34 - Mrs Jocelyn P, Northamptonshire - Diamond Resorts

“I have had points with Diamond for over 10 years and have only been on holiday with the scheme once. The cost of fees is now almost as much as a holiday of my choice. I am also retired so can't afford to keep paying the fees.”

30th September 2014 10:25 - Mrs Susan C - RCI

“I inherited the maintenance liability from my parents. I feel I have outgrown the resort and would be looking to rent accommodation in other areas.”

30th September 2014 08:17 - Mr Edwin D, Kent

“Due to ill health we can no longer enjoy our timeshare.”

29th September 2014 00:27 - Mr Chris C, Gloucestershire - Grand Leoniki Diamond Resort Crete

“High maintenance fees. Bought 2 weeks converted into points after buying extra points. Can’t use points for airfare or even car rental anymore. We have too many points which we are not using. Need a solution as we are now financially drained and in debt after taking out loans to buy extra points which we were told can be used as a currency for airfares and car rental which is no longer available through RCI.”

29th September 2014 23:52 - Mr George C, East Lothian - Access2Leisure/Club Riza, Malta

“I just want to dispose of my Access2Leisure ownership as I really don't find I am using it anymore and I am a bit disappointed in what it offers.”

29th September 2014 22:10 - Mr Nicholas L - Timeshare in Spain

“Would like to rid myself of this and if possible for a little bit of money, I don't want to give it away.”

29th September 2014 21:31 - Miss A. C - Vacation village

“Hi. I am looking to release my timeshare at vacation village USA. Can you help? Thanks.”

29th September 2014 19:53 - Mrs Margaret C, London - Club La Costa

“Had been a member of Club La Costa. Never got the apartment or date we required. Have now given up on our Gold Membership as from Dec 2014 as Husband has dementia and family are sick and tired of not getting the holiday they ever wanted. Thank you”

29th September 2014 14:55 - Mr C

“My wife actually has mobility problems and it might be she will not be able to travel over longer distances in the coming years.”

29th September 2014 13:32 - Mr James S - Shakespeare

“Never been able to use our timeshare due to lack of availability. Just want contract dissolved as we are still having to pay maintenance fees. “

29th September 2014 11:40 - Mrs Helen W - RCI

“My parents own a timeshare in Tenerife which they converted to "points" a few years ago. They now want to be released from this burden.”

29th September 2014 11:35 - Mr Bob A, Kent - Diamond Resorts

“Have fractional points, want out next year, Diamond tell me I can sell but their company was a waste of time. Thanks.”

29th September 2014 11:32 - Mrs Julie R - Royal Park Albatross

“Increasing maintenance fees and cost. Limited exchange and fees through RCI mean very poor value for money.”

29th September 2014 10:19 - Mrs N. S, Essex - CLC

“Please help me get out of this timeshare. I was original sold the package back in 2010 for £xxxx we went to see them in Spain and was sold another package for £xxxxx we have never used this since as my husband is a stroke patient. Please help me as I have paid them for the past 4 years and not used the timeshare.”

28th September 2014 23:07 – Mr Colin S, Cornwall - Macdonald

“Problems started when I was made redundant (twice) Macdonald’s allowed me to pay half the fees, despite accruing arrears. Then my wife became seriously ill. After three operations, she was forced to cease work. I only have work for 4 days a week sharing my working days for caring for her. I explained my predicament to Macdonald’s, wherein they told me to cease payments as they would sell the two weeks and recoup the arrears. Now they have served a debt collection agency on me for the sum of £xxxx. While I am sure in the meantime they are still racking up management fees. Even though my wife is now housebound, and it is out of the question that we could ever use the timeshare again. I am trapped in financial insecurity.”

28th September 2014 22:35 – Mr Terence H - Lion vacation club (OnaGroup)

“I wish to release all obligations under my current agreement.”

28th September 2014 18:54 – Mrs Celia H, Bedfordshire - Petchey

“I have had this timeshare for over 11 years and only used 3 times. I do not wish to go there and now find I am having difficulty in affording the maintenance fees. How can I get rid of this unwanted burden?”

28th September 2014 15:58 – Mr Alasdair G - Macdonald

“The time share belonged to my in-laws who now in their late 80s and not fit to travel. We found a buyer but MacDonald refused to accept him and wouldn't say why. I then told MacDonald that the timeshare week was now theirs. They are now demanding over £2000 in arrears plus £1700 to take the timeshare back help!!”

28th September 2014 16:00 – Mr Nick P - Petchey

“Have never been to Clube Praia da Oura despite holding a timeshare there for 15 years or so. Haven't wanted it for years and can't even sell it for a penny, want out and Petchey are about as much good as a chocolate teapot.”

27th September 2014 23:56 – Mr Alexander B, Scotland - Diamond/Paradiso points

“No longer able to travel due illness.”

27th September 2014 18:59 – Mrs Fiona G - Silverpoint

“I would like to get out of my timeshare at Hollywood Mirage.”

27th September 2014 14:20 – Mr William B – Oasis Lanz Club

“We have tried to offer this time share back to the company but all we got was fudge. We wish to rid of it completely even if we don't get any money returned as long as we have no future liability for this timeshare.”

27th September 2014 12:49 – Mr P - Diamond Resorts

“Very happy with GVC. Split points in divorce settlement. Diamond is a con and not what we signed up for with GVC. You no doubt already know how this company is treating people!”

27th September 2014 11:01 – Mr Dean, Somerset - Diamond Resorts

“Having now retired and the fees having been raised at an accelerated rate. It is no longer cost effective to have a Diamond timeshare.”

27th September 2014 10:02 – Mr James B - Diamond Resorts International (points)

“Have enjoyed good quality holidays but with lifestyle changes find is less appropriate to take this sort of holiday plus rising annual maintenance fees not attractive.”

26th September 2014 22:25 – Mr Alan S - Diamond Resorts

“As like so many others our circumstances have changed where we cannot afford the fees.”

26th September 2014 21:04 - Miss Lucy J – RCI/ICE and occidental

“We've only just got into these contracts over the last month and come home from holiday horrified with everything we have seen, and how they sold it to us, and there approach, we are itching to get out of it already. Help!”

26th September 2014 17:44 – Mrs Linda S, Cheshire - Macdonald

“Due to contractual changes with Macdonald’s, which I consider breach of contract, I wish to be released from my contract. I own 4 fixed weeks.”

26th September 2014 17:44 – Mr Robin T, Essex - Diamond Resorts

“I have tried to move my timeshare week. They say they are trying to get the paperwork sorted. So far been 6 months, have told them if no paperwork by the end of July I would ask for information on a buy back scheme. Have heard nothing. Could you let me know what the costs and possibilities are to get out of the contract?”

26th September 2014 17:28 – Ms Christine J - Petchey

“I brought my timeshares as a single person. At the time, they only sold to married couples but sold to me. Now I am nearly 62 still on my own and cannot afford them. Plus new management and things have changed, it is more for package holiday makers, they are no longer interested in owners it’s the fees they want.”

26th September 2014 13:24 – Mrs Linda S, Essex - Diamond Resorts

“We have two schemes with Diamond based in Crete and Rhodes, and the maintenance fees coupled with RCI non-availability of anything worthwhile mean we are considering getting out after only two years. Fortunately both buys were only on limited contracts, but still paying tens of thousands in maintenance is not going to be worth it.”

26th September 2014 12:20 – Mr Stephen B, Hampshire - RCI/Silverpoint

“Forced to exchange to Heights or lose week and apartment type during RCI/silverpoint disposal/reallocation of Beverly Hills Club Tenerife. Refused access to view only available apartment. Obviously in perpetuity or for life does not apply both ways. Feel that contract was breached on their side of the table. Would very much like to know my options from an independent source.”

26th September 2014 11:22 – Mrs Wendy R - Diamond Resorts

“Want to get out.”

26th September 2014 11:20 – Mr Craig R, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

“I separated from my wife 5 years ago and we never use the timeshare. We haven’t done for years and are never going to again but we can’t get rid of it. I paid £xxx in January 2013 to the timeshare hypermarket but had no enquiries. We don't even want any money for it we just want to get rid.”

25th September 2014 23:18 – Mr Eric T, Buckinghamshire - Club La Costa

“Now aged 70 failing health, income falling (no longer able to work) and lack of availability of accommodation, when and where we wish to travel. In short not getting what we signed up for. Time to get out if possible.”

25th September 2014 18:37 – Mr Michael A - Silverpoint

“I refused to pay my maintenance fees in Dec 2013 for 2014 because I was informed that in the AGM to be held Jan 2014 my fixed weeks in the BHC Tenerife were to be converted to flexible weeks. I have been in correspondence ever since on the basis that I was not paying for something I neither wanted nor could use. They have only recently offered me a transfer to the Mirage and after my weeks had passed which I specifically stated as a resort I did not want. They are a company I have no desire to have any dealings with and as far as I am concerned they can keep my weeks (I am not bothered about compensation) as I want nothing further to do with them.”

25th September 2014 18:14 – Mrs Linda M, Aberdeenshire - Pestana Promenade

“We have 24 years left, my husband is in his late 60, and having problems walking.”

25th September 2014 17:16 – Mr Kenneth S - Macdonald

“I am contacting you on behalf of my grandfather who is now 92 and infirm. He has several timeshare weeks with Macdonald’s and is now living with my mother (his daughter) and has no remaining assets. He was contacted by a debt collection agency 3 days ago because he cannot afford to pay the yearly fees.”

25th September 2014 15:38 – Mr Leslie P, Glasgow - MacDonald Forest Hills

“My elderly father has a time share at Forest Hills, which has been for sale for many years without success. This has recently changed to a point’s basis. He was considering keeping this but has until 30th September to opt out and pay the 4 x annual maintenance to do so. However after reading comments about the difficulty of booking holidays with the points system and the idea that they cannot be sold am thinking perhaps it would be better to get out. What are the options?”

25th September 2014 14:04 – Mr Scott S, Norfolk - CLC

“I am keen to look into freeing myself of my CLC vacations platinum membership and the yearly costs they incur. I also want to sell my property in Kusadasi that was purchased through CLC real estates. I am finding help in this subject very hard to gain.”

25th September 2014 11:57 – Mr Phillip E, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

“We bought through GVC/Sunterra in 1998 and the maintenance fees have soared but availability has gone way down. We have 3 children and no option to go out of term time. How do we get rid of our points?”

25th September 2014 10:30 – Mr David W - Anfi

“My wife and I have separated and the Anfi payments in my name are killing me and drawing me into debt.”

25th September 2014 08:10 – Mrs Amanda M - Petchey

“Looking to get out of timeshare.”

24th September 2014 19:53 – Mr Paul B - Westgate

“I have asked Westgate to deed my timeshare back, but am waiting on an answer. The maintenance costs are way more than I expected and I can no longer use the timeshare due to illness.”

24th September 2014 18:22 – Mr Alex R - RCI

“Need to get out of timesheet contract! Over 15 years now in Spain.”

24th September 2014 16:46 – Mr Robert I, Derbyshire - Star Island Florida

“I bought a timeshare property nearly 10 years ago but after losing my job I have never actually used it. I'd love to get some money back on it?”

24th September 2014 15:24 – Mr Tony L, East Sussex

“I own a Timeshare at Fairways, Tenerife for 20 yrs. Now a pensioner, (can) no longer afford annual fees etc.”

24th September 2014 09:36 – Mrs Kathy C - Silverpoint

“We are thinking of giving our apartment up at Hollywood Mirage and need to know how we go about this.”

24th September 2014 07:51 – Mr Andrew W, East Lothian - RCI

“As we are both in our 70's and disabled having difficulty travelling by ourselves and really not fit to enjoy holidays. I did write to Resort Solutions to inform of this a few times prior to annual meetings as could not attend as they were held on third floor with no lift which was always specified but had no replies and not mentioned in their Minutes. We have had the Timeshare for approx. 30 years and it has worked very well for us but now feel it is time to get rid of the expense of the maintenance.”

23rd September 2014 22:29 – Mrs Katie E - CLC

“Unable to afford timeshare due to ill health.”

23rd September 2014 22:25 – Mr Sandy M, Clackmannanshire - Diamond Resorts

“How to get out of timeshare and stop paying management fees.”

23rd September 2014 19:35 – Mr Chris W - Diamond Resorts

“We are interested in getting rid of our points with Diamond completely.”

23rd September 2014 18:27 – Mr Robert W - RCI

“Poor value, lose points if you leave.”

23rd September 2014 17:23 – Mrs P. C - Regency Country Club

“After initial information about getting out of paying high maintenance fees and getting out of timeshare altogether.”

