Were You Mis-Sold Club La Costa Timeshare, Points or Fractional ownership?

Were you Mis-Sold Club La Costa Timeshare?

In 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court made ground-breaking judgments on Timeshare mis-selling, ordering that a full refund of €40,000 Euros be paid back to a customer. Several laws had been broken, including selling a timeshare contract that ran for more than 50 years (or in perpetuity), using high pressure sales tactics and taking deposits and/or arranging finance for customers without observing a cooling-off period.

This landmark legal victory, and the wave of similar Court judgments against many other Timeshare Resorts/Groups that have followed (including a record recent refund of €53,000) have set important legal precedents and have opened the floodgates for claims against Club La Costa and other groups on the grounds that the contracts were mis-sold and are not valid.

It is important to find out your rights so, to see how to get out of your Club La Costa contract and to see if you also qualify to claim your money back, please complete the Timeshare Release Wizard form now.

Latest News about Club La Costa

We are pleased to inform you that we can now announce a breakthrough court sentence against Club La Costa ruling that our client´s contract and finance agreement be null & void and awarding our client a full refund for his purchase price plus a proportion of maintenance fees.

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Here is a selection of recent comments from other CLC Timeshare owners who have contacted us for help:

27th October 2017 - Ms Sharon F - CCL/Club La Costa

"My parents brought into Club la Costa and have been conned.  I want to help get them out of it."

16th October 2017 - Chris C, Scotland - Club La Costa Fractional Ownership

"We feel we were mis-sold our Club la Costa fractional timeshare. What are our options?"

2nd October 2017 - Ms Donna M, Lancashire - Club La Costa Points

"I purchased a timeshare 14 years ago from CLC. I feel it was mis-sold to me and maintenance fees have escalated."

19th September 2017 - Mrs Doris T, Essex - Club La Costa

"We were sold a fractional membership with Club la Costa but don't want it any more due to rising service charges and not getting holiday bookings when we want."

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The TimeshareRelease Team have already helped thousands to release themselves from unwanted Timeshare and we have a wealth of current experience of helping Club La Costa customers in particular. So, to find out your best options for disposing of your CLC Timeshare/Points and to see how you might claim money back, please complete the short Timeshare Release Wizard now or call one of our friendly advisors on 0800 610 1535.