Timeshare Fees calculator

Rule of Thumb - Timeshare Fees Double Every 10 years

Two of the main problems with Timeshare are the ever-increasing Annual Fees and fact that Timeshare contracts are designed so that owners are locked in for a very long contract term - or even "in perpetuity".

It is highly likely that, when you first signed up for Timeshare, the Fees were very much lower than they are today. If Fees were even mentioned at the time, the salesman no doubt brushed aside any questions with earnest promises about minimal increases.

Sadly, the truth has turned out to be very different, as Fees have consistently risen much faster than inflation and have frequently jumped up a level as Timeshare Resorts & Schemes have fallen "Under New Managament".

For example, if you first got into Timeshare 20 years ago, in 1996, the Fees may have only been £150 a year. Based on an increase of 7.5% each year, by 2006 the Annual fees would have risen to approximately £309 per year, just over double what they were 10 years before.

By 2016, they would have risen to £637 per year. At his same rate of increase, the annual Fees would be: £1,313 in 2026, £2,707 in 2036 and £5,578 in 2046... which would mean the total Fees due from 2016 to 2046 would be over £70,000.

If you are concerned about your (and your family's) long term Timeshare liabilities, please complete the short TimeshareRelease enquiry form now.