23rd September 2014 17:23 – Mrs Ismay E, Wales - Sunny coast guarantee Malta

“Have only 7 years left on contract have asked Sunny Coast to take back timeshare but have been refused. Have 3 weeks banked with dial an exchange but am just not interested in using timeshare any more. Would like to just hand back this timeshare to sunny coast.”

23rd September 2014 17:09 – Mr Jack M, West Midlands - RCI

“I have a time share in America with Blue Green Resorts to which I have had no help with getting rid of the time points and being charged astronomical maintenance plus we are both pensioners and my husband's health isn't good plus they said it was a ten year period which wasn't what I agreed . We have explained our situation as you are no longer able to get to America and being on pensions that we could no longer afford the maintenance fees, which have gone up several times, plus they changed payment dates without consulting us. We were misold these time points.”

23rd September 2014 17:09 – Mr John T - Royal Tenerife Golf Club

“Have no further use for our 2 weeks.”

23rd September 2014 17:09 – Mr John H - Diamond Resorts

“My wife is disabled and I have had to take early retirement to look after her so we can no longer afford the high fees.”

22nd September 2014 23:03 – Mr Peter R - CLC

“Having divorced from my wife we need to get out of this contract and lack of availability of resorts means we cannot use the points.”

22nd September 2014 22:59 – Mr Geoffrey C - Oura View Beach Club, Portugal

“Do not want to be locked into in perpetuity clause as we are getting older and do not want to leave the problem of our sons having to pay for something they do not want.”

22nd September 2014 20:04 – Mr Michael H, Cheshire - BlueBay Beach Club, Gran Canaria

“Annual maintenance now due, but do not wish to continue ownership. What is the best exit strategy?”

22nd September 2014 19:59 – Mr Patrick O, Northern Ireland - Celebration World Resort Florida

“CWR Florida taken over by Festiva who have cut my points by 40%. However, RCI say nothing to do with them and are taking me to Court. Need to get out of this contract as I am retiring this year.”

22nd September 2014 19:42 – Mr Alan R - Silverpoint and RCI

“I am told that I will have to transfer from Beverly Hills Club to Hollywood Mirage. As they are closing BHC? Am I obliged to transfer? Can I get out of the Timeshare altogether at this point? Thanks for your help!”

22nd September 2014 19:31 – Mr Peter H, London - Petchey

“No longer need our timeshare. Too old to travel.”

22nd September 2014 19:23 – Mr Richard S, Surrey – Macdonald Loch Rannock

“I am making this enquiry on behalf of my wife who is an owner of a one week timeshare at Loch Rannoch in Perthshire; formerly a Macdonald 'resort but the people that run it declared UDI a few years ago and it has gone downhill ever since - almost no facilities or social centres etc.”

22nd September 2014 19:08 – Mr Ian O, Clackmannanshire

“We are elderly couple, whose family do not want timeshare points.”

22nd September 2014 18:17 – Mrs Alison P, Dorset - Regency Resorts

“Maintenance fee doubled when they went from sterling to euros without any warning are now double plus starting fees.”

22nd September 2014 17:36 – Mr Elizabeth Y, West Midlands

“We are looking for a way out - the club does not work for us and we seems to pay our fees each years and lose a year’s points, which we aren't able to spend on choices that work for us.”

22nd September 2014 13:19 – Mrs Catherine, London

“Two time shares, both taken over by other companies without our knowledge. Fees gone up, booking times not available.”

22nd September 2014 13:21 – Mrs Kathryn C - CLC

“We are gold members and have found we can never book where we want to go. But they do have availability if you meet with them to advise you of changes that are happening and new resorts. This we have done purely to get the accommodation where we want to, however found we end up losing a whole day of our holiday just trying to get rid of them as we don’t want to upgrade etc. Been members since 2006, we did have the RCI member ship for a few years alongside this but it was too costly to use them to book the resort as fees were astronomical, especially as we have already paid for the accommodation at Club La Costa.”

22nd September 2014 12:23 - Mr Alan B - Macdonald

“Want to get out of owning at Leila Playa Resort.”

22nd September 2014 12:14 - Miss S. S - Anfi

“I am currently under the 5 trip scheme and I have used 2 of the trips. Anfi are avoiding booking my other trips and this has been going on for a nearly a year. My scheme is coming to an end in February. Anfi are avoiding their commitment on agreed contract.”

22nd September 2014 11:30 - Mr John P, Berkshire - Westgate Vacation Villas at Kissimmee, Florida

“We have had this Timeshare for nearly 30 years. We are now well in our 70's and have had quite a bit of illness this last year, and feel we can no longer make the long journeys. With the flights so expensive, we have tried to pass it back to Westgate without success. Although we write letters to them they never bother to answer us. Can you help please?”

22nd September 2014 10:23 - Mr William N, South Lanarkshire - Macdonald

“Changed to points system, which if I want out is management fees plus 4 years payment!”

21st September 2014 20:23 - Mr Norman W, Aberdeenshire - Silverpoint

“We have been informed that our two week timeshare at the Beverly Hills Club Tenerife is not now available and we have been given the choice of moving to the Beverly Heights or Hollywood Mirage resorts. I have in a telephone conversation with management told them that my wife and I are not prepared to move to either of the above or anywhere else. I said that we felt badly let down and looked for compensation for our loss.”

21st September 2014 19:42 - Mr Michael M - Petchey

“Am I eligible for compensation? I paid £xxxx and never been. Was well and truly robbed, these people are criminals.”

21st September 2014 18:52 - Mr John, Northern Ireland - RCI

“Bought at Paradise Kings Club, Paphos in 2008. Were mis-sold as borrowing structure changed. Borrowed £xxxxxx through Barclay's.”

21st September 2014 18:35 - Mr Steven M - Anfi

“We currently own two floating weeks (points scheme) for a two bedroom apartment at Gran Anfi. Having experienced escalating year-on-year Maintenance Fees we are now seriously considering our options for exiting our contractual commitments.”

21st September 2014 18:10 - Mr J, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts Points Scheme

“We have been members for a few years but we are getting older and our circumstances are changing, we would really like to get out if you can help us please.”

21st September 2014 16:25 - Mrs Carol W, Merseyside - Loch Rannoch

“I cannot afford to keep paying the fees. What can I do?”

21st September 2014 13:42 - Mrs Patricia F, West Lothian - CLC

“Can’t afford CLC fees any more what can I do?”

21st September 2014 12:26 - Ms Jayne M, Suffolk - Diamond Resorts

“Can no longer afford the high maintenance fee.”

21st September 2014 11:42 - Mrs Clare S, Surrey - Blakeney Timeshare Management Ltd

“The property belongs to my mother-in-law, but the contract is worrying us as it states it is 'in perpetuity'. She would like to sell before she dies, but is afraid the contract will pass to us.”

21st September 2014 10:45 - Mr Peter M, Isle of Anglesey - Crown Resorts Club Caronte, Malaga

“Given this week free by RCI due to fact they were removed from our resort FSCC Quinta do logo and we're told we had to own an affiliated resort to be able to exchange for the remaking years of our membership. We do not wish to receive any payment for this week.”

21st September 2014 10:40 - Mr David T - De Vere Belton Woods

“We have been told that we are unable to hand back they say that they are using credit agencies to collect outstanding fees We have looked at selling through them but have had no joy due to them having their own stock to sell.”

20th September 2014 18:55 - Mr Neville B, Shropshire - RCI

“Had timeshare for many years - getting too expensive and no choice when you want. 75 years old, don’t want the hassle, don’t want timeshare, can’t afford their costs, my family don’t want it either, unaffordable, can’t sell and stuck with it till I die.”

20th September 2014 18:44 - Mr Nicholas S - Diamond Resorts

“We would like to get rid of our week at Royal Sahara Sunset Hotel.”

20th September 2014 12:23 - Mrs A. N, Oxfordshire

“We have a Christmas week time share at this resort which we would like to get out of.”

20th September 2014 11:34 - Mrs Pat A, Kent - MacDonald

“My parents took out a timeshare at Club Dona Lola back in the 80s. Since MacDonald came on the scene, the annual rental has just risen every year and the whole deal has become a financial burden for a pensioner. Mum has tried to sell her week for years and has got nowhere. Incidentally, my aunt managed to sell her week. She received one pound! MacDonald have said to Mum that they require 3 years annual rent to cancel the deal. But we do not believe that they can be trusted. All sorts of groups have said that although Spanish law has ruled that these deals are illegal, Scottish law allows it. Can you assist?”

19th September 2014 21:07 - Mrs Kim, Lincolnshire – Diamond Resorts

“I have just been for a week at the resort we have been paying into for 11 years. It was run down and up for refurbishment which we were under the impression had been done. They knew we were coming but we were put in one of the oldest apartments they had and on the 3 floor. We ended up moving 3 times in the week. It was only when I went to the hotel manager that we ended up in one that had been refurbished. It was not up to our RCI standard as at least one of the sockets was hanging of the wall and microwave was out of the ark and still not up to standard I am use to. I am very disappointed with the whole experience. Diamond just said their hands were tied and did not do much.”

19th September 2014 15:39 - Mr David N - RCI pure points

“Have tried to sell our points but without any success. Wish to get rid of it ASAP.”

19th September 2014 15:15 - Mrs Christine D, West Yorkshire - Macdonald

“I own a week at Plas Talgarth, part of Macdonald Resorts. This was actually given to my daughter several years ago but had to be in our name. I do not want the accommodation and would like to walk away from it but cannot afford to pay the release (£xxxx). Could you give us any advice?”

18th September 2014 23:59 - Mrs Smith, Gloucestershire - Clube Praia da Oura

“Maintenance Fees escalating. CPO no longer an owners resort and are treated as second class compared to Infiniti members.”

18th September 2014 23:56 - Mr Phillip L, East Yorkshire - Macdonald

“Current owner at Dona Lola received details of opting out scheme at a cost but didn't realise 4 years maintenance fees still would apply if we opted out. Also points system is very vague not sure what our points would get us in terms of accommodation.”

18th September 2014 21:18 - Mrs Sylvia R - Star Island

“Just need to see how easy it is to get release from this timeshare nightmare.”

18th September 2014 18:59 - Mr R. C - CLC

“I want to get out of my CLC membership before December is this possible, as I can’t afford it anymore.”

18th September 2014 17:56 - Mr Lionel K - RCI

“I would like to giveaway my Timeshare contract but have been unable to cancel the contract.”

18th September 2014 15:36 - Mrs Diana M - Heritage Resorts

I just want to know how I can legally get out of ownership of the two timeshare I own in Spain. I have unsuccessfully been trying to sell them for several years

18th September 2014 15:27 - Mr Williams - Aucanada Club in Alcudia

“No longer able to use it.”

18th September 2014 14:34 - Mr Stephen H, London - Wimpen

“We are wanting to see our timeshare in Lanzarote.”

18th September 2014 14:34 - Mrs Sheila W, Glasgow - Silverpoint

“Bought extra properties with transfer from Heritage, worried in case extra property not sold and left with money to pay.”

18th September 2014 14:30 - Mrs Karen L, Lancashire - Silverpoint

“Own 1 week at Beverley Hills club, as we can never get a transfer to anywhere we want to go, wondering what the situation is about getting rid of the week? Thanks.”

18th September 2014 14:18 - Mr G. W - Macdonald

“4 years maintenance fees to exit. Scandalous. Also, if I don't exit, and change over to points, how can I later sell the points if I wish? Furthermore, with points, if my former fixed week apartment is no longer in the club (I won't know until after 30th Sept), then I will not have the priority 2 week window to request my former fixed week apartment for the following year. In which case I will have to wait until the two week window has elapsed before I can book for the following year, which means the apartment type I require may not be available in the week I want.”

18th September 2014 13:23 - Mr David C - Seasons

“Can no longer afford to pay the annual fees.”

18th September 2014 12:09 - Mrs Sue R - CLC Canaltime

“Unable to use dates and illness means we need to get rid of timeshare.”

18th September 2014 10:47 - Mr John B - RCI

“We have been with RCI since 1998 but owing to their terrible customer service, lack of choice and availability of resorts, we have decided we wish to leave. We are 'points' members and have 12,000 free-standing to go with the 34,000 we get for our time-share in Madeira… We should be happy to come out of the time-sharing situation altogether. The crazy thing is that our time-share expires in 2026 but our free-standing points go on until 2068 and my RCI membership lasts until I am 121 years old, I wish! Please let us know if you are able to advise us on this situation.”

18th September 2014 09:56 - Mr Clive C - Blue Bay Beach Club Lanzarote

“When we purchased our week it was owned by Airtours. They then sold it to a Spanish group and we've never used it since.”

18th September 2014 09:44 - Mrs Lesley B, Hertfordshire - CLC World

"We have a CLC World membership, which can no longer afford, and found out we cannot be released and they won’t buy it back, what do we do?"

17th September 2014 22:14 - Mr Derek M - Macdonald

“Exorbitant exit fee AND only 25% going into the Sinking Fund; presumably the rest is yet more profit for Macdonald!”

17th September 2014 18:13 - Mr Kevin P, Devon - Panareti Royal Coral Bay Resort

"I am concerned that this was sold as a British only members. Now 9 years into the 30 years they sell it to anyone as a holiday hotel, lots of Russians and other non-British people occupy a lot of the rooms and the standard has vastly dropped."

17th September 2014 18:09 - Mrs Catherine S, Highland - Diamond Resorts International

“I have been trying to sell my points for the last 4 years since separating from my husband. I can no longer afford the maintenance fees.”

17th September 2014 15:52 - Mrs Eileen C, Somerset – San Antonia Hotel Malta

“We were told that it wouldn’t be a problem to sell if we didn’t need the timeshare. We tried to contact the about the price they put on selling it. We even asked them to reduce the price on numerous occasional but haven’t received any replies.”

17th September 2014 10:53 - Mrs Gillian M - Macdonald Forest Hills Resort

“Close to sending cheque to pay to release us from contract. Want to know what other options may be available.”

16th September 2014 22:34 - Mr David T, Wales - Macdonald

“We wish to relinquish both our timeshare weeks.”

16th September 2014 22:04 - Miss Rebecca R, West Midlands - Gold Member

"Would like to get out of contract."

16th September 2014 21:20 - Mr P - Macdonald Resort, Dalfaber

“Been owner since 1984 and can no longer afford the maintenance.”

16th September 2014 20:46 - Mrs Elizabeth, Fife - Macdonald


16th September 2014 15:45 - Mr Nigel B, West Sussex - Macdonald Resort & Health Club Elmer’s Court

“Just want to offload a timeshare week at Macdonald Resort Elmer’s Court that was left to my sisters & myself by my Dad who recently passed away!”

16th September 2014 15:13 - Mr Glenn C - Westgate Lakes Florida USA

"We have a timeshare in Orlando and want to get rid of it. Please can you help or advise."

16th September 2014 15:07 - Mr Nigel F - Diamond Club Maritima Resort

"I wish to surrender my timeshare as I no longer use it, and I wish to escape paying the annual maintenance charges."

16th September 2014 14:26 - Mrs Beverley D, Greater Manchester - Diamond resorts

"We have had a timeshare for 23 yrs and only ever used it a few times. We are now pensioners and our weekly earnings have dropped and we do not want to keep the timeshare at Sunset Harbour club. We want out..... What can you advise?”

16th September 2014 09:15 - Mr David M - Silverpoint

“Own 1 week at Hollywood Mirage, Tenerife, bought about 10 years ago. I have never used it. It was bought on the expectation of a quick resale while never occurred. Would just like to relinquish and get out of the ongoing management fees.”

16th September 2014 08:52 - Mrs Gail R - Diamond Resorts

“I have a terminal illness and I want out of my timeshare but Diamond will not release me.”

16th September 2014 06:53 - Mr Bryan W, London - CLC

“Concerned about rising fees, falling standards at resorts but mostly about availability and the fact that non-members can book holidays at CLC resorts via travel agents on budget packages costing less than our annual maintenance fees.”

15th September 2014 21:51 - Mr L, London - RCI

“I have been a RCI member for the last few years and want to know my options to come out of this contract.”

15th September 2014 21:49 - Mr Charles F, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts

“We are signed up for 3000 diamond points a year. We want out and would pay within reason to get out.”

15th September 2014 20:53 - Mr H - Panareti Paphos Resort

“Please advise if there is any way to dispose of this timeshare.”

15th September 2014 20:37 - M David E, Perth and Kinross - Petchey

“Would like to see options as I have had the apartments for sale with Petchey for 2 years (with no success).”

15th September 2014 19:33 – Mrs M, Nottinghamshire - Macdonald Dona Lola

“Feel that Macdonald not allowing this year's unused maintenance fee against exorbitant exit fee is very unfair.”

15th September 2014 18:19 - Mr I. L - Diamond Resorts

“Joined GVC in 1999, changed name several times and now Diamond Resorts fees always going up and now retired and have health issue.”

15th September 2014 16:17 - Miss Julie C - RCI

“Expensive monthly fees. Limited holidays when requested, expensive flights.”

15th September 2014 14:19 - Mr Anthony C, Cheshire - Petchey

“Because of age and medical reasons, also we do not want to leave this problem to our children. (Perpetuity contract)”

15th September 2014 14:07 - Mr Colin C - RCI timeshare and points

"Looking at options available as we thought we were stuck with a golden goose."

15th September 2014 09:29 – Mrs W - The Reef Playacar Mexico

"We feel we have been miss-sold on this Timeshare as they have failed to keep to the agreement of the contract that they would purchase our previous timeshare from us in order that we could afford to purchase the Reef. Some weeks later we were told that the buyer had pulled out and we are now saddled with both the Grand Mayan and The Reef. Which was not our intention."

14th September 2014 21:29 - Mr Adrian S - Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

"I want to get rid of my timeshare as the yearly fees are too high and can't get the holiday dates I want even though I can go at short notice. Never any availability."

14th September 2014 19:37 - Mr A. V - Wales - Diamond Resorts International

"Difficult to book: few options. Liable in perpetuity!"

14th September 2014 19:10 - Mr Peter S - London - RCI Crown Resorts Club Marbella

"Fed up with lack of availability and annual fees."

14th September 2014 14:58 - Mr David P - Dorset - Diamond Resorts

"Can't afford maintenance as I am now on limited income, old age pension."

14th September 2014 14:54 – Mrs Margaret C - Fife

"Would like to get rid of an in perpetuity timeshare as can no longer afford the higher annual maintenance fees."

14th September 2014 14:46 – Mrs Norma B - Suffolk - Macdonald

"Disgusted at the amount we have to pay to get out of our Macdonald timeshare"

14th September 2014 14:41 - Mr B - Kent

"Own timeshare 2 weeks floating time at Fairways Tenerife and both retired and no longer travel and wish to dispose of annual maintenance fully paid £xxx annually due."

14th September 2014 13:46 - Mr John C - Wales - Manor Court, Devon

"Find difficulty booking weeks at RCI. We want weeks in U.K only."

13th September 2014 22:53 – Mrs Anne P - CLC Fractional

"Having changed to fractional ownership last year we have now found that we are unable to book the accommodation of our choice for November 2015 and have had to make do with lower grade property. Own 2500 points and have approx. 6000 to be used by end of 2015 which will prove impossible due to lack of availability."

13th September 2014 14:54 - Mr Mike B - Gloucestershire - Petchey

"I am on a Petchey point’s contract but cannot travel abroad anymore."

13th September 2014 11:33 - Mr R. C - West Sussex - Diamond Resorts

"I just what to be done with the timeshare and stop payments completely."

13th September 2014 10:40 - Mrs C. L - Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"Diamond tried to sell us more points in May and tried to scare us into buying by saying we would be paying management fees for a long long time. So if you can let me know how to cancel ... then that would be great. Thanks.”

12th September 2014 12:45 - Mr Ronald T, Buckinghamshire - Petchey points and Westgate Vacation Villa

"Need to dispose of all my timeshares/points. My wife and I are in our late 70's."

12th September 2014 12:40 - Mr Alan T, Nottinghamshire - CLC

"Currently a Gold star member of Club la Costa Vacation Points and need to get out....."

12th September 2014 08:00 – Mrs Lorraine H, County Durham - Anfi

"I would like to be released from my timeshare. It is paid for and annual fee is up to date."

11th September 2014 16:27 - Mr Duncan D - Petchey - Praia da Oura

"Inherited from father paid ten years part owner with brother can't pay any longer and do not use it. Need out at reasonable cost."

11th September 2014 15:58 - Mrs M, Lancashire - Heritage Resorts -Matchroom Country Club

"My father has had the timeshare for 21 years, he is now 82 and not in good health. Combined with the inflexibility of the resort he no longer is able to access the accommodation without family going with him."

11th September 2014 15:07 - Mrs Janet, Herefordshire - Timeshare

“I'm fed up with the rise in yearly maintenance fees, don’t use holiday week in Amarilla Golf club, Tenerife had it since the 90's. Don’t want to be paying high fees to get rid of it.”

11th September 2014 14:25 - Mr Garry C, Orkney - CLC World Fractional Owner

"Got drawn in through free holiday scheme, sold fraction then upgrade, can't get points used as always booked up.”

10th September 2014 10:14 - Mrs Sylvia M, Dumfries and Galloway - Diamond Resorts

“We only have 2000 points and can only use school holidays so it’s very difficult to use the points. It works out that we get a 4 day break every second year and this costs over £1000 in fees. VERY BAD DEAL”

10th September 2014 09:41 - Mr Smith, Cumbria

"Big change in finances and cannot afford to pay any more."

10th September 2014 09:40 - Mr Steven A, Hertfordshire - CLC

“Would like to get out of my contract”

10th September 2014 09:32 - Mr Gavin H, Cornwall - RCI

“Can never book a decent break that ties in flight times. Nothing available in school holidays. Paid about £xxxx upfront and then costs around £xxx per year.”

10th September 2014 09:10 - Mr George K - Diamond Resorts

“Started in 1989 with one week low season. Upgraded twice to high season via GVC and then onto points with Diamond Resorts. Fees are now at £xxxx per year as we now have 6000 points. We are both now in our 70's and now wish to dispose of our points. Tried today to book a holiday in Tenerife for November and found it fully booked at all Diamond resorts, this is not the first time that we have been unable to use our points. So getting more frustrated by the minute. Can you help us dispose of our points please?”

10th September 2014 07:35 – Mrs Dee J - Diamond Resorts

“We signed up to mystic dunes in 2007, and have been trying to cancel our agreement.”

9th September 2014 20:47 - Mrs Carole W - Diamond Resorts

"I agree with all the comments, what are my options?"

9th September 2014 19:24 - Miss Julie L - CLC

“My mother purchased a CLC Platinum Vacation Club timeshare (2,501 points) for a very high sum around 4 years ago & has paid the yearly maintenance fee's ever since. I was considering paying to try and sell the timeshare via 'Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket'. Do you think this would be a mistake? Come December 2014 my mother would need to pay another £xxxx to use her points in 2015. My mother has also accumulated some points & now has 6,262 points to use up, which she won't be able to carry over to 2015 unless she pays the maintenance fee again for 2015. Any advice would be much appreciated.”

9th September 2014 14:57 - Mrs Susan J - Macdonald

"Timeshare belongs to elderly father who cannot afford to pay Macdonald to take it back. We do not want to inherit the problems when he dies."

9th September 2014 14:39 - Mr John B - Diamond Resorts

"We have been offered fractions. It seems to me that is a product designed for people to buy themselves out of their current commitments £10 k

9th September 2014 10:34 - Mrs S. S - CLC

"We need to discuss being released out of our Club La Cost Time Share due to it being miss-sold and the affordability.”

9th September 2014 10:02 - Mr Philip M - Nottinghamshire

"We cannot afford the yearly payment."

9th September 2014 09:12 - Mr Michael B - Lancashire - Fairways, Tenerife

"I no longer have need for my timeshare, it is a burden which I would like to be free from."

8th September 2014 17:51 - Mrs Valerie H - Essex - Panereti Coral Bay Cyprus

"No longer meets our needs."

8th September 2014 15:37 - Mr Robert W - Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"Had timeshare over 20 years and never used it. Keep paying fees every year. Time to stop paying."

8th September 2014 13:52 - Mrs Susan H - Club Bena Vista

"The fees are beaching exorbitant and we no longer like the area."

8th September 2014 12:59 - Mr Leroy P - Seasons

"Looking at options if we cannot sell timeshare."

8th September 2014 12:25 - Mr Richard P - Heritage Resorts

“Would like to release my week.”

8th September 2014 10:49 - Mr P, South Yorkshire - Oasis Lanz club Lanzarote

"I had timeshare from 1996 and would like to be rid."

7th September 2014 21:37 - Mrs Frances, Surrey

"Can't afford to keep paying the astronomical maintenance fees and just want out."

7th September 2014 21:21 - Mr Michael K, Wales - Diamond Resorts

"Stuck in Diamonds points system until 2054, I'm already 62?"

7th September 2014 19:53 - Mrs M. C - CLC

"Need to get out of membership as can no longer afford it."

7th September 2014 19:34 - Mr Wayne V - CLC

"I was miss sold product."

7th September 2014 18:59 - Mrs Claire B - Pestana vacation club

“We have a timeshare week with Pestana Vacation Club - this was inherited from my parents when they died. We …. Cannot use the timeshare as it is out of school holiday times and does not suit us. Don't know what to do with it?? I have been on the phone to Pestana trying to sell or shift it on but to no avail.”

7th September 2014 18:37 - Mr Chris J - Diamond Resorts

"Want out of expensive diamond resorts fees and hassle."

7th September 2014 14:54 - Mrs Jane S - Crown Resorts

"Have never used these points and are paying because l don't use them as well as maintenance fees."

7th September 2014 14:20 - Mrs Sybil G - Macdonald

"Can I get out without paying the exorbitant Macdonald exit fee?"

7th September 2014 09:59 - Mrs E, Somerset - Diamond Resorts

“Seem to be paying a lot of money. They lied to us about things i.e. you had to be a member to use the resorts. Also, rooms not what was sold to us.”

6th September 2014 13:19 - Mr Gary W - Wimpen

"Requested timeshare is sold and provided documents back to Wimpen but still ongoing 12 months on. This is a noose round our necks which we wish to get rid of ASAP. Management fees now due."

6th September 2014 12:07 - Mr N. H

"Our timeshare is allegedly ours to pass on to our children but they do not want it and we don't anymore also the fees are increasing year on year."

6th September 2014 11:19 - Mr Will N, North Yorkshire - RCI Experiences

"Bought 6 weeks of experience certificates through Aegean Blue. The first 2weeks were with Aegean Blue and this was easy and simple. We have 4 weeks left and there does not seem to be anywhere available or we have to upgrade which is very expensive considering we have already paid."

5th September 2014 19:42 - Mrs R – Macdonald Leila Playa

"Have changed to a point system and only gave us 3 weeks’ notice. Can they do this?"

5th September 2014 18:38 - Mr Owen, East Dunbartonshire - Macdonald

"I am locked into a lifetime contract with Macdonald resorts (Kinlochard, Scotland) and have just received a letter telling me I have to pay £xxxx to be released from it. I am a pensioner."

5th September 2014 14:22 - Mr Graham G - Petchey

"Hi, I would like to get out of my agreement for Clube Praia da Oura. We cannot afford to pay maintenance fees and do not use the timeshare. What can we do?"

5th September 2014 13:34 - Mrs Jackie S, London - Diamond Resorts

"I have 13000 points and have been trying to sell for a number of years without success. During this time I have paid the maintenance fees but due to circumstances have not been able to use the points."

4th September 2014 18:07 - Mrs Lillian M, Cheshire - RCI

“I am a widow and bought my timeshare. It is very impractical for one person and I find every exchange/ booking etc. incurs a charge plus at the times I want to go the flights are very high in most cases. Package holidays are much cheaper with no hassle involved in haste.”

4th September 2014 17:29 - Mrs Lynda P - RCI

“Expensive maintenance fees for our resort. Impossible to find an exchange week for 2 bed apartment unless it's in Tenerife!”

4th September 2014 17:18 - Mr Michael B, Derbyshire - Tindaya Gran Canaria

“I bought this apartment in June 1992 and am now 76yrs suffering from ill health and find holidaying of this type completely get rid of it would be such a relief to me as well as the rest of the family who do not wish to take it on. I'm at such a loose end at who to trust in seeking true advice. I look forward to your comments. Thank you.”

4th September 2014 13:41 - Mrs Dawn K - Enduria RCI

“We went to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria last week and were mislead as this is clearly a time share and we were told it was not, I have since read reviews and we are horrified! We paid £300.00 up front. Is there any way we can get a refund as it has only been a week?”

4th September 2014 10:40 - Mr Chris F, Kent - Macdonald

“We have three weeks in Villacana which have been up for resale for over a year and a week in Elmers Court which is now under the new points system, also up for resale.

4th September 2014 08:52 - Mr Howard W, Wales - Silverpoint

“I own In Beverley hills club and just been asked to transfer up to Hollywood mirage as BHC has closed”

4th September 2014 08:48 - Mr Adrian W, Cornwall - CLC

"Looking to leave CLC"

4th September 2014 08:47 - Mr Andrew C, Fife - Diamond Resorts

“Fed up with service and maintenance fees need help to get away from diamond resorts.”

4th September 2014 08:46 - Mrs Sharon H - Diamond Resorts

“Have no money and can’t afford the maintenance fees”

3rd September 2014 16:27 - Mr David M - Fairways Tenerife

“I was gifted this timeshare 2 years ago and have visited the resort twice. Each time I have been approached by staff trying to get me to pay over £5000 to buy myself out of the timeshare and telling me I have to pay maintenance fees till 2065 it is listed as 5 star but the accommodation is well below par we are aged 66 and do not want the hassle we would like to get rid of this timeshare.”

3rd September 2014 14:01 - Mrs Helen E, London - Petchey

“We bought into an exchange scheme with one week at Club Praia D'Ora in Portugal. The maintenance fees keep rising and we want to stop paying. Our original agreement just says if we don't pay they will repossess nothing about other legal action. We have this agreement in perpetuity. Please advise what our options are. I did write to them saying I couldn't afford the fees a while ago and asked to give the week back but they would not accept this. Please advise.”

3rd September 2014 13:33 - Mr J. C - Macdonald

“My father is blind, he is 85, my mother died 2 years ago of cancer. He has not used his timeshare properties for about 6 years but still pays at least 3700 per year for upkeep. Macdonald have recently changed the system to a points system. My father just wants out but is scared of legal action if he stops paying.”

3rd September 2014 13:30 - Mrs Nadia C - Clube Praia da Oura

“One week floating time at Clube Praia da Oura. Sold in perpetuity no longer want this as Daughter is now living in Australia and have no need now for this. Maintenance fees going up and up and family do not want to inherit this burden! What should I do?”

3rd September 2014 13:13 - Mr Steven S - Club Lacosta

“Have 1000 points from Club Lacosta. Have been trying to sell since membership suspended in sept 2011. Am told that I am liable for maintenance fee till I sell. Is there a way out? What are your approximate fees?”

3rd September 2014 13:12 - Mr P. M, Edinburgh - Macdonald

"No longer can afford maintenance fees."

3rd September 2014 09:11 - Mr Malcolm - Macdonald

"Get rid of my timeshare."

2nd September 2014 16:49 - Mr Dean B - Orange Lake Resort

"Looking to just give back our timeshare, doesn't work for us anymore."

2nd September 2014 14:58 - Mr Neville W - MGM EX PETCHEY

"Maintenance has increased significantly again for 2015. Not happy with new, management or recent alternations to complex, previous excellent staff have left or unhappy. Want to get out."

2nd September 2014 13:36 - Mr Jason W - Petchey Leisure (MGM)

"I felt I was mis-sold the timeshare, led to believe it was win-win, and when I questioned the ease to get out/sell, I was told there wouldn't be any problems, the resale value would only go up. I never use it anymore, and can't sell it. What options do I have?"

2nd September 2014 12:44 - Mr Clifford B, Berkshire - Petchey

"It's time to stop paying exorbitant fees and not getting what we what, time to get out and stop paying fees."

2nd September 2014 12:11 - Mr Samuel C - Diamond Resorts

"Had our Timeshare since 1985 we bought in the UK in Blackpool, since then it has been Sunterra and Now Diamond Resorts. Due to Finances and it basically is far too expensive and not value for money anymore. Just want to release it back to them."

2nd September 2014 11:10 - Mr Steve B - Club Tropicana Sol

"Just want to get out.... We never use it and end up paying fees for nothing"

2nd September 2014 09:32 - Ms Marilen - Macdonald

"Macdonald resorts just changed our Holiday certificates entitling us to a fixed apartment & fixed weeks (apt location included) to the points system with no fixed week nor fixed apartment unilaterally changing the club constitution saying that with 3 fourths they can do that. And in case of wanting to exit we have to pay 4 times the 2014 management fee! Is this all legal”

2nd September 2014 09:29 - Mrs Susan W, Lancashire - RCI

"Having difficulty in using points as circumstances have changed over the last 2-3 years. Would like to know how we can ... discontinue our membership."

2nd September 2014 03:28 - Mr Geoff E, County Durham - RCI

"Bought point’s timeshare 3 years ago, but now realise that with the maintenance fees and booking fees there is no financial gain at all. The £7000 investment was a waste of money. Initially sold us the finance and this was not explained properly and ended up wasting another £700 in unnecessary interest fees which could have been avoided. Also sold us the wrong week. We were supposed to get the February school half term but in actual fact have the week after the school holiday."

1st September 2014 17:32 - Mr Paul C - Sheraton Vista

"Am getting to retirement so can no longer afford maintenance fees. It is also increasingly difficult to get exchange holidays."

1st September 2014 17:17 - Mrs Yvonne Y, London - Silverpoint

"Would like to know any members of Palm Beach Club not happy with new rules .“

1st September 2014 18:42 - Mr Ian F - Diamond Resorts

"Would like to know what my options are."

1st September 2014 18:24 - Mr Alun R - Petchey

"Would like to be released due to the ever increasing costs involved."

1st September 2014 14:58 - Mr Marcus J, London - Petchey

"Bought timeshare at CPO in 1986 and have regretted it since. Only able to use it a handful of times over 26 years. Paid for perpetuity and then an upgrade to OVBC more recently."

1st September 2014 17:32 - Mr Ross C - Diamond Resorts

"Would like to know what options are available to exit Diamond Resorts."

1st September 2014 17:32 - Mr Alan W - Grand Holidays Club at Atlantic Garden, Fuerteventura

"Not using timeshare due to high price of flights"

1st September 2014 17:32 - Mr Robert R, Wales - Diamond Resort and Crown Resorts Calahonda

"We are wondering about the pros and cons of disposing of our timeshare and at this juncture I would be grateful for more detailed information."

1st September 2014 10:36 - Mrs Gail S - CLC

“Need to get shot of CLC timeshare. Fees extortionate at approx. 1,800 euro per annum.”

1st September 2014 10:31 - Mr Rob H, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts

“We were given points originally in GVC and have never bought any ourselves. Management fees have increased exponentially over the years and we now pay > £1000.00 per year. We would like to examine options for terminating our contract with Diamond Resorts. Our complaints echo those on your web page.”

1st September 2014 10:24 - Mrs Alison S, Aberdeenshire

“Hate the prices going up every year WANT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!”

1st September 2014 10:04 - Mr Leo E - Diamond resorts, RCI

“Not been able to find holiday to book”

1st September 2014 09:59 - Mr Shane B, London - CLC

“Been conned again by CLC. Wanting us to sign for fractions and yet still can’t get the stay where I want to. Currently platinum member and just returned from Tenerife which was awful.”

1st September 2014 09:50 - Mr Leonard P, West Midlands - Parque del Sol

“We do not use the timeshare want to get rid of it.”

1st September 2014 09:47 - Mrs Nicola H - Macdonald Dona Lola Club Timeshare

“Inherited timeshare week at Dona Lola Club in 2012 has now been converted to points with option to relinquish at cost of nearly £XXXX which seems very high given that we are just giving it back.”

1st September 2014 09:46 - Mr Bob S, West Lothian - Macdonald

“Macdonald have offered a release from our week 19 at Dona Lola but want 4 times our annual maintenance fee-over £1700 to do so. They have now, without a by your leave, gone on to the points system so no longer guaranteed our apartment for the usual week. It seems that despite being loyal clients and paying our fees since 1987, we are suffering financially. Surely taking the week back at no cost would satisfy most people. We have been trying to sell since 1992 and have had no luck. We also own week 20 at Villacana but so far no progress with this.”

1st September 2014 09:44 - Mrs H - RCI

"Clowance Gold resort bought 1994. All of your FAQ apply to us!"

1st September 2014 09:41 - Mr Robert B - Macdonald Forest Hills

"Need to get out of the clutches of MRL as they have changed to points and extortionate exit charge."

1st September 2014 09:30 - Mr Peter W - Macdonald Aviemore

"Macdonald are introducing a points system that seems to me a blackmail attempt to make me pay to hand back my timeshare that I paid off in full many years ago"

29th August 2014 17:27 - Mrs Janice Q, Cumbria – Macdonald

“Being asked to pay £XXXX to relinquish week we own having already paid and annual maintenance fees why should I have to pay more surely they should be paying me.”

29th August 2014 17:11 - Mr Jeffrey H, West Midlands - Diamond Resort/ RCI

“Yearly cost far too much, over £1000 and want rid of timeshare as soon as possible”

29th August 2014 11:00 - Mrs Ann S, Mid Lothian - Macdonald

“Just received Macdonald opportunity to relinquish holiday certificate, is there any way to get rid of this without paying this extortionate sum?”

29th August 2014 10:14 - Mrs Janet, Dorset

“We have owned a timeshare with Heritage Resorts in Mijas and were not aware it is a perpetuity contract. We just want out now we have paid approx. £14,000 by upgrading twice but our maintenance … is 730 euros a year. Please help!”

28th August 2014 17:27 - Mrs Anna H

“Would like to out of my RCI time share.”

28th August 2014 17:04 - Mr Roger D, Devon

“Increasing maintenance. Want out.”

28th August 2014 15:31 - Mr James G, Highlands - Macdonald

“I’m 74 and had a timeshare since the 1980's, however since retirement a member of my family have had to pay the fees for me. This cannot continue much longer but Macdonald want over £XXXX to take it back!!!”

28th August 2014 15:29 - Mrs Alexandra M - Macdonald Dona Lola

“Have tried to get rid of this but they want a lot of money to release it”

28th August 2014 14:49 - Ms Elizabeth W

“We have owned a timeshare at Club Pria da Oura since 1999 in Portugal. We want rid of it as we have never used it, and the yearly fees keep on increasing.”

28th August 2014 11:44 - Mrs G. F - Macdonald

“I have one week a year at the Dona Lola Club. The rules have been changed where I am no longer guaranteed this apartment but I have been given the opportunity to terminate. This is going to cost me in excess of £1700 and I feel I am being held to ransom. I love my apartment and do not want to be forced to take something inferior, which is what this change in rules is saying unless I pay this exorbitant ransom to relinquish my timeshare.”

27th August 2014 13:04 - Mrs Karen G - Points

“Maintenance fees far too high for the value we get back, do not use anymore.”

27th August 2014 09:15 - Mr Chris D, West Midlands - CLC

“Sold fractional ownership last year and so far can’t book anything and want to get out!!”

26th August 2014 17:13 - Mr Paul R, Somerset – Clowance Estate and Country Club

“Fed up with paying through the nose but not being able to find holidays to book”

26th August 2014 15:58 - Mrs Doreen H -

"I have recently been widowed and I cannot afford the upkeep of my timeshare"

26th August 2014 15:56 - Mr Adam - RCI

"Just want out"

26th August 2014 14:57 - Mr Brent C - Diamond Resorts

"Would like to get out of Diamond resorts ownership"

26th August 2014 11:58 - Mrs Maria v - MacDonald Resorts

“I would like to know if there is a way to relinquish our week, which is not points, without any further costs.”

26th August 2014 10:19 - Mrs D, South Wales - Palm Oasis, Maspalomas

“We want to release our timeshare back to the owners”

26th August 2014 10:18 - Mr and Mrs Terence S, County Durham – Sunterra/Diamond Resorts

“We bought from GVC with interest it was approx. ££££ and the management fees went about £480 per year. The club changed its name to Sunterra, the management fees went up, they changed their name again and we are now paying well over £1000 per year. We haven't had a holiday with the club for at least 10 years now, we just can’t afford it. All that money we paid for ownership just seems like a total waste of money. I lost my job as a carer when my father died and we are struggling to cope. Can you help us retrieve some of that money back please?”

26th August 2014 10:12 - Mr Clive S, North Wales - Anfi Beach Club

"We have always had difficulty trying to exchange with RCI - either resort or week. Maintenance fees have increased & we are not using the points. Just want to know how to dispose of the week"

26th August 2014 10:01 - Mr Colvin H - Club la Costa

"Due to changing financial circumstances, I simply cannot afford the membership fee"

26th August 2014 09:55 - Mr Graham W - Silverpoint

"We have two weeks at Beverly hills Tenerife, now converted to 138000 points per year Our maintenance costs have no cap and increase every year , currently 945 euro , we believe that we have been mis-sold as we were promised clean & high standards, which have not been met on many of the exchanged holidays we have had from RCI"

26th August 2014 09:48 - Mrs Rosemary K, South Ayrshire - Stakis Hilton, Coylumbridge, HIGVC

"Due to increasing costs of our timeshare in perpetuity"

26th August 2014 09:45 - Mrs Sheila K, Greater Manchester - Diamond Resorts

"My husband has recently died and now I cannot afford to keep paying the maintenance costs. Please advise?"

26th August 2014 09:43 - Mr Neil C, Hertfordshire - RCI

"Paid £4000 and never used my holidays. They weren't very helpful once they got my money!!!"

25th August 2014 07:30 - Mr Kenneth W - Silverpoint

"I will be retiring and will not be able to afford the maintenance fees."

25th August 2014 07:28 - Mrs Helen R - Diamond Resorts

"I've just inherited my mother’s timeshare points and wondering what my options are."

25th August 2014 07:25 - Mr Jim T, Northumberland - Silverpoint (Hollywood Mirage)

"Simply want to relinquish one fixed week at Hollywood Mirage"

25th August 2014 07:24 - Mrs Gillian B - Club Flamingo, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

"Fees are increasing and our apartment is old"

25th August 2014 07:22 - Mr G - Cameron House, Macdonald Resorts

"Our fees for 2014 were over £600 and are expected to rise again. The option to exchange weeks or rent proves to be difficult due to poor customer service. I have complained several times. At the beginning of purchase paid R.C.I so I could exchange abroad. After requesting them several times to give R.C.I. our exchange week verification, they failed to pass on the information. I could not use the R.C.I. exchanges because they would not confirm our ownership details. We have paid our maintenance fees through direct debit every year and now we cannot afford the extortionate increases"

24th August 2014 10:25 - Mrs Lesley W - RCI

"Having the same issues as you mention in your article. So fed up with inflexibility & unavailability we now just want rid of this increasingly expensive ball & chain."

24th August 2014 10:23 - Mr Jonathan G - Disney Vacation Club

"I currently have a timeshare with the Disney vacation club that I can no longer afford and am trying to find someone who can help me get out of it completely and I'm wondering if you can help?"

24th August 2014 09:51 - Mr Paul T - Classic Holiday Club, Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

"I would like to know how to get out of this points contract we are getting on a bit now, and ill health prevents travel. Australian owned"

24th August 2014 09:51 - Mrs Nicki B, South Wales - Marriott

"Requiring release from a Marriott timeshare"

24th August 2014 09:50 - Mr Howell C, Warwickshire - RCI

"Wife very ill, can't travel anywhere and is tube feed by nurses twice a day"

24th August 2014 09:44 - Mr B, Holland - RCI

"We bought 2 weeks from RCI in Sunset beach 25 years ago... now I am 64 years old and cannot pay the costing anymore but don’t know how I can stop this? We even want to give it back as long as we don't have to pay the costing anymore please how can we give back these 2 weeks?"

23rd August 2014 10:53 - Mrs Joan C, Warwickshire - Access 2 leisure

"Very ill can't travel"

23rd August 2014 08:56 - Mr David N - Macdonald Dona Lola, Spain

Have owned at Dona Lola since 1989 and Macdonald wish to change to a points system. We are now unable to travel owing to infirmity. We were sold the week 'in perpetuity' so points are useless to us. We feel that Macdonald are now in breach of that contract and, obviously wish to get out. We certainly cannot afford the 'get out amount' of 4 times annual maintenance fee and feel that they should buy us out as we were made to buy in. What advice can be given?"

23rd August 2014 08:38 - Mr Dave J, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts

"Reason for wanting release from Diamond - Just divorced and about to retire now on a lower pension due to the divorce"

23rd August 2014 08:24 - Mrs Sally S, Cheshire - Interval International

"Desperate to get out of a timeshare agreement with Interval International Can you help?"

22nd August 2014 09:30 - Mr Alex G, North Lanarkshire - MacDonald Forest Hills Resort

"Before the recent SGM I had indicated to McDONALDS Resorts that I was prepared to hand back my fixed week. According to a letter received last week from McDonalds the club constitution has been amended/changed and as such my fixed week has been changed to a points allocation and if I wish to get out of my contract I will have to pay 4 times the management fee,so much for them helping the elderly and retired owners who can't afford the management fee.

22nd August 2014 09:18 - Mrs Gill H, Nottinghamshire - Club le Costa

"We purchased a 2 year trial and was rail roaded into a 15 year purchase that would give us 6 weeks holiday per year. We have never been able to book 1 year yet"

21st August 2014 14:38 - Mr P C - RCI

"Getting too old for these types of holidays"

21st August 2014 12:00 - Mrs Deborah B - Anfi Tauro

"We were misled, we were told the resort was exclusive to appartment owners in 2006. 2007 we were talked into upgrading onto the Tauro Restort and joing the Vaction Club (points scheme) we feel trapped in."

21st August 2014 11:33 - Mr Brian S, London - The Manhattan Club

"Due to changes in my personal circumstances I cannot afford the annual fees for the timeshare and am looking for a way to be released from the contract."

21st August 2014 10:58 - Mrs Sandra C, West Midlands

"Hi I have a time share with Praia Oura in the Algarve and have been wanting to sell it for sometime but the company are not willing to help. Can you advise how i go about freeing myself from this burden. Thank you."

21st August 2014 09:28 - Mrs Ann C, West Lothian

"Very dissatisfied with fees and service not given what we were promised by the salasman ..... all these years ago at Clud Pria Deoura Portugal."

21st August 2014 09:27 - Mrs Sarah J, Staffordshire - RCI

"I have an RCI timeshare in Rhodes that I need to dispose of. We've had it for four years now, pay £400 maintenance fee every January and have not been able to use the week in March I have. Plese can you help?"

21st August 2014 09:26 - Mrs Teresa D - Azure

"Waiting since January for phone call from Azure about resale listing."

20th August 2014 17:55 - Ms Sherry S - Westgate

"Would like to get out of timeshare..have been sent to pinnacle recovery."

20th August 2014 12:51 - Mr Edward A - Diamond Resort Points

"Large amount of points collected over years, had good holidays but cannot travel as freely now"

20th August 2014 09:47am - Ms Karen B - Atlas

"Been stuck with Atlas Spain for about 10 years. Haven't been able to get the apartment, size or times when I need. They are currently quoting booking 2 years in advance. Maintenance has gone up from 250 to 750 which is outrageous. Whilst I have had a few swaps on rci which cost me even more, the quality of the apartments under Atlas are poor and not as the original site I was shown. Their response to bookings is extremely non existent and pushy."

19th August 2014 21:38pm - Ms Nicky B - Diamond Resorts

"How can I get out of Diamond Resorts?"

19th August 2014 19:06pm - Mr C. B, Leicestershire - Infiniti Points/Petchey

"I have 20000 points in fractional ownership with diamond resorts. We now need to get rid."

19th August 2014 19:05pm - Mrs Patricia B - Infiniti Points/Petchey

"I have Infiniti points and the maintenance fees are now very high. Would like some advice on how to get out of this contract."

19th August 2014 17:19pm - Mr Malcolm R - Sunset Beach Club Benilmadina

"How do I get out of the timeshare?"

19th August 2014 09:38am - Mrs Rebecca P, East Yorkshire - Club Puerto Anfi

"Would really like to get out of this timeshare as it was miss sold to me they also said they would by back but recently told that is not the case and can never get in to go"

19th August 2014 09:37am - Mrs Amelia L, Merseyside - Polynesian Isles Florida

"This timeshare will be left to me. I can't afford the fees and mum won't admit it's a mistake."

19th August 2014 09:36am - Mrs Christina B - Diamond Resorts

"Tried transferring to company who would buy on claim back basis. Paid them £9999.00 but nothing materialised"

19th August 2014 09:33am - Mr John A, West Midlands - Kololi Beach Club The Gambia

"Have owned this for 20 year and really enjoyed it but age and finances make it desirable to cancel. I have tried to sell but have found out the hard way that this is a non-starter."

19th August 2014 09:31am - Mr Jeffery B - Vacation Village at Parkway Orlando USA

"Had timeshare in Orlando for 12 years with ever increasing maintenance and what i believe was miss sold when we knew nothing about timeshare. We paid thousands for week 2 finding we could not exchange our week due to low value then convinced to swap to points, now we have trouble getting in anywhere!! Taken to the cleaners like many other people. Contacted resort and they say they do not take weeks back we must sell or transfer.... are you kidding week 2 is worthless."

19th August 2014 09:25pm - Mrs D, West Yorkshire - Anfi

"We are still paying a loan for the membership fee to Anfi. We have been paying £260/month from 2010 to 2017. We pay this in addition to the increasing annual fee. We have never been back to Anfi since signing up, went on one poor exchange in 2013."

18th August 2014 17:34pm - Mr A. B, Somerset - Diamond Resorts

"We were sold a product, but every time that you want to do something more small print is introduced requiring more money. I am now keen to get rid of it."

18th August 2014 15:56pm - Mr Trevor J, North Yorkshire - Stouts Hill Gloucester

"My wife and I purchased a Timeshare in 1996. We were accosted in Tenerife and then driven to a Holiday Resort where we were then subjected to a high pressure sales process. We signed on the dotted line and for a number of years we enjoyed our Timeshare. However, for the last five years due to ill health both physical and mental it has not been possible for my wife and I to go to our timeshare. We have tried to sell and been stung by a bogus resale firm, the resort will not take back the week and the maintenance fees continue to rise. It has now got to the stage where we just cannot afford the fees, this we have advised the resort which indicted the they would have no alternative but to pursue the maintenance fees from us in court. What can we do, how can we get out of this contract?"

17th August 2014 11:32 - Mr Duncan S - Diamond Resorts

"Excessive fees, inflexible, difficult to book, expensive."

16th August 2014 23:48 - Mr Michael W, Northamptonshire - Macdonald Resorts, Plas Talgarth

"Purchased in 1987 for £12k, plus paid £1k extra for perpetual FREE use of all sites' leisure facilities. Even before Barratts sold out to Macdonalds, they were already reducing the facilities. How do I get rid of this now?"

16th August 2014 19:47 - Mrs Elizabeth D - RCI / Moness

"We would like to dispose of our week at Moness. What can we do?"

16th August 2014 17:59 - Mrs Janine B, Merseyside - Anfi

"Bought in May 2008 had our first holiday August 2009. That same year we were talked into buying more and upgrading to floating weeks as they said it would be better, with us having a school-aged child. We did this on finance. Now we cannot always get in when we want... Spoke to collections and they now say we cannot use it until we have paid in full."

15th August 2014 20:27 - Mr Graeme C, West Yorks - Diamond Resorts

"What are my options to exit from my timeshare of 15000 points please?"

15th August 2014 13:44 - Mr Ian M, Midlothian - Macdonald Resorts, Forest Hills

"Due to change in contract from fixed week to points system I no longer what to continue with my timeshare. It was sold to me as an asset, but that's now been removed and the points cannot be sold on."

15th August 2014 14:54 - Mrs Angie W, Dorset - Interval International

"Totally fed up with the whole timeshare rip off and just want out."

15th August 2014 13:02 - Mr Philip U, Leicestershire - Diamond Resorts / GVC

"Diamond Resorts charging us the usual high maintenancefees and its not what we signed up for in 1998 via GVC. We would just give our points away if we could."

15th August 2014 11:40 - Mrs Sarah F, West Yorkshire - Holiday Inn Club Resorts

"Purchased with Holiday Inn Club in Florida in October 2012, they are affiliated with RCI, and since then have experienced difficulty in getting availablity anywhere we would actually choose to go. We were sold on the fact that we could use our points against Holiday Inn hotel nights, however it turns out that the exchange value is very low, so no longer want it."

15th August 2014 09:55 - Mr Geoffrey C, Hertfordshire - Club La Costa

"Due to financial circumstances I am looking to get out of our CLC points agreement. Have previously tried to sell, but feel this has been a total waste of time."

14th August 2014 23:01 - Ms Celia G, Greater London - SPM Resorts (Bluetree Florida)

"Interested to know how it is possible to get out - have been locked in for too many years and not been able to use it."

14th August 2014 22:22 - Mrs Christine I, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

"Massive investment, little benefit in return. I want out."

14th August 2014 17:27 - Mr Thomas R, Fife - RCI / Kilconquhar Castle Estate, Fife, Scotland.

"Own timeshare Kilconquhar Castle Estate. Owner since 200 & RCI member over the same period. Now, with RCI add-ons and increased resort charges, find the whole system is no longer viable."

14th August 2014 15:32 - Mr John S, Surrey - RCI / Infiniti points, Petchey Leisure

"Main problem is that I was sold this "in perpetuity". If I can no longer afford maintenance payments. am I likely to be able to stop? Also, my children definitely do not want to inherit this. What should I do?"

14th August 2014 10:56 - Mr Stephen V, Tyne and Wear - Macdonald Resorts, Dalfaber

"Need advice on how too rid ourselves of timeshare."

14th August 2014 06:45 - Mr Colin P, Surrey - CLC Fractional

"Fees to high and now we have to pay to use our points on top of that!"

13th August 2014 17:19 - Mrs Sara C, Greater London - Crown Resorts

"I own two weeks of timeshare at Crown Resorts, Club Marbella in Spain…. I would like more info on how I can get out of paying ever increasing maintenance fees and worse still... passing this debt to my children!"

13th August 2014 16:33 - Mrs Linda C, East Riding of Yorkshire - CLC gold point member

"Husband in and out of work - so we have struggled to keep paying maintenance fees. Also could not afford to take the family due to poor availability during school holidays and increased flight costs. Now getting divoreced and have been landed with this and cannot keep paying for something I get no benefit from."

12th August 2014 21:11 - Dr Rita B, Essex - Diamond Resorts International

"Would like some advise for my mum. My parents bought a timeshare at Mystic Dunes in Florida, 15 years ago. My dad died last year and my mum is 81 years old. She no longer wants to use the timeshare and wants to get rid of it. She can't afford to continue to pay annual maintenance fees. I have written to Mystic Dunes to advise, but they insist that they cannot take the time share back. We have been unable to rent it and just want to get rid of it. Can you advise / assist? The resort is now managed by Diamond Resorts International."

12th August 2014 22:46 - Mr Alan H, Kent - Petchey Leisure, Clube Praia da Oura

"I have a fixed week at Praia da Oura and would like out."

12th August 2014 21:23 - Mrs W - Osborne club Torquay Devon

"I have 2 timeshares at the Osborne club, one of which has been on the resale list for 4 years. They used to rent the summer oneout for me, but even that isn't happening now. Please advise best option."

12th August 2014 19:20 - Ms Pauline S - RCI points

"We have 2 apartments in Hollywood Mirage & 1 apartment in Beverley Hill Heights in Tenerife, plus 1 week canal boat timeshare with Sawley. All converted to points. How do we get out?"

12th August 2014 18:06 - Mr Robert M - RCI

"Getting too old to travel"

12th August 2014 16:08 - Mrs Janice B, Cumbria - Diamond Resorts

"As I am now a widow I can no longer afford to pay the maintainance fees"

12th August 2014 15:33 - Miss Gillian E, Merseyside - Bahia Principe

"Not only do I think I have been mis-sold a timeshare, I can no longer afford to continue with these payments. Timeshare was not mentioned when my partner and I signed this contract. There was nothing said about only being able to go on holiday in certain months. I would also like to add, that I am no longer with my partner and as a result, am left to pay this on my own. I am a single parent who works part time. My monthly wage is cut by half as a result of making these payments. Thank you for your help in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future."

12th August 2014 13:43 - Mrs Joyce D, Northern Ireland - Club heritage international

"Wish to release myself from timeshare - one week alternate years (odd years) and one week every year."

12th August 2014 08:56 - Mrs Sabinah N, South Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts

"Bought our timeshare in 2004 on holiday to Florida from Wyndham Palms Resort. Went back in 2005 an we were pressurized to acquire additional 2 weeks, which has never been used. They been taken over by Mystic Dunes & now Diamond Resorts"

12th August 2014 07:06 - Mrs Sandra P - Seasons Holidays

"I own a peak week which is not fixed and have tried to sell it but to no avail. I am struggling to find a way out of the tie of a timeshare and the maintenance is increasing every year which I am finding difficult to pay. According to the contract I am locked into this until 2069 . I did not realise this the maintenance costs would keep increasing so much each year especially during the current climate. Please can you help. Sandra"

11th August 2014 21:45 - Mr Gary A, West Midlands - RCI + Silverpoint (Hollywood Mirage & Beverly Hill Heights)

"I would like to know what options I have regarding getting shot of my timeshare with Silverpoint."

11th August 2014 21:33 - Mr Brian S, Merseyside - RCI / Pueblo Evita, Spain

"Owner since 1992 - do not want the commitment or worry any more."

11th August 2014 20:43 - Mr Alan C, Cleveland - Diamond Resorts

"I am recently separated and wish to get out of the timeshare."

11th August 2014 20:42 - Mr Michael K, Denbighshire - Diamond Resorts

"Never seem to get what you request and it is too expensive."

11th August 2014 16:46 - Mrs Susan B, Oxfordshire - Diamond Resorts

"Fed up never able to book anything, expensive maintenance fees"

11th August 2014 15:09 - Mrs Trish C - Royal Savoy, Madeira

"Owe £1000 maintenance. Both retired now and can't afford it."

11th August 2014 14:02 - Mr Trevor H, Buckinghamshire - RCI / Pueblo Evita - Benalmadena

"I am looking into this on behalf of my mother who is in her 80's and basically just needs to get out of timeshare/points scheme ASAP."

11th August 2014 13:45 - Mr Tom C, Lancashire - Club Las Calas, Lanzarote

"We have had timeshare in Las Calas Lanzarote for over 20 years, but due to a drop in income can no longer afford maintenance. Is there any way we can get out of contract legally?"

11th August 2014 13:36 - Mr William W - Diamond Resorts

"Maintenance getting to expensive and no requirement for points now."

11th August 2014 13:26 - Mr Steve B, Essex - CLC Fractional

"Cannot sustain ever-rising fees and resorts are definitely not 5* quality. Want out"

11th August 2014 12:02 - Mr William D, Devon - RCI / Club Olympus at Garden City, Tenerife.

"I have had this timeshare for over 20 years now. Circumstances over the years have changed which now mean that I can no longer afford to pay the ever-increasing annual maintenance fees among other concerns. Advice required please."

11th August 2014 11:30 - Mrs Penny , West Yorskhire - Diamond Resorts (formerly Sunterra)

"We would like to get out of the Timeshare at Diamond Resorts due to our circumstances changing. When we bought the "Points" we had our own business. We had to prove at the time that we could afford to buy them. Seven years ago, my Husband sold the business and put the money towards our house in Crete. Our maintenance fees have doubled and although we are still paying them and are up to date, we are in the process of trying to sell our house and emigrating to Crete. We will no longer need or be able to afford the points. We now, and have done for 7 years, earn half the wages that we earnt whilst self employed. We hope that you can help us to get out of the contract, which was with Sunterra. Thankyou"

11th August 2014 09:53 - Ms Monica H - Residence Panorama Villas

"Was late fathers purchased in 1985. No help from resort on contract etc. No one has travelled for four years and they are not helping. What are the options to get out of this and is it passed to children?"

11th August 2014 09:46 - Mr V - Oasis lanz Lanzarote

"Have been trying get out of this for some years but the resort will not listen."

11th August 2014 09:43 - Mr M - Diamond Resorts

"Husband too elderly and sick to travel."

11th August 2014 09:39 - Mr T - Hilton Grand Vacations

"My elderly mother is the owner of the timeshare and now faces annual maintenance fees and cannot use the property or sell it"

11th August 2014 09:36 - Mr John H - Wimpen

"Owned one week at Las Brisas for past 15 years and no longer have a use for it. Had it up for sale with the onsite sales team for 3 years but no interest. We were told when we purchased that our timeshare would increase in value and that we would be passing on a valuable asset to our children. This was patently not true and we are now in danger of leaving them with ever increasing maintenance costs. We have asked Wimpen if we can just hand the timeshare week back to them but have been told that this is not possible."

11th August 2014 09:32 - Mr A - Petchey Leisure

I would like a conversation about the ways your service can help me get rid of 2 weeks of Timeshare at Petchey Leisure (Clube Praia da Oura).

11th August 2014 09:30 - Mr Della I - Diamond Resorts

"Unable to travel and make use of our timeshare due to ill health"

11th August 2014 09:26 - Mr S - Diamond Resorts

"15,000 points annual fees of £1670 now has become unaffordable so need to get out."

9th August 2014 09:18 - Mr Gary K - Macdonalds resorts

Fee too expensive, difficult to get an exchange. Change in finances.

8th August 2014 15:22 - Mr A - Anfi resort in Gran Canaria

We have 1 floating week at Anfi resort in Gran Canaria, we are having difficulty in keeping up with the maintenance payments have banked 2 weeks as we cannot afford to go for the past 2 years.

8th August 2014 09:50 - Mr J - Vacation Village at Parkway

Looking to get rid of timeshare due to change in family life and divorce.

8th August 2014 09:34 - Mr J - MGM/ Petchey Leisure/ Clube Praia Da Oura

"Membership fees too much!"

8th August 2014 09:32 - Mr Eddie N - Diamond resorts

"Worst thing we have ever done , would like out!"

7th August 2014 17:44 - Mr Wendy S - RCI The Regency Country club Tenerife

4 weeks of Timeshare that I want to dispose of owing to the ever increasing maintenance charges. The rep at RCC told us that they would buy our weeks back if we ever wanted to get rid of them, this was not true. How do I get rid of them?

7th August 12:28 - Mr Nigel G - Petchey Leisure / Infiniti Points

"Retirement coming up can't afford annual maintenance fees. 'In perpetuity'. Partner made redundant last year and she has been unable to find work. Need to get out of agreement. When purchased told we cold get out at any time. Not a chance!"

7th August 11:32 - Mrs Catherine D - Petchey Leisure / Oura View Beach Club

"Just worried about the perpetuity clause, can you offer me some options !!"

7th August 09:03 - Mrs Rose T - RCI Points

"I am finding that the comparison between paying for a package holiday and paying maintenance fees and flights separately is widening. I would be interested in methods of getting out"

6th August 15:08 - Mr R - Macdonalds Resorts Ltd Forest Hills

"My resort is focring a change to the points based system. How do I get out?"

5th August 2014 19:03 - Mr Jim B - Sirenis

"We were pressured and misled to sign for a timeshare 2 years ago. We want to exit this agreement/contract"

5th August 2014 17:54 - Ms Isobel L - RCI

"Cannot believe that I have been sent an email asking for £1000 for the maintenance charge for 2015. Have not seen any minutes or paperwork where a price for annual maintenance is mentioned."

5th August 2014 17:22 - Mrs N. E - Marriott

"Joined Marriot France since 2006. Maintainance fees are now outrageous. Always on the rise! Want to get out of this, please advise."

5th August 2014 16:58 - Mr J - Westgate Town Centre Orlando Florida

"Pressured into buying, not what we expected, what's the best way out?"

5th August 2014 15:55 - Mrs Juliette L - Diamond Resort

"Interested in hearing more about Timeshare Release, recommendation from friend."

5th August 2014 15:16 - Mrs Pam P - Star Island Resort & Spa Kissimmee

"Timeshare week was purchase with another couple who have now divorced and left us to pay the maintenance fees, which are going up year on year. We can no longer afford to pay these fees."

5th August 2014 11:20 - Mr J - Heritage - Matchroom Country Club Mijas Costa

"I believe this is an 'in perpetuity' one and they insist on calling it 'holiday ownership' rather than 'timeshare'. We have had it for over 20 years"

5th August 2014 11:01 - Mrs Irene M - RCI / ONAGROUP AUCANADA CLUB MALLORCA

"We have tried to sell but nothing has come of it. Resale company have just taken the money."

5th August 2014 10:18 - Mr Brian W - De Vere, Belton Woods

"Can no longer afford the maintenance fees. Anyone that wants it can have it."

4th August 2014 21:04 - Miss Jennifer A - De Vere Belton Woods

"Maintenance fees and a change in circumstances mean I now need to cancel."

4th August 2014 19:18 - Mr Darren C - DRI Points

"Need help to be released from DRI due to ever increasing management fees and unavailable resorts."

4th August 2014 19:09 - Mr Ron C - CLC

"Want out!"

4th August 2014 18:35 - Mrs D - Petchey Leisure

"I can not believe that this company is real as there are no contact details for leisure dimensions to make payment and there is no contact address. I am unfit to travel and don't even have a passport. Utter rip off is this really for life?"

4th August 2014 17:56 - Mrs Louise P - Infiniti Points

"I am unable to take the holidays as I intended to take holidays with my mother, who has died, and sister who is seriously ill. I wish to be released from maintenance fees."

4th August 2014 17:49 - Mrs Sue W - Fairways Club, Tenerife

"We would like to dispose of our timeshare as maintenance fees are going up. My husband is retired and I have only a short while to go. My husband has arthritis having had a hip operation, shoulder operation and waiting for a knee operation so our holiday options differ to that of 20 years ago."

4th August 2014 16:28 - Mr Graham H - Diamond resorts

"Want to get out of timeshare"

4th August 2014 16:08 - Mrs A - Club la Costa

"We have got ourselves involved with Club la Costa's Fractional Ownership, on visiting Tenerife this year we are so angry with what we have been told, regarding booking fees etc. and would like to get out of the contract. Can you help?"

4th August 2014 13:54 - Mr Daniel K - RCI

"We would like to just dispose of our points scheme - not looking to get any money back. Just get rid."

4th August 2014 12:34 - Mrs Eleanor S - Madeira Regency palace

"Want to get rid of our 2 timeshare points weeks as no longer suitable."

4th August 2014 11:39 - Mrs Sandra B - Madeira Regency

"We have 4 weeks in the point system which we rarely have the time, money or the right choices available to be able to make use of and we just need some advice please."

4th August 2014 08:37 - Mr Stephen H, Northamptonshire - De Vere

"We wish to relinquish our week at Belton Woods. What are our options?"

3rd August 2014 22:57 - Mrs T C - Club La Costa

"Fees too high, can't afford it anymore"

3rd August 2014 21:04 - Mr A K - Club La Costa

"I want to know if there is any way out of this timeshare as the fees are very steep."

3rd August 2014 16:26 - Mrs Carol B, Kent - DRI

"We can never get the places we want to go as promised when we purchased it. Fees are extortionate and it’s generally a big let-down when you get to the resorts that you have had to take as a second option."

3rd August 2014 13:41 - Mrs P C, Bedfordshire - Club La Costa

"I am Platinum member joined last year October 2013 … the maintenance charge is too high, I would like to get out."

2nd August 2014 08:07 - Mrs Jan F - Moness Resort, Aberfeldy, Scotland

"Father had health issues and didn't need stress of payment so signed timeshare to me. Now paying ever increasing fees for unit we will never use. Have used it twice in past 12 years only although swapped it three times through RCI. All other fees paid but lost on holidays we couldn't afford to take. Need to cancel contract"

1st August 2014 21:20 - Mr C H, Norfolk - De Vere, Belton Woods

"Rising maintenance costs, change of circumstances and no desire to pass this to our son when we pass away."

1st August 2014 18:54 - Mr V H, Greater Manchester - Silverpoint / Hollywood mirage

"Never been able to get the dates required. We upgraded then weren't allowed to use it till 2015. They said they would sell our other timeshare which they haven't done so yet and haven't even contacted us."

1st August 2014 16:34 - Mr G T, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts

"Can no longer afford to pay very high fees - now £1580 pa will go up again in January 2015."

1st August 2014 15:39 - Mr Robert F - MacDonald

"MacDonald have agreed that owners will only be able to get out of perpetuity if owners pay MacDonald 4 years management fees. Otherwise the timeshares resorts could go into liquidation due to rising costs and retired owners not able to afford to pay their maintenance fees. They wish to go to a MacDonald point system. What are our options?"

1st August 2014 10:52 - Ms Sarah G - De Vere Belton Woods

"Time share now virtually worthless - unreasonable increase in management fees - they have doubled since we bought it and the value of the timeshare has virtually gone."

1st August 2014 09:37 - Mr Malcolm H, South Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts

"We own a studio week at Cromer. No points. Would like out of contract / management fees."

31st July 2014 20:56 - Mrs Caroline W, Buckinghamshire - Macdonald - Dona Lola

"Was left the week at Dona Lola when my mum died.. Never used it but keep paying yearly maintenance fee."

31st July 2014 15:25 - Mr Paul T - CLC

"We felt pressured into buying this after spending all day with a salesman. We left it too late to cancel after we got back and have been paying now for 2 years at nearly £300 per month and seen nothing of it. Now they are demanding fees of nearly £1900 which I can't afford to pay and wanted out of this right from the start. I was told if I didn't make payments that I would be suspended so I thought I would not have to pay anymore fees but this is not true. I would like to get rid full stop and save on this money that I have to pay out every month."

31st July 2014 14:25 - Mr Keith S, Scotland - Heritage (matchplay)

"My partner and I would welcome a way of being released from our week platinum 2 berth time share. With our limited income, we have only used it 3 times in 6 years. We have no quibble with heritages standard but find it hard financially to afford more frequent holidays. I am in my 62nd year so retirement is beginning to loom and thus even smaller disposable income"

31st July 2014 14:21 - Mr J G, Lincolnshire - Silverpoint/Resort Properties

"Recent experience of bullying and intimidation over substitution of property into new 'scheme' and different resort/s. BHC to elsewhere. Relinquishment of 2 properties has resulted in a large financial outlay turning to a loss."

31st July 2014 12:36 - Mrs S S - Oasis, Florida

"We bought our timeshares in August 1999 whilst on holiday. The maintenance fees go up every year. We would like to sell our timeshare but don't know how easy or at the very least opt out in the right way. We have 2 weeks in August and due to our financial situation cannot use our timeshare to go on holiday. We have only used our timeshares twice since we have had them. Please advise. "

31st July 2014 08:52 - Mrs Rachel P - Macdonald - Dona Lola Resort

"Divorced and wish to relinquish.... Any advice gratefully received. Thank you"

30th July 2014 18:33 - Mr Andrew G, Scotland - Diamond Resorts

"Our circumstances have changed. Struggling with increased maintenance charges. Don't want to burden our family as they can’t afford it. We bought through GVC and told if you don't pay maintenance then you don't use points, not you have to pay maintenance."

30th July 2014 17:55 - Mrs P W - Tenerife

"Please just help me to get out of this scheme."

30th July 2014 17:51 - Mrs P, Essex – CLUB LA COSTA

"Fractional owner, want to give it up."

30th July 2014 15:55 - Ms Deborah A - Bluegreen

"We have a vacation points with Bluegreen that we no longer want, can you help with these?"

30th July 2014 15:39 - Mr Colin H, Yorkshire - RCI

"Would like help as just feel like been duped into paying money for absolutely nothing"

30th July 2014 15:39 - Miss A L - RCI

"I bought at points timeshare in 2005 at celebration world in Florida ... I have been in contact by email and phone with not much result as they say I am tied in, I have got the paperwork out and it says 106500 points and signed for by celebration world, they cannot just change a contract by phone and email, I want out of this contract as they have broken a clause surely and it would take 3 years to get a holiday now plus the maintenance fees! Breach of contract?"

30th July 2014 15:39 - Mrs R P - Macdonald Resorts Ltd (Villi Cana)

"Desperate to get rid of as no longer able to visit just continually paying ever increasing maintenance fees for a holiday home with no resale opportunities! Company about to change to points system where anyone wishing to opt out will liable to a payment of a multiple of the management fee!!! We need advice please."

29th July 2014 22:00 - Mr Michael S, Northamptonshire - Club La Costa

"We are fractional 'owners' started in March 2013. The yearly fees have risen quite steeply and we didn't realise at the time that we would have to pay a booking fee which equates to approx. £200 every time we wish to book a holiday as well as using the 'points' we accrued through our ownership.

29th July 2014 18:19 - Mr John D, Derbyshire - CLUB LA COSTA

"We have been with CLC for over 10 years and have been quite happy with the service we have received during this time. However I am being made redundant next year and may be in a position where I cannot afford the management fees so I am interested to know what my options will be. I am a shift worker so it may be easier to contact me by e-mail.

29th July 2014 17:08 - Mr Dennis B, Essex - Silverpoint

"Silverpoint have robbed me 42,000 and I am trying to get it back."

29th July 2014 16:39 - Miss B C, Bedfordshire - RCI Group

"Wish to get rid of timeshare due to separation and costs"

29th July 2014 13:07 - Mrs S L - MacDonald Resorts

"Passed on by divorcing parents in youth, have been stuck ever since (15yrs) and have been advised by CAB that I'm in the contract and legally there's no hope."

29th July 2014 12:36 - Mrs Clare M - Macdonald Plas Talgarth

"My parents own a week in June. They want to get rid of it but the resort will not help. Can you give me some advice to help them?"

29th July 2014 11:47 - Ms Jane A, West Midlands - Alpha Panaretti Royal Coral Bay

"In 2005 we purchased a timeshare through Alpha Panaretti Royal Coral Bay for a one bed apartment in Cyprus. We are entitled (and have fully paid for) one week every other year. We called this year to book two weeks which we have available but were told they were fully booked on the dates we selected (5th - 19th September 2014). We were a little upset as we were under the impression there would always be availability for us, but chose not to make a fuss and we looked elsewhere. We noticed that Easyjet, low cost holidays, and all had availability at our resort so it would appear that they had been sold our availability!!! We are absolutely disgusted with this and would like to know where we stand with this. Is this something you are able to advise on?"

29th July 2014 11:32 - Mrs Amanda S - Diamond Resorts

"Have owned this for 9 years. Have never been able to use it as there is never any availability and the maintenance costs are crippling us."

29th July 2014 08:43 - Mrs Anita W, Norfolk - Club la Costa

"We have got platinum membership. As my partner and I have split up I can't afford the fees or have a holiday anymore. I just want to get rid of it"

29th July 2014 08:35 - Mrs A N, Kent - Club la Costa

"Booking is difficult. Annual fees increasing. High sales pressure on every holiday…"

28th July 2014 15:06 - Mr David M, Cornwall - Avante/Classic Cruisers

"I believe I was mis-sold this timeshare. I was made promises that were not kept by St Francis Marketing. I was informed that after the payment-free period of 10 months, I would receive £200 per month towards the next 12 months repayments. This did not happen. I have since found out that St Francis Marketing was closed down by Office of Fair Trading for the above reasons."

28th July 2014 14:35 - Mrs Elaine F, Midlothian - Moness Resort, Aberfeldy, Scotland

"Please can you help me get rid of my week 52 (New Year) Timeshare?

28th July 2014 13:23 - Mr Anthony S - RCI / Club Salina Wharf, Malta

"We have not used our timeshare for the last 4 years due to rising costs and airfare. When we started it was £165 per year and now it is £355 per year but you don't get any better facilities for your money. We just want out."

28th July 2014 12:39 - Mr K F, Essex - Marriott Timeshare

"We have been with this timeshare for since 2007 and paid about £1000 per year. Can't seem to sell or find a way out now"

28th July 2014 11:55 - Pauline & Colin K, Somerset - RCI / Club Salina Wharf, Malta

"Maintenance fees keep going up but the apartment standards keep going down"

28th July 2014 11:15 - Mrs Stephanie N - RCI / Tahiti Village, Las Vegas

"My husband and I joined RCI at Tahiti village while on honeymoon last August and have been paying our monthly instalments as we contracted for. However, we are DISGUSTED with the service and how we have been treated and we want to leave. I have spoken to advisors on the chat help on several occasions but we received NONE of our paperwork or guides etc. in the post and still have nothing 1 year later. We have spent a lot of money on this and to no benefit. We want to leave our RCI timeshare ASAP and cancel any commitments. We are happy for RCI to then take back our points and we are SO willing to leave that we will also ask for none of our money back so far either."

28th July 2014 11:18 - Mr Charles F, Hampshire - Laurel Point, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

"I have owned a week at this resort for around 20 years and, due to age, find we are unable to continue using it. I would be grateful for advice on options for its disposal, having already written to the management some months ago with no reply."

27th July 2014 20:55 - Mrs Fiona C - Diamond Resorts

"Fed up with paying large fees and being unable to get the resort or even the area and the date requested."

27th July 2014 19:12 - Mr John D, Fife - Anfi

"I was mis-sold as after a few months I realised I couldn’t afford the payments."

27th July 2014 19:13 - Mrs Edna F, Kent - Club la Costa

"Have had our week since 2001… but due to bad health & rising costs we are not able to carry on."

27th July 2014 18:17 - Mrs Delia T - Diamond Resorts

"Been with Diamond since 2007 with 8000 points. Am sick of poor availability. Have tried selling through Travel and Leisure - no interest. Just want to get out"

27th July 2014 16:31 - Mr Philip G, East Sussex - Petchey Leisure, Clube Praia da Oura

"I have had my timeshare for 30 years, it is now much too dear and I'm not happy with some of the changes that have been made to the complex."

27th July 2014 15:35 - Mr Nicholas S - Resort Solutions, Lakeview Country Club

"We believe that we were mis-sold this timeshare 15 years ago, as naive people who signed a contract, did not have it pointed out that there would be a cooling off period or that we would be liable after 2 weeks to find the money (£6000) to buy a week at this resort. When they contacted us and told us we had bought it we panicked and found the £6000 and hence have been stuck with it ever since. Mainly unused, just paying maintenance every year. We cannot carry on like this and need some advice."

27th July 2014 12:11 - Mr S S, Staffordshire - Fairways

"I want to exit my timeshare plan as the maintenance fees are getting ridiculous and I cannot afford to continue paying them. I've been in this mess for 25 years."

27th July 2014 07:49 - Mr Richard H - Paradise Kings Club, Cyprus

"At the time of purchase we were told by more than one member of the sales team that they would buy back the timeshare if we so wanted (although this was never put in writing). Have contacted Paradise Kings Club and was told they do not do this. We no longer want this timeshare and want out of the contract."

27th July 2014 06:07 - Mr Stephen S, Kent - CLC

"We got CLC Fractional ownership 3 years ago and felt we were mis-sold this product. We thought it would be ideal to take a cheap holiday each year, but it is far from cheap and every time we go they want to try and milk you for more money. This has become a burden to us and a constant worry."

26th July 2014 20:16 - Mr John D - Anfi Beach Club / RCI

"We are with RCI and it just doesn't work for us, we simply want to get out of our Anfi timeshare. Many thanks"

26th July 2014 15:37 - Mr Anthony D, Worcestershire - RCI/Infiniti Points, Petchey Leisure

"I have just been to Grangefield Oasis and I was approached by one of their reps and he went through the usual flannel they do. Anyway, the upshot is that if I pay £3500 and that would give me an extra 20000 points... Why do I have to buy more points?"

25th July 2014 22:22 - Miss Mandy C, Cornwall - CLC

"High fees - no availability - bullied into buying in the first place."

25th July 2014 13:48 - Mr David O, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts

"We just want to get rid of our points"

25th July 2014 16:11 - Ms Gloria N - Club La Costa

"Far too expensive and never the dates/weeks we want to book."

25th July 2014 14:39 - Miss Rachel S - Marriott Timeshare

"Have had a Timeshare week in France since 2004. Would just like to get rid of it."

25th July 2014 09:36 - Mr William G, Greater Manchester - RCI / MGM Petchey Leisure

"2 weeks at Royal Park Albatros costing almost £1000/year now. Not used. In RCI and converted it to weeks."

24th July 2014 23:18 - Mr Dennis G - Palm Oasis, Gran Canaria

"We have had two weeks’ Timeshare at Palm Oasis Resort in Gran Canaria for almost 15 years. We are now retired and cannot afford the ever-increasing annual maintenance fees. I think it’s called In Perpetuity - supposedly we "own" these weeks. However, we also feel the standard of the resort has declined over the years and it is not to the high standard it was when we bought into it. Can you advise us how we can proceed to cancel this holiday ownership? Palm Oasis have employed a Resort Recovery Debt collection company in Liverpool who are pressing us for immediate payment of fees, with threats of further proceedings is they do not receive full payment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you."

24th July 2014 19:13 - Mrs Sam T, Fife - Club La Costa

"We were mis-sold these CLC points, sat though hours if torture before we finally gave in. Lots of promises, but we've just ended up with increased fees and a lifetime of debt. The reality is miles away from the dream they sold!!"

24th July 2014 18:11 - Mrs Sharon B - RCI / Orange Lake Country Club

"I have been with RCI since 1987. We used to always exchange with them week for a week. NOW they have changed this without even asking us. NOW we have points which now limits us to using as an exchange. As my week is only worth 21 points. We used to exchange to parts on USA now we can't. Stuck with this now and very disappointed."

24th July 2014 15:37 - Mr Jeff D, Berkshire - Silverpoint / Hollywood Mirage, Crown Resort Marbella

"I was talked into an investment plan at Resort Properties (now Silverpoint) but was left with 3 weeks of unsold timeshare. I traded them for Points as Weeks were unattractive and Resort Properties did not subscribe to Points at that time. I am left with 3 weeks of timeshare maintenance that has almost trebled since I acquired them. Also RCI costs have spiralled also without warning or justification which make the whole timeshare proposition untenable. Please get me out of it!"

24th July 2014 13:01 - Dr Michael S - Interval International / Palm Oasis

"Tried to sell, but no luck. What are my option?"

24th July 2014 08:32 - Mr Derek A - Clube Praia da Oura, Petchey Leisure

"Have 2 weeks in August in perpetuity. Am retiring this year so need to get out."

24th July 2014 06:56 - Mr John H, Devon - RCI Points / Pearly Grey Tenerife

"Felt we were mis-sold our timeshare back in 2003. We can never get the holidays we want. They are always booked up. Maintenance fees are exorbitant. We are really unhappy with RCI and would very much like to sell as we are now retired and can no longer afford it. Basically we are paying for something that we hardly use. The whole system is just a money-making con."

24th July 2014 00:19 - Mrs Bridget W - Infiniti Points, Petchey Leisure

"Need to stop paying maintenance and preferably sell points but realise this is probably unrealistic…"

23rd July 2014 20:32 - Mrs Lynne S, Dorset - Seasons

"Feel maintenance fees are getting out of hand, Seasons are not interested in their timeshare people anymore and they are not bothering to buy any more new properties, so would like to get rid of it."

23rd July 2014 20:12 - Mrs Rosemary M, Tyne & Wear - RCI Sunset Beach Belamadena Spain

"We though when we purchased this scheme that we could use our points to take free weeks but the dates we wanted were never available. They offered us cruise deals which were highly expensive so we feel that we were mis-sold. I feel so foolish to be taken in like that."

23rd July 2014 18:44 - Mr Allan D - Scandinavian Village, Aviemore

"Finding it harder to get exchange when and where I want."

23rd July 2014 17:39 - Mrs Sue S - RCI Madeira

"My father has one week a year timeshare in Madeira. Because of the cost of his travel insurance and not being so keen on flying anymore, he would like to know about the options to come out if his timeshare."

23rd July 2014 14:36 - Miss Jane S, Tyne & Wear - Starwood Harbourside at Atlantis, Bahamas

"I own 2 gold floating weeks at Starwood Harbourside at Atlantis in the Bahamas. I wish to get out of the contracts, but I believe they say I own in perpetuity. I have been ill and cannot afford this any longer."

23rd July 2014 14:13 - Ms Tracey G - Diamond Resorts

"Want to get out of floating week ownership arrangement due to ever increasing maintenance fees."

23rd July 2014 11:30 - Mrs Gillian T - Diamond Resorts/Sunterra

"I would like to explore ways of disposing of my Diamond Resort points"

22nd July 2014 16:27 - Mr Robert M - Dom Pedro Hotels, Vilamoura, Portugal.

"I write on behalf of my Mother, who bought a 2 week timeshare in Portugal in the 1980s, together with my father who passed away in 2010. The timeshare has not been used for some years now. I have been attempting to relinquish the rights to this on my mother's behalf, direct with their so-called legal department in Lisbon for 3 years now and seem to be getting nowhere, so I wondered if you would be able to assist. Each time I feel we have reached the final stage, they seem to throw another spanner in the works. I have all the correspondence and emails, but they now have the deeds, which they requested I forward to them."

22nd July 2014 15:30 - Mr Edward M - Club La Costa

"No availability, high maintenance fees. Want to get out of the contract and re-coup some of my money somehow"


To see earlier Timeshare owner comments please click here.

Or, view reports from owners/members of these specific timeshare groups:
DRI/Diamond Resorts CLC/Club La Costa RCI Silverpoint Petchey Leisure Anfi Group

To see the best options for solving your own particular Timeshare problems, please call 0800 610 1535 or complete the short Timeshare Release Wizard now.

About Timeshare Release

About Timeshare Release

During the Timeshare sales boom of the 80s & 90s, potential buyers were lured in by the promise of affordable exotic holidays, flexible exchange programmes and the impression that Timeshare would be a valuable "investment".

In an industry with little or no regulation, high pressure sales tactics were rife and contract smallprint was often glossed over and explained away by sharp salespeople.

Many Timeshare buyers were therefore unaware that they were actually making significant, long term financial commitments on behalf of themselves and their families.

To find out how you can escape the Timeshare Trap please complete the short Timeshare Release Wizard now.

The Timeshare Trap

The timeshare trap

For many Timeshare owners, annual maintenance fees were barely considered token amounts in the early "honeymoon period" of ownership.

However, year-on-year increases imposed by the resorts over time now mean that the maintenance fees have risen to become substantial sums.

Owners are also facing the prospect of ongoing yearly fee increases and realising that they (and their families) are often committed to long term contracts for generations to come.

Please try our Future Fees Calculator to estimate your liabilities over the term of your Timeshare contract, based on an annual increase of 7.5%.

If you're concerned about rising fees and how to escape the Timeshare Trap, please contact us today.

Timeshare Owner Reports

Timeshare owner reports

Recent comments from RCI Timeshare owners who have come to us for help with contract cancellation:

Mr Steve R, Middlesex - RCI/Hollywood Mirage

“We 'swapped ‘another place in Tenerife for this in order to move to the points system. Since then, getting exchanges to desirable resorts proves almost impossible, irrespective of in-season or off-season.”

Mrs Rachael B, Yorkshire - RCI Europe

“I purchased my timeshare in 1999 and have been a timeshare member ever since. More often than not, I have not be able to go where I wanted and have ended up giving a few weeks to Friends, etc to book somewhere they wanted in order not to lose the weeks. I have then stayed in a hotel!! I am desperately trying to get rid of the timeshare and am now paying Timeshare Shop in Manchester to get rid of it for me.